Warehouse nights and happy days, Part II


Three weeks after we started dating, as we enjoyed calling it, Lacie told me Rick would be out of town for a week. We made a date for me to come over Wednesday morning. I followed her suggestion and sneaked in from the park about 5:30; she took me to bed and we slept three more hours. When we woke up I was fully hard. We got into a leisurely 69, and soon she took me fully into her throat and expertly drained me. She came soon after. We relaxed and played with each other for a few minutes. She said, “I have a fun surprise for you.” She lay back on the bed, positioned a big pillow under her ass, and spread her thighs. Her labia were flushed and moist. I climbed above her, and as I made to position myself to thrust deeply into her, she said, “Grab the bars.” Smiling, I grabbed two of the brass bars at the head of the bed and let her handcuff me to them. When I was situated, she moved down a little and tilted her hips to receive me. As I entered her, I said, “So I guess you’ll bugger me with a dildo before you unlock me, right?” “Something like that, yeah.” I pushed into her and felt her run her hands down to my hips. After guiding me for a minute, she reached down to my ass. “You said you’ll do anything for me, right?” “Whatever makes you happy, love.” She smiled. Suddenly I felt the foot of the bed sink under someone’s weight. She stared into my eyes and said, “I’d like you to meet my husband, Greg.” As I started to panic I felt her pull my ass cheeks apart and a rubbery, well-lubricated prong pushed against my hole. “I really want this, Greg. Just let him inside. For me.” I could only stammer as the pressure remained against my hole. She gave me a fake pout and I laughed and said, “Okay.” The pressure increased on my hole and I felt the tip enter. I tried to relax as excitement and guilt flooded my mind, and I gritted my teeth as the pain increased. Suddenly the flare of his cock head pushed inside and the pain leveled off and slowly faded. He continued pushing in slowly, and the guilt faded as well as I marveled at the feeling of being the object of a man’s penetrative lust just like Lacie was the object of mine. When he bottomed out inside me, I moaned. “Do you like it?” she asked. “Yes.” I realized I wanted him to use me, sheath his cock inside me, and empty his lust into me. I gloried in taking his cock inside me and began pushing back to meet his thrusts. “Give it to me,” I said, and felt Lacie’s pussy squeeze tightly around me in a sudden climax. As he grabbed my hips and increased his pace, I groaned in pleasure. “You really like it?” she asked after catching her breath. I nodded. She kissed me and laughed happily. She whispered, “He’s doing to you what I wish I could do. I love you inside me, and I wish I could be inside you like that too.” I kissed her as he built to a thundering climax, and as he cried out and his cock throbbed inside me, I squeezed down as my own climax drained me into Lacie’s willing tunnel. He slammed into me and pulled back on my hips, using my ass like a toy, and soon his spurts flooded my bowels. Lacie screamed in a massive climax of her own, and as I collapsed onto her belly Rick pulled away and went to wash up. Lacie unlocked the handcuffs and curled up next to me as I lay on my side. “You belong to both of us now,” she said. “Did you like it?” I said, “Yes, it wasn’t anything like I’d have expected.” “Do you feel guilty about it?” “A little, but mostly satisfied.” “I told you I like more than one man.” “Yes.” “Will you do it again?” I thought for a moment. “Yes.” She smiled and kissed me. “Good. I’ve never actually had a threesome with anal before.” Rick came back in and lay on the bed next to me. He was buff and hairy-chested; his cock was already coming back to life and he smiled as I reached over and played with it absent-mindedly. I began familiarizing myself with my first new cock, which was longer and thinner than mine and uncircumcised. I played with the skin as it hardened, running my fingertips up and down the rubbery shaft and looking at it from several angles. He lay on his side so that my cock was in his face, and soon in his mouth. Despite the massive load his Erenköy escort cock and Lacie’s pussy had drained from me I soon came alive again, and I began stroking his cock firm and fast. Lacie pushed my head down to his throbbing cock head and murmured, “Suck him for me, Greg. Drink him dry.” I lay my head on his thigh and took the head into my mouth as I stroked the shaft. He took my entire length into his throat and milked me slowly as I got used to his living flesh trembling and pulsing in my mouth. I was seized by a desire for his pleasure and seed and reached around his thigh to feel his still swollen balls, like two small plums ready to burst into my mouth. I felt Lacie lean over us and opened my eyes to see her pushing two fingers into his ass, and with a groan he pulled his mouth off my cock and gasped as his cream suddenly shot forth into my mouth. I was taken aback by the taste and texture but swallowed anyway. I sat up, eager to deposit my sperm as he had done, and knelt behind him. Lacie grinned happily and handed me a tube of lube. As I lubed his hole she lubed my cock, and as he groaned, “God yes, fuck me,” I pushed against his hole and met little resistance. Soon I was fully inside him and I reached around to stroke his cock. I said, “Now I’m going to fuck you like I fuck your wife.” Lacie lay down under his belly to watch as I stroked fast and hard into his bowels. I reached around to find his cock fully resurgent, and as it trembled in my hand my cock trembled in sympathy inside his ass. I was seized with an irresistible flood of power and lust. If I was going to have a man, I’d take him as vigorously as he’d ever be taken, and I would pound his cock as hard as he had ever pounded it. I soon felt Lacie take the head of his cock into her mouth, and as he groaned in another sudden climax I hammered into him as wildly as he had fucked me. The contractions of his rectum were exquisite and soon pushed me over the edge. I bottomed out and screamed as my seed spewed into him. I pulled out and fell asleep for a few minutes. When I woke up, I went to wash up and came back to see Rick lying back on the bed still half erect; next to him Lacie sat up and patted the bed between them. As I sat down, she grabbed my cock and kissed me. Rick said, “So you’re my wife’s new lover.” “Yes.” We shook hands. He continued, “I’m glad she’s found someone. You treat her right or I’ll beat you to within an inch of your life.” His manner was fully serious, so I nodded. I asked, “How long have you known about us?” “I noticed Lacie had new underwear some time ago. I figured she had just replaced some old ones, but after a month I realized she had changed. She was happier, more satisfied, smiled all the time. She spent a lot of time away from home, so two weeks ago I asked her. She admitted he had a new lover, that she thought she was in love with both of us, and that if I wanted someone on the side she did too. I asked about you and decided you sounded serious. I told her I wasn’t sure about it since I didn’t know you to trust you. She finally offered to set it up for us to fuck, so I agreed.” “Did I pass the test?” “Yes. You want to explore some more?” “Now?” “Yeah, or in the future.” “I’d love to.” Lacie laughed and said, “Thank God, seeing you two makes me so hot.” Rick kissed her and then me and said, “I have another man already, but I’m happy to meet with both of you once in a while. Once a week, maybe. Is that okay?” I nodded and said, “I really loved sucking you. I want to do that some more. I need your cum.” He had hardened as we talked and at those words he indicated his cock with a smile and a hand wave, and I knelt down to play with it in a leisurely fashion with my hand and mouth. Lacie joined me and we took turns sucking on the head and shaft. As she settled herself on her hands and knees to work on him with her full attention, I mounted her and pushed inside her pussy, which was drenched and responsive. I crouched over her and lowered my head to suck on his cock. Lacie moaned, “Oh, God, that’s so hot,” and quickly climaxed around my pistoning cock. I kept her in place as I sucked içerenköy escort bayan his head and half his shaft into my mouth, and soon he delivered me another load. When he finished, he pulled away to watch as I grabbed Lacie’s hips and felt her tunnel tighten hard around me as she raised her ass further and rested her tits on the bed. I saw her look around at me, and she smiled before I closed my eyes and groaned, “I’m coming.” This time I was truly drained and collapsed next to her. She whispered, “Love, I’m hanging.” I lay over onto my back and helped her crouch above me, and as she rubbed her clit I sucked her cum-drenched lips and soon felt her climax long and slow. She collapsed onto my belly, and I lay there exhausted, yet still fascinated by her raggedly gaping lips only two or three inches before my eyes. A few minutes later Rick said, “Let’s have a drink and a talk.” “I don’t have to get dressed do I? I’m too tired for that.” Lacie giggled and he smiled. “Nude is fine. Love the view.” We went into the living room, where he poured each of us a small glass of wine. He then gave me his ground rules. “I’m in middle management at a very…staid company. No whiff of me being gay or playing around on Lacie or her playing around on me can be allowed to get around. No divorce, not that we want one.” Lacie smiled happily, “Not now, anyway.” “Lacie told me that, about your job.” He nodded. “Lacie and I still love each other, but I just don’t like women any more. I realized I’m completely gay about five years ago and finally gave up faking it two years ago.” Lacie smiled wickedly, “Except for my ass. You still love that, don’t you, Rick?” “Oh yes.” He grinned. “And her mouth on occasion. But I have much stronger interests elsewhere. So you’re perfectly free to do anything and everything with Lacie that the two of you want to do, but never forget, you’re a partner with both of us now.” I nodded. He continued, “Do you love Lacie?” Lacie watched me closely as I said, “Well, kind of, yes.” She replied, “Well, hell, Greg, I kind of love you too. Jeez.” I said, “Yes, I love you.” She smiled. “That’s better. But really, I knew what you meant. It’s too early to say. “But worth finding out.” “Yes.” We toasted and Rick said he had to leave to return to work. “Have fun while I’m out, you two. Oh, and Greg? You suck cock really well. I’m looking forward to you reaching full mastery.” And so began my practice in loving cock, and Lacie’s dreams came true of two constant lovers as attached to fellatio as she was. The next weekend the three of us used each other in every combination we could think of, and I soon had a special fondness for feeling Rick drain into my mouth as much cum as I was draining into Lacie at the same time. We fell into the pattern of Rick and me 69ing for Lacie’s delectation or masturbating each other, then I would make love to Lacie while Rick let me suck him or buggered me. We would then relax, and I would frequently bring Rick back to full hardness with hand and mouth and revel in draining him. I was entranced by the pleasures of coming to know a new cock much as I had come to know my own: Just as when I was in high school I would sometimes sit in front of a mirror watching every stroke and twitch as I masturbated two or three times in a row, so now I was learning the ways of Rick’s flesh, and while I didn’t feel the pleasure directly as I did when masturbating myself, Rick took care of that with his talented mouth. And just as the guilt when I first started masturbating increased the thrill of pleasuring myself, so the residual guilt from pleasuring another man gave an extra squeeze to my balls when I spewed into his mouth or his ass or over his belly. Rick would then leave and allow Lacie and me to pleasure each other, and she would wear us out, turned on and up to a high pitch by watching me and Rick. A month later I came to Lacie’s house on her day off at her invitation. We had settled into a fairly regular schedule of one bout of sex, either 69 or intercourse, in the warehouse on week nights and a full night with her and Rick on weekend nights, with Escort Tuzla prolonged stays at my apartment on our days off. However, she said it was probably safe for just the two of us to meet once in a while at her house, but she still insisted I take the back path through the park and surreptitiously through the back yard, which was secluded well enough with tall bushes and a fence not to pose much risk from prying eyes. When she let me in, she said, “Greg, there’s someone here. An old friend from when I was a girl. My best friend, actually.” I went into the living room behind her and saw a tall, slender woman with jet black hair down to her waist, lightly tanned and high-breasted, and with legs long enough to raise her to my height. Lacie introduced her as Melissa. She was dressed in a dark green cotton dress that hugged her figure. We shook hands as we inspected each other warily, and for the first few minutes conversation was strained. Finally Lacie started telling stories about the two of them in college, where they did such pranks as streaking through the library during final exams. Melissa began warming towards me and I began flirting lightly with her, which to my relief Lacie only smiled at and seemed to encourage. For an hour we chatted quite uninhibitedly about our lives and slowly, I realized, the conversation had turned to their romantic lives in school. When Lacie got up to pour us some wine, Melissa said, “I’m pleased to meet you. Lacie made a good choice.” I blinked and said nothing. Lacie said, “Yes, he’s wonderful lover. We’re very happy together.” “It’s good to have a younger man you can train right.” I replied, “It’s good to have an older woman to teach you right.” She nodded, “In my experience it certainly is.” We talked now about how we had met and started, and after a couple of glasses of wine each we were sitting so that Lacie and Melissa were on the carpet leaning back against the couch while I sat facing them on the floor. Melissa asked, “But Lacie, how did you two start?” “I told you, we realized finally that we wanted each other and graced the warehouse with our combined and united presence.” “Girlfriend, tell me,” she said with a sly smile, and Lacie replied, “Okay.” She took a sip of wine and said, “I’ll set the scene. I left but realized I’d forgotten some paperwork, so I went back in. Couldn’t find Lacie’s little helper anywhere, but I had a suspicion what might be going on because he’d been ogling my tits all day.” “Now, now, tell it straight,” I said. “You shoved your tits into my face on the ladder and forced me to look at them.” “Dear, you could have closed your eyes if you really didn’t want to look.” We laughed and Lacie continued, “So, I went to the north aisle, where it’s most private, and what do I see but…” After a pause she said, “You know, it might be easier just to show you.” I stared at her in surprise, and she winked at me and asked sweetly, “Please, Greg, would you demonstrate for us?” I was fully hard by this point from an hour of talking about sex and staring at Lacie’s body and trying to catch a glimpse of stocking or something shocking of Melissa’s, and after a pause I said, “Oh, what the hell,” and stood up. Melissa stared at me raptly as I stripped off my shirt and socks, unbuckled my belt, and dropped my pants and boxers to my ankles. Melissa licked her lips lustily when I released my straining cock. I stroked it lightly with my fingertips as I stared at the two of them staring back at me. Lacie continued, “To make a long story short, I did this.” She stood up and took off her pants and panties and sat back against the couch, legs splayed and fingers lightly rubbing her lips. Melissa said, “Okay, I see the picture, but I need to make sure I appreciate all the details.” She stood and pulled her dress over her head; her braless breasts rose firmly before my eyes, brown nipples on creamy white flesh the size and much the roundness of oranges, and she then pulled off her lace white panties to reveal a thick, well-trimmed patch of deep black curls. She sat down next to Lacie and raised her knees to her breasts. Her labia were fully engorged, pink inside a deep brown-purple, and she said in a cool voice, “Now, please continue. This is utterly fascinating.” I stroked myself lightly as the two of them began playing with themselves. Lacie pulled her sweater and shirt off, underneath which she hadn’t worn a bra, and sat back fully nude and exposed to the two of us.

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