The Intern


I was working my first internship at college. Those were the days when I thought that being a lawyer would be one part “Paper Chase” and two parts “L.A. Law.” There was nothing so glorious at Pierce and Pierce. They had a steady supply of free labor coming in from the university and rather than being the “star intern,” I was just another face in the crowd. Or so I thought.During my morning rounds as I was delivering mail to the executive offices (how glamorous), I was keeping my head down and going in and out of the offices as quickly and quietly as I could (as I had been directed). I was amazed when one of the executives, Mr. Beechem, took the mail directly from me and said, “Thank you, Michael.” How he knew my name, I wasn’t sure. We hadn’t been introduced — though I had been greeted officially at a Friday afternoon all-office gathering along with all of the other interns.Mr. Beechem was a handsome man in his fifties. He had salt and pepper hair and his clothes were perfectly tailored. If I had to choose one word to describe him, it’d be immaculate. I noticed that his nails had been buffed to a fine sheen as they took the mail from me. It felt like Mr. Beechem was saying much more than just “good morning” when he spoke to me. Oddly, throughout the rest of the day, I kept coming back to that moment and it stirred something foreign inside of me.The next morning, I was particularly excited to do my rounds again. The idea of seeing Mr. Ümraniye Escort Beechem again was intriguing to me. He was there and he thanked me again for the mail. As I started to walk out of his office, Mr. Beecham spoke to me again, “Oh, Michael… I’m having a get together tonight. I was wondering if you would be interested in attending.”I stammered a bit before I agreed. He wrote down his address on the back of his business card and handed it to me. “I look forward to seeing you,” he said and I think I blushed.——————————————————————————–When I arrived at his estate, I wasn’t surprised by the immaculately-tended grounds or ornate chateau. I was surprised to find that I was the only guest. Mr. Beechem’s servant showed me in to the drawing room where Mr. Beechem was waiting.”Michael, a pleasure to see you!” he exclaimed, genuinely happy to see me. He was a bit less aloof out of his office and definitely more relaxed in his dress and manner, though he was still immaculate. He offered me a glass of wine which I happily accepted. I don’t know what I had expected in terms of this get together, but it wasn’t being alone with one of the heavy hitters in a legal firm that some people would kill to work for. It took everything I had to not chug my wine.”I asked you here tonight because you really caught my eye. There’s something about you that makes Ümraniye Escort Bayan you really stand out,” Mr. Beechem said, his eyes boring into mine. He said it with such seriousness that I had a hard time not looking away. “I think you’ve got what it takes to really go far at Pierce and Pierce and I’d like to help you get there.”I was stunned. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. This was terrific news!”You’re going to need a mentor and a protector. There will be a lot of jealousy if anyone knows that I’m sponsoring you. Do you want my help?””Oh yes, Mr. Beechem. What would be marvelous,” I said, gushing a little more than I would have liked.”Good,” he said, getting up and taking my now empty wineglass with him. As he began refilling it he added, “All you have to do is ask.”It seemed like this was more of a question than a statement and an odd air of anticipation hung over the room.”Uh, yes, Sir,” I stammered. “I’d like your help.”Mr. Beechem handed me my wineglass. He smiled at me as he sat down. “I’m glad to hear it. Will you give yourself over to my guidance?” This seemed like an innocent question but the way that Mr. Beechem asked it, there seemed to be much more to it.”Y-yes, Sir,” I said, taking another drink of my wine as my throat seemed to have gone dry.Mr. Beechem adjusted himself in his chair, making me realize just how close he was sitting to me. “Excellent. I really want Escort Ümraniye to help you, Michael, and I think I have a lot to teach you.” To emphasize the last few words, Mr. Beechem reached out and put his hand on my knee, startling me.He continued, “I took the time to familiarize myself with all of the personnel records of the interns at the firm and you stood out. Something about what I read and what I’ve seen told me that you will be open to my tutelage.” He had gone from touching my knee to stroking my leg gently. I felt very uncomfortable by his familiarity but, at the same time, it felt nice. And, to get this kind of one-on-one time with Mr. Beechem was invaluable.”You’re in need of a strong father-figure in your life. Someone to protect you, and to fight for you. Someone to make you feel safe. Doesn’t that sound nice?”It did. “Yes, Sir,” I admitted.”And doesn’t that feel nice?” he added, his hand now rubbing my thigh. Breathless, I nodded ascent.His hand continued, going up my leg and pausing slightly as he discovered my erection in my pants. “That’s good,” he said. “I’ll be that person. I’ll protect you. I’ll help you. I’ll make you know it. All that I ask is that you trust me. Do you trust me, Michael?”His fingers were now stroking the head of my penis through my sheer dress pants. It was if he were tracking every vein and sending electricity straight from my penis to my brain. “Yes, Sir,” I managed to say.”When we’re alone like this, I want you to call me ‘Daddy,’ understood?””Yes, S…Daddy.” I said. As soon as I said the words, his mouth was on mine and his tongue was exploring my mouth and his hand now squeezed my erection harder.Mr. Beechem kissed me long and hard, his free hand going through my hair and gripping it tightly.

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