Miss Disaster


…is about to find out that fantasies do indeed go wrong sometimes…  Her online nick name is Miss Disaster and he thinks it suits her perfectly. Not because she is clumsy, but because she brings destruction into his idyllic small town life (ok, maybe not so idyllic now, as he is on the verge of a divorce, partly thanks to this crazy one). More disturbingly, he welcomes the chaos that comes in the package with her. And only if he could just sit back and watch the destruction happen, but no, he seems to be feeding his own darkness into her sick mind. This will not end well. They both know that. But how could you stop a Tornado? Miss Tornado would be a better name for her, he decides. She is part of his everyday life now. Every morning when he wakes up he checks his inbox for her emails, they talk hours and hours online every other day and they are sending thousands of flirty, kinky text messages to each other.She is a sucker for everything he has to offer, his thoughts, his words, no matter how disturbed or perverted they are. The game they play is really irresponsible, but he can’t help it, he is severely addicted to her. And now she wants to meet up. He nearly fell off the chair when she told him that. ‘That is a very, very irresponsible idea.’ he said looking straight into the camera that day with true seriousness in his voice and on his face. But she kept on insisting. ‘Listen,’ sounding still very serious, ‘I cannot guarantee I won’t hurt you,’ he warned again. ‘But I want you to hurt me,’ she begged with her cute angelic face framed by her blonde locks. ‘You want this… you want that… Such a demanding little bitch.’ Now he was smiling as he mimicked her childish little voice. He knew the effect of his words on her. He knew her well. Her need to be talked dirty to, the foreshadowing, the need for her limits to be pushed, he knew them well. ‘Let me think about this, ok?’ he said. ‘But I have to warn you, once we meet in real life, it won’t be about what YOU want any more.’ He kept quiet about for a few days, hardly being able to restrain himself. Of course he was to say yes, but he wanted to see when she will bring it up again. Just to see how desperate she really was. No mention of it for five days. She did say though, that she was working a lot and was rather tired lately. On the sixth day, not even thinking about it, he shared a fantasy he had that day about kidnapping and raping her. ‘Let’s do that.’ she said curtly and with a serious expression. ‘I’m free this weekend and will do the drive.’ She couldn’t risk him having second thoughts on a three hours drive. So it was decided. Dark clouds were gathering above his town soon after that decision had made and he had to smile at the coincidence. The ‘date’ is today at 8 pm. His excitement is beyond words. He is trying to think straight and gather his thoughts in vain. His other head took over a few months back when he met her online.He runs up the stairs to pick up the toys, he ordered online just yesterday, (thank god for next day delivery). The big cardboard box sits unopened on the top of the stairs, still wrapped in black plastic. He is rearranging the toys into a hard plastic tool box, making sure that the handcuffs, the only item recognisable by vanilla eyes go deep into the bottom of it. The rest of the equipment he ordered are less obvious.  ‘Just in case I will be pulled over for speeding.’ he thinks. Because sure as hell he will be speeding. He walks to his car parked on the kerb, locking the house behind him and puts the heavy tool box into the boot of the car with a satisfied smirk and goes on the rampage. She likes to drive and looks forward to to the journey. She likes to be alone with her thoughts and think this whole thing Üsküdar Escort through. She will definitely not change her mind, though. She needs this, she needs this more than anything. As for why, that is for her shrink to figure out next week. Then again it is very unlikely she will mention it to Martha. Her need to be treated badly and being used is not registered as being a problem in her head. Only people who have no idea about BDSM could possibly think that it is something wrong and it is something that people need to be cured out of. Like that ignorant woman who wrote ‘Fifty shades of Gray’. People don’t turn to BDSM because they had a rough childhood. That is bullshit. She remembered throwing the book against the wall when that idea emerged. Then again, she had to admit, she did have issues in her own childhood, that probably paid Martha for some nice holiday already. But it wasn’t like her other self-destructive ways. This one, she really quite enjoyed. And she felt safe in his hands. She knew him well after months and months of chatting. She knew his real name, where he lived, but most importantly she knew that he is a nice guy and only her wild, provocative behaviour brings the psycho out of him. Some people just click when they meet, or have a ‘spark’ but once these two meet, the apocalipse will begin.  She takes a last, long look at the pictures of him and the map he sent her, closes her laptop and goes to shower and get ready. She doesn’t spend a lot of time fussing with her hair and makeup. It won’t be about sensual play and seduction, or beauty for that matter, just about their primal needs and fulfilling them. She knows, the more beautiful she would be, the more he will want to ruin her looks. For her own good, she doesn’t necessarily want to tempt him even more. As she will play a prostitute, her outfit; her plaid, belted miniskirt and lacy stockings are already chosen in her mind. She completes the look with a black low neck top, her favourite back and white pearl necklace and her double hoop silver earrings. She looks in the mirror and with a shadow crossing over her mind she decides to take off the necklace.Almost all three hours of driving is on the motorway, quite boring, really, but she keeps herself entertained imagining the different scenarios that could happen.  ‘Why did he seem so reluctant first?’ she wonders. Even on his short, half an hour drive he was having second thoughts. He knew she needed this just as much as he wanted it and he knew he had to go beyond her fantasies. He had to really push her limits this time. But what if he goes too far? What if he scares her? What if he really hurts her? This was a risk he had to take, as there are things you just cannot say no to. For him she was one of those things. Part of him hated her for that. He wanted to slap her around, break her, destroy her, just to teach her a lesson to stay the fuck away from him. He could barely concentrate on the road and even though he chose the meeting point, he got lost on his way twice. She was using her Satnav and got there before him, and was looking around nervously, scanning the area for people and more importantly for CCTV cameras, although she couldn’t quite decide whether she wanted them to be there to witness her kidnapping, or not. It was a large deserted car park, with only a few cars here and there. It looked like quite a bad neighbourhood so she stayed in her car, until she saw his black Mazda making it’s entrance through the raised barrier. Then she got out and when he parked his car next to hers and rolled down his window, she leans in like a proper streetwalker would and smiles at him. He gives her some notes, actually quite a lot of money, but Üsküdar Escort Bayan it doesn’t matter, they are just props for their game and she will hand them back when they are finished; when he is finished with her. She takes the money and slips the notes into her handbag. That’s the sign, that it’s all good. She is in. She is in, indeed, handcuffed, her mouth taped shut with a wide grey duct tape, in his boot, rolling from side to side as he drives off quickly but careful about the speed limit now, because this cargo would be very hard to explain. She remembers him telling her about some storage place his dad owned, outside town. Probably that is where he is taking her. Hopefully not too far out of town, as her delicate skin is getting seriously bruised smashing against the different toolboxes and god knows what in his boot.A few minutes later they stop and through the noise of the car’s engine, she hears him opening an automatic door, then he drives in. finally he opens the boot and she is awakened from her drowsy, frightened state as she looks up into the dimmed light.’Did you have a pleasant journey, miss?’ he asks sarcastically as he pulls her up and out of the dirty boot.She looks around quickly. The place is huge; next to his car, there is another one parked, an old black Honda and there is room for yet another one. At the back, a chain-link fence runs from wall to wall, with bikes, shelves and scattered rubbish behind it. That is exactly where he is dragging her by her twisted arm. When they reach the darkest corner of the garage, he pushes her back against the wall, her cuffed wrists in front of her. ‘Tramp, (his online nickname for her) you look like a fuckin disaster already,’ he barks the words into her face ‘and I haven’t even touched you, yet.’ That was not true. He probably already gave her a bruise on her upper arm when he dragged her out of the car and now he is pinning her against the wall with such a force which she could not break. Ever. Not that she would want to. His face is familiar after many hours spent seeing him on camera. She knows every curl of his lips, every strand of his black hair, his pretended disapproving, stern look, – the one she is faced with now – the raise of his right eyebrow, his half smile, – for which she would walk to hell and back – but everything is more beautiful in 3D. And so real. So fucking real. Minutes pass as they keep staring into each other’s eyes. His brown, otherwise soft and kind eyes are darker now, full of power, full of frustration, suppressed animal need. No, she definitely did not remember seeing that look on him before. And not even in her wildest dreams she imagined the strengths in those arms, that keep her immobile now. She is nothing but a soft playtoy in his hands. Then he curls the right side of his mouth into that half smile, that usually have that soaking effect on her knickers. He still can’t believe, she is here and just how beautiful she is, with her curly blonde hair, big brown eyes, perfectly shaped eyebrows and long dark lashes. He remembers receiving the first photos of her, thinking what stupid fake photos she sent him and how she laughed at him and jokingly saying, ‘Yeah, sure in real life I’m 200 pounds and reeaally ugly.’ Then 2 minutes later she has logged onto skype, still giggling and he was blown away.They were having fun chatting before, but that is when the addiction started. He spent hours looking at those photos, which he now knew were not fakes at all. Maybe, just maybe he wondered they were just slightly photoshopped or filtered as she looked like an immaculate doll on them but somehow a bit lifeless. Webcam was preferred obviously. He even made her purchase a better Escort Üsküdar one. He was truly hooked on her. Sometimes he asked, whether he could just watch her getting on with her day, tidying her room, getting a shower, masturbating… Wow, how he loved that. How very shy she was the first time, barely letting him see anything, but as her confidence grew, she was happy to use her toys and comply with his sometimes strange requests. He loved it. And this here, was even better. It was real. So fucking real.  All his to take, to have and to destroy. He smirked. ‘So pretty.’ he thought. ‘So fucking pretty.’ His instinct would be to hold her, to protect her, to love her. She could easily twist him around her finger. Why does she want him to treat her bad then? What would a girl like her know about pain anyway? She looked so innocent, so totally opposite of the picture of the dirty internet slut she painted of herself. He was really confused. He had to make sure, she was ready for this and it wasn’t just a daydream fantasy of her naive, curious mind. Fooling around on camera and doing things in real life were two very different things. He spins her around now pressing her abs and chest deep into the cold wall. He grabs a fistful of her hair yanking her head backwards. She feels his full body weight against her back as with one hand he still holds her hair downward and with the other hand, having it’s very first expedition on her still covered pussy. Just to make sure she will not say no. As much as he is dreading the question, he needs to ask ‘Listen, bitch, this is your last chance. Are you sure you want this?’His tone of voice wakes her, excites her, requests her to say yes, as his forceful digits find their way into her wetness. Of course she wants it, anything. There is absolutely nothing on earth she wouldn’t let him do to her.When they played online, sometimes he surprised her with strange requests she had to do to herself, like pleasing herself with her hairbrush or a spoon, but she never ever rejected. Why would she change her mind now? ‘More.’ she tries to say as his fingers dance around on her pussy, exploring her, opening her. Nothing comes out of her duct tape covered mouth. ‘Waiting for that answer.’ he says impatiently inserting more of his fingers into her soaked hole. Then he remembers, that she can’t really answer with her mouth taped and her head immobile. ‘Just nod.’ he says, easing up his forceful hold of her hair. ‘Or shake your head… but to be honest it is slightly too late for that choice’ he smirks. She nods. As much as her hair lets her nod. ‘I have to say, I’m pleased with your answer. I sincerely hope you will not regret it.’ With that he removes himself from behind her and with her support suddenly gone, she now collapses on the cold concrete floor. She lands quite heavy on her shoulder, arm and elbow. He is striding towards his car, barely looking back or noticing what the ‘thud’ was about. She doesn’t feel pain and everything feels and looks a bit blurred. Suddenly she remembers the cloth held, forced to her nose and mouth in the car park and her awakening in the boot and the missing few minutes, of how she ended up in the there.She sits up on the floor still disoriented watching him as he is getting his toolbox from the car. Black jeans and grey shirt, his dark silhouette hardly visible in the distant half-light. He has the aura of a true villain.Her senses are slowly coming back to her body. She can smell the displeasant odour of petrol, the coldness of the concrete giving her goosebumps. She decides to stand up. They come face to face and again, there is a few moments of silence and staring into each other’s eyes. ‘No smile. Not even a half one. Nothing in his eyes now, nothing, just a cold stare.’ ‘No fear in her eyes, not the slightest. She should be scared. She should be’ ‘I wonder if he has a plan or just making it up as we go along.’  He lifts up the black and orange toolbox. ‘I bet you want to know what’s inside.’ ‘Fuck, he does have a plan.

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