Watching You…


I’m learning your fantasies, all of them. Sometimes, I know them before you do. I can see the naughty things that turn you on, the things that make you literally drip with desire. I want to fulfill those fantasies, each and every single one. Tonight, I’m going to give you one of the experiences you want. You only acknowledge it when I pull it out of you, when I get you worked up enough to tap into your deepest desires. But I know how wet it makes you. So, tonight, I’m going to watch you. I’ve invited you over to relax for the evening, a quiet dinner, and a movie. At least, that’s what I’ve told you. You already know that I have so much more in mind, I’ve been teasing and flirting with you all day. To be blunt, I want you horny and dripping, almost desperate to be fucked. I’ve had to stay busy during the day to keep myself from getting too worked up. The anticipation of what’s going to happen tonight is driving me nearly insane. Finally, my wait is over. You knock on the door and I answer it. “Hi,” I say calmly. The smile on my lips and the naughtiness in my eyes let you know I’m anything but calm right now. “Hey,” you say back. Your face is flushed and you’ve got the same naughty look in your eye. This is going to be an amazing night. You’re dressed casually in tight jeans that show off your fantastic ass and a loose fitting blouse, your hair is wavy and almost unruly, and there’s a sparkle in your eyes. Without even trying, you look absolutely stunning. It takes a lot of self-control to keep from ripping your clothes off right then and there. Instead, I close the door, pin you to it, and I kiss you deeply. The kiss betrays my excitement and desire as our tongues dance together. My body responds as I pull you into me, my hardness grinding against you. That’s all the encouragement you need. I’ve been toying with you all day, giving you a taste of the pleasures waiting tonight. It’s your turn to toy with me. Your hands quickly find the button of my jeans. You undo and unzip them. Your hand wraps around my hardened dick. You break kolej escort bayan away from the kiss and give me a mischievous look before kneeling down in front of me. Before I can do anything about the sudden turn of events, your lips are on me and you’re inhaling my cock. You’re still between me and the door, but I’m the one that’s trapped. Any willpower I have left abandons me as my hardness reaches the back of your throat. You milk me insistently, almost desperate for my cum. Your hands reach behind me to take hold of my ass and you pull me into you as you swallow my now raging dick. You slowly pull your head back, letting me slide out of your mouth as you suck with abandon. Once you reach the engorged head of my cock, you inhale me again, straight back to your throat. I won’t last long at this rate, I’ve been worked up all day myself. But I don’t need to last for tonight’s fantasy. I let myself go. I’m totally consumed by the intense pleasure you’re giving me. Far too soon, I can feel my release building. Instinctively, I grab your hair with my hand, a clear sign of what’s coming. You swallow me whole one more time and it’s the final straw. I cum, hard, straight into your waiting throat. You milk me for it all, every last drop. My spent dick slips out of your mouth with a pop. You look utterly satisfied and it strikes me that you can be so pleased with pleasuring me. But don’t worry. Your turn is coming soon. “Ready for some food?” I ask. Then, with a smirk, I quickly follow it up, “some real food that is.” “Of course,” you respond with a giggle. “I want whatever you have,” you say as you glance down to my still exposed cock. I can feel myself twitch and decide it’s best to move things along before I get distracted again. I pull my pants up and straighten myself before leading you to the kitchen. We eat as we catch up on the last few days. The conversation is light, filled with jokes, flirting, smiles, and eye gazing. But underneath all of that, there’s lust. We both know that a night of passion is why we’re here. Escort sihhiye You excuse yourself and head to the restroom as I put away the dishes. I’m nervous about tonight and completely aroused again by your presence. I need to keep my hands busy to keep them off of you. “Make yourself comfortable on the couch,” I call out as I hear you leave the bathroom. Once I’m sure you’re not coming back to the kitchen, I reach for the phone. I clear my throat and dial the number I’ve been waiting to call. A part of me wants to call this off, enjoy you for myself. But no, this is your fantasy. Either way, the person I’ve called answers the phone and it’s too late to back out. “Hello,” the person on the other end says. I briefly wonder if they’re as nervous as I am before simply replying, “We’re ready.” “I’ll be there in 10,” the person says. With that done, I join you in the living room. I’ve only got a few minutes to make sure you’re ready. There’s no time to waste. I stand in front of you rather than sitting with you. My face is filled with lust and intensity. I’ve got your complete attention. “Unbutton your blouse,” I tell you. This isn’t a request. You smile at me as your hands reach for the first button. “What do you want?” I ask. The first button comes undone as you reply, “You.” “What do you want, not who,” I say as the next button joins the first. “For you to fuck me,” you say as you undo another button. “I’m going to, but not yet,” I warn you as the last button comes loose, letting your blouse hang freely and open. “Stand up,” again, not a request. You stand, just out of my reach. I close the gap and look hard in your eyes. You blush when you recognize the intensity on my face. My fingers reach for your jeans, repeating what you did to me earlier, but only partly. I unsnap them, then pull my hands away. I take you in. Your eyes show your need. Your rapidly rising chest shows your building desire. The slight dampness at the crotch of your jeans shows your arousal. Your blushing face shows that you’ll do whatever I say next. sincan escort I have you. “So beautiful,” I say before leaning in for another kiss. This one is tender and slow, just our lips vying for sensual dominance. But we already know who’s won that right for the night. “Will you please me tonight?” I ask after reluctantly breaking the kiss. “Yes,” you respond, your eyes still half closed. “Will you let me please you tonight?” I ask, my voice is slightly shaky. “Oh, yes,” you reply, focused only on me. Our eyes lock and I wonder if you have any idea of what’s about to happen. I don’t get to ponder the thought long. A knock at the door interrupts me as I stare into your eyes. I step away to answer the door but turn to look at you again to judge your willingness. I see passion and lust and desire, maybe a little confusion. But there’s no fear. That’s enough. “Let me do this for you,” I say before turning back to the door. I open the door and invite the person in. You recognize him as he enters the room. “Do you remember Eric? He’s going to help me tonight. I’ve already told him exactly what to do,” I say to you. You begin to realize what’s going on and your eyes widen. “I don’t know if I…” you begin to say before I interrupt you. “Yes you can,” I interject, “let me do this.” It’s somewhere between a command and a question. “You want me to watch you. I want to watch you.” Your face goes red, your breath catches for a moment, your eyes show the conflict waging inside of you. Give in to the night or back out now? I step to you before you can decide. I take you in my arms and kiss you. This kiss is all desire, passion, and lust. I pull away from the kiss and look you dead in the eye. “Be my slut tonight,” I whisper, “let me do this for you.” Your eyes close for a moment as you lick your lips. When they open, you return my gaze and say simply, “Yes.” You reach for me, your hands going behind my head to pull me to you again. You kiss me this time, returning all of my passion in kind. As the kiss breaks, I reluctantly pull away and move to a chair where I can watch the show unfold. Once I’m seated, I look to Eric and nod. It’s such a simple gesture, yet, it means that tonight will be the night we fulfill one of your deepest fantasies. Eric slowly moves towards you.

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