Two Weeks in The Valley: Alluring Angels


“Okay, so what is the next rule? Come on, I need to hear you say it.” She is biting her nails and giving me a very serious look.I sigh. She has gone over and over these to the point where I’m about to tell her just to forget it. To not go out to California for this ‘job’ but instead to spend Spring Break here. I’ll work double shifts at the hardware store like I planned and maybe that will give us enough money to get by through the end of the semester. Anything so that she doesn’t have to go flash her tits and whatever else to a bunch of strangers out there.I repeat it, as I have several times. “That you won’t do anything that you aren’t comfortable with, but if you do decide to actually go hardcore I can’t ever judge you for it.”I know she heard the fatigue and maybe a trace of worry in my voice.”That’s the most important one, baby. For me, and for us. I know this is gonna be tough on you, but I’ll be fine. And I think its gonna be good for us! You can quit that job you hate and we can enjoy the rest of this college year, together.” She smiles sweetly at this. Her voice is confident but I know that deep down she’s scared too. Or at least I hope she still is. I’m starting to worry that she’s going to come home with an awful lot of things for me to “not judge her” for.”But I thought about your other rule and I’ve decided that its fair.”Hearing her say this, I come out of my doldrums and get excited again.”Really? You mean it?” I ask.”Yep,” she replies. “If I do something out there with someone, then I have to be willing to do the same thing with you when I get home.””No questions asked,” I add.Now its her turn to sigh. “No questions asked.”I doubt that last part will actually hold up but now I’m excited. This means if she does, say, a girl-girl scene, I get to have the same experience with her. It’s like having an insurance card!Granted, there are some scenarios I can’t imagine myself wanting to partake in, but I’ve decided to trust her judgment. After all, that’s one of the rules.I throw my arms around her and we kiss. I make another move towards undressing her but she stops me before I get to far. I’m disappointed because talking and thinking about this has made me extremely horny and I want to see her off right. But she’s already told me this once: no sex today, just like yesterday. She needs to be “pristine” when she gets out there Anadolu Yakası Escort in case they go right into photo shoots as she has heard they sometimes do.Her flight leaves tomorrow.===================================For the second, but not last time in my life, I am watching a video of my girlfriend sucking another man’s cock. The video is done in a somewhat stylistic matter with washed out lighting that highlights her big, hazel eyes as her pretty pink lips slide along the shaft. The cock in question isn’t as big as the first one I saw her suck, the one that also fucked her silly on an anonymous hotel bed for which she was then compensated a little extra apparently because the guy came in her. As a matter of fact, it is a relatively small prick, but the camera man that it belongs to seems unaffected by this. And why not, after all? He is apparently in a position to get random, formerly good girls from all over the country to come and suck him off just by paying them a little money.Girls like Kristy.The video started similarly to the other two I’ve seen. This time, the banner read: “Alluring Angels,” which was the name of the site. I am somewhat pleased to note that in spite of the crass nature of what is being depicted, namely my girlfriend sucking a strangers cock for money, the production values are high and the quality of the video is top notch. Kristy, or “Katelyn Brie,” as the video denotes, looks absolutely gorgeous in the bright, filtered lights of the production. It is the first time I’ve seen a last name associated with her fake porno name and I can’t help but smile at the reference.There is evidence of a room behind her, but it is very white, and very modern, and thus it in no way distracts the viewer from seeing the gorgeous co-ed whose face is zoomed-in POV-style before you. And before the cameraman’s dick.Thus the effect is that, to the viewer, you can imagine that the girl, my girlfriend might I remind you, is sucking your dick instead of some faceless person out in California who has no doubt had dozens if not hundreds of pretty little mouths just like hers on that below-average tool of his.And try as I might to be cynical about this, I’m still rock hard as I watch my beloved girlfriend licking and sucking on this person’s anonymous prick.We were watching this in my Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan dorm room on the giant monitor attached to the brand new desktop computer that Kristy gifted me with upon her return. It was a way of giving some of her hard-earned money to me as a reward for my being so understanding, or so she had phrased it. It also provided us with a proper platform with which to view the products of her labors during the Spring Break trip she took to California.Kristy herself was sitting on the twin bed to my left as I sat in the desk chair. She seemed far less nervous than she was the first time I saw one of these videos with her, and her body language is much more relaxed. There is even a slight grin on her face as we watch the video together. I wonder if she is reliving the experience a little or is just pleased with how good she looks on the finished product. I remark on the latter and she smiles wide, agreeing that they did a great job.Not that the real life article is any less beautiful. At that moment, in fact, she looked like a walking wet dream. Still tan, her long legs were on full display beneath cut-off jeans that came just above the bottom swell of her perfect ass. Up top she was braless and wore a black half shirt that exposed her flat, sexy belly. Her hair was meticulously done and to top it off she wore tall heels that made her look even taller. It was a look that stopped just short of “stripper” or “porn whore,” and instead just read “dream girl.”I need to add that she had been teasing me for four days and we had not had any kind of sex since our adventure in the library the previous week. Kristy told me that she wanted to wait for the next video, and thus we continued a pattern that had established itself after her return: we only did things together when we had a new video to watch. This seemed cruel at the time but I have to admit that she knew what she was doing: By the time a new video came out, I was so horny that I never seemed to get as jealous watching my girlfriend on display, and the sex afterwards was incredible. Kristy was becoming something more than she had been to me. She was an object that I desired and craved, as well as being my companion and the love of my young life. I didn’t pick jealous fights with her over her activities. Partly because Escort Anadolu Yakası that was one of the rules but also because this pattern of denial and release was making me actually look forward to a new video of her in some dubious situation because it meant I would be on the receiving end soon after.On screen, my girlfriend’s zoomed in face continued its work on the shaft in front of her. She sucked it with gusto and at times moved around to lick his shaft. At one point she even sucked one, then both of his balls into her petite mouth, causing a moan of approval from Mr. Anonymous Dick.”This guy, Eric, he was pretty cocky. He was talking so much shit before we filmed. He had this beautiful house but it was decorated all modern and just looked cheap. You can see his dick was pretty small but he doesn’t seem to have any problem getting girls. He paid well, too.”As before, I was at rapt attention when she narrated these things. I hadn’t been allowed to ask questions, per the rules, so when she offered information I listened very closely. It had also become part of the turn on, even though it stung to hear some of the things she said.We had to abruptly pause the video and act normal when my roommate, Jake, came home unexpectedly from class. He poked his head in the room and offered a quick “Hi” to me and a “Hello” and a wave to Kristy before retiring to his room and shutting the door. I was suddenly reminded of the exchange we shared the other day and realize that I haven’t told my girlfriend about it.”Um, by the way Kristy, Jake told me the other day he had seen one of your videos online.”Her eyes went wide and she replied, “What? Which ones? You didn’t watch it did you???”I shook my head, “No, I told him you had made a few videos for money and that we were keeping it a secret. I also told him you and I were watching them together and not to spoil anything.”That seemed to satisfy her, and then she made an unpleasant face.”You think he’s…?””Jerking off to you? Oh yeah. You know Jake. Probably ran in there just now to do it, especially considering how hot you look right now,” I chided her.”Eww… ” she replied. Kristy liked Jake well enough, but she once referred to him as “The Troll” based on his appearance. That was honestly a little unfair, but the name had stuck.We started the video back and continued to watch “Katelyn’s” epic blowjob with the stranger. The size of his dick means she was able to take the entire thing in seemingly with ease.I began to wonder if the entire video was just oral, and thought that if it were, that was somehow better than full sex. I began to wonder, with some perverse curiosity, if he was going to finish on Kristy’s beautiful face.

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