The Older Lover Part 2


Special thanks to Mara for editing for me!   Hope you all enjoy part 2! The next morning Martin awoke to my head on his chest and my arm wrapped around him holding him tight. He leaned down and kissed my forehead and wrapped his arms around me. We laid there with me in his strong arms for a few minutes listening to the early signs of morning. He untangled himself from me and pulled on his pajama bottoms and went into the bathroom. When he came back into the bedroom after his quick shower he saw that I had taken his pillow and wrapped my body around it. He smiled when he saw my ass in the air. He came up to the bed, and gently ran his hand down my back to my ass. I opened my eyes slowly, looked over at him, and smiled.” Morning love.” I said as I got up and draped the sheet around my naked body. I walked over to him reached my arms up to his neck and gently kissed him. We kissed till we were out Küçükyalı escort bayan of breath. “God Baby you’re not even awake for five minuets and I already want to make love to you.” Martin said looking down into my blue-green eyes. I smile back at him seductively.”Well maybe we should do something about that, but first I’m going to jump in the shower. It looks like you took one with out me, and you better have saved some hot water for me.” I say as I saunter to the bathroom sticking my tongue out at him playfully right before I close the door. ‘Wow,’ I thought to myself. What a way to be woken up. I turned the water on and waited for it to get warmer; I quickly brushed my teeth, refusing to look at the mirror this early in the morning. I opened the shower door and got in and started to wash my hair. “Hey Babe, anything special you want for breakfast?” Escort Kartal Martin asked me through the door.”Uhm, not really make whatever you want Hon. I’ll be out in a second to help.” I said as I finished with my hair and started to lather my strawberry shower gel on my loofah.”Okay Dear.” Martin said as he walked out of the bedroom toward what I thought was the kitchen. I began to wash my body when I felt a cool draft of cold air come into the shower stall. Martin had opened the bathroom door, and was watching me wash myself. “Hey Baby?” I asked him.”Yeah?” He said is his West Virginia drawl.”Could you shut the door please?” I said laughing, “It’s getting kind of cold in here.””Hmm, I could fix that.” He said closing the bathroom door and taking off his jeans and briefs. He opened the shower door, and reached for my loofah and finished washing me. “You Suadiye escort know,” He said with a gleam in his eye, “I think I should wash up again, making breakfast really made me all sweaty.” I laughed as I grabbed the other loofah, and poured his soap on it. I started to gently wash his chest working my way down to his pelvis. I smiled when I heard him gasp as my hand slid over his rock hard cock. He looked down at me as I rinsed off the soap on his cock and slid it into my mouth.”Mmm Baby.” He moaned looking up at the ceiling. I felt his fingers pulling my hair gently at first then harder as he got closer to cumming. He moaned louder as I took his cock further into my mouth. I could see his balls tighten as I felt the first squirt hit the back of my mouth; I quickly swallowed each drop.”Yummy Babe!” I said winking at him. He laughed as he washed his cock off; we got out of the shower. I went and quickly brushed my teeth and grabbed his hand. I pulled him back to the bedroom. “Now Baby, don’t you think we should eat first?” Martin asked me laughing when I pulled his arm more. “Nope, not hungry. I’m only hungry for you right now.” I say getting on the bed and wrapping my arms around his neck.

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