Michelle next door


Michelle had recently moved in next door, she seemed very pleasant and on the few occasions that I had said hello to her on the door step or in passing, she had smiled and said that we should introduce ourselves properly. Other than the normal pleasantries, we had not really spoken to each. I noticed that whenever she was at home, she liked to spend time in the garden and paid particular attention to her flowers. As the summer weather improved, I notice that she wore short and a t-shirt which showed off her rather lovely figure. She seemed to enjoy working in the garden and on this particular day she had taken off her t-shirt and worked in a bikini Çekmeköy escort bayan top. I think that she knew that I was around but made no effort to hide her lovely looking figure, which the bikini did little to hide. The combination of a great figure, lovely long dark brown hair that fell just below her tanned shoulders and stunning blue eyes only added to the appeal. I tried not to make it too obvious that I was watching her but this only seemed to encourage her as she slipped out of her shorts. Now this was really a sight to behold, as her bikini bottoms barely covered what I can only describe as a great Escort Gebze looking bum. This was too good an opportunity to miss and I went out into the garden on the pretense of doing some work. In reality I was trying to get a better vantage point to see Michelle. At this point Michelle called out to me as said “Sorry to be a pain but I can’t lift these plant pots, would you mind giving me a hand”. I readily agreed a popped round to help. There we were lifting plant pots and moving flowers, whilst all the time I was sneaking looks at Michelle in her lovely bikini. Every time she bent over the small piece of fabric Şerifali escort that was struggling to cover her bottom, would pull up between her lovely soft cheeks. I could see just the briefest of soft pubic hair between her legs, which sent a shiver of anticipation through my now churning loins. A lovely light sweat had also broken out between Michelle’s breasts, which gently rolled down between her cleavage. I think she was quietly taking pleasure in my discomfort but did nothing to put me at my ease, if anything I felt that Michelle was milking the situation, deliberately opening her legs to let me she her clearly defined pussy lips. When we had finished the job, Michelle asked if I would like a drink, as it was hot and it was the least she could do to say thank you. I could hardly refuse and so she went inside and got two cold drinks and a picnic blanket to sit on. So there we were sitting in the garden, sitting on a blanket chatting away.

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