My Best Friend

Brother Sister

I’ve known Daniel for 5 years. We were best friends. But one night, that all changed. We were all hanging out; Me, Daniel, Mike, Krista, and Sean. Sitting around the cozy fire discussing the usual. We brushed the topic of sex, you could see everyones coy smiles in the fire light. Sean glanced at me more than once. He was getting brave, asking me things like which celeb I would sleep with, where I would want to do it, and then who at the campfire I would do it with. Akward. Daniel and I glance at each other. In that moment, I could feel the fire getting hotter. Or maybe I was blushing? I don’t know. But something about Daniel’s dark eyes frightened me. Like he knew every thought in my head. How could he know? Did he know? I’m being paranoid again. After 5 years of friendship, and never once going further than a hug, I should be safe. He doesn’t know how I REALLY feel. Right? It was 2am and everyone was getting tired. The beach was getting cold, so Mike was taking us back home. After he dropped everyone off (except Krista, everyone knew they were hooking up), he asked me if I wanted to hang out a little longer. I politely declined; I had other plans (fantasies) that needed attention. I took a hot shower, feeling the hot water trickling down my smooth skin and over my nicely shaven pussy. The relaxation that the hot water brought me reminded me of Daniel. If I were lucky, I would catch a glimpse of his gorgeous, dark eyes. And when we would hold our electrifying gazes, I could swear a wave on excitement and heat would shoot through my body. Did he feel the same? Did Daniel, at any moment, ever think about me in the ways that I longed for him to? What am I talking about?! It’s Daniel, Küçükyalı escort my best friend Daniel! I don’t like him like that. Denial. I don’t want him, yet here I am, like every other night, wishing for him to come up behind me in this hot shower and take me right now. Longing for him to softly kiss every inch of my smooth, flawless skin and use his strong, safe hands to do whatever he wishes. I can’t lie to myself any longer. I would take a chance. He beat me to it. The shower is off and I’m drying my long, chocolate brown hair. I have a text message. It reads “Hey Lia. Tonight was fun, I wish I could have hung out with you a little longer though – Daniel.” I text back immediately, of course. “Yeah me too. I just took a nice shower, bored. What are you still doing up?” “Can I come over? I’m really bored and company would be nice.” Is this really happening? Is it going to be that EASY? No way, I’m just his friend. That’s it. Right? “Yeah sure that would be nice. I’ll be waiting, don’t take too long.” “Cool. I’ll be there in 10 minutes.” Daniel shows up at the door to my cozy little apartment. I still have some boxes that need to be unpacked lying around. I greet him in short, small white shorts and a baby blue t-shirt. I make sure he sees my nicely rounded, firm ass as I turn and let him in. I’ve always been proud of my body; long, slender legs and cute sexy tits, with a butt that could make guys drool. But, apparently not Daniel. We sit, pretty closely, on the little couch flipping through the channels on my pathetic looking TV. My place still needs some furnishing. The TV gets dull fast. Daniel takes the remote and shuts it off. “What’s Kartal escort bayan up?” I ask him. “Let’s just talk. I’ve always been curious about you, but I’ve always been too shy to ask.” “Daniel, your my best friend. You know everything about me, what more could you possibly want to know?” He smiled his evil grin. It was intimidating, yet exciting. Something about the fire in his eyes when I saw his face light up made me want him even more. “What about your fantasies? Or turn-ons and things like that? I’m sorry. I don’t mean to be blunt or anything, I’ve just been weird the past couple of days, or years.” I managed to mutter, “Well, ummm… I don’t know what to say. Maybe if you go first, I’ll have more courage.” Daniel was deathly silent for a long moment. Then he said it. “I’ve had a friend for a long time now. We’ve always had such a strong chemistry. And when I’m around her, I feel like this whole other person. I feel strong and alive. I want to do things, things I’ve never thought of doing to any other girl. I love her. I want her. And I think she knows. I think she knows, and I think she wants it too, Lia.” I shuddered when he said my name. Like he knew everything about me. He stared deep into my eyes, and I knew he could read my darkest thoughts. My heart was pounding in my chest, my body was screaming at my head. I wanted to wrap my legs around him and grind my pussy onto this man that wanted me. But my head said no. I have to be discreet, make him work. Oh damn everything. I hadn’t even realized that our lips were lingering inches apart this whole time. He slowly, sweetly kisses my soft lips, brushing his hand against my cheek. In one Escort Suadiye swift move he has me pinned under the weight of his body, my back against the sofa cushions. Our tounges hungrily part each others lips as his hands start exploring my body. Daniel was my best friend, and now he was more. He was my best friend, that now had me pinned against my sofa, grinding into my slender thigh while steadily gaining the upper hand. I was afraid. I had never seen this side of him before. He slid my shirt off over my head with ease. He slows down, looking straight into my eyes as his lips move down my chest. I’m quivering all over, nipples already hard. Waiting for him. I’ve been waiting for so long. Suddenly, his perfect lips clasp around my right nipple, tugging and niping gently. His hand on my left, pinching at my exposed nipple, playfully squeezing it against the cool air. I gasp. I’m running my fingers through his hair, pulling him closer. His lips let go, and they start kissing their way down my small stomach, then my inner thighs. I can feel his hot breath between my legs. He seems to hesitate for what feels like an eternity. He slides down my shorts and panties at the same time, tossing them aside. Daniel gets instanly hardened against my leg, staring at my little cunt. His body is broad and muscular, I felt so safe in his big, capable hands. He gives my clit a little lick, I start panting. I’m going crazy, begging him to get inside me. He smiles, as he takes my clit between his fingers and slides his tounge deep into my pussy; swirling his tounge and sucking with his lips. My heart flutters; arching my back as I let out a soft moan. His whole mouth is now covering my entire pussy. I can feel his tounge grinding hard between the slit. As he moves his lips to suck hard on my clit, I cum. My juices lubricating his mouth even more. My pussy is radiating with heat and pleasure. He smiles, that evil smile. Daniel backs away and unzips his jeans, pulling out his throbbing 10″ dick.

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