Tatum23 Story


The story behind the wheel barrow pictures: Well, since you asked, here’s what happened. I was living with my boyfriend (at the time) and he was renovating his bathroom. He had two friends over to help, Reggie, a tall black man with a linebacker build, and Rafa, a stocky Mexican. Both men have shaved heads, which I love! I had been helping the guys carry out the tile they had torn up. Living in Arizona, it’s hot in July! The guys were making fun of me, as they would put a small amount of scrap Çekmeköy escort in the wheel barrow, and I would take it out back and dump it on the scrap pile. I was wearing short, shorts, and yes, a bit of my ass was peaking out. I also wore a tank top, no bra, so every time I bent over, I’m sure the guys were getting a good peek at my small tits and pierced nipples. I didn’t mind – I’m a bit of an exhibitionist. Besides, there was a cooler full of beer Gebze escort bayan in the hall, so I was being very sure to stay hydrated – well, the guys were making sure of that! Lol! They were wrapping things up for the day and I was sweaty. I told Danny that I needed to clean up, so they would have to leave. His response was that the shower was out of order! I don’t like being sweaty, so I came up with a plan to use the wheel barrow, fill it from the Escort Şerifali hose, add some bubbles, and enjoy. Just one problem – Reggie and Rafa! I told Danny that they had to get going, so we could get dinner going. He agreed. We said our “good byes” and off they went. Good news for me! I put the hose in the “hillbilly hot-tub”, added bubbles, stripped down, and jumped in! After about 10 minutes, I heard talking. Danny and the guys walked onto the porch and all three stopped dead in their tracks! “Whoa,” Reggie said! “Holy shit!” (from Rafa). “What the fuck?” from Danny. I was embarrased as hell!!! Apparently, Reggie realized he forgot some of his tools, which were in the back yard. “Don’t let us stop you,” Reggie said. Danny was shocked, but quickly got an evil smile on his face.

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