The Neighbor


I was still a virgin, at my advanced age (17), but aroused a lot, loved reading sex scenes in books, imagining it, touching myself. I traveled every day on a crowded train, on the way to my classes. One day I was standing, as usual, holding on to the pole while the train rocked and slowly made its way.An older man, maybe forties, was holding on to the pole across from me. He was taller, holding on lower on the pole, and as the train rocked at one point my groin hit the back of his hand. I didn’t think anything of it but I was so incredibly arousable in those days that just by that quick unintended touch, I could feel my cock starting to erect.I figured he’d move his hand away. But the next time the rocking moved my groin that way, his hand was still there. This time, I stayed there, which wasn’t difficult considering the crowd pressing into me from behind, wanting the contact. I was wearing a long coat, unbuttoned. Then he moved one of his fingers so that he was pressing it against me.I was looking down, so didn’t see him, really. I pressed myself against his hand, just a little, but it was enough for him to know the contact was desired by me. He turned his hand so that his fingers kumköy escort bayan were around my cock, which he could easily feel through my thin dress pants. He began squeezing and moving a little so that he was jerking my cock.I was embarrassed and afraid, but so excited. I didn’t move away, just stayed there like that. I started making little motions back and forth, in his hand, helping him touch me. It only took a minute for me to reach the point of coming, spurting my juices into my undies, pressing myself against him until I was finished. He took his hand away, moving it up the pole. After a while, we reached a stop and he moved away. I never got a real look at him. Later, at school, in the restroom, I dried off as best I could, stored the scene in memory for delicious review later, then went about my day. I never thought it would happen again.But the next day, it did. Again, I didn’t look at him but I was sure it was the same guy. This time I made it easier for him. I moved my coat apart to give him freer access. He took advantage by unzipping my fly so that his fingers touched the outside of my undies – the white jockey shorts I was wearing. kumköy escort When I came, the juices squeezed out through the thin cotton and some of my come got on his fingers. This time, when he moved his hand away from and to a position higher up on the pole, I could see my come glistening on his fingers. His hand was near my head. When the train rocked again, I used the motion to lean forward so that my lips touched his wet fingers. I was afraid someone would see, but I couldn’t resist. No one reacted, so I assumed no one saw. When the train came to a stop he handed me a small bag before he left. I took it. Later, in the school restroom, I opened the bag. Inside the bag was a pair of silky white panties – and a note. The note said, “wear these tomorrow!” When I got home, I eagerly took out the panties, stripped off all of my clothes and put them on. I was immediately hard and softly teased myself against the silky fabric. For some reason, I was careful not to come into them, ‘saving myself’ for tomorrow. I did sleep in them, though, waking in the morning with my usual erection, but even harder. Then I dressed with them on, under my pants, and escort kumköy headed for the train.This time, I had halfway seen enough of him to recognize him when I got on the train. Across from each other as usual, on the pole, this time he spoke to me!”Are you wearing them?” he asked.I was afraid to speak aloud, so I just nodded. He smiled. “Follow me today,” he said.So when he got off at the next stop, I did so as well. I didn’t know where we were going but I was too excited to do anything else. I followed him up to the street, and then a few blocks further to an apartment building. It was a nice building but didn’t have a doorman. Once in the elevator he turned to me, put his hand down to my crotch and unzipped my pants. He touched my hard cock in the panties, then leaned in and kissed me on the lips. I had never done anything like that before, with anyone, but I somehow knew enough to respond, pressing back against him as he touched me and kissed me. I liked the way it felt.Out of the elevator, I followed him down the hall to an apartment I assumed was his. Just inside, closing the door, he turned to me again, kissing me, undoing my pants, feeling my cock through the panties. I pressed back against him, wanting his hands and lips on me. This time, I put my own hands down to his crotch and felt his hard cock as well. I looked up at him for the first time. He was a nice-looking man, though a lot older than me, wearing a business suit, complete with trenchcoat and hat. 

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