The Perfect Passenger


“She needs to be punished,” thought Richard as he prepared to go back to work after lunch. Carmen had been a good pet lately, proving to be a very obedient slave except for one task which she never managed to complete – moaning his name as she came. In fact, when she climaxed everything went blank. She couldn’t concentrate or speak a single world, let alone his name. As he sat contemplating what to do when he picked her up later that evening, it dawned on him. On the hour long drive back to his place, she would have to obey his directions to a tee and, if she didn’t, a more severe punishment would be awaiting her once they got back to his flat. The hours ticked away before kolej escort he could pick her up. By the time they were on the road heading to his place, the sun had already set and the sporadic trucks and cars on the long isolated highway were the only source of light as they increased their distance from the city. “Should you wish to get fucked, your task is simple,” stated Rich nonchalantly, leaving it at that. “I’m curious,” purred Carmen, looking in his direction, her face illuminated by the radio on the dash. “Once we are past all of the street lights, you are to completely strip down and spend the remainder of the drive naked,” Richard sihhiye escort bayan offered slowly. “There’s more later.” As they neared the last street light, Richard reminded her of what was expected and Carmen undid her seatbelt, pulled her shirt over her head, slipped off her boots and wiggled out of her jeans. “Completely naked, I said.” Carmen unclasped her bra, then arched her hips and took off her panties. She sat naked, driving down the highway at night for any attentive truck driver to see as Richard overtook them. The angle of the passenger seat would have given any of them a perfect vantage point to see her perky breasts Escort sincan in the light green hue of the radio’s brightness. “Good girl,” said Richard. “You’ll find the second part of your task in the glove compartment.” Carmen opened it and felt around through the miscellaneous papers before feeling the familiar shape of a dildo. “You put some thought into this, eh?” she exclaimed, slightly surprised. “Maybe. You can figure out what to do with it, I’m sure,” Richard retorted with a smile creasing the corners of his mouth. Carmen lifted her legs onto the dash and ran fingers between her lips, spreading her wetness before easing the toy into her wanting slit. She looked at Richard as she did so, occasionally stopping to gently rub her clit, her eyelids slowly closing as she enjoyed the feeling of being completely nude in his car. She started toying herself slowly, grabbing at her breasts with the free hand and putting on a bit of a show for her driver.

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