It was just a one night stand with my best friend


So, my friend and I were watching a horror movie, and we were cuddling on my bed. She was wrapped around me. Every time there was a scary part, though, she would squeeze into me, feeling me up. I turned to ask her something, and she kissed me. At first I was stunned and didn’t move. She smiled and kissed me again. I kissed her back this time. I turned so that I was straddling her on top, and we kept kissing. Her tongue slipped into Kartal Escort my mouth, and I moaned. My hands wandered around her body, her hips, and then up her ribs, teasing her already burning body. She moaned when I brushed over her hard nipples. I smirked and kissed down her neck. Lifted up her shirt and then continued kissing her. She gasped when I took her little nipple in my mouth. I rolled it Kartal Escort Bayan around with my tongue while teasing her other nipple with my fingers. I continued my assault on her breasts as my hands wandered down.  I started rubbing her already damp panties. Her hips bucked up. I watched her as she begged for more. I smiled. She moaned louder and louder as I rubbed her. I slipped off her panties Escort Kartal and slipped my finger inside her tightness. She practically screamed. I curled my finger upwards and hit her g-spot. She bucked her hips and fucked my finger. I added another and she moaned out my name. I smirked and continued. Soon she was panting. I told her to cum for me.  I moved my head down and started to lick her. She screamed and wiggled on the bed. I licked and nibbled and sucked her clit while my fingers never slowed. She pushed on my head and bucked her hips up as she moaned, I felt her tense up and cum on my fingers. After she calmed down, she smiled and whispered that it was my turn.. I felt wet as she straddled my already flustered body.

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