The Badge Bunny Encounter


What a shitty night I was having! First, the wife rejected my sexual advances, again. It seemed as though she would rather live as roommates than lovers! I don’t know how much more of this I could take. If we didn’t have sex again, I think she’d be fine with it!And then my partner’s daughter broke her ankle at her basketball game. The teenager needed emergency surgery.A shitty night all around.The only good thing was the intermittent August storms, keeping it nice and quiet on a Saturday night in Chicago. I’ve had a good career, twenty-three years of running and gunning as a rookie cop. I started on a beat car working midnights. I worked tediously to get on a tactical team, from there to the gang unit, then onto narcotics. A year detailed out to the DEA, then to Vice. Now, at fifty-five, in the twilight of my career, I’m back on a beat car working on the night shift.My beat runs along the Chicago River on the east end of the district. Mostly industrial factories and warehouses with a spattering of run-down housing mixed in. The rain was coming down in sheets now, so I thought to head down to the old abandoned Morton Salt factory.It’s rare on a Saturday night that I can kick back and relax, however, tonight I’m going to enjoy the quiet of the stormy night. I drove my squad car down the long stretch of road, steering towards my destination. Through the torrential downpour, I observed hazard lights flashing in the driveway that led to the old salt factory.I flickered the mars lights and pulled the squad car behind a sleek, black Chevy Camaro. Ankara escort Punching the floodlights, I directed them towards the dark figure who was changing the rear tire. The sharp light illuminated a woman. She had a set of killer legs, crouched in a tight black skirt, accentuating an ass that was created in heaven. As the goddess clad in black stilettos rose to her feet, she shielded her eyes from the intense light. Her large, firm breasts were clearly visible through her rain-soaked white sleeveless blouse.Hastily I exited the squad car, my cock stiffening with yearning in my uniformed pants. Thank God for my long raincoat! I noticed that she carefully crouched and continued to struggle with the lug nuts. As I approached her car, I observed the Texas plates on the car’s bumper. She fumbled with the lug wrench, not making any progress. I stood beside her and asked, “Can I give you a hand?”She curtly replied, “No, I’m quite capable of doing this myself, thank you!””Alright, ma’am. I just thought being so far from home, you could use some help. I’m just going to sit behind you with my emergency lights on. Okay?” She frowned at me, so I quickly added, “It’s for your safety, ma’am.”She glanced at me again with her beautiful brown eyes and quietly mumbled, “Thank you, Officer.“I trudged to the squad car and watched as the rain lessened, and the woman still struggled with her task. For the next ten minutes, she manipulated the tool, then finally, she broke free two of the lug nuts. I had to admire the tenacity Ankara escort bayan of this gorgeous woman as she tried to break the other three, which still held on tightly. Defeated, she sauntered to my squad car. I lowered my window.”Yes?”Leaning into the window she meekly implored, “Can you please give me a hand, officer?””Yes, ma’am,” I got out of my squad car and opened the back door for her to get out of the rain. However, she refused. Determined woman.”I just need your muscles to break free those nuts. I can change the tire on my own,” she mumbled.”Of course, ma’am.” We wandered to the back of her car, and I shrugged off my raincoat, placing it around her delicate shoulders. She refused my offer again, but I insisted. How could I concentrate on the task at hand when her rose-colored nipples were visible through her transparent white blouse? I peeled off my ballistic vest, opened her door, and threw it into the front seat, then grabbed the lug wrench, going to work.I broke the first two lug nuts without difficulty, though that last one was a motherfucker! I’m not hulk, but for a fifty-five-year-old guy, I’m still in decent shape. I had retained some of my college football player body, and I used to train and compete in mixed martial arts until injuries put an end to that.I still threw around the weights to keep in shape for moments like these, but this last nut was trying to fucking kill me! After me straining the muscles in my arms and back for quite some time, the nut finally gave in. Escort Ankara When I stood, my stranded goddess had the spare tire out of the trunk and the jack underneath the car, pumping gracefully on the jack handle. Just as we finished, the sky opened, thunder rolled and a flash of lightning lit up the night sky.I hastily grabbed my vest out of her front seat and instructed, “Let’s get out of this monsoon. Follow me.” I hopped in my squad car with my mars lights still flashing, so she could easily follow me through the dark factory grounds. When I pulled into the empty salt silo, I cut the lights and my ignition, then got out of my car. She drove in a short while later and parked next to me, then strolled up to where I was leaning on my squad car.“I believe that this belongs to you,” she mumbled, removing my raincoat from her desirable body. Her large breasts and hard nipples were exposed as they poked through her rain-soaked blouse. When she leaned toward me and placed the raincoat on the hood of my squad car, I smelt the faint scent of her floral perfume that was emanating from her body.“I appreciated your help tonight, officer. Sorry that I snapped at you before. My asshole of a boyfriend is a Deputy in Texas, and when I saw the uniform, I guess that I took out my anger on you. I’m kind of a Badge Bunny.””I haven’t heard that term in a long time,” I commented, chuckling.“I always had a thing for cops,” she confessed candidly as she leaned towards me, placed one hand on my chest while the other snaked over my duty belt, finding my cock.Aggressively, I grabbed a handful of her silky, long strawberry blonde hair and pulled her head to meet my lips. We devoured each other as she stroked me through my pants. Working my hands under her blouse, I caressed and kneaded those luscious tits, thumbing her nipples as she moaned in my mouth.

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