Taking It Up A Notch


After that slap across the face, I figured that was the last of my flings with my Mom. I still enjoyed looking at that hot ass of hers and dreaming about what might have been.Over the years, I’d developed a habit of snatching her used panties from the hamper and using them as the catalyst for some great whack off sessions. Sometimes, I’d wear them over my head with the gusset directly over my nose, just dreaming that I was snuggled up against her pussy. I always had a great climax and nearly shot my wad to the ceiling.Those results initiated another habit, looking up her skirt at the breakfast table. When out in public, her legs were locked up like Fort Knox, but in the mornings, she was relaxed and unaware that I was sometimes getting a nice glimpse of her squirrel. When I did get a good look, it made me hard instantaneously. I always had to jack off before I left home.One morning, she had planned to go out with her girl friends and was wearing a fairly short skirt. I took a peek under the table. Her legs were spread wider than I’d ever seen them and her skirt was nearly hiked up to her waist. What happened next nearly caused me to cream my jeans. In a very deliberate Ankara bayan escort motion, her index finger began circling her white cotton panties directly over her clit. Immediately, I saw a wet spot develop. I watched for a few seconds. I was so disoriented that I banged my head on the underside of the table before finally popping up with my wayward napkin in hand. Mom asked, “Are you all right? Did that hurt? You look a little flushed.”My Dad and sister were both at the table, so I replied, “I guess I got up too fast,” which was true in a sense because my cock was already rock hard.This happened about once or twice a week. Sometimes, she’d even stick her finger in her pussy.She was fucking with me. What a teasing, lovely bitch. She knew I wanted to fuck her, and now she was figuratively rubbing it in my face. It got even worse because a couple times a month, she wouldn’t wear any panties. Fuck!When she wasn’t wearing panties, she’d rub her clit with that finger, then slip it inside her glistening pussy. Once I was again upright, she’d always lick that finger real slow while my cock screamed in agony. I wanted to fuck Escort bayan Ankara her right there on the breakfast table. This was pure torture, but I loved it. I guess she did, too, because she always had this Cheshire cat smirk on her face when I hobbled away to take care of business.In the evening when we were alone for a few seconds, I’d flash her with my cock, which nowadays was in a constant state of semi-arousal. She’d just lick her lips and leave the room. She was driving me fucking crazy.I’d begun to notice that she and Dad were having sex less frequently. I was aware of this because mom wasn’t a quiet fuck, and I hadn’t heard a peep from their bedroom in months. I’d also noticed that her panties were always crusted with her pussy’s cummings, so I knew she had to be masturbating to get them that crunchy. Was she as hot for me, err my cock, as I was for her motherly pussy? I had to know.Dad and my sister were gone, and I was just about to leave for work when mom stopped me by saying,” I know you’ve been stealing my panties to jerk off into. I’ll give you a fresh pair if you let me watch.” She held up a light blue pair. Bayan escort Ankara I could tell that the crotch was soaked. What could I say? “Fuck yeah, you can watch.”We headed to my bedroom. I hoped that I’d get to cum more than once if you catch my drift.As she twirled them around on her index finger, she requested. “Show me what you do with them. I want to know,”I turned red. It was embarrassing. Nobody wants their fetish exposed to the world. It makes you feel so perverted.”Come on, I know you cum on them. Show me. I want to know. It’s okay,” she cajoled. “All right, just for you, I wouldn’t do this for anyone else.”Trying to forget she was there, I closed my eyes and slowly raised those delicate blue panties to my nose, inhaled her fragrance, followed by a sigh while exhaling. I extended my tongue and licked the dampness. My free hand was rubbing my cock through my jeans. I was super-hard already.”Hmmm, tastes just like that time in the bathroom.”I dropped my pants, grasped my manhood and began stroking with one hand while the other one held that sear piece of fabric that had been covering the object of my desires. I was so hot that it didn’t take long. I positioned my cock head directly on the gusset and fired a big load all over them.”Wow! I never thought doing that could be so exciting for you, and I must admit, I found it quite intriguing, too.” She pulled up her skirt and slid her panties to one side, revealing her slit, which was coated with her precum.

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