Spying on my Neighbor 06


My neighbor and I spent as much time as we could together as you can imagine. One thing I found out was that she has never been with another woman and really wanted to. It was during one of our visits to the local video store where we rented porn DVDs that an idea hit me. Whenever we would go to rent porn my neighbor would wear a short skirt with no panties, and I would go so no one would be able to see me, in my invisible state. We would walk around the store looking at all of the porn titles and whenever she found one that interested her she would stop and grab the box to check it out. At that point I would squat behind her and run my hand up her skirt, sliding my fingers up into her dripping pussy. Once we had stopped a few times and my fingers were nice and slick, I would slide one into her ass and two into her wet cunt. I usually didn’t pay attention to the movies she was looking at because I was a little too busy fingering her hungry holes right in front of everyone. Now that I was getting pretty good at our little routine, I started to notice the movies she was browsing through the most. She was picking up mainly girl-girl titles, where the girls were just over eighteen or movies where an older woman corrupts a younger girl into depraved sexual acts. That’s when it hit me. I knew plenty of young girls, just out of high school. I’m sure I could trick or seduce one into joining my neighbor and I. But whom could I get to join us for some fun? I thought long and hard over the next few days about all the girls I had dated, girls I had slept with, hell I was running through every girl I knew. A few days later I was out with some friends and we decided to go to the local fitness club for a good workout. That’s when I saw her. Suzanne was her name. I had totally Escort Gölbaşı forgotten about her. A friend of mine dated her in high school and said she was totally wild and into way more stuff than he was comfortable with. He eventually ended it with her and every one of our friends told him he was the stupidest person on the planet. Suzanne was a tiny little blond that moved to our area from Wales during our freshman year. She was about five foot five inches tall, with light blond hair cut into a little bob. She had a tiny little frame and was always working out, which is why I guess she ended up working at the health club. The only thing that didn’t fit her frame, were her tits. She was a very large C-cup, which always looked firm and barely moved. She even still had this little accent that made most guys drool over her. She was the one. Now I just needed a way to get her hooked and interested. After our workout I told my buddies that I was going to stay to hit the sauna and thanked them for the company during the workout. I then moved into the locker room as closing time drew nearer, and I disrobed. I smacked myself in the nose to make myself sneeze and become invisible. I then used my time to follow Suzanne around the health club as she closed areas and flirted constantly with the male workers and customers. I think I even saw her make a few eyes at some of the female customers. Just as the last Yoga class ended she closed down the Yoga room, turned off the lights and started a conversation with some of the female customers that were leaving the class. She kept talking to them as they all walked into the locker room. I followed close behind, watching her to study her habits when she thought no one was watching. The female Keçiören escort customers all went to their lockers to get their stuff as Suzanne started cleaning up towels off of the floor and placing them into bins. A couple of the customers left, but the rest to my amazement stayed and got undressed, heading into the showers. It was then that I realized that Suzanne had waited to clean the locker room until this point for a reason. She stayed within sight of the shower area the whole time the women were washing themselves. She carried on a conversation with one of them about one of the male staff members and how cute he was, but I wasn’t paying attention. Right in front of me were half a dozen naked women all showering, with my future conquest watching them intently. There were women of all levels of being toned; short, tall, flat, stacked, shaved, bushy, and even one that had a huge clit that stuck out past her pussy lips. Suzanne kept cleaning up garbage and towels from the locker room and went around a corner from where the showers were. I followed her wondering why she would break her gaze from these beautiful women. As soon as she was around the corner she dropped the towels into a cloth towel bin and leaned against the wall. Her right hand shot straight down between her legs, and her left started to fondle her left breast very roughly. She had gotten so hot watching the women shower she was masturbating just a few feet around the corner from where their wet naked bodies were. Her right middle finger was jammed into the cleft between where her pussy lips parted, and was giving herself the biggest camel-toe I had ever seen. She was pushing so hard her knuckles were turning white. Her other hand was now pinching her lift Kızılay escort bayan nipple through her top and sports bra. Her eyes were closed and she was in her own little world. I only wish I could read minds as well. I would have killed to know what she was thinking right then. Just as abruptly as she had started her rubbing, she stopped. Fixed her top, and pulled her bottoms out from the deep chasm she had pushed them into. The women were just then coming out of the shower and started getting dressed. She took their towels and placed them in the same cloth bin. After the women had left she got her purse out of a locker and went into the toilet section of the locker room. She placed her purse on the counter and got out a few things to fix her makeup with. After a minute or two of that she left her purse and went into one of the stalls. I quickly grabbed her lipstick and wrote a message on the mirror. I dropped her lipstick back into her purse and shot over to the stall next to Suzanne’s. I stood on the toilet and peered over the stall wall. She was just finishing peeing and was bunching some toilet paper in one hand. As she wiped I could see she had her pubic hair trimmed into a perfect blond Mohawk. She finished getting her pants back on and stepped out of the cube. Suzanne screamed, ducked back into the cube and slammed the cube door. She slowly opened the door again and read upon the bathroom mirror the following text: “I saw you masturbate after watching them in the shower.” She quickly ran around the bathroom and locker room looking for who wrote the message. She of course found no one. She quickly used a dirty towel to wipe off the mirror and then started looking in all of the stalls as well for the author. While she had been running around looking I had found a pen and paper in her purse. In the stall she had used to pee in I had placed a note on the top of the water tank. Hoping that she would see it, I left the cube door open. It had slowly closed on it’s own and as she was checking the cubes she almost didn’t check the one she had been in.

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