Winter Love


Winter on the Oregon coast is the most spectacular time for romance. The storms roll in over the dark blue waters and the surf pounds the sand, creating phosphorescence in the crashing waves. Viewing from a warm hotel room with a fire glowing in a fireplace with a special someone makes one become romantic and introspective.The two women hardly knew each other. Julia and Leslie’s husbands had socialized at the local gun club, becoming hunting buddies each fall for the past five years, leaving their wives alone and at home for two weeks at a time. The women knew each other by name but had never spent time together like their husbands had. They had exchanged phone numbers and locations just in case an emergency arose and they needed to get in touch with a spouse.Julia, in her late-forties, was a brunette with a touch of gray. She was in great shape, working out at her gym at least three times a week for the past five years. This was due mostly to her daughters encouraging her during their high school sports years. Her two grown daughters, one in college the other graduated and starting her own life, encouraged her to keep fit; attending aerobics classes with her and walking outside on nice days. She had mixed emotions regarding the departure of her daughters from her ‘nest’. On one hand, she was glad she finally had time to renew her relationship with her husband without having to worry about entertaining her daughters, while on the other hand, she missed their enthusiasm and the daily recounting of their lives.Leslie was a bit younger, in her mid-thirties and childless. Not by choice; although she loved her husband, he was unable to produce children. Instead, they had a large piece of property and a couple of dogs, which she treated as if they were her children. She enjoyed her ‘free time’ playing tennis and running. She didn’t belong to a gym, but from her svelte body, one could never tell.Their husbands had won a free crabbing trip on the Oregon coast. Both women thought the trip would be a nice time to tag along and take advantage of their husbands’ absence, shopping at the outlet stores in one of the larger coastal communities. The husbands’ charter boat left from a small coastal town that offered an Indian casino and several factory outlet stores that were famous for their deep discounts. The men weren’t going too far outside the bay for their catch, but they would be gone all day.The women had discussed their plans with their husbands and all four thought it would make a great trip. The bounty of Dungeness crabs they had hoped to catch would make a great main dish at their New Year’s Eve party the following week. They arrived at the hotel in separate cars just after lunch, and each couple went to their respective room, unpacked, and relaxed. They had agreed to meet for dinner at one of the local seafood restaurants along the strand around six that evening.After relaxing and strolling along the beach, taking in the wonderful salt air of the evening they each, in turn, showered, dressed and left for the ‘date’.The women were dressed nicely; they each had bodies Kuşadası escort that would have looked good on women ten years their junior. Their husbands didn’t always appreciate that fact; having been married for a few years leads one into a sense of complacency with ones partner. They were cordial to each other, not having socialized before, finding common interests to make conversation while their husbands talked hunting and fishing. They each had decided to relax and let the men take control of the evening since they would be spending the next day getting to know each other while shopping and perhaps a bit of gambling at the local casino. The conversation during dinner was light until the men had a glimpse of a young woman who had walked in to meet her boyfriend for dinner.The conversation abruptly turned to her body, with the men getting “shame on you” glances from their respective wives. The women shrugged it off as alcohol induced but each had seen the other eyeing the girl and staring a bit longer than normal for a woman who only has eyes for her man. They each kept this thought to themselves as the night wore on.Since the husband’s charter boat left at five a.m. the next day, they all decided to call it a night and get to bed early. The wives agreed to meet around nine. They could sleep in and still get to the stores when they opened at ten. The couples said their goodnights back at the hotel and retired to their rooms. The wives embraced each other, holding on a bit longer than each would have thought normal, but somehow it seemed natural to them. They looked into each other’s eyes; something they saw deep inside the other made them each wonder. They looked at each other as they parted, knowing something wasn’t normal but not knowing exactly what. It was a pleasant feeling each woman had experienced before, a long time ago back in college.Upon returning to their rooms each couple went through their normal bedtime routines and quickly fell asleep. A four a.m. wake-up call came very quickly. The husbands tried not to wake their wives but, being in an unfamiliar place, they fumbled around and made a bit too much noise. The women, knowing they could just sleep in after their husbands had left, just rolled over and tried to get back to sleep. Unfortunately, there was a full moon out which tended to shine into the room through the sliding glass doors looking out over the ocean. Even with the curtains closed it still shone through and into the room.The husbands finally got dressed, kissed their wives good-bye and wished them a good day shopping. Good-byes were mumbled by the sleepy wives and quick kisses exchanged. The husbands met in the hotel hallway and went off fishing.About six the older woman heard a knock on her door. She had been unable to return to a deep sleep, and had been lying watching the ocean bathed in the light of the full moon through a narrow opening in the curtain. She was feeling very romantic and wishing her husband was there to enjoy the morning with her. For a few brief moments, she reflected back on her Kuşadası escort bayan embrace with the other woman. Something about her she couldn’t get out of her mind. She had felt the same thing back during her years at college. There she had discovered a part of her that enjoyed the company and touch of another girl. She had a brief but loving affair with a sorority sister during her junior year. Those pleasant thoughts, among which were included the girl at dinner plus the woman next door, had kept her awake since her husband left a couple of hours earlier. She decided it was silly to just lay there, so she got up and put on her kimono and lit a fire in the gas fireplace.The knocking persisted; she got up and asked sleepily who it was.“It’s me, Leslie, I’m sorry to wake you.”“That’s okay, I was up; please come in,” Julia answered.She opened the door to see Leslie shivering as she stood there. She was dressed in a light blue terrycloth robe. Julia couldn’t tell what she was wearing underneath. She smelled amazingly wonderful, as if she had just stepped out of the shower. Julia invited her in, wondering what the problem could be.“Is everything alright?” Julia inquired.Julia was clothed in her kimono, drawn closed at the waist. She had been sleeping in an old tee shirt and her panties. The room was pleasantly warm due to the fire Julia had started just before the knock at her door.“Yes, everything is fine, I think,” Leslie reluctantly replied.“What do you mean? You don’t seem so sure,” Julia motioned her in and closed the door behind her. She noticed Leslie’s legs through the robe’s slightly loose front. Watching her walk past and taking in Leslie’s wonderful aroma, Julia took a deep breath and let out a very soft moan.Leslie thought she heard something but didn’t mention anything and quickly walked into the main portion of the hotel room.“I see you lit your fireplace; they are very nice and cozy this time of year,” Leslie stood in front of the fireplace warming her hands and then her back. “One of the nice things about these rooms, besides the view.”“Yes, I tried to get back to sleep after John left but with the moon out I just decided to light a fire and become introspective until I felt sleepy again. So, what’s the problem?” Julia asked, with a bit of concern in her voice. Then she motioned to the kitchenette, “Would you like some coffee?”Julia was actually glad Leslie came over. She had been thinking about their embrace earlier and was trying to think of a reason she felt so electrified by Leslie’s touch. It was a feeling she hadn’t had in quite some time. She had laughingly felt like she was back in college and had done something wicked, yet very nice.Leslie moved over and sat on the edge of the bed, her legs crossed, revealing her trim and somewhat muscular legs. She realized they were peeking out from under her robe but wanted to see if Julia would notice. She had felt the same electricity Julia had felt and wanted to see if there was more to it than just her imagination.“Well this may be silly, but I was worried bodrum escort bayan about the guys; and yes, coffee would be nice. Thank you.” Leslie smiled at Julia.Julia had noticed Leslie’s long, shapely legs she stood there trying not to stare, hoping Leslie wouldn’t notice. They looked so nice; tanned, well toned. She went into the kitchenette and started to make some coffee. “So what exactly were you worried about, Leslie?” Julia inquired, while she poured the cheap hotel coffee into the coffee maker.“Well, with that storm last I was worried about the boat capsizing or something.” Leslie tried to look concerned while sneaking glances at Julia’s snugly fitting kimono. “It’s silly, I know; they aren’t going way out on the water are they?”“Oh, I’ve been watching the ocean since John left. That storm that was predicted to come in probably broke up. Look out the sliding glass. What a great morning this is going to be.” Julia walked back in with two cups of coffee. She handed Leslie one and took a small sip of hers.“Sorry if the coffee isn’t quite like Starbucks, but what do you expect for a hotel,” Julia spoke as she smiled, handing the cup to Leslie. Their hands met as the cup was passed. That electricity struck again. They each stopped for a brief second, wondering if the other would do anything or remark about what she felt.“Oh, I’m sorry; did you want cream or sugar?” Julia asked.Leslie thanked Julia and took a brief sip. “No thanks, Julia, this is fine, I’m not a big coffee gourmet.” Leslie admitted.The younger woman slowly walked over to the sliding glass door. Gazing out, she drank slowly again. “This isn’t bad coffee, are you sure it came from the hotel?” Leslie said as she smiled, taking another sip.Julia walked up next to Leslie, looking out the door at the surf pounding on the shore. The moon was still barely above the western horizon. Its beams reflected off the crashing waves. “Lovely isn’t it? And thank you for the compliment.” Julia was barely audible as she stood next to Leslie.“Yes, and I’m sorry I woke you. I really wasn’t too concerned about the guys. Jim and I had a small argument before going to sleep last night. I know you should never go to bed mad, but I couldn’t get over how he drooled over that girl back at the restaurant.”Leslie was beginning to open up to Julia. She took another sip and turned to talk to Julia face to face. Looking for a place to set her cup down Leslie reached just past Julia, brushing against her with her arm; not being convenient, she withdrew and took another sip. Again, that feeling of anticipation came over them both.“He embarrassed me talking about that girl, especially in front of you and John,” Leslie confessed to Julia.“Oh, don’t worry about it. John was talking like he was back in high school, and I think the drinks had something to do with that. She was exquisite, I loved those heels she was wearing, they really emphasized her calves. I wish I could wear those still. What were they, five inches? I’m sure it was the wine talking. My daughters are probably close to her age; she was nice to look at but there’s something to be said for a woman with a touch of experience, don’t you think?”Leslie was stunned; she noticed Julia’s sly grin as she stood there trying to absolve the men’s actions. But Leslie knew Julia was right; the girl was delicious, but she didn’t realize Julia had looked at her the same way the men had.

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