Tackling an age old question


Tackling the age old question… are two heads better than one?I remember some years back, I was about 25-26 tears old and working my ass off building homes. The constant back pain was always on my mind and consequently a part of several conversations I had trying to find relief. I tried massage, heating pads and enough liniments to stock a pharmacy shelf, with little success. Then one day my buddy Ian invited me and my girlfriend over for an evening of dinner and drinks, which sounded great. I talked it over with Katie who sounded happy she wouldn’t have to cook for a night. After washing up we drove to his place not far down the road.Ian greeted us at the door dressed down for the occasion, his flip-flops and baggy shorts the only thing adorning him save for his cheap sunglasses. Ian was a bit of a flirt and made a point of complimenting Katie on her casual attire. A flimsy, semi-transparent, short-sleeved blouse and a pair of capri-style pants. As if ogling and flirting weren’t enough, Ian moved in and wrapped his arms around her waist, lifting her tiny, 5’5″ frame off the floor and squeezing her tight. Startled, Katie let out a half scream, half laugh and blushed at the fact that her tits were right in his face. I let it go because that’s just who he was, an incurable horn-dog. “I hope you guys are hungry, I’ve got a regular feast in store for you tonight,” he touted, ever the consummate host. Ian also fancied himself a cook and liked to show off to his friends with lavish meals plated with amateur pretension. But I’ve never been one to turn down a free meal either, so I held my tongue and enjoyed the good food and great wine he’d paired with it. That guy really could pick a good bottle of wine, which also happened to be the secret to his oft-rumored sex life. Finishing our meal, basking in the cool breeze blowing through the patio area, we all relaxed and chatted for a while. “You guys playing much tennis lately?” Ian asked while topping off our glasses. Katie spoke up saying, “We’d like to, but with Greg’s back bothering him all the time we haven’t been playing very often.” Ian, spotting an opportunity, cracked, “That’s too bad, that little outfit of yours always looked great on you,” sporting a devilish grin, ribbing me a bit. “But seriously, if your back is sore, you should try soaking in the hot tub for a couple of hours. It’ll relax all of your muscles, not just some of them.” Not only did a good soak sound good, but if Ian was right, the hot water might finally render my back painless. I looked to Katie for her input who said “Go ahead, I didn’t bring a bathing suit.” Ian was uncovering the spa and heard her. He responded by turning on the jets saying, “We don’t need no stinkin’ bathing suits,” as he reached into his shorts with one hand and pulled them down with the other. His carefree hand not fully covering himself before stepping into the water. I just shook my head thinking ‘That’s Ian alright,’ when Katie’s expression caught my eye. She looked embarrassed and covered her mouth in an attempt to conceal her shock. She (and half the student body) had actually seen him naked before streaking at a high school football game. But he had… grown since then, and Katie’s curious eyes had noticed. After the excitement subsided, Ian settled into the bubbling water and let out a great sigh. “Come on over and take a look,” he challenged, looking down at his body under the water. Katie looked to be contemplating the idea, albeit nervously as her face gave her away. I wasn’t one to back down from a little nudity and strutted over expecting to get an eyeful of him in the buff. When I reached the edge of the hot tub, I was met with a view of nothing but bubbles. Maybe wanting Katie to stew a bit, I kept looking into the water saying, “Wow, that’s nice. You must be proud,” allowing the innuendo to tickle her curiosity. Hey, I could’ve just as easily been talkin’ about the hot tub. Don’t judge. Wasting no time, I peeled my shirt and shorts off and kicked my shoes and socks aside, still sporting my boxer-briefs as I eased into the inviting water. It had been so long, I’d almost forgotten how good the hot water and pulsing jets of a hot tub felt. A lumbering sigh escaped my body in genuine elation, my aching frame settling into a comfy position. I looked over at Katie who was fidgeting about with something obviously on her mind. “Why don’t you come and join us?” Ian yelled over the low rumble of the water, beckoning Katie from her post. izmir rus escort bayan I knew she couldn’t see anything under the churning water but she didn’t, and painted a comment-deflecting ‘yeah right’ expression across her face, remaining seated. We’d been together for several years so she couldn’t hide her agitated body language from me. I was convinced she was nervous about something, just not sure of what. Thinking on my feet, I called out to her. “Hey babe, could you bring that bottle over here and top me off?” presenting my empty glass. She paused for a moment and shot me look of exaggerated annoyance, rolling her eyes before reluctantly rising in placation. She grabbed the bottle and sauntered towards me, making a point of averting her gaze from any taboo images the water might hold. Cautiously approaching the edge of the spa, she gave me a smile and a look of mock-disapproval as she reached to fill my glass. “I’ve got something to show you,” I said in a lewd tone, wearing an evil grin. Intending to satisfy my attempt at crude humor, she shifted her gaze towards the water, instantly recognizing the opaque nature of the rough currents.Feeling she’d been had, Katie playfully punched my arm saying, “You’re terrible.” The ice now broken, tension seemed to fade with each passing sip of wine. Dipping her hand in to test the water, I could tell she wanted to climb in the water, but was too shy to admit it. On her third glass on wine, she appeared tipsy, not able to contain her smile or precocious laughter. “Come on honey, why don’t you hop on in, just keep your undies on and we won’t peek…. will we?” I coaxed while giving Ian a stern look, seeking to secure his capitulation. “Oh come on, you don’t think I’d try to sneak a look do you?” Ian offered in a feeble attempt at chivalry as Katie and I waited for his ‘scout’s honor’. Satisfied with the arrangement, she sheepishly knelt down near the wall of the hot tub and tried to quell a sudden case of the giggles as she shimmied out of her blouse and jeans. Now partially nude, her awkward body language spoke to her nerves, a flimsy bra and tiny panties her only defense against an eminent eye-fucking. I was really surprised she was disrobing (if only to her undies) in the vicinity of a guy other than myself. I caught myself wondering what it would be like if she kept going down to her birthday suit, but my conscience quickly reprimanded my immoral thoughts. “Ok, no peeking,” she scolded, waving a finger at both Ian and me, still squatting behind the wall to hide her semi-nude figure from our prying eyes. We both covered our eyes respecting her modesty and she quickly pranced around the side and up the deck stairs to lower herself into the undulating water. I admit I peeked, and I imagine Ian did as well, however, I accept no blame. Now safely veiled by the turbulent water, Katie settled in next to me and began to relax, even resting her hand on my thigh under water. I found myself thinking about the fact that Ian was actually naked underneath the water and how only a few feet separated his nudeness from my barely clothed girlfriend. With everyone rendered calm by the liquid massage, a naughty thought occurred to me and I nudged Katie saying, “You could take this off you know,” my arm around her, tugging at her bra strap with my fingers. She bit her lower lip like she did when she got nervous or embarrassed, trying to withhold her guilty smile which managed to get Ian’s attention. “Hey, it’s cool with me,” the master-of-the-obvious stated with peaked interest, Katie turning bright red. “Yeah right, you first,” she jeered with an elbow to my ribs. Feeling kinda frisky, I decided to give her a thrill. I stood up and yanked my boxer-briefs off, stepping out of them before they surfaced near Katie, causing her to laugh hysterically. It felt liberating to shed my boxers and stand completely in the nude, a mild diffusion of water my only attire. Katie must’ve assumed I’d retain my proverbial fig leaf due to her amplified reaction. “Going au naturale, that’s what I’m talking about,” Ian said sounding like a bad Matthew McConaughey impersonator, not shy about giving me the old up and down. With bolstered confidence I remained standing, teasing her as I stretched and flexed before saying, “Alright, your turn,” with an insistent expression, a newfound conceit fueling my outrageous behavior. My normally vulgar statement met with surprisingly little Escort izmir otele gelen resistance as a contemplative look washed over her face. Maybe it was the alcohol, or maybe it was the mood in the air, but she gave in. Bashfully, she pulled the straps from her shoulders and unhooked her bra, making sure she wasn’t too visible as she coyly covered herself with her arms. Then it hit me. My girlfriend was now topless in a hot tub with two nude men. The thought was both sobering and intoxicating (if that’s possible). At the very least, we were bordering on naughty behavior, at the most we were flirting with a potentially wicked shade of fire. Settling back in, I felt a column of water surge pass my junk giving me a rush. I noticed by sitting a bit more forward, I could take full advantage of the new sensation. Feeling the warm, steady current pulsating against my nether regions was positively sinful. My cock soon sprang to life, swelling with pride and salacious vigor. Hey, don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it. Ever ask yourself why they put those jets right there? Without warning, Ian stood up, stretched his arms high over his head and yawned saying he needed to go take a leak, the ever-shifting water level barely above his manhood only slightly obscuring his shape. I felt myself staring, if briefly, at his package, his pubic hair half out of the water as I averted my shameful gaze. Then I noticed Katie’s attention directed in a similar fashion, drinking in the sight of Ian’s tall, chiseled form, looking a bit ashamed as she peered sideways at his dripping wet body. “No peeking!” I joked, placing a hand over her face to keep her honest. Ian acted as if he didn’t care either way and confidently climbed out of the hot tub, letting his bare cock swing freely, giving me my first good look since high school. Playing along, Katie jerked my hand away and got an eyeful herself, covering her own eyes in shame after taking in the sight of his nearly 7″ long johnson as he turned to go inside. With Ian momentarily absent, and my dick currently hard, I zeroed in on Katie’s bare breasts, squeezing and caressing each one, laying a bevy of kisses about her neck and shoulder. My hand greedily reached for her thighs, pressing against her soft mound and luring a moan past her lips. “Hurry up and take those off before Ian gets back,” I coerced while tugging at the waist of her panties. I half expected her to draw the line at her knickers, but relished in the site of her awkwardly wiggling out of them with anxious velocity. Having shed the salacious undergarment, she frantically looked for a place to hide them from view but the sound of the backdoor closing signaled Ian’s present return. “Give ’em here,” I levied, snatching the frilly, cotton bun-huggers from her hand and shoving them under my thigh. Shortly thereafter, Ian came strolling back towards us, unashamed of his free-swinging fire-hose. Having already gotten a fair look, I payed more attention to Katie’s eyes and where they might wander. Sure enough, she couldn’t help taking several darting looks at him as he rejoined us in the water, her cheeks awash in pink from a subdued blush. Her overt impropriety while initially cute, soon gave me pause for carnal thought. ‘Was she just behaving naughty to play along or was she really interested in seeing where the night may lead with two naked guys in a hot tub?’ My curiosity now heightened, subsequent thoughts centered around what she might be thinking and if she was as horny as I was. And if so, why? ‘Was it seeing Ian’s rather choice specimen? Would she have the gaul to entertain such ideas in front of me?’ My mind was tailspinning. Conjured images of Katie and Ian doing all kinds of nasty things right in front of me hastened my heartbeat, flooding my veins with adrenaline. Gathering myself, I imagine I was the one now blushing, a decidedly guilty sensation sweeping over.Momentarily lost in my carnal daydream, I hadn’t noticed Katie’s skivvies floating on the surface near my arm, tickling my bicep. I flinched a bit before looking down and realizing what it was, which caught Ian’s attention. “What you got there?” he sneered, his eyes investigating my find. Compelled by some inexplicable madness, and perhaps by my raging hard-on, I fetched the delicate fabric, producing the treasure for all to see. “Why Katie, you naughty girl you,” I said holding them high over my head, acting as if I were surprised Buca escort they were off. “Oh my god, you are soooo dead,” she barked, carelessly reaching for them. I guess she was pretty buzzed because she rose up and out of the water struggling to retrieve her unmentionables, inadvertently giving us a quick look at her perky 34b’s. Realizing her predicament, she retreated back under the surface to preserve her modesty. “Alright, we got us a regular nude-stew going now,” Ian pulled from his quiver of one-liners as he put two and two together. This seemingly innocuous event became a turning point for the evening. As the sun set in the distance, the daylight crept quietly away to the faint tune of songbirds. Inhibitions became more elusive as the festivities progressed, Katie’s beautiful tits almost visible at times. “Why don’t you flash us your tits again,” I joked, nudging Katie with a chuckle. “Here we go, show us what you got baby,” Ian cheered with optimism as he waited for the off-chance at seeing boob. As if setting another precedent, she stunned us both by standing up to briefly display her perky breasts to Ian, hiding them from my view in mock-punishment. “That’s what you get for messin’ with my undies,” she said, scolding me with a wave of her finger. I sensed a renewed interest in Ian’s demeanor, now sitting forward and actively engaging in the banter. A twinge of jealousy invigorated my senses, my engorged staff now yearning for affection. “Hey no fair, I didn’t get to see,” I whined. “Yeah well, that’s how the panties tumble,” she replied with a bit of attitude, sticking her tongue out at me.Our conflict was short-lived and soon interrupted. “Hey, you guys wanna see some magic?” Ian interjected, capturing our attention. We both nodded our heads in concord wondering what he had in store. “Watch as I levitate this bottle cap out of the water using only the power of thought” he said, producing the prop and placing it flat on the surface, holding it steady. “I may need help with this now. Concentrate on the bottle cap and imagine it rising from the surface,” he prefaced, a look of extreme concentration on his face. His hands went rigid, trembling at the sides of his head akin to a magician/telepathic as he strained to perform the difficult feat. Our eyes were glued to the bottle cap, watching… waiting, when it happened. The small, round piece of tin rose slowly from the surface on the tip of Ian’s swollen cock. Turns out he really was straining to keep his head above water while slowly raising his body, using the fading daylight to mask his movements. Katie burst out in laughter as Ian proudly displayed his glistening manhood, bottle-cap still topping it off. “Some magic trick, we can totally see your assistant,” I heckled, somewhat struck by how appealing his manhood looked, and thankful for the pulsing current of water massaging me like some sort of industrial bidet. Katie also seemed to be enjoying the view, her chest beginning to heave with deeper breaths as she stared in amazement. Not wanting to be upstaged, I boldly thrust my body forward until I reached periscope depth, letting my captain surface and salute my two sea-mates. Katie’s attention was now divided as she laughed uncontrollably, finally dropping her guard and sprawling out to show herself off a bit, her perky breasts almost completely out of the water. “Two heads are better than one, right?” Ian said while looking right at my cock. “Yeah, I always wondered what that meant,” Katie said mischievously, flirting with trouble as Ian and I settled back into the water. Holding that position was really fun but also really tough. Near complete repose and perhaps close to legally intoxicated, Katie became quite the little tease, suggestively posing, then feigning innocence. She even flashed us her bare bottom as she leaned over the edge of the enclosure, looking over her shoulder and covering her open mouth with her hand as if embarrassed. Giving us a good look at her little bush and the pudgy, pink lips hidden beneath, she teased us by wagging her butt seductively from side to side. If she was trying not tease us, she was failing miserably. I was now officially horny and started tugging on my stiff-willie a few times to relieve some pressure, wondering if Ian was doing the same. “Hey Katie, let me see your foot,” Ian requested, his hand outstretched on the waters surface. Reveling in her flirty role she complied, a false naivety contriving her movements as she extended her left foot, resting it in Ian’s waiting hands. Without seeking approval he began massaging her tiny foot, yielding quite the response as she moaned and said “Wow, that feels really good Ian.” “You know, every part of your body has a corresponding location on the soles of your feet; it’s called reflexology” Ian vaunted.

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