Summer Afternoon Foursome


It had been warm and sunny all week, and Joe and I had both managed to get Friday off work so we could have some “us time” – like “me time”, only for two. Fortunately, the weather hadn’t changed by the time the end of the week came round, so we got the train to Richmond and walked up the hill to Richmond Park. For those of you who don’t know it, it’s a huge wild park on the outskirts of London, around 2300 acres, and when you’re in the middle of it you don’t feel you’re in London at all.The sun was blazing down as we wandered through the scrub. As usual, the warmth was making us both feel horny, and Joe had his arm around me and was stroking my right breast through my t-shirt (I wasn’t wearing a bra, of course). He tweaked my nipple casually.“You know, Annie, whenever we come here, I think of that story you wrote ages ago on “Lush”, the one about fucking that guy you used to go out with at uni.”“You mean Pete. He was a good fuck all right. I remember that story. It was all true too, the way I wanked him off in his trousers, then we had a fuck in among some trees. That was another good thing about Pete, he could come two or three times and still stay hard. Just like you, babe.”“Can you remember where it was, the place where you fucked? Wasn’t it that bit with all the flowers?”“The Isabella Plantation, you mean? Yes, that was it, among the azaleas.”There was a pause. Joe stroked my breast and gave it a squeeze.“It’s just over there isn’t it?” he remarked. “Mm, that’s right. Why, do you fancy a replay?”“Well, why not?”Why not indeed. I was definitely horny by this time, and I was always up for a fuck, especially outdoors on a sunny day.It was about ten minutes’ walk to the Isabella Plantation, which is a more formal enclosed garden with flowering shrubs. It attracts lots of visitors in the early summer, when the azaleas are in full bloom, but luckily on Fridays most people are still at work, so we didn’t see anyone else as we entered Ankara bayan escort by the Peg’s Pond Gate. The azaleas were slightly past their best, but still very colourful, and normally I’d have lingered to enjoy the spectacle, but Joe had other things on his mind.“Come on, let’s try down here,” he said, setting off down one of the paths. But I was starting to remember where we’d gone before.“No, come this way,” I said, going off to the right. “This is where we went, it’s much quieter over here.” We followed a rough little path through the trees.“I’m sure it’s just up ahead,” I said. I was starting to get a bit excited, knowing we’d soon be fucking. Sure enough, I could see the sun shining down into a small clearing.“This is it,” I said, as we emerged from the trees. Then we were stopped in our tracks by a saucy giggle from the other side of the clearing. Joe shushed me, and we ducked down behind a bush. Peeping carefully between the branches, I could see that someone else had already found my special spot. A young couple in fact, and they had clearly had the same idea as we had.He was sitting on a fallen tree-trunk, and she was kneeling on the ground in front of him. She was already topless, and a pair of large bare breasts were swinging to and fro as she sucked on his erect penis, which was sticking up out of his trousers. She was slurping noisily on the thick shaft, while he reached down and played with her tits, squeezing the flesh and tweaking her nipples.“Oh damn,” I said. “It looks as if we’ve been beaten to it this time. Come on, we’d better find somewhere else before they see us.”“Can’t we just watch for a bit?” said Joe. “This is so hot.”I had to agree. I’d always enjoyed watching other people fuck, but usually it was friends at parties, or someone I was sharing a room with on holiday. Watching complete strangers like this felt even more naughty.As we watched, the woman pulled the guy’s Escort bayan Ankara shorts right off, revealing his whole cock in all its glory. We could see everything, as all his crotch was hairless.“Oh God baby, put my cock between your tits,” he moaned.She obliged, taking his erection into the valley between her large boobs and squeezing them tight around his rod, while he tit-fucked her vigorously.“Fuck, that’s so hot,” whispered Joe. Standing behind me as we both watched the action, he pulled up my t-shirt, baring my own breasts. They weren’t as big as the tit-fucking woman’s, but they didn’t sag at all, and my pink nipples were hard as pebbles as Joe began to play with them.I reached back and began to stroke the bulge of his penis. He momentarily abandoned my tits and undid the front of his shorts, enabling me to reach in and pull out his cock, which was already about three-quarters erect. I stoked it, feeling it get harder in my hand.“God, I want you,” I whispered.“I want you too, babe,” he answered. “Come, on let’s go somewhere, quick.”Maybe we’d been making too much noise, or maybe the azalea was shaking too much, but suddenly the man hushed the woman, and they both turned and looked straight at us. I held my breath and tried to stay perfectly still, but it was too late. We’d been seen.But instead of getting dressed and running off, like most people would when caught having sex in a public place, the couple kept looking our way. Then the woman spoke.“Hey, don’t stay hidden away there. Why don’t you come over and join us?”I looked at Joe, and he nodded. We stepped out from the bushes, me with my top still pulled up and my tits on display, and Joe with his dick hanging out of his shorts.“I’m sorry we disturbed you,” I said. “We were looking for a quiet spot for a fuck ourselves, and then it was so hot watching you, we got a bit carried away.”“We thought we heard something,” said the Bayan escort Ankara young guy, “but we were having too much fun to stop.”“Why don’t we carry on together?” said the woman. “I’m Melissa, by the way, and this is my boyfriend Dan.”“I’m Joe, and this is my wife, Annie.”“You’re married. Oh wow, that’s sweet,” said Melissa.“I don’t mind sharing him, as long as I get him back afterwards,” I said with a smile. “How about it?” I knew Joe would love to get his cock between Melissa’s big jubblies, and Dan’s long thin cock looked very suckable.Our new friends were clearly delighted with this idea. Joe went straight over to Melissa and began to kiss and fondle her ample fun-bags, while she pulled down his shorts to get at his dick.I took Dan’s erection in my hands. His rod must have been at least nine inches long, but slender enough so I could get both hands right round the shaft. I could feel it throbbing slightly in my hand, and I pulled down the foreskin to fully expose the smooth, shiny knob.I squeezed the tip gently, causing the little slit in the top to open and a small amount of pre-cum to bubble out, then pushed the tip of my tongue into the opening of the slit and wiggled it about, tasting the salty juice. The rim of his helmet was very wide, and I began to imagine what it would feel like sliding into my wet pussy and rubbing against the insides of my vagina as we fucked.But there was time for that later. I bent down and licked around the knob. Then I opened my mouth and sucked the head between my lips, before leaning forward to take in the first couple of inches. It was long, but I was confident I could take it all. Breathing through my nose, I eased his cock in until the end went right down my throat, his balls swinging against my chin.“Oh, fucking hell,” he groaned, as I squeezed his shaft tightly with my cheeks. I felt myself starting to gag, so reluctantly I let it slide out of my throat. Moving on, I ran my tongue down his shaft, across the bulging veins, down to his smooth hairless ball-sack. Unlike Joe, whose scrotum was small and tightly packed, Dan’s was looser, allowing his balls to swing freely below his cock. I carefully took the whole sack into my mouth, and sucked on it, feeling the hard spheres of his testicles.

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