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Big Dicks

I am not sure how we started talking on line but I met this man and he was very dominant, I was usually the more dominant person if there was one in any of my relationships, but usually it was equal and shared with my partner.   They do say that the best dominant people make some of the best submissives.   It started out with us just chatting with everyday things, and then he would have me touch myself while we were chatting on line not a lot just a little at a time.   I think he was trying to work me into it easy like.   He would get me all worked up on line but tell me I could only touch myself while we were on line.   I was not allowed to touch myself when we weren’t on line for about a month.   He would then log on randomly like one week it would be a few times that week but then the next week nothing.   There were times I was so frustrated I wanted to just satisfy myself but for some strange reason he had this control over me and I didn’t want to, I wanted to do as he said.   After a few months of this he asked me to do the first thing in public.   He wanted me to get a picture of myself taken topless.   There were stipulations it had to be at a park area and for this one it could be a friend taking the picture but it wasn’t always like that.   Then I had to send him the picture so he knew I did it.   The next one about 2 weeks later was topless as well but this time I had to go to a convenience store and have one of the workers take the picture.   It had to be taken in a spot to show it was a store like in front of the coolers or something.   This one took me a lot longer than the first one; I needed to get my courage up or maybe my need. Because at this time I wasn’t allowed to touch myself until I did the photo.   No matter how much we had sex on line I wasn’t allowed to touch until the picture was done.   I know you Fikirtepe escort say but he wouldn’t know if I did touch myself, we didn’t even live on the same end of the country.   But I couldn’t he had this weird hold on me.   Now I did let my husband touch me so that took some of the tension off but it wasn’t the same.     Finally I had the nerve or at least horny enough to give it a shot I took my camera and headed off to a convenience store on the other end off town.   The first one wasn’t good it was a woman working.   The second store had two older guys who gave me the creeps; if I was the cashier I would have had my finger on the panic button if they walked in.    The third store had a younger guy, not bad looking, so I thought this might be a good store to get the picture at.   I walked in there was one other customer but the clerk was serving then, he would be gone.   So I strolled through the store picked up a pop and some chips, once the customer was gone I approached the counter.       “Is this all for tonight”, the clerk asked “Well actually if I can ask a favor of you, you see I have a bet with someone and I need to get a picture of my in a store”, I said The Clerk said, “Sure I can help you with that” “Thanks, but there is something else, I need to be topless”, I said.   I am sure his jaw almost hit the floor from shock. “UUMMM, There is a dead spot over here by these coolers where you can stand so the camera doesn’t catch us”, said the clerk I walked over; dropping my shirt I hadn’t worn a bra just in case I followed through. I handed him the camera and with shacking hands he took the picture.   I am so nervous and excited at the same time my nipples stood at attention.   I took the camera back from him and checked out the picture it was a tiny bit blurred Sancaktepe escort bayan but not bad at all.   What could I expect the poor guy had shaky hands.   I put on my shirt and paid for my pop and chips and left the store.   I drove straight home to upload my photo to my master with a request to play with myself.   I waited for him to return the email I had sent.   I was so horny and hot I was going nuts not touching myself.   What happened if he didn’t respond for a day or maybe two.   I was so worked up when my husband came home I almost jumped him.   I was able to get some relief from him but without my Masters permission I just couldn’t let myself go fully.   The next morning there was an email with the permission I was waiting for.   But there also was my next assignment.   I was allowed to play with myself for the rest of that day only, as much as I wanted or needed.   Then I had to go to a construction site, get totally naked, and have the picture have at least one of the workers in the picture but faces didn’t have to show on the men so they could be looking down.   There was also a time listed as to when I was supposed to meet my Master on line to chat.               I was on line as commanded when he signed on.   He said I had done a fair job but the picture was slightly blurry.   I apologized and explained the poor guy at the shop was excited or nervous I wasn’t sure but his hands had been shaking.   He asked how I enjoyed myself masturbating.   I said, “It was good but probably would have been better if my husband and I hadn’t had sex the night before.” My Master almost blew his top, “what do you mean sex with your husband I didn’t say you could.” “But Master you didn’t say I couldn’t have sex just that I couldn’t pleasure myself or cum, I didn’t Escort üsküdar do either,” I said. “Not more no sexual contact at all from your husband or yourself, until the next picture is done.   Do you understand?”, Said my Master. “Yes, Master” I responded.   “Your next task is being upgraded in humiliation for what you did.” Master said then he just logged off.   I was shaking I wasn’t sure if it was from excitement, fear or both.   All I knew is he wasn’t happy and I had to work on the construction site picture. Having just masturbated all day I wasn’t too horny so I didn’t go out.   The next day thou, as I did my errands I checked out different construction sites looking for a good one.   That didn’t have too many workers but still enough guys to get a picture.   Should it be road construction, we have lots of those where I live and usually smaller groups of guys or maybe a carpentry I found a few that might work most were road construction because of the size of groups.        I wasn’t ready thou I was getting horny thinking about it but I wasn’t ready to approach the guys yet.   I have troubles talking to strangers so this made me uncomfortable on all levels but excited at the same time.   I went home and later that night I went to bed.   I started dreaming about different things that might happen, everything from nothing just the picture being taken to a gang rape.   I woke up very horny and reached to play with my clit when I realized I couldn’t do that.   I might not be able to put this off much longer I was wet and horny and couldn’t even get my hubby to help me out.   I had breakfast; dressed with care and made sure I had my camera.   As with the topless photo I wore as few cloths as I could get away with so it would be easy to dress and undress when needed.   I went back to one of the sites that I thought might be good.   I sat there a few minutes just watching.   I was getting wetter and hornier as time went on and I watched them work.   I decided the way to get a conversation going would be to bring coffee and donuts.   So off I went to the local donut shop and coffees for everyone and a fair number of donuts.

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