This mornings beach adventure


Last night, while my wife was riding my cock on our kitchen sofa, trying to get me to cum, I told her to stop. I had plans for tomorrow. She reluctantly slowed down, about to get up, I was quickly turned her around and pulled her back, sliding into her. I started rubbing her clit while telling her my idea for the next day. She came almost instantly.You see, my wife is quite the exhibitionist, even though she rarely admits it. Add to that, she is gorgeous. I encourage it though, I love showing her off, as much of her as she is comfortable Escort elvankent with, sometimes even more.So this morning we went to the beach, she was very excited to be wearing her new white Myla bikini I got for her. Yes, white. After a short stroll, we found the perfect place in between some dunes, the sand here in south Sweden is super fine and soft. The beach was nearly deserted, it being a Monday morning and all. She quickly took her clothes off and changed into her bikini, no modesty whatsoever. emek escort I hungrily looked on, her bathing suit was sheer when dry, I couldn’t wait to see her after a dip.We lay down for a bit of sun, chit chatting about something, I have no idea what, I was fully preoccupied with her body and outfit. I started caressing her legs and bottom while she was talking, slowly moving my hand between her legs and up to her pussy. She started moaning, I could feel she was already wet, the little slut.I eryaman escort bayan decided not to wait, couldn’t wait, so I got up on my knees and pulled her ass up, took out my rock-hard cock and lifted her bikini bottoms to one side, and started fucking her from behind. I was furiously horny and slammed my cock deep inside her. She couldn’t be quiet. Her panting and moaning fueled me. I increased my tempo and all of a sudden I heard voices. I quickly pulled out and lay down. A couple walking their dog walked past, my wife’s bikini bottom was still pulled to the side and they definitely saw. They quickly moved on however and I quickly moved on top of her lying down and pushed myself deep inside her once more, this time she was lying down on her stomach and it didn’t take long before I came, filling her up with a huge load. 

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