Bobbie Is In Denial


I woke up the next morning naked with Amy spooning me. She was fully clothed, even had her high heels still on. My mouth was dry and my ass was sore. I felt like a rag that had been rung out. What happened?Then I remembered kneeling in front of Joe, my ass hanging out like a juicy ham, practically panting and drooling over his thinly clothed cock. My sore little cocklet, which for some reason was tucked between my curled up legs, was already hard and leaking precum. Sometimes I push my cock down between my legs when I’m masturbating so that I can feel it pushing against the back of my legs. Something about the resistance and my cock being trapped is so hot. Usually, in these situations, I’ll lick the tip of my fingers, reach behind my ass, and rub the head of my boi clit till I cum.This time, however, the sexy material of Amy’s pants was driving me wild, so I started grinding into her“Unnh!” I whimpered as she stirred and started to reciprocate my grinding.“Mmm,” she moaned into the nape of my neck. She started kissing the back of my neck and whispering in my ear.“How’s my baby girl feeling this morning? Is she imagining her crush?”“Ahh!” I said as my cock throbbed harder than I thought possible.“Or is she imagining why I brought home such a prime slab of beefcake?”“Huh? Hngg oh god.” She had reached between us and was now stroking the head of my clitty with all five fingers, lightly raking up and down like an octopus.“Is that it, baby? Are you imagining your wife’s naughty pussy getting stuffed? When you heard me moaning on the porch, what did you imagine? Did you imagine me bent over the railing with a fat cock in me?”My face burned as my mind swam in a bewildering cocktail of arousal and jealousy. Suddenly, as if possessed, I rolled over and threw the blankets off of us.“Oh my!” said Amy. “Looks like somebody is awake!”She lay there fully clothed, looking up at me, her legs splayed and arms over her head, her face totally serene. I started to undo her pants, fumbling with the zipper and button, but eventually getting them open. Amy wasn’t really helping.“Could you lift your ass please?”“Such a demanding lover you are this morning!” she said with a smirk.She barely lifted her hips enough for me to get her pants down past her knees. I lifted her legs up and got on top of her. I thrust my raging dwarf cock inside her, and she didn’t so much as take a short breath. The corners of her lips started curling up into a sneer again.“Are you inside me?”My heart dropped. How many shades of red would my face go through today?“Are you even hard?”“Hnng oh fuck!”I came inside her. I’m not sure I even got a full stroke, or that I even felt much of her pussy. It seemed not quite as tight as last Ankara escort time. I rolled off her and laid on my back, covering my face with my hands. I couldn’t believe it happened again.“Well, now that that’s over with,” she said. She got up from the bed and went into the bathroom, closing the door behind her. She never used to close the door.I can’t even describe the emotions I was feeling. I was ashamed beyond words, and yet my body was on fire with lust. I had made like a two pump chump inside my wife, and now my shame was coaxing my poor, confused little cock back to life.I thought maybe a good soak in the hot tub would do me good. I got up and went over to my dresser. I rifled through it looking for my bathing suit.“Hey babe, do you know where my bathing suit is?”“It’s in your top drawer,” she shouted from the shower.“I checked. It isn’t there.”“Hmm, I guess maybe it accidentally went in with the Goodwill stuff?”“Well shit, what am I supposed to do now? I was gonna use the hot tub.”“You can borrow one of mine?”“Seriously?”“I mean, either that or go nude. But you know how old man Martin looks at you. It’s up to you.”Old man Martin was our skeevy neighbor who’s always sitting on his porch watching the neighborhood go by. I’m convinced he’s gay because he always stares at me and licks his lips when I go out to check the mail. He’s always dropping stuff and asking me to come pick it up for him, but I really think he just uses it as an excuse to get a good look at my ass. I mentioned it to Amy one time and said I thought he was gay.“Oh he’s not gay, trust me,” she said.“How do you know?” I was washing dishes and looked over my shoulder at her. I was barefoot and wearing Amy’s flouncy apron (it’s the only one we have and I didn’t want to get my clothes wet). She was leaning against the counter looking at some bills. She walked up behind me in her 3-inch heels, which put her 3 inches taller than me. She pressed her crotch to my ass as she slid her hands under the apron and squeezed my nipples. I closed my eyes and moaned, and my knees buckled slightly.“Honey, you’re the sweetest thing ever,” she said, and kissed my cheek.I thought about that day and how safe and protected Amy made me feel. I had been laid off a few months before, so things were tight, financially speaking. I was having trouble finding work, so I made the extra effort to help out around the house. Amy always paid the bills, even when I was working, and now I could see it was causing her more stress than before, so I basically took over the cooking & cleaning so she wouldn’t have to worry about it.I thought things had got better since she got that promotion at work, but maybe not if we Balgat escort bayan needed to Joe to rent the spare room. I wasn’t crazy about living with a guy who had bullied me ever since I could remember, but if it took some of the stress off Amy, I was willing to accept it.Right now, I was the one who needed some stress relief, so I went into Amy’s closet to find a bathing suit. She had so many great clothes, my mind started to wander as I remembered her wearing them, remembered how they felt when she rubbed up against me in them. I closed my eyes and breathed in her intoxicating scent.“Hey ho!” Amy startled me out of my reverie. “Did you find what you need?” She was naked with a towel wrapped around her head. She stood there with her hands on her hips looking right at me. We’re the same height, but she always had this ability to make me feel small. But not in a bad way.“I… umm… not really.”“Well let’s find something…” She held up a thong bikini. “What do you think? No? Too skanky? Okay, how about this?” She held up a low-rise side-tie bikini. I frowned and shook my head.“I don’t know what to tell you, princess. I don’t have any board shorts.”“Do you have a one piece?”“Yeah, but it’s a french cut thong. Your whole ass will be hanging out.”“Fine, I’ll take it.”“Are you sure? It’s not less modest than a one piece. He’ll be able to see the dimples in the small of your back.”“I’m looking for more of the, um, ya know, frontal modesty.”She grinned.“Ahh, I see. you’re afraid of him seeing your fun size tallywhacker!” She reached over and flicked it, causing it to harden instantly.“You bitch!” I couldn’t help but laugh. “How the fuck am I supposed to put this suit on now?”“Yeah, that’s quite a massive obstacle you’ve got there. Let’s see…” She held the suit down for me to step into. I put my hand on her shoulder to steady myself and stepped into it. She pulled it up past my smooth and soft legs.The tight material stretched over my hips, causing the soft flesh to dimple. She had to tug pretty hard to pull it over my juicy ass, and I squealed and grunted with every pull as I held my arms above my head while she worked it up my body.When she got to my cocklet, she stopped. She pushed it against my torso with her finger and ran it up to the head, where she rubbed it tight little circles. I shivered, moaned, and closed my eyes. She took me in her mouth and went up and down my dainty little prick a few times before stopping.“Nooo please don’t stop!”“Such a tasty little bean. We have to keep you hard so you can hold your clitty in place while I pull the suit up. Try not to squirt!”I held my cock against my torso, pointing at my navel, while she pulled the Escort Batıkent crotch of the suit over it. She pulled the top part of the suit up to my chest and paused again. She grabbed each breast, massaging them as she bent down to suckle on my right nipple. I drew in a sharp breath. She stood up.“God! You are one succulent little snack,” she said. She held the straps for me while I gingerly put my slender arms through them. She stepped back and looked at me with a look somewhere between an artist looking at their prized creation and a lioness staring down a gazelle. My cheeks flushed. She moved in and gingerly held my cheeks as she leaned in for a long, sensuous kiss. She broke the kiss and put her lips to my ear. “This cake is gonna kill that old bastard!” She laughed and slapped my ass. I squealed and ran out of the room.I walked out the back door and the humidity hit me like a wall. To most people, it was probably way too hot to get in a hot tub, but not me. I love being flushed and sweaty. Nothing relaxes me more. I padded over to the hot tub and started to remove the top. It wasn’t going to go willingly. I huffed and puffed to push it before finally calling Amy over to help me. She came out in a halter top and high waisted shorts. The nipples of her C-cups poked through the thin material like little machine gun turrets. God, am I lucky, I thought.“What would you do without a man around the house?” she said. This was kind of a running joke between us. I stuck my tongue out at her. “I guess there’s not much danger of that with those juicy lips. Let’s get this thing off.” I turned back around and started pushing. She came up behind me and put her arms on either side of mine. They were only slightly bigger than mine but she had some serious muscle tone. As soon as she started pushing it came off easily.“Thanks, baby!” I said. I spun around and put my arms around her shoulders.“You’re welcome, dollface!” She put her hands around my waist and gave me a kiss. She squeezed my midriff and pulled away.“Where are you going?”“Meeting up with Joe so we can plan the move.”“Oh…” My face went downcast. “Well okay then.”  I felt the muscles in my face tense up, and then suddenly I burst into tears.“Aww, sweetie what’s the matter?”“I don’t know, I don’t know what’s wrong with me,” I sobbed. “I guess it just feels like you’re spending all your time with him and not with me.”“Honey, that’s not true.” She sat me down on the bench near the hot tub and put her arm around me.“Well, that’s what it feels like.” I wasn’t sobbing now, just sniffling meekly.“Bobbie, I can’t… I mean…. I just…”“What?”“You really don’t get it, do you?”“Get what?”She kissed my forehead. We were standing up now. “You’re such a naive little thing. I tell you what. When I get back tonight, we’ll try some new stuff in the bedroom.” My face lit up.“Like what?” I said. She grinned a sly grin.“You’ll see. I’ll be back later. Don’t let that tushy burn!” I blushed and spun around towards the hot tub.“See ya baby!” I called.

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