The Rain


“You want to do What?” you ask me with real shock, but a hint of intrigue as I take your hand, and lead you out the door into the pouring rain. You giggle. The rain, although a warm one, still leaves a bit of a chill, especially with the light wind that’s blowing. I only smile, and continue to lead you to the center of the big lawn, its lavish carpet of recently-cut grass feeling wonderful underneath our bare feet. Glancing back, I notice how the rain has soaked your hair and it’s hanging limply about your shoulders, and in your face. Your white cotton top, tied at the waist and exposing just a bit of your flat tummy (just the way I like it) has become transparent. Even your tiny denim shorts have become appreciably darker in the rain that has now become a downpour.  Turning toward you I release your hands Escort Erenköy and, placing my hands on either side of your face, kiss you passionately on the lips, my tongue exploring your mouth and tangling with your tongue. Although we’re thoroughly soaked, I can still smell a trace of your perfume on your soft neck. I follow the scent, kissing down gently past your throat and toward the V of your blouse which I unbutton as I work my way down. Of course I unfasten your bra and expose each of your perfect breasts. Your nipples are already harder than I’ve ever seen them and I watch as goosebumps cover your torso as it’s exposed to the chill of the air.  Smiling I kiss my way down your perfect torso, pausing to play with your navel. Flicking my tongue around the edges and a içerenköy escort little bit inside I give you a hint of what is to come. I smile and look up at you. Your hair is hanging down as you look down at me. With a little smile you run your fingers through my wet hair and give me a little push downward. I smile even bigger, and begin to unbutton your shorts. I kiss each centimeter of skin as it’s exposed and pull your shorts and panties down with one steady motion. You step out with one leg and give them a little kick to the side. Looking back up I notice a slightly naughty smile crossing your lips. I run my hands up the sides of your leg, the cool water reducing friction on your perfect skin. As I near your hips one hand runs over your delicately curved hip while Tuzla escort bayan the other traces a path up your inner thigh and through your perfectly trimmed little patch. The heat emanating from the area is intense! I stand the rest of the way up allowing my tongue to trace a path up your body and over one breast. I want to linger there, perhaps give it a little nip, but I continue upwardsover your collarbone, up your neck and past your ear. The rain continues to pour over your naked, erotically wet, and perfectly shaped body.  I step back, and remove my shirt. My nipples are hard too and from the bulge you see in my jeans you know that they’re not the only hard thing I’ve got. I approach you again and your hands work the button on my jeans quickly, opening the fly and reaching inside to caress my hardness. Your hands feel wonderful, and I would love to let you play for awhile but I have a goal—and that is to make you feel incredible. I slide back down your body, enjoying how the rainwater mixes with your skin giving me an exquisite taste the likes of which no fine wine could ever hope to compare to.

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