Us as One


Us as One We lay there together in bed completely nude. I have you in a sweet embrace. I look at your body. That sweet chocolate coated skin, your every curve. You turn smiling at me looking at me, I hold you tighter in my arms. Kissing your glowing cheek. The moments we spend in each other arms are so rear. But that’s a thing I wish would change soon. I slowly start to run my hand all over your body. I kiss your cheek, leaving my lips lingering Kadıköy Escort on it. You put your hand on my face. Your touch, your simplest touch, the effects that it has on me, you may never understand. I lean in kissing you softly. Oh the sweetness of your lips, how they over power my every move. The tip of your tongue touching mine, its probing wetness, rotating around mine, this is sending chills up and down Kadıköy Escort Bayan my spine. The heart between my legs is pounding, the heart in my chest racing. My body is melting into you. We are one; we melted into each other’s arms and are moulded back as one. I feel fired up with this heated kiss that we share. You slowly start to pull away, bringing me back down to earth. You wrapped a towel around Escort Kadıköy you coming off the bed and heading into the hall. I watched you and decided you weren’t getting away. I quickly come off the bed rushing behind you. As you enter the hall I softly push you from behind into the wall. Kissing your neck and your back, running my hand up to your breast, massaging it slowly. I love having you in my arms, I love the touch of your skin on my lips. Without a word you turn around, facing me, your eyes staring into mine. You kissed me softly; our kiss becomes more and more heated with love and passion. The towel slowly drifts from your body, allowing me once again to feel your naked skin against mine. Massaging your breast while kissing you deeply.

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