Annabelle Ch. 07


Author’s rubbish: This is Ford speaking, rather than “this is Phil speaking” from ‘Love Action’, one of the greatest electronic dance tracks of the 1980s. So as usual, much felicitation to Kenji Sato for his genius at turning my rubbish into readable text. In this chapter, our heroine gets to have her Saturday afternoon with Lenny – and who else? read on!

I got a bit of negative comment for my last chapter, but unhelpfully no reasons as to why they didn’t like it. Putting “getting gross” doesn’t tell me much. By all means tell me I’m writing garbage, but it would help me to get better if you tell me why it’s rubbish!


Annabelle 07

I went back to the bedroom as soon as Jenny left. When we remade the bed in the middle of the night, I had had the sense to put a thick mattress protector on, so all I had to do was remove it and the sheet. The sheet was extremely damp and smelt wonderfully saturated of our combined excretions.

Once the bed was remade, I collapsed onto it, and knew nothing until Nick gently shook me.

“Wake up, princess. Your prince charming is bringing your slippers.”

“Oh shit,” I mumbled groggily, “I need to sleep!”

I turned on my side, to try to get back to sleep.

Nick laughed, and gently rolled me back onto my back. “You can’t let the boy down,” he said, laughing and squeezing my left tit. “He’s been looking forward to this all week.” His hand lay across my cunt, and his middle finger slipped easily inside.

“Oh that’s nice!” I said quietly, “Fuck me, please.”

“You said earlier in the week, you wanted me to fuck you just before Lenny arrives, so that you give him a really fresh creampie.” And with that, his hand moved away.

“Oh, you bastard!” I moaned, but struggled to my feet.

“Oh hell, you look a state,” he laughed. “Look at yourself in the mirror.”

I did, and had to agree. My hair was spiky, sticking up all over the place, as Jenny’s cum had dried in it. My nipples were red from Jenny’s attention. Most ridiculous was my fanny–all the hair was matted down, and was crusty when I tried to run my fingers through it. My cunt lips were really swollen and open.

The most noticeable thing, though, was the smell. I could smell myself, and I reeked of woman-cum. Any part of my body I could bring my nose to, wafted cunt juice into my nostrils.

“I’ll turn the shower on,” Nick said.

“No way,” I said. “I’m staying like this for Lenny. It’ll turn him on like shit–just like it’s doing to you.” I took hold of his full erection in his trousers and squeezed.

“Oh yes,” he groaned, and then pulled away. “Food, madam,” he said, and lightly smacked my arse to encourage me to move out. He and I knew smacking was a turn-on for me.

Halfway down the stairs, I began to smell something more than my body. “Have you been cooking?”

“A take-away,” he said. “I guessed you will have had nothing to eat since last night–that wasn’t wet and hairy!”

I laughed, and suddenly realised I was very hungry.

On the table was my favourite pizza–double pepperoni and spicy beef–and cheese garlic bread. When you hear that, you’ll understand why I am podgy rather than sleek. And I know many of my friends are now vegetarian or vegan, but I can’t do it. I like bacon too much.

“You still happy with me staying and joining in a bit later?” Nick said, after a while.

“Yes, of course,” I said firmly.

“What do you think Lenny will think?”

“I said you might join us at some point, and he didn’t say no. It’s just a bit sooner than he probably thought.” I chewed a bit of pizza, then asked, “Will you suck him, if you get the chance?”

Nick had always been a bit of a cocksucker. He had been reluctant to tell me at first, but it came out when we were having a threesome at a party. We were all very pissed and while Nick and I were in a sixty-nine with me on top, the other guy put his cock in me from behind. At that very moment, Nick licked and caught the cock. Both of them froze, and then without speaking, Nick opened his mouth and in it went. The bloke really enjoyed what Nick did, and had to stop himself from cumming in Nick’s mouth.

Nick had learnt to enjoy cocksucking Haramidere escort from a mate at school who was openly gay. One day after they had both turned eighteen, they’d been pissed and his mate had introduced a half-willing Nick to oral love. As Nick said to me later, only a guy can truly suck cock, just like a woman can only truly eat pussy.

“So you want me to stop then?” At that moment, I had my mouth wrapped hard round his shaft. “Oh, fucking hell no,” he groaned. “Yes, I will, if I the chance,” Nick said. “From what you’ve described, he’s got a gorgeous monster there.”

“What if he doesn’t like it?” I asked.

“Then I’ll stop straight away, and leave you to it.”

“You’re gorgeous, you know that?” I said, smiling lovingly at him. Then I glanced at the clock. “Time to go and make some creampie.”

The door bell rang smack on two o’clock.

I was standing behind the door when the bell rang, and opened it just a crack. “Is that you, Lenny?” I asked, quietly.

“Yes, Mrs. Andrews,” came back, just as quietly.

I stood behind the door and pulled it back. He came in quickly, and I closed it as quickly. He turned towards me, his mouth opening to say something, but nothing came out. I suppose when you’re a very randy eighteen-year-old, and a mature woman, who had invited you to fuck that afternoon, was standing in front of you, bollock naked with cum running down her thighs, you would be a bit tongue-tied.

“Thanks for being on time,” I said, as if he had come for a tutorial. He opened his mouth again, but still couldn’t engage his brain to form any words. To try to encourage something, I dug a finger deep in my cunt. It came out smeared in white and my cum. I put it to his mouth and he took it in, sucking it greedily.

“I assume from that, you like creampie?”

He finally croaked, “Never actually had it, but read a lot about it, and definitely want to try.”

Smiling, I turned and walked upstairs. I walked straight to the bed, and sitting down, lay back spreading my legs wide, putting my feet up on the bed. This opened my cunt wide and a splurge of cum fell to the bedsheet.

Lenny got naked as quick as he could, and fell to his knees in front of me. “Shit, that smells amazing,” he said, coming right up close to my overheated cunt, and taking several deep breaths. “I can smell your husband’s cum and your cum.”

“How do you know what cum smells like, if you’ve never eaten or tasted it? And how do you know it’s hubby’s?” My hand was guiding him in, as I spoke.

He pulled his head back and grinned. “When did I say I never tasted cum?” He let that little bombshell sink in before adding, “And if the wife of a husband is waiting for me, stark naked in their house with cum dripping out of her, there is a good chance it is from her hubby.”

His speculation ended, as he closed his mouth round my pussy hole and began to suck. I used my cunt muscles to help, and I could feel his mouth movements telling me he was swallowing.

“Oh, that’s nice!” he said, when he pulled away. “Can’t decide what I like most–cum on its own, or mixed.”

“You’ll have to tell me the sordid details,” I said, as I got up on my hands and knees and backed my arse towards him. “But, only after you’ve fucked me!”

He was inside me instantly, and gripping my hips, he began a steady-but-not-too-fast rhythm. One of his hands left my hip, and moved down to start feathering my clit.

“Oh that’s nice, Lenny–very nice. You don’t half learn quickly!”

“I aim to to please,” he gasped, as he started to pick up the pace. “But not bad, I suppose, as I was a virgin at four o’clock on Monday.”

I had known that anyway, but taking his virginity was a turn-on. “Oh, fuck me harder, please!” was my response.

He gripped both hips again, and rammed hard. He went on for minutes, pausing for breath only twice. By the time we both came, sweat was dripping off him onto my back, and from my forehead onto the bed.

We lay holding each other, while we recovered.

“That was lovely,” I finally breathed, into his chest.

“I hope there is more where that came from.”

Lenny smiled, his hand moving down to feel İkitelli escort bayan the cum in my hairy twat. “Oh, I think so. When is your husband joining us?”

I froze. Yes I’d mentioned he was okay with this, and that he might join us in the future, but this was from way out in left field. “He’s gone out for the afternoon,” I said, panicking a little.

“He’s walked there then,” he said, “his car is still in the drive.”

I groaned inwardly. We had been so caught up with each other, we had had forgotten to move his bloody car. I paused for a moment to think, then kissed Lenny hard on the mouth, using my tongue. “When do you want him?” I asked, moving my hand down to Lenny’s hard-again cock.

“Can he suck me, while I eat you again?” Lenny asked, hesitatingly.

“That’s why you are going far, Lenny Watkins,” I laughed. “You have some fucking great ideas.”

I left the room, and was back in a couple of minutes, hand-in-hand with Nick.

“Nick – Lenny. Lenny – Nick. Here is the young man whose who has brought us back together again.”

“Hello,” Nick said, with a smile. “Usually we would shake hands, but I understand you’ve suggested a different way for us to cement our understanding.”

Nick went round to the other side of the bed, and kneeled in line with Lenny’s crotch. “Very nice, young man,” he said earnestly, and bent his head.

“Oh shit, that’s good,” Lenny finally said, a couple of minutes later when he could articulate words instead of just moans.

Nick was putting his considerable talent to good use using only his mouth, lips, tongue and teeth. “Only an appetiser,” Nick said huskily, and took Lenny halfway down his throat.

Lenny’s cry of pleasure was muffled though, as a thicket of hot, smelly cunt hair was lowered onto his face. He responded eagerly, and went for my clit straight away. He guessed rightly, that he would not last long from ⠠⠝⠊⠉⠅⠄⠎ deepthroating, and he wanted us to cum together. We did!

I ended up lying on my back, with Lenny on my right and Nick on my left. They each had a thigh over mine so their cocks were pressed into me. Excitingly, both were hard. Lenny didn’t surprise me, but I was still getting used to Nick’s new virility.

“So when did you learn to suck cock?” I turned to ask Lenny.

“Our next door neighbour. I got very pissed on my eighteenth birthday. We’ve always got on well, and I always knew he was gay. We ended up at his place after my party, and one thing led to another. He was very good, so I had to try my best.”

“Fancy showing me what you learnt?” Nick asked, quietly.

“Why don’t we compare?” Lenny said. “I love sixty-nine.”

So there I was, in something like heaven, as my hubby and young lover indulged in a slow and sensual bout of mutual cocksucking. I couldn’t, of course, stay out of it. I got a position halfway along, and fondled each ball sack and tweaked nipples.

When I sensed they weren’t far off from coming, I lay on my back and frigged myself. And again, we came together.

“So what do you think?” I was up on one arm looking down at Nick, gently squeezing his prick trying to get him hard again.

“You’re very very good,” he smiled, turning his head to Lenny who was on the other side of him.

“Thanks,” he said warmly, “you’re pretty amazing, as well. More experience than me?” he asked.

“A little bit,” Nick acknowledged. “I started at eighteen, like you. And with an older bloke, like you. It was my driving instructor.”

For some reason, I always found this absurd, and laughed. I did so then, and Lenny joined in.

“Okay, so it’s a bit weird,” Nick said, defensively. “But he could not half suck cock. Oh, that’s nice, sweetie!”

I had my own lips on Nick’s crown, letting my tongue wander around. “Are you two up for round three?” I said, taking my mouth away. “I’ve haven’t been double fucked in a long time.”

They looked at each other and grinned. They were both hard again.

Lenny moved to sit right back against the headboard. He put a pillow under his arse, so his cocked cock was raised. He spread his legs, and I moved between them, on all fours. His cock was at just the right height Escort Çapa and I took it in my mouth, just holding it by the crown. Nick copied, leaving his cockhead just inside my cunt opening. We all stayed in that tableau for a moment, then as Nick thrust forward, my head went down.

We had to start slowly at first, me getting my head back the same time as Nick pulled almost out. But we were soon able to quicken up a bit.

Lenny was moaning and swearing for England, his hands busy squeezing not too gently my tits. Three of Nick’s fingers were at work on my twat, rubbing and caressing, making sure my clit got attended to.

“Is it as good as you remember it?” Nick asked, panting.

“Oh, yes,” I said, taking my mouth away with a ‘plop’, and then returning to my task.

“Oh shit, I’m going to cum!” Lenny suddenly bellowed, and thrusting his arse off the bed, spurted into my mouth. Nick was not quite there so he just mercilessly fucked me until he was!

This time, it took them longer to recover. They were on their backs, either side of me again, and my hands were busy coaxing another erection out of them. To help, I went from one to the other French-kissing and nipple biting. I was amazed when it was Nick who went to full mast first.

“Not bad for an old bloke!” he said, with some pleasure.

“Nice one!” Lenny said smiling. A minute later, he was there, too.

This time, Nick got sucked and Lenny fucked. The pace was leisurely, as I think we were all suddenly feeling the impact of a week of hard fucking. I think we also realised there was something more going on, than just sex. Nick and I had rekindled our relationship because of Lenny, and for that, we would always have a special feeling for him. He was also a lot more mature, and a lovely bloke, than anyone gave him credit for. I chastised myself, that up until Monday, I had just seen him as a boring nerd like everyone else. All this was clearly underneath–it just needed unlocking. And I was pleased it had been me.

We lay nackered on the bed, when we had come for the final time.

Lenny broke the silence. “I’m guessing we shouldn’t do this again for a while?”

I looked at him thinking, ‘What the fuck is he on about?’

When Nick replied, “I think you’re right. Annie–he always called me Annie not Annabelle–and I need some time to fully reconnect. And we cannot risk the college finding out, even though you’re over eighteen. Annie would still be in a lot of trouble.”

I reluctantly agreed. “Okay. I do, though, think we should meet again in the summer holidays when Nick has left.”

“Try stopping me,” Lenny said, and kissed me. For good measure, he leant over me and kissed the top of Nick’s cock.

I saw Lenny to the door and gave him a huge hug. “Thanks, Lenny. You don’t know how much Nick and I owe you.”

“The thanks is mine, Mrs. A. You’ve given me so much confidence and reassurance. Thanks.”

And with that shy smile he still had, he was gone.

Nick was still in bed, gently wanking, when I got back upstairs. “One hell of a nice young man,” Nick said. “And a bloody good cocksucker.”

“His pussy eating is pretty good now, as well,” I laughed, and began to undo my robe belt, when Nick glanced at his watch.

“Oh shit! I forgot. I’ve booked dinner for seven-thirty. It’s six o’clock. We better get ready.”

“Any particular reason?” I asked, still undoing the robe tie.

“To mark our getting back together again.” He smiled, and took me in his arms. He smoothed my hair back and kissed me long and softly. “I love you, you know that! Thanks for having me back.”

“You, stupid bugger,” I laughed. “It’s me who should be thanking you. Not many blokes fall back in love with their wives, when they see them fucking another bloke.”

“It was what I needed. Don’t get me wrong, sweetheart. I don’t get off on you fucking someone else. All this American being ‘cucked’ stuff is shit. For me, it was seeing the enjoyment on your face of making love. It was exactly the same face you had with me when we did, and was the face I saw in the bathroom mirror on Monday evening.”

I hugged him very hard back, and kissed him both passionately and lovingly. “You, soppy bastard! If you don’t get in that shower now, we won’t be going anywhere!”

“Joining me?” he asked, smiling.

“No. I want to feel and smell like a well-fucked woman all night.” As if to emphasise the fact, I felt cum trickle down my left thigh to my knee!



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