She Likes To Talk. Part One.


Belinda had been introduced to me by a mutual friend and to say she was attractive would be doing her an injustice; she was stunning. She had come out of a bad marriage and as a result, she had been forced to move back in with her parents and had become very shy and withdrawn. I was the first man she agreed to go out with after almost a year of being alone.Our first dates were awkward as Belinda didn’t say much, but I had been told to expect this. One of the first things I noticed about her was that she really knew how to dress. All her skirts and dresses were minis and very tight, the same thing held true for her blouses. One evening when I complimented her on the outfit she wore she gave me a faint smile.”Don’t thank me, thank my ex. He enjoyed dressing me up like a whore,” she said in a sad voice. “Now ninety percent of my clothing looks like this.”I kept my comments to myself after that and silently Ankara bayan escort enjoyed the sight of her in the wide array of sexy clothing that she owned. We continued to date and she began to talk a little more each time we went out and soon we were having great conversations. Eventually, I decided that instead of just saying good night when I dropped her off at her parents I would give her a kiss to see what would happen.Upon reaching her parent’s house she turned her head toward me to say good night and I quickly leaned into her and place my lips on hers. She pulled her head back for a second and then leaned into me again and pressed her lips tighter to mine.Our kisses became longer and even more passionate as the weeks passed. She eventually allowed and seemed to welcome the sensation of my hands running over her full breasts and up her nylon-covered legs and Escort bayan Ankara under her miniskirt as we kissed.It was at the height of this tactical foreplay one evening that she issued an unusual request in a breathy whisper.”Talk to me,” she said.I was taken aback, no other female had ever made such a request.”What do you want me to say?” I asked.Belinda gave a small frown but continued to kiss me and allow my hands to run all over her firm body. On my drive home I thought about her request and was puzzled. What did she want me to say? Now I had no sister to ask about it and wouldn’t dream of asking my mom, so I waited until I was at work and asked the one person that would possibly have an answer.I washed dishes at a very upscale bar that was located in a very upscale hotel and had become friends with most of the staff with Kathy the stunning bartender being Bayan escort Ankara my favorite. She was much older than I was and by her own admission had been around the block a few times. We spent their downtime talking about a variety of subjects. So I decided to share my problem with her.She listened without comment until I finished and then she smiled at me.”Sounds like you found yourself a talker,” I was informed.”I don’t understand,” was my reply.”You’ve heard the term ‘she talks a good fuck’? Usually, it means that the talking is the only good thing about bedding her,” my friend explained.”I’ve heard the term,” I answered.”Well, it sounds like this one uses the talking to make it better. Now the next time she makes her request of being talked to, you answer with something,” my friend informed me.”Like what?” I asked.”Anything. Tell her how great she looks and feels. I have a feeling that the more you tell her the hotter she will become,” Kathy replied.So Friday arrived and that signaled another dinner and movie date. As usual, Belinda looked stunning in one of her short miniskirts and boot outfits and it was an effort on my part to keep my mind on the here and now and not the events that would follow.

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