The Girl With The Emerald Eyes – Chapter 8


I was now spending more and more time at Emily’s while we prepared for the upcoming Spring Break. Having never been to Mexico, I was growing ever more excited — especially as I’d be going with her.Emily was clearly looking forward to the trip as well. The last couple of weeks had been filled with shopping trips. She had bought a multitude of swimsuits, short skirts, tiny shorts and all manner of clothing. I, on the other hand, would make do with just a couple of pairs of beach shorts and my existing wardrobe.Lying naked in bed one morning, Emily gently running her fingers across my body, she said: “I’ve been meaning to ask you something.”“Sure, what.”“Well… you know I’m on rotation at the Sexual Health Clinic this week?”“Yes, what about it?”“I was thinking… maybe we… maybe both of us could take a test — not that I think you have anything — but then we could stop using condoms.”“That sounds like a great Idea,” I immediately replied.An hour or so later, following a quick breakfast to keep our blood sugar levels up, we were sat waiting to be tested. Sitting in the small, drab waiting room, I suddenly felt incredibly nervous. I had no symptoms but I also knew I hadn’t always been as careful as I should have been.After a short wait, Emily was called, followed by me. A young nurse drew a vial of blood and I couldn’t help but dread the results. What if they came back positive for something? Not only would it be the end of my relationship with Emily, but perhaps it could be much worse than that.—————————————————————————————————————————————————One week later, we were back in the same dreary room waiting for our results and I was even more nervous than before. The minutes dragged on until I was eventually called into the consultation room. Today the nurse was much older — which terrified me. Surely the more experienced nurses were only used to deliver the bad news? It didn’t take any real knowledge to tell you were clear of everything, did it?“Jon, I can call you Jon, can’t I?” she said.“Yes… of course,” I stammered, beads of sweat forming on my forehead and dripping from my armpits — I couldn’t remember ever being more nervous than I was now.“I just need to ask a few questions about your sex life. Are you with a long-term partner?”“I am now,” I replied, “but it’s a fairly new thing.”“So how many sexual partners have you had in the last year?”“I’d say eight to ten.” “And did you use protection?”“Not always,” I confessed.“And do you participate in oral sex? Vaginal sex? Anal sex? Homosexual sex?”“Yes, except for anal and homosexual sex.”Talking to me, the nurse advised that, not so surprisingly, I fell into the “high risk” category. She also offered lots of generic advice about safe sex, all the while my heart beat faster and faster. Where was she going with all this?Finally, after about fifteen minutes of advice/lecturing, she said: “Jon, I have your results and I’m pleased to say you are totally clear.”I wanted to kiss her, but instead, I sighed a huge sigh of relief and grabbed the piece of paper proving I was totally STD free — I could barely believe it myself.Walking back into the waiting room I immediately saw Emily sitting there and held my results high above my head in only semi-mock celebration.“You ready to go home now,” I smiled at Em as I showed her my clean bill of health. As expected, Emily was also totally clear — much to both our delight.Back at her apartment, we shared a large bowl of strong weed, joking about how nervous we’d both been waiting for our results. Once very stoned, Emily turned to me and said: “So aren’t you going to fuck me?”“I’ve been dying to — I just didn’t want to seem too eager.”“Oh, don’t you know by now? You can never be too eager to fuck me,” she grinned, dragging me towards the bedroom.Swiftly, we were both naked and falling into bed together. Emily’s determined fingers grabbing for my ever-swelling cock and smooth balls. As keen as I was to feel her for the first time without a Anadolu Yakası Escort condom, I wasn’t going to pass up the chance to go down on her — why deprive myself?Kissing my way down her sexy body, I savoured every inch, hovering around her belly button before heading further down. It wasn’t long before that now-familiar aroma hit my nostrils and I inhaled deeply. Fuck, she smelled amazing.Pulling her thighs apart, I slid between them easily, gazing at her beautifully trimmed pussy. Gently I pushed her legs slightly back as I kissed the soft, smooth flesh around her already wet entrance. Today was not the day for dilly-dallying though and instead of teasing her, I dove right in. My lips met hers, devouring the juice already coating them as my tongue lapped her entire length. With each lick, Emily moaned her approval — and my fingers hadn’t even touched her yet. Gently I eased a finger deep into her hot, wet pussy, relishing the intense grip of those tight walls.“Mmm, ohh yes,” she moaned.Soon a second finger wriggled its way inside and Emily’s moans increased dramatically. Now I knew I needed to make her cum urgently. As my fingers dived into her deepest depths my mouth and tongue focused on her rapidly-appearing clitoris. The mere touch of my tongue on her burning cherry sent spasms rippling through her gorgeous body. Picking up the pace I work my fingers and mouth in unison, reaching deep inside those velvety smooth walls as I sucked and teased her bullet-hard clit.“Please… yes! Don’t stop! Oh god… “ she cried as her fingers clasped the back of my head, driving my face just where she wanted it.Within seconds I felt her fingers tense on my scalp, her body arch and her pussy bite at my invading fingers.“Oh fuck, yes. Yes! Yes!”With that, a flood of boiling cum gushed across my fingers, splashing my chin and neck in Emily’s glorious flavour. Slowly her body relaxed and her cunt released my hand. Looking up, Emily was smiling broadly and between gasped breaths, she asked: “So are you going to fuck me now?”I didn’t need to be asked twice, I was dying to find out just how incredible sex with Emily without a condom was going to feel. Quickly, I climbed up from having my head between those toned, tanned thighs. Carefully aiming my raging cock against her dripping entrance I was nearly overwhelmed with excitement.Gently, I pressed forward, easing my swollen head between her welcoming lips. The moment I entered her, my entire world changed for the better. Sex with Emily had always been amazing but now it was insane. The heat, the tightness and the grip of every single muscle were intense, at least ten times as strong as with the condom.Slowly, I slid deeper as Emily dragged me inside, her heat rising all the time. Tentatively withdrawing, I simply couldn’t believe how amazing it felt.“Oh my god, yes! Oh, fuck that feels good.” Emily moaned as my throbbing cock rocked in and out of her incredible cunt.I tried to pick up the pace, but already my entire body was flinching and spasming as I could feel my orgasm all-to-quickly arriving. Every part of her seemed to be teasing me, torturing my dick into submission. Her incredibly strong walls were massaging, or maybe milking me like nothing before. A few thrusts later and I knew I couldn’t hold on.“Oh fuck Em, I’m going to…” and before I could finish my sentence I finished deep in Emily’s intense pussy. My whole body convulsed as my stomach tightened and my balls squeezed themselves as tight as ever. Suddenly, spurt after spurt of thick cum launch as far as possible sucked deep inside her by our passion.Completely spent, I collapse on top of Emily panting like an animal. Gradually, I regained my breath and looked up to those glorious eyes I loved so dearly.“Fuck that felt incredible!” I said, “sorry I couldn’t last any longer. You just felt so amazing, I couldn’t last.”Chuckling, Emily replied: “We’ll have to work on that stamina. Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan But wow, it felt unbelievable. I could feel every ridge, lump, bump and vein on your dick — so, so much better than with a condom. And when you came… holy fuck, it was intense, like a fast, hot liquid bullet.”Delighted that she had enjoyed it as much as me, I lay there holding her tightly as we both recovered.“You know, that was the first time I’ve ever had unprotected sex,” she said nonchalantly.“Really? You’ve never forgotten to use protection — what about with Rob?”“I’ve always been very careful. Pill and condom every time. Rob often wanted to try it, but I would never let him.”I couldn’t quite believe what I was hearing. She’d dated Rob throughout high school but had never let him cum inside her without a condom. Yet for me, just a couple of months into our relationship it was her leading the way. No more condoms for us!—————————————————————————————————————————————————A couple of weeks later I was sat on the plane heading to Cancun. I wished I was with Emily, but instead my mind raced. What was the next week going to have in store for us? How crazy was it going to be? Would we have an awkward meeting with her ex, Rob? So many thoughts tore through my mind.Finally, just after 10 pm, I arrived and took a cab straight to the hotel. Waiting for me was the whole gang — Patrick and Susan were there, Brooke and her latest conquest Trent and of course, my Emily.Throwing her arms around me, Emily hugged me tightly. “I’m so glad you made it,” she almost sang down my ear. Each couple had their own room, all on the same floor of the three-storey hotel/motel. Each floor wrapped around a large courtyard with a massive pool. Even at this late hour the pool was packed with a writhing mass of college-aged flesh dancing, drinking, playing and messing about.Quickly, I dumped my suitcase in our room, before Emily produced a large bag of weed she’d already managed to procure. We all had a smoke before heading out for our first night in Mexico. We strolled along the beachfront, passing hundreds of bars teeming with college kids. Almost every step of the way taco carts, churro sellers and sketchy drug dealers accosted us. It was almost surreal but also incredibly fun.Finally, we settled on one not-so-crowded bar. Quickly, we ordered a bucket of beers and got down to getting drunk. Beer after beer slipped down easily — probably because they were being diluted out of sight. Before long, the almost legendary tequila girl came around. Dressed in skimpy shorts and a tight shirt, she wore something resembling two gunslingers’ holsters, one on each hip. Instead of guns, however, each held a bottle of tequila with a pourer. For $10 she’d tip tequila into your mouth until you couldn’t drink any more.Within moments the group had turned on me, urging, no demanding that I give this I go. Bravely, or perhaps foolishly I finally conceded. Sat in my chair, the girl tilted my head back, I opened my mouth and she began to pour — all the time blowing an incredibly loud whistle. I drank gulp, after gulp, after gulp of disgusting, cheap tequila until finally I spluttered and cough some out. I have no idea how much I drank — but the rest of the night was a complete blur.I awoke the following afternoon naked, but thankfully in my room. Despite my raging hangover, I quickly realised that Emily — or at least I hoped it was Emily — was taking a shower. Quickly smoking a bowl of weed to aid my recovery, I was delighted when Em strolled out of the bathroom a few minutes later.“Good morning, sleepy. You had some night didn’t you?”“Really? I don’t remember.”She went on the explain that there was lots of drunken singing, dancing, plenty of vomiting and of course, a very late night skinny dip in the ocean — none of which I remembered.“Anyway, let’s get going. We’ve got to meet everyone else before the competition.”“Fuck, what Escort Anadolu Yakası competition?”“Jeez, you really don’t remember anything, do you? Last night you signed me, Brooke, yourself and Patrick up for the swimsuit contest today.”Slowly, my mind began to clear. I did remember something about that. There was a big competition down at the beach for both guys and girls. The winner not only got the reward of winning, but also a $250 bar tab and a VIP table at the best club in town later in the week. Last night it had seemed like a brilliant idea, today not so much.Still, I clambered out of bed, grabbed a quick shower and pulled on a pair of swim shorts. Despite being young and having a good physique, in the cold light of day, I realised there was no way on earth either I or Patrick could win. We were just going to make fools of ourselves.Sitting at our dressing table, Emily was carefully styling her hair and when she stood up it hit me that she might well actually have a shot. Wearing a tiny bright orange bikini, her toned legs looked longer than ever and her abs seemed to ripple all by themselves. As I looked at her, I realised that the bikini bottoms were so small she must have shaved off what remained of her pubes. Otherwise, they’d be sticking out the top — it really was tiny. The top, barely covered her nipples and areolae, let alone offering any support to her amazing tits. But, she might just bring us home a prize I thought. “So how do I look?” she grinned coyly.“Fucking hot! Absolutely stunning.”Emily wrapped herself in a sarong before we stepped out of the room and quickly gathered the gang. Heading to the beach, Emily was already turning heads but we had no idea what lay before us.Arriving at the beach, we were greeted by an enormous stage, with a booming sound system and a crowd of several thousand Spring Breakers. Everyone was already drunk and partying, just waiting to ogle some sexy bodies on the stage. Trent and Susan went to join the crowd, while the rest of us headed backstage to face our fates.The guys were on the left of the stage and the girls on the right, with an American MC compering the event. I didn’t count but there were at least one hundred entrants on each side. Looking around at the guys, I realised I stood no chance — some of these guys were ripped. But it was too late to back out now.Marching out on the stage was one of the most intimidating things I have ever done. The crowd cheered and jeered to each competitor. The MC quickly ushered you to one side or the other based on the crowd’s response. Once all the guys that had been jeered were one side, they were chanted off stage. It was all such a blur, but I quickly realised that, surprisingly, I had survived round one but poor Patrick had not.Then it was the girls’ turn. Instead of the flexing and showing off of muscles, the girls danced and posed sexily as the drunk crowd yelled. Once again, half the girls were soon jeered off stage. But both Emily and Brooke survived.In round two I was unceremoniously booed off stage along with another twenty or so guys. Secretly, I was happy it was all over and soon met Patrick backstage.“Let’s get out of here, see if we can find the others and cheer the girls on,” I suggested.“Fucking good idea, mate,” Patrick replied.Fighting our way through the crowd, we soon realised we’d never find the others until this party died down a bit. But soon it was the girls turn once again. To our delight, both girls made it through once more.In the next round, Brooke left, leaving just the top ten girls. But first, it was the guys’ turn. Soon the girls were back and once more, Emily was cheered through to the next and penultimate round.Finally, we were down to the last two guys, both enormously ripped and tall. It was only then that I noticed one was wearing a somewhat-faded University of Texas baseball cap. It couldn’t be, could it? Surely this wasn’t Rob? I didn’t know but was delighted when he lost to an even bigger guy from Florida. Even if he wasn’t Rob, the last thing I wanted was the chance that it was.Now it was the girls’ turn and Emily returned to the stage alongside a gorgeous brunette. As they danced, the crowd cheered almost unanimously and I couldn’t help be feel immensely proud that it was my girlfriend up there. 

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