Clouds Drift By


The phone rang as they laid in bed relaxing. Sex had been good that morning and neither of them felt like getting up yet. She answered the phone.

“Hello,” she said.

“Hi! It’s Nella,” replied the voice on the phone.

“Hey Nella. How are you?” she asked.

“I’m doing fine. Did I catch you in bed?” Nella asked.

“Yeah, you did. We’re just laying here in the afterglow,” she giggled.

“Oh wow! I wondered. Your voice had that whole sexy tone to it. It’s about 9:30am there isn’t it?”

“Yeah Nella. It is so good to hear from you. I missed you last time because of the laundry,” she said.

“I remember that, which is why I called early. How’s life?” Nella asked.

“Busy. That’s why today is a flake out and sleep in day,” she said.

“And playtime day,” Nella teased.

“Definitely,” she said. He laughed too, because he could hear Nella too.

“How’s your Sir? Did he pass his tests?” she asked.

“Yup, The big do or die test is done. He has two others left. I get to see him in a couple of weeks,” Nella said. “It’s been so long, it will be like we just met! I am so horny. He calls and I’m all wet. Oh, and he asked who you were ’cause I mentioned you in that one blog post. I explained that we’ve known each other for nearly 17 years.”

“Yeah, we were both on the homeschooling list way back in ’93 or ’94,” she said.

“Yup and I’m still homeschooling. Damn! How’s life at your house?” Nella asked.

“Good. He’s keeping busy. Our housemate is a sweetie and the ex’s… are ex’s. Sefaköy escort I see mine as little as possible,” she said. He giggled again in the background, and started tickling her ribs ever so lightly.

“I’ve been reading your blog. Haven’t commented much, but I enjoy the stories,” Nella said.

“Good. I read your’s too. Oh my some of those are… um… Hot.” she said.

“You need power tools if you two keep reading and writing those stories,” he said.

“Yeah, we will,” she replied.

“What did he say?” asked Nella.

“He said if we keep writing and reading, we’ll need power tools,” she said. “He’s insinuating that we are two horny women.”

“He’s got that right. Sir said I’m hornier than most 20 year olds,” said Nella.

“Damn right we are. You on the East cost and me in the mountains,” she said. “If we ever get together, it could be a real blaze,” she giggled.

He stood up out of the bed and went to the dresser. Opening a box, he pulled out her vibrator, a lovely new toy. The rabbit. Walking back to the bed, he waited until he had her attention and then waved it at her.

“No!” she mouthed at him.

He smiled and crawled back onto the bed. Clicking it to the first vibrating setting, he started to run it over her skin.

“What’s going on?” asked Nella.

“He went and grabbed power tools, and is teasing me with it,” she said.

“Power tools?” Nella asked.

“My rabbit vibrator,” she said, having a little trouble concentrating on speaking as he Escort Yenibosna was moving the vibrator around to the best advantage. “He has this game he plays… we play. Whenever the phone interrupts playtime, if we have to answer it, the one on the phone gets picked on by the other. Usually it’s my Dad or my one son that calls. I started it one time when Dad wanted to talk to him, and kept giving him a blow job. Ever since… th..then, it has been open season,” she finally finished.

“That gives a whole new meaning to phone sex!” said Nella.

“Ohhh, yeah,” she said, trying not to gasp as he picked up the pace on the vibrator.

“He realizes that we write about everything, especially on our blogs, doesn’t he?” Nella asked.

“Ohhhh…. y..yeah,” she gasped. “He knows! And I am sooo…. so… writing about this!” she said.

“I’m counting on that,” he said and started laughing.

“Did I hear him right?” asked Nella.

“Yup!” she said and started laughing. All of them started laughing.

“Are you gonna te..tell your Sir about our little game?” she gasped out between giggles and the building orgasm.

“Oh yeah. Although I’m not allowed to answer the phone when we are together,” Nella said.

“Mmmaybe you two can mm..ake an exception, and call me,” she said.

“Yes, and the two men can both be brats,” said Nella.

All three of them laughed, as he could hear the phone conversation too.

“Well, I’d better get going, I’ve got to finish up lunch and then Halkalı escort bayan deal with the last two hours of work,” said Nella.

“Oh kay,”she said. “It was so good to talk to you! Are you calling next Saturday?”

“Yup! Have fun you two!” said Nella. “Bye!”

“Bye Nella!” they said together.

“Now that was fun,” he said as he turned up the vibrator.

“Yyyyou are… a …brat!” she said a she put the phone down.

“Don’t go telling me you didn’t like this?” he said as he moved the vibrator to a better position, watching her stiffen as the orgasm that had been building began to wash over her.

“Oh… no! I love it. Jjjjust that it is soo… so.. so… hard to talk on the phone,” she moaned.

“Oh I don’t know. I didn’t have any problems,” he said.

“You weren’t the one being played with this time!” she said.

“Nope!” he said as he grinned. “Any bets she had to head to the bathroom to take care of an itch?” he asked.

“No, Poor dear, having to sit there all horny. Her Sir usually calls her too on Ssssaturdays,” she said.

He turned up the vibrator again and wiggled it just right. She stopped talking as the orgasm washed over her.

“Oh!” was all she could say.

“You know, I love the way you wiggle your hips and scream,” he said moving the vibrator to one side and crawling between her legs. She was soaked, and felt so good as he entered. It wasn’t long before they both shuddered with orgasms. They collapsed to the bed to recover.

An hour or so later, they got up and showered. She had a smile on her face, and he wondered what that was all about. “Hon, what you smiling about?” he asked.

“Oh, Great sex, and a story to write,” she said.

“You wouldn’t!” he said.

“Oh yes, I am,” she said and went out to make tea. She had a very sweet story to write.

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