THD: Melinda Chevalier – Entry 5


Dear Diary, We are beginning to talk less and less now, it seems. My heart still yearns for his attention and I still find myself wishing things were different. My thoughts still gravitate towards him and they flood my mind every time I get a moment alone. I still continue to dream of him at night but recently my dreams have become more of nightmares where he is involved. I have also begun to notice that I can be more easily distracted during the day now that it has been a few months, though, and I am more grateful now than I ever have been Escort Pendik for the pleasant distraction that my new girlfriend has brought me. Yes, you heard that correctly. My new girlfriend. Darci and I have made it official. After a couple months of fun, she asked to go be more exclusive and I accepted. She is truly an amazing person who somehow keeps my sane and always smiling, so I could not see any reason to decline the request. We have a lot of fun together, her and I. She is an incredible lover and Beykoz escort an even more incredible person who I enjoy spending a great deal of my time with. I am even finding my thoughts conjuring up images of her more frequently as the days go by. I find myself daydreaming of the next time I get to see her and the more racy fantasies are always good to help relieve a bit of tension between the days when our schedules do not coincide. She brings so much positivity to my life and she has the same thirst Cevizli escort bayan for life as I do, which I suppose, aids in the way things feel so natural with her. Sadly, I have a feeling that it will only be temporary. Especially since she knows where my heart is and that I can never fully give it to her.  I have to admit that it is a nice feeling to know exactly where you stand with someone and that they are willing to accept you regardless of the situation. To know that I can still be deserving of someone else’s affections even with all that is going on in my life. She knows that I still can not push thoughts of him from my mind and yet, she accepts it and still presses on with me. She continues to come visit me, stay with me, talk to me like young lovers should and there is never any question of her feelings towards me.

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