Lonely Housewife Part Two


During the next week Sharon and I texted several times throughout each day sending sexy texts, and one evening we masturbated via FaceTime. Sharon was such a seductress. She really loosened up and seemed to really be enjoying her sexual awakening.We met again at the Marriott the following week and she was giddy with excitement as we walked towards the lobby. “I’ve spent over $300 at Victoria’s Secret the past week. New bras, panties, and two new pieces of lingerie. And I found a couple of costumes online at Yandy.”“Ooohhhh, costumes,” I said. “That sounds both fun and interesting.”Sharon said, “Just wait a few minutes.”Like last week, we checked in and went to the room. Sharon went into the bathroom to change, and I set up my music, wine, and water. I then took off all my clothes. Soon she knocked on the bathroom door, “Ready?”I replied, “Very!”Sharon stepped out in a sexy black dress that had horizontal rips exposing half of her skin. It had attached leggings in the same manner, and she wore black heels. Then I noticed her makeup, her eyes were now highlighted in dark shadow, and that cute little Amy Winehouse type of cat-eye. She held a flogger and a paddle. Fuuuuuck, she was smoking hot!“What do you think?” she asked.“Are those toys for you or me?” I asked.“They’re ours,” she said with a wink.“Sharon, you look stunning! Love the eye makeup too,” I told her.She slowly walked across the room to the loveseat. We then repeated last week’s activities for two hours before enjoying a soapy sensual shower together. We kissed good-bye as she got into her eighty-thousand-dollar luxury Lexus SUV and she drove off.Not wanting to get into a pattern, Sharon wanted to switch up the days and times when we would meet. Owning my own business, it didn’t matter much to me as I had trusted long term employees at my insurance office. All they knew was that I had a meeting and I’d be back in a few hours or the following day.We begin meeting on either Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, and also varied the time of day we’d meet, not wanting to get into a set pattern. She also started booking rooms around town at different hotels.Our Ankara bayan escort connection and friendship deepened over the next five months. One week when her husband was attending a conference, we jetted off to Seattle for three days. Having lived there years before, I showed her around the area, and we had a wonderful time visiting the Space Needle, Ballard Locks, Pike Street Farmers Market, and the downtown area.During these five months, Sharon was buying me gifts like clothes, small items for my house, and tickets to Kings games. I kept offering to pay for the room, but she would always say, “I’m having so much fun, it is my treat.”One day we had a room at the Downtown Hyatt overlooking the state capitol. She had arrived early, checked-in and had texted me the room number. When she opened the door, I knew something was off. When she’d go early before she’d always be in lingerie or a hot costume like the Naughty Nurse or French Maid.We kissed and I entered the room.  As we sat on the bed, she said, “We need to talk. This might be our last date.”I was confused. Why? What happened? All I could do was look at her and ask, “What the hell? What’s going on, Babe?”Sharon told me she got a call from her oldest daughter, Tiffany, a day earlier. The daughter called her out, asking if she was having an affair. She told her daughter no, of course not. Tiffany told her, “Mom, did you forget we share our phone GPS locations with each other? You’ve been at random hotels the past four weeks, for over two hours each time.” Sharon tried to tell her she was meeting friends for lunch or drinks but Tiffany cut her off, “Mom, they don’t have a restaurant or bar at the Elk Grove Hampton’s Inn. I called to verify.” She was busted. We were busted.As Sharon told me this my heart sunk. I was having the time of my life. A secret affair with an amazing woman, great fun sex, and no commitment. What could be better for a divorced guy? Deep down though I had developed real feelings. I daydreamed of Sharon leaving the lawyer and us taking our “relationship” public.Sharon continued, “Before Escort bayan Ankara I could answer her Tiffany told me it was OK. She would not tell her dad or younger sister.”The daughter told her that, “Dad never pays any attention to you. He works, comes home, has dinner, watches TV and goes to bed.”Sharon said her head was spinning. “I didn’t know what to tell Tiffany. I did not want to admit to her about our affair, but she knew. She just didn’t know for how long.”She said Tiffany broke the silence by telling her, “Mom, it is OK. I hope this man is good to you. And I hope he is good in bed, you deserve it!”“I told Tiff that you are a good man, good to me, and that I haven’t had so much fun in bed since I was in college. I told her about how you brought out my ‘sexy MILF’ persona. I did not tell her anything about you other than you’re divorced and own your own business,” Sharon said.She said Tiffany promised not to snoop anymore on the location map, but told her to be careful, saying Sacramento is still a small town. “You and Dad know so many people. Our schools, his firm, Northgate Country Club, Arden Hills Swim Club, and your various women’s groups. Just be super top-secret.”I was deflated. Was this the end of our time together? Why did she get a room if she is just going to dump me? Now my head was spinning. This is not the way I saw the afternoon being played out. I looked up at Sharon, “So this is it? We’re done?” I asked.“I don’t know. I don’t know what to do” she said.“I need a drink. Let’s go to the lobby bar,” I suggested.“No, too public,” Sharon said. And she was right. “Did you bring wine? Open the wine.”We proceeded to drink the entire bottle over the next hour as we talked, cried, and held each other. And then I dropped the bomb, “Sharon, I think I’m in love with you.”“Scott, I’ve been in love with you for months. You make me feel so alive. I look forward to our dates,” Sharon said.“So, what is our next move? What is YOUR next move?” I asked.“I don’t know. I need time to figure this out,” she said.Thinking that this was probably the point where Bayan escort Ankara I should leave, I told her, “OK, let me know what you decide. I’m going back to work.”Sharon flipped a switch. “Oh no you’re not! If this is the end, I need you to make love to me one more time,” she said. “I want today to be special. Slow. Sensual. Erotic. Make me cum over and over, please.”I stood up off the bed and pulled off my golf polo. Sharon undid my belt and pants and they dropped to the floor. My loafers were kicked to a corner, and I stepped out of my chinos. She took out my cock and kissed the head, looking me deeply in the eyes.“Stand up, Babe,” I told her. Sharon was wearing a cute black and red blouse, which I unbuttoned and slipped off. Her boobs looked fabulous in her black lace bra. I unzipped her gray pencil skirt and gravity took it to the floor, sliding off her hips. Sharon stepped out of the skirt. “Keep on the stockings and stilettos,” I said as I unclasped her bra. Now only in her matching black lace g-string, I pushed her onto the bed.We kissed for a good ten minutes, savoring each other’s mouths and tongues. My hands would go down and caress her tits and then return to holding her head as we kissed. Sharon reached down for my rock-hard cock and grabbed the head. “Mmmmm, that’s a lot of pre-cum,” she said as she licked her palm. I guess I had a leaky faucet.I moved south and teased her breasts with my hands, fingers, mouth, and tongue. Moving slowly, as requested, I would alternate from touching, sucking, pinching, and licking her lovely MILF melons. “Sharon, may I eat your pussy?” I asked sarcastically.“Yes,” was all she said. I pulled off her g-string and slowly parted her legs. The aroma of a hot, wet, turned-on pussy filled my nose. I started kissing the inside of her thighs midway from her knees and honey pot. Slowly nibbling one thigh and then the other, each time going a bit higher. “Oh, fuck, please stop teasing me. Lick my pussy, Scott.”I started low at her taint and sloooooowly ran my velvet tongue from one end of her silky slit to the other. Her swollen lips looked like they need some attention, so I softly put my mouth over both and sucked gently, causing Sharon to grind her ass into the bed. My tongue went just a tad deeper this time, tasting more of her wetness. I slid in one finger, causing her to moan. “Do you like this?” I asked already knowing the answer. She groaned what I’m sure was a yes.

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