Camilla Ch. 022


Candice was ecstatic with relief to see Camilla walk back into their apartment around 2 AM on Sunday morning; she also gave Mr. Fulson profuse thanks for getting Camila home safely, even asking how she could repay him. He only wanted the assurance that they wouldn’t tell anyone of his sexual adventures with Camilla on Saturday; he got that assurance, and left.

Candice hugged Camilla’s naked body tightly, kissing her left shoulder. “Oh, thank God you’re OK,” she said, choking back sobs. “I was so worried all of Saturday. I’m sorry I left you at NRG.”

“I’m sorry about Tina,” Camilla said, coughing a bit as she put her arms around Candice. “I didn’t mean to cheat. I…I don’t know…I just get impulsive whenever opportunities for sex come. Sorry.”

“I’m not mad about that. I don’t own you, and I know you like to experiment with other lovers. You’re free to fuck whoever you like, but be careful, OK? Anyway, I shouldn’t judge you; we went to NRG to find a man to share in bed, and I have a boyfriend…well, sort of. It hasn’t gotten serious yet; he probably looks at other girls–you know how men are.” Candice brought her face up to Camilla’s for a kiss.

“No, sweetie, don’t kiss me,” Camilla said with a cough. “I think I caught a cold.”

“I’m not surprised, what with you running around naked at night. Which reminds me: remember I told you on the phone that Mr. Williams came here and gave me your clothes and purse, and he told me about your encounter with those teachers. What really happened between you and those men? Look me in the eyes, and tell me the truth: did they rape you?”

“No, of course not,” Camilla said with conviction, looking in Candice’s eyes. “I loved it; I was coming buckets.”

“I can’t help thinking this is denial,” Candice said, moving down to suck on Camilla’s breasts. She also fondled Camilla’s buttocks.

“Really, Candice,” Camilla sighed. “Actually, I engineered…the whole gang-bang…I sang that…Trampauline song, ‘Gang-banged’, on purpose…in front of…each teacher…when I had…class with them…I really wanted…to get…gang-banged. Oh, Candice…I love the way…you touch me.” Camilla, coughing, started unbuttoning Candice’s shirt.

“So you meant for them to gang-bang you?” Candice asked as she took her shorts and panties off.

“Yes,” Camilla said with a cough as she pulled off Candice’s shirt. “I only wish we’d gone to one of their homes.” Camilla put her left hand on Candice’s right nipple, pinching it, and she tickled Candice’s clitoris with her right index finger. Candice moaned at Camilla’s touching. Camilla ran her hands through Candice’s hair as Candice squatted and kissed Camilla’s torso.

“Williams said…he was…really embarrassed…about doing you…in an abandoned…building,” Candice said between sighs and kisses on Camilla’s abdomen. “He said…some young punks…tried to…rape you,…but he and…the other teachers…fought them…The boys kicked…the teachers’ asses…Williams had…a nasty…black eye…Did the boys…get you?” Candice started licking Camilla’s clitoris.

“No, I got away,” Camilla moaned. “So, Williams…came here with…my clothes…and purse?…Oh!”

“Yeah,” Candice said while licking Camilla’s clitoris and fingering Camilla’s anus. “They’re in…the bedroom…Let’s go there!” They went to bed and continued their lovemaking. They put paper towel all over the middle of the bed, in anticipation of Camilla’s gushing.

Camilla lay on her back with her legs spread wide open as Candice continued performing cunnilingus on her. Sefaköy escort bayan At first, Candice alternated between slower and faster licking. She then stuck her tongue in Camilla’s vagina as far as it would go to reach her G-spot; with effort, she touched it with the tip of her tongue a few times, and Camilla squealed in a soprano voice. Her lips gently tugged on Camilla’s labia minora, and she alternated between licking, humming and buzzing on Camilla’s clitoris. Candice didn’t care if she caught Camilla’s cold: she was just glad to have her lover back.

Camilla was afraid to pass her germs on to Candice if she licked Candice’s vulva, so she suggested they try tribadism instead. They got in the ‘scissor’ position, with Camilla’s head at the head of the bed and Candice’s head at the foot of the bed; Candice’s left leg went over Camilla’s right thigh, and they started rubbing vulvas. Camilla guided Candice’s left foot on Camilla’s right breast; Candice’s toes gently pinched and tickled Camilla’s nipple.

“Ooh!” Camilla squealed. “Our pussies feel so good together!”

“Oh, yeah!” Candice sighed. “We gotta…do this…more often!” The girls felt their labia minora flap against each other, and Camilla’s hard, larger clitoris rubbed against Candice’s–equally hard, though not quite as big. Sometimes Camilla would push her clitoris against Candice’s vaginal opening and rub it around the orifice; this got Candice especially excited. Candice moved her crotch so her pubic hair brushed against Camilla’s vulva.

“Ooh!” Camilla squealed with a giggle. “Your pubic hair tickles!” She giggled again, and coughed. Both girls were approaching orgasm.

“Yours tickles, too,” Candice moaned. “I love it.” Several times, she pushed her vaginal opening against Camilla’s in imitation of kisses. Then the girls rubbed their clitorises together again.

“Oh!” both girls screamed together, and they orgasmed at the same time. Much of Camilla’s come entered Candice’s vagina, and the girls’ vaginal fluid swirled together.

They lay there for several minutes, almost motionless, and breathing heavily, then slower and slower, and lighter and lighter. Then Candice removed the soaking paper towels and threw them away. She didn’t bother cleaning Camilla’s come out of her vagina; she didn’t care if she caught any germs from Camilla–she just liked having some of her lover inside her. She went back to bed with Camilla, and both girls quickly fell asleep.


The next morning, they woke up, sat in bed, and talked. Camilla sneezed and coughed several times, and reached for the Kleenex to blow her nose.

“You’re really sick, Camilla,” Candice said. “I’m going to the drugstore to get you some medicine. We’ve got to get you better for tomorrow’s exams.”

“I’ll be okay,” Camilla said with a cough. “By the way, I wanna resume my old tae kwon do classes. I made good progress with it ’til a year ago, when I stopped. I wish I hadn’t. If I can get good at it, I’ll be able to defend myself instead of running from rapists.”

“You also need one man to be your lover, Camilla.”

“I know. I don’t know why I can’t just do that. I keep searching for the right man to replace Mr. Grisham.” Camilla started crying. “I miss him.”

Hugging Camilla, Candice said, “Forget him. You’ll find someone to replace him, sweetie.” Candice kissed her on the forehead. “I gotta go get that medicine. You rest for a while, then study. I’ll be back soon and make us some breakfast.” Yenibosna escort Candice got dressed and left for the drugstore.

Camilla got her history book and flipped through the pages to find something she didn’t know well. She found American history easy, because it was fascinating to her. Also, she found Mr. Hanson so attractive that she hung on his every word as he taught; and her photographic memory meant she could ace the test with minimal study. Finding nothing difficult to remember, she said, “Ah, I know this.” She put the book down and got out her iPad.

She got online and found Derek Jarman’s film adaptation of Shakespeare’s Tempest. She’d seen the movie before when researching an essay on the play for Mr. Grisham’s class a month ago, and she was captivated with the actor (David Meyer) who played Ferdinand. She didn’t want to watch the whole movie this time: only the part when Ferdinand emerges naked from the water onto a beach. She found the right scene and paused it. On Friday she had put a can of pencils on the shelf on the head of the bed to cover up the hole where the hidden camera was, that of the girls’ next-door-voyeur-neighbour. She did this out of respect for Candice’s privacy; but now that Candice wasn’t home, Camilla removed the can so the voyeur could freely watch her masturbate as she watched Ferdinand’s nude scene. She lay on the bed with her head at the foot of the bed and with her legs spread wide open, so the camera–if being used at the time–could get a clear image of her fingering her genitals as she watched the movie.

“I wonder if he’s watching,” she said, then pressed play to watch the nude scene. She started rubbing her finger against her clitoris as she saw Ferdinand’s muscular naked body stagger out of the water. Her eyes were fixed on his penis. “Oh, Ferdinand, your body is soooooo beautiful!” Her vagina was getting wet as she continued stroking her clitoris and tickling her G-spot. “Ooh, look at his long, wiggly penis!” She giggled and coughed. This was one of those rare moments when she lusted after a younger man (Meyer would have been about 32 when the film was made). He had smooth, white skin, with muscular definition in his arms, torso, and legs. As the nude man staggered towards a large mansion just off the beach, she thrilled to see his soft, round buttocks and the back of his scrotum shaking between his legs. As she continued masturbating, she noticed slight movements from her neighbour’s camera. “He’s watching! Good! Oh!” Every time she’d seen this neighbour, he had his door ajar so she couldn’t see much of him, though he saw all of her naked body in the hall; what she did see of him, however, looked good, so she was happy to entertain him with her masturbating. He was another lover for her to try. She fingered herself more vigorously as she got wetter and wetter. Her other hand fondled her breasts.

When the nude scene was over, she brought it back to the beginning, with Ferdinand coming out of the water and onto the beach again. She began to fantasize that she was the naive virgin Miranda from the play, with no knowledge of men apart from her father and his vile, deformed slave. Having been with only these two men, always clothed in front of her, all her life on their lonely island, she knew nothing of men’s anatomy. Now she would see naked Ferdinand approach her from the beach, as in Jarman’s movie…

Salivating at the sight of his penis, and curious about what this new, beautiful anatomy was that she’d never seen before, ‘Miranda’ said, “This Escort Halkalı is the third man that e’er I saw; the first that e’er I sighed for.”

Standing in front of kneeling, clothed ‘Miranda’, Ferdinand said, “O you, so perfect and so peerless, are created of every creature’s best!”

“What is this for?” she asked, touching his penis. “I haven’t one: why have you one when I haven’t?”

“Women aren’t supposed to have them attached to their bodies, but women may enjoy them inside their bodies,” he explained as his penis started hardening in her hand.

“‘Tis growing,” she said with delight and fascination. “How may I enjoy it?”

“Suck on it,” he said.

She gluttonously put it in her mouth. It grew thick and to a length of seven inches. It was a supreme phallic beauty, sliding in and out of her mouth like a long, thick stick of rock candy. Adoring its size and hardness, she deep-throated it and kept it deep inside her for several seconds, for she wanted to know it in its entirety. Its awesome length went down so far into her throat that the tip seemed to be almost level with her heart. Her face was buried in his pubic hair. She grabbed his buttocks, squeezed them, and fingered his anus. He groaned with pleasure at ‘Miranda’s’ oral talent, so prodigious for so innocent a virgin. She put the index finger of her right hand deep inside his rectum, which was perfectly clean from his bath in the tempest at sea, and her left hand played with his testicles, shaking them gently. She pulled her head back to take the length out of her throat, and her lips and tongue caressed the large, ovoid knob.

‘Miranda’ knew nothing of men except for her father, Prospero, and the beastly Caliban, and she was only now beginning to know about the functions of a phallus. Still, she instinctively sensed, as if she had ESP, that he would ejaculate soon, and that the spent member would then be flaccid, no longer interesting to her. She was in control of his pleasure, though, and she would keep him like Priapus for as long as she liked.

She intuited that his desire was peaking, and that she would have to ensure that his peaking would go no higher to result in ejaculation; still, she wanted to sustain his peaking desire at the same high level, no lower. Thus she licked, kissed, and sucked on his phallus in such a way as to keep him at such a high plateau. She was fascinated at the protruding tube (his corpus spongiosum) along the underside of his phallus, and she licked it and tickled it with her tongue. She also tapped his testicles gently with her hand, for they fascinated her, too. His pubic hair tickled her face. She licked the urethral opening on the tip, and let her lips roam all along his shaft. Finally, after about twenty minutes of her sustaining his peaking desire, she relented, and stimulated him to orgasm: his ejaculation was a fountain filling her mouth. She swallowed it all, careful not to miss a drop, for she loved the sweet nectar. Then, finally, she sighed, “How beauteous mankind is!”…

Camilla continued fantasizing in this way as she watched the nude scene over and over again while frantically masturbating. Her tickling fingers fluttered against her clitoris and went inside her vagina and anus, rubbing against her G-spot and her rectal walls. With her other hand, she put the nipple of one breast in her mouth for sucking, then the nipple of the other one. Watching the movements of the camera, she kept her vulva and anus pointed directly at it to ensure her neighbour was getting a good look. She had no idea what pleasure she was giving him, but she hoped and assumed that his pleasure was at a maximum. Finally, she came all over the sheets. The camera moved down to get a look at the foam.

“Shit!” she said. “I forgot to get the paper towels.” Watching the movements of the camera, she said, “Well, at least he enjoyed the show.”

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