Shirtcocking Stocky Studs


Phil was sitting alone on a nudist beach and just about to pack up and head home because the beach was deserted. He had driven over a hundred miles to get to this place and he was very disappointed. Instead of wall to wall cocks and beefy butts all he saw was empty sand and pounding surf. Suddenly, as if out of nowhere, three stocky guys appeared and looked like they had just stepped straight out of Phil’s fantasy. All three of them were wearing T-shirt’s with nothing down below so his eyes were immediately drawn to their manly packages. And what a display that was! All three had big, beefy balls with average sized uncut cocks that were of such perfection that Phil could feel his saliva start to flow. He tried to look away but damn it, he just could not. The one stud had really sun-bleached blond hair while another had the most amazing red hair that Phil had ever seen and the third dude had jet black hair that was really thick and seemed to just shine with rude good health. Poor Phil didn’t know which man to lust after first or indeed which part of the man’s body to drink in most greedily. They were all handsome in a rugged, guy next door kind of way and on a good day just the sight of those three beautiful, masculine faces could have got Phil creaming the sheets. But this was an exceptional day. The blond guy had just a few silky wisps of hair swirling around the base of his cock while the red head had the most amazingly ginger bush Phil had ever seen. It was Anadolu Yakası Escort the stuff of his dreams, like crinkly fire down on the man’s loins. And as for that pale, pale cock and those fat red balls well, Phil’s cock liked what it saw and soon rose up to its full ten inches. And he hadn’t even got done with taking in the dark haired dude yet. He had a massive bush of the kind that you just knew was full of heavenly man-scent and his dark cock and balls contrasted with his strong, pale thighs. They too were covered in a jungle of dark fur and Phil’s hands itched to stroke up those tree trunks of masculine power. The guys walked past, noticed Phil’s massive cock waving in the breeze and smiled. ‘You all alone fella?’ the dark haired stud asked. ‘Yes.’ gulped Phil. ‘Why don’t you come sit with us, then?’ came the invite that was music to his ears. Phil got up and tried to hide his ten inch war club with his hands but it was a waste of time. The red-head gently brushed Phil’s hands away. ‘I hope you’ve got enough juice in your tank to take care of three hungry bums.’ the blond said. Phil just about fainted. He couldn’t remember a time when he had been so dazed with lust. He allowed himself to be maneuvered onto the beach blanket that they had spread on the sand and now he was surrounded by the trio of his dreams. Six hands roamed over his twenty three year old body that was taut, slender and hungry for love. He Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan had hoped to be the one exploring the stocky stud’s bodies, sliding his hands up their thighs and onto their beer-fed furry bellies, pinching their fat nipples and sucking their juicy cocks but the older studs had other ideas. He moaned as those six hands stroked, pinched, caressed and slithered over his super sensitive flesh. He could feel his precum being smeared around his fat mushroom cap and it felt incredibly good as it cooled in the breeze. A hand had slid between his tight cheeks and a finger was now testing the defenses of his tight little bumhole. Phil moaned, spread his legs and surrender to a bunch of cock hungry bears that were keen on worshipping at the altar of youth. A warm mouth closed around his hard, throbbing cock while another started to lick through the glade of his crack and teased its way into his wanting hole. Warm, strong hands played up his flat, smooth belly and onto his well developed chest. Fingers gently tweaked his tiny nubs and he sighed as pleasure shot through his body, seeming to reverberate and intensify as it did so. His whole body was one large sexual organ; he felt like a giant cock being licked to explosion or a massive butthole receiving an army of men all at once. His brain was confused and over stimulated. What sensation was he to concentrate on? The probing tongue that electrified Escort Anadolu Yakası his asshole, the warm mouth milking his hungry rod, the soft, sexy lips that were now fastened to his and engaging him in the horniest kiss he had ever known or those hands that roamed everywhere, touched everything and turned him on so bad that for a moment he thought he might actually die of ecstasy? These three stocky studs certainly knew how to please a young man like Phil but they were experienced enough to read the signs and so they came off of him now and the blonde dude lay down on the blanket and offered his smooth, tanned man-pillow to Phil. Phil’s lust went into overdrive as he parted those fleshy cheeks and found himself gazing at a large, brown pucker. It was a work of art, worthy of being painted and hung on the wall. He had driven a long, long way from the little town he lived in to have a taste of this and he knew it was going to be worth it. His face fell into the blonde’s meaty crack and Phil went into a feeding frenzy, grunting and groaning as he ate out the hot stud’s magnificent arse. The way the big guy was bucking against him Phil knew that he must be doing something right; it made him feel really proud that he could return some of the pleasure that he had been given. Phil could feel his hips being pulled into a kneeling position and soon a hand had fastened itself around his cock while a tongue drilled its way into his bunghole. Once more he was on the cusp of explosion; these men were just providing way too much sensation, way more than a twenty three year old knew how to handle. His cock was sending signals to his brain; it knew what it wanted and it had to be obeyed. Pulling free of the hungry tongue and confident hand he turned around and asked the dark haired guy if he had any lube.

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