Shopping for her – Part 4


Brenda left the store, her instructions clear in her mind. Sean, Vicky and Monica chatted comfortably. “Monica, a David stopped by to tell you that he couldn’t meet you after work. This was while you and Vicky were… sorry, what were you doing?” he asked. Monica blushed, yet again. “Changing, Sean, just changing.” “Uhunh. Not! Vicky let the cat out of the bag earlier with her ‘screaming Monica’ comment. Somebody was muff diving unless I miss my guess.” Vicky spoke up. “There has to be a first time for everything, and I imagine Monica’s had several firsts today, eh sexy?” Vicky gave Monica a huge hug, one filled with new-found friendship and affection. “Monica is the best gift ever!” “Gift?” asked Monica. “Sean brought home the lingerie you sized for him and gave it to me, telling me he’d found a gift for me. I thought it was sweet of him, but when I opened the package, I immediately saw that the bra was the wrong size, and Sean said ‘Oh, these little items aren’t for you. No, this is just the beginning of this little gift.’ And what a wonderful gift it has been!” “I am a gift?” Monica, still stuck on the idea of herself as a gift. “No, baby, the opportunity to meet you, to play with you, to include you in our fun, and…” Vicky looked to Sean with an unspoken question. Sean nodded yes and Vicky continued, “and in our lives, if you want. That was the gift.” “How did Sean know what would happen today?” Monica had heard Vicky, but… still stuck on gift. “Sean couldn’t have, not really. But when he talked with you yesterday, played with you, he saw something in you that he believed fit us, fit me. If you were as ready as he thought you were, he believed we could have a lot of fun together. And more, be good friends to one and other.” “How could he know that?” “Mistakes, baby, mistakes. Sean’s made them all, most of them more than once, and eventually he’s learned from them. One of the many advantages of older men.” “But how could he know that about me?” “By how you reacted to him. Be honest, when he left, what were you thinking?” Monica looked down at her feet. “I was hoping he’d come back, that maybe the sizes were wrong or something.” Sean waited to hear how Vicky answered. “See? Somehow, he knew that about you, and he… schemed isn’t the right word. Gambled! Gambled that what he saw in you was real. We came here today gambling that you were the woman he’d seen yesterday, and not an act. I didn’t know about all this until we got here, but I wouldn’t have changed a single thing, not for the world.” Suddenly concerned, she peered into Monica’s eyes, “Would you change anything, Monica?” “Not a single thing. Not one, solitary little thing!” Monica said, with a wry smile spreading across her facey. Vicky glowed. “I thought so. I hoped so, anyway. I am very, very glad you feel that way.” Escort Acıbadem The two women hugged each other tightly, cheek to cheek, bosom to bosom, hip to hip. Sean spoke again. “About David?” Monica broke away from Vicky and turned to Sean. “David is a… friend. We’ve been kind of seeing each other.” “Kind of seeing each other? Does that mean you share sandwiches or something more intimate?” Sean asked. “Ummmmm, the sandwiches one. Not that I’d mind more intimate, but he’s kind of sweet and kind of a mama’s boy. He’s only twenty-two and young for his age. I like him. He’s an artist. Sort of.” “What does “sort of” mean?” “It means he has a Bachelors of Fine Arts, but no real fire and no plans. He works in fibers and natural materials, that kind of thing.” “Are you sure he isn’t gay?” asked Vicky. “I mean, twenty-two, not intimate with you, young for his age, an artist – how much would it take to add an ‘e’ and get ‘artiste’?” “It’s not like that! His mom is very controlling. She’s divorced, long ago, and still single. She just can’t seem to let him go.” “My gaydar didn’t go off, for what it’s worth,” said Sean. “He’s definitely pervy, but who are we to cast stones? You know he hung around after he left,” said Sean. That surprised Monica. “He should have gone back to the food court where he works. I don’t want him to lose his job.” “I think he’s more worried about losing you.” “Really? We haven’t even had a real date. Just talked and ate together at the food court. Tonight was supposed to be our first sorta kinda date. I guess that isn’t going to happen.” Monica’s face fell at the thought. Sean thought for a second. “Let us make it up to you for David’s mother’s bad timing. Dinner after you get off?” Suddenly shy, Monica said, “I don’t know. This is all so sudden. I don’t want to intrude.” Both Sean and Vicky waited patiently, without saying a word. After a few tens of seconds, Monica couldn’t stand it anymore. “Okay, okay, I get off at four when my aunt comes in. Where should I meet you?” Sean glanced at his watch. “Hmmm, that’s only thirty minutes away. We’ll wait for you at the benches right outside the store. Does that work for you?” “Don’t I need to change” Vicky smirked. “Haven’t you changed enough today, baby?” Monica couldn’t help blushing again. And then she blushed because she blushed. “I guess I have! Is this outfit okay then?” “Both what we see and what we don’t see are perfect, baby. Now we’ll see you in a half hour,” and with that Vicky pecked Monica on the cheek and led Sean out of the store. Monica busied herself with store things for the next half hour. Her aunt showed up promptly at four pm. “How’d it go today?” she asked as she rounded the counter and started to run a report from the register. “It went well, Jill. I Kaynarca escort don’t think I’ve had a better day.” On at least two fronts, she smiled to herself. Reading the report, Jill exclaimed, “Oh, it is good, isn’t it? You did really well today, Monica. What was different?” “I don’t know, people just seemed more ready to buy things. Whatever it was, I hope it sticks around!” “So do I, so do I!” “Bye, I’ll see you tomorrow.” “Have a good evening, Monica.” “Oh, I think I will, Jill, I think I will.” Monica practically waltzed out the door, while Jill watched her with speculation in her eyes. This was not the Monica to whom she’d become accustomed. Monica found Sean and Vicky exactly where they said they’d be. Vicky gave her a hug. Sean, however, simply smiled at her. His reserve bothered her, bothered her enough that Monica felt weird. She glanced to Vicky for some insight, and Vicky obliged.  “Sean is… careful, baby. In his words, he thinks you must be gentled first. That doesn’t mean trained, it means you have to learn to trust him first. I trust him with everything that I am, but I don’t think you’ve had a chance to come to that place, not yet. Until you do, Sean won’t push, won’t impose his will, won’t assume something not in evidence.” “But… but… you said he knew me! Yesterday!” “And so he does, in most ways. Even so, you are a competent, adult human being. Which means you must come to trust him on your own, through the evidence of your senses and the results of his actions. And that takes time. But enough with the lessons! Let’s go to get a drink!” “A drink? I thought we were going to dinner?” Sean finally spoke. “That, too. But dinner at four? I mean, really, Monica, that is much too early! No, a drink first, then dinner later. And after that, well, we’ll see.” The mall had a very adequate fake Irish Pub, the “Stiff Old Gentleman”, only a year old and locally known as the Stiffee, and to that newly venerable establishment the threesome retired for chips and drinks. They sat at one of those high tables where you sit at stools. Booths were open, but Sean chose the table. They ordered drinks, and chatted companionably. Monica, no longer stuck on gift, couldn’t quite let the trust thing go. Sipping on her chardonnay while Vicky sipped a martini and Sean nursed a Chimay, returned to the newest sticking point. “Vicky, what makes you think I don’t trust Sean?” “Baby, think of Brenda. Who did she want to kiss? You, because, she said, you were less intimidating. But it was also because she felt stronger with you than with me. The same is true for you – you feel stronger with me, and much less so with Sean.” Monica nodded yes. “The thing is, you would do anything Sean said, wouldn’t you? And you know that. You don’t trust him, not yet, you fear him. Aydınlı escort bayan You fear his power over you.” “Sean has no power over me, not really.” “You think so? A test then.” Vicky waved at Sean. “Monica, take your panties off,” Sean said. Monica spit out wine in surprise. “What, now?” “Yes, now. Right now, right here. Put your glass down and remove your panties without standing.” “Sean, I can’t do that. What if someone sees me?” “Monica, you say ‘Yes, Sir’ and you simply do it. Understand?” “I… I guess I do.” “Monica, say, ‘Yes, Sir, I understand.” “Y… Yes, Sir, I understand.” “What is it that you understand, Monica?” “I understand that I must remove my panties.” “You forgot the Sir. Vicky, please pinch her nipple. Hard.” Vicky pinched her nipple. Monica swallowed a little scream. “Don’t forget the Sir again, Monica. Okay?” Monica nodded yes. “Say ‘Yes, Sir’, Monica.” “Yes, Sir.” “Now, what are you to do?” “Remove my panties, Sir.” “Good girl. Now do it.” Monica looked around the pub, which which was mostly empty at this early hour, and then pulled her her skirt, hooked her thumbs in her panties and slid them down to her thighs and then straightened her dress. “Put your dress back where it was, Monica. I want anyone who sees you to see your ass.” Monica looked around, frightened now, but pushed her dress back up around her waist and continued to slide her panties down until she could slide them off one foot at a time. “Pull your skirt down and put your panties on the table.” Monica complied. Vicky examined her closely, a smile playing hide and seek with her tongue. Vicky was flushed and so nervous she nearly spilled her wine as she took another drink. “So, baby, what do you think now? Do you fear Sean?” “Yes,” Monica whispered. “As well you should. That kind of power is all too easy to abuse. Now, baby, let me see something…” Vicky reached under Monica’s skirt, sliding it up far enough she could see the juncture of legs and pubes. She pushed Monica’s legs apart and slid her finger into her slit. “Oh yes, hot and wet. You are quite the the horny little little slut, aren’t you?” Vicky removed her finger from Monica’s slit and then placed it between Monica’s lips. “Suck my finger, baby. Suck your juices. Taste them,” she commanded. Monica closed her eyes and sucked on Vicky’s finger until Vicky pulled it out with a noticeable pop. “That’s a good girl,” said Sean. “I imagine it tastes very good.” “Oh, it does, Sean, it does.” Vicky, the voice of experience. Sean laughed. “Now, sip more wine. And I do mean sip.” “Yes, J…, Yes, Sir.” “Very good, Monica, very good.” Sean smiled at Monica, his eyes alight with pleasure. “What about my panties, Sir? We can’t just leave them on the table – what if the waiter comes back?” “I’m planning on him coming… back, Monica.” Monica’s eyes bugged out, but, wisely, she didn’t say anything. And eventually, he did come back to see if they needed another drink. “Another Whiskey for me, I think,” said Sean. The waiter turned to Vicky and Monica, and came to a full stop. Clearly, he had seen the panties.

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