Daddy’s Girl


Jack was 45, athletic and every woman’s idea of a hunk. He had blonde hair which he kept in a crew cut and at six feet two he stood above most people in any room. His large chest was testament to his workout regimen. He had had a heavy two hour workout at the gym that Saturday. Later on he went to a nearby bar to relax, have a few drinks and watch some college football.

He sat at the bar drinking a beer while watching his alma mater, Virginia Tech beat up on Georgia. He was quite pleased of course. When they scored their next touchdown he cheered and looked at the young woman sitting next to him at the bar and said, “Damn they’re looking good today!”

The woman just smiled at him in return and looked back down at her drink. He felt a bit put off but decided to continue, “My name’s Jack by the way.” Jack had always been a very personable bigger than life sort of guy.

The young woman looked back up at him and smiled weakly and said, “Hi, I’m Tracy.” She had hoped he’d say something but now that he had she found herself scared shitless that he might ask her a question.

“I don’t think I’ve seen you here before,” Jack continued desiring to get a conversation going. As Jack looked at her he found her attractive and he’d not had any sort of female companionship in a while with his busy work schedule and all. He was hoping they might get something going.

They went through all the usual small talk, what do you do, are you married, where’d you go to college, etc. Jack bought her several drinks as they continued to talk and their conversation became increasingly warm.

After talking for about an hour and thinking she might interested in him as much as he was in her he asked, “you wanna get out of here and go somewhere?”

Without thinking Tracy said, “Sure.”

Jack was surprised she hadn’t asked him where. As they left the bar and headed towards his car Tracy noticed just how big a man he was, how well built. She wanted to touch him, somewhere, anywhere and feel what looked like muscles of steel.

“We can take my car,” Jack indicated pointing to his BMW.

Tracy was impressed. He had the sporty little two-seater and while she had usually disdained the yuppie sort of car this particular one she favored. When they got in the car she said, “So where are we going, your place?” She couldn’t believe she had said all of that. She had not meant to say anything about going to his place even though it was what she was hoping for. Now she felt foolish as well as rather tipsy.

“If you want,” Jack replied.

Tracy said she did and in no time they arrived at a nice colonial style house in a very nice part of town. When they got inside and into the living room Jack offer Tracy a drink and she accepted. He brought her the drink and sat down next to her.

Jack had a beer in his hand and while taking a couple of sips from the bottle he stared at her. Tracy was uncomfortable with this type of attention usually. She didn’t feel quite so self-conscious. She only wished that he’d say something instead of just staring at her. She had been staring down at her drink and Güngören escort bayan when she looked up at Jack he leaned in and kissed her. Although complete surprised she wasn’t offended but felt like she needed to at least feign some sort of resistance so she pushed him away and said, “Don’t, I don’t even know you.”

Jack wasn’t sure what to make of her and considered his next move. It had been her suggestion that they come here so he’d assumed she wanted something and he was hoping that was sex. He hadn’t had any sex in a long time and was about as randy as he’d ever been. He waited a few moments more and when she looked at him again he again leaned in and kissed her. This time she didn’t resist. Jack put his arms around her and pulled her into him and started kissing her passionately. He quickly moved his hands to her breasts.

“No don’t!” Tracy complained. Jack noticed, however, that she hadn’t pushed him away and he found that odd.

“You know you’ve got nice tits!”

Tracy was surprised at this comment and replied, “Oh you are a bad boy aren’t you.”

Now he felt certain she was playing a game of some sort so he decided to go along and said, “And you’re a very bad girl.”

“I’m sorry daddy, I don’t mean to be.” Tracy put on her very best little girl look for him. Jack was totally surprised by her response. This was something he had never encountered before but he’d certainly heard a lot about it.

Jack thought about it for a second and then grabbing Tracy’s arm roughly he stood up and pulled her up too and said, “You’ve been a very bad girl. I’m going to have to take you upstairs and give you a good spanking.”

As Jack pulled Tracy roughly up the stair Tracy silently cooed to herself. She was excited. In the bedroom he sat down on the bed and pulled her over his lap and began to spank her hard. His had stung her ass but the sting was a little muted by the jeans she was wearing.

“You are such a bad little girl Tracy! I thought I brought you up better than that! You’re becoming a slut and I can’t have that, do you understand me?”

“Yes daddy,” Tracy whimpered as Jack’s hand once again slapped her ass hard.

“Get up and take your pants down for me!” He commanded.

“Yes daddy.”

Tracy kicked her shoes off, pushed he pants and panties down with her back to Jack. As she turned around she put her hands in front of her naked pussy. Jack swatted her hands away from her pussy, looked at her and then roughly pulled her back down on his lap. He slapped her again, hard. It stung her a lot more than any of the previous slaps had. She could feel tears beginning to well up inside her but she could also feel herself becoming extremely aroused. Jack could see her ass becoming red from where he was spanking her.

Jack thought about what to do next. This was all new to him but it exhilarated him as well. He pushed Tracy off his lap and onto the floor. She looked up at him with tears in her eyes. “Take your blouse and bra off you slut!”

“Daddy!” Tracy complained feigning shock.

“Just do it or it’ll Escort İnnovia just be that much worse for you!”

Tracy stood up and started to turn her back to him. “Don’t you dare turn your back on me little girl!”

Tracy turned back around while removing her blouse and bra. Now she stood naked in front of him. First she covered her breasts with her hands and then her pussy as if to hide her innocence and her shame. Again Jack swatted her hands away.

Jack abruptly got up, grabbed her hands and pushed her up against the wall at the head of the bed. Then he pulled off his belt and proceeded to first tie her hands up with one end of the belt and then tied the other end of the belt to the bed’s headboard.

“Daddy, what are you going to do to me?” Tracy cried.

“Just shut the fuck up!” he barked. Jack quickly undressed himself and stood behind Tracy. His cock was very hard and covered with his precum. He took his cock and shoved it between her ass cheeks without entering her ass or her pussy. There you cheap little slut you! That’s what you’ve wanted isn’t it!”

“Daddy no!” Tracy cried.

“Oh cut the shit you little whore! You think I don’t know what you do at nights. You think I don’t know about all the men you fuck. I heard you pulled a train one night. You’re nothing but a cheap whore!”

Jack slapped Tracy’s ass hard and then pulled her hips up slightly as he plunged his cock into her pussy. She was dripping wet but even so he met a lot of resistance in her tight cunt.

“Look at how wet you are you little slut! You wanted this didn’t you!”

“No daddy no!”

“Yes you did you cheap fucking slut you!” Jack rammed his cock into as hard as he could again and again. He hit Tracy with such force that a couple of times she banged into the headboard and yelped in a little pain.

He pulled out of her pussy and slapped her ass hard again with his hand. Then he spread her ass cheeks and slowly pushed a finger into her asshole. “You aren’t gonna tell me you’re a virgin here are you?”

“I am! No one has even done me there, seriously!” Jack took Tracy’s response without calling him daddy as being truthful so he decided not to pursue it. Instead he untied his belt from the headboard and swung Tracy around.

“Now, get on your knees and suck my cock. I’ve heard you’re a great cock sucker so show me!”

Tracy quickly got on her knees and immediately took Jack’s cock into her mouth. He was a little on the big size in both length and girth so she doubted her ability to take all of him in. But as soon as his cock entered her mouth he forced to the back of her throat which caused her to immediately gag. Jack pulled back a little but kept his cock in her mouth.

“Come on you little slut. This is what you’re supposed to be good at. Don’t tell me it’s all a lie. Is it?”

Tracy pulled off his cock and said, “No daddy.”

Jack pushed his cock forcefully back into her mouth and said, “So show your old man what you can do.” Tracy started going up and down on his cock while one of her hands was wrapped around its base Kağıthane escort and stroking it a little and the other hand was squeezing his rather large balls. Jack silently admitted to himself that Tracy was actually extraordinarily talented in the way she sucked him. He could feel the cum quickly rising from his balls but he didn’t want to come in her mouth.

Jack took Tracy’s hair in his hand and pulled back on it hard but not forcefully so. “That’s enough you tramp! I’ve got other ideas for you now get up!”

Once she was on her feet Jack pushed her to the bed and bent her over it. He came up from behind her, spread her ass cheeks a little and said, “I think I want to fuck your ass anyway. What do you think of that?”

Jack had pushed the head of his cock right on her asshole but not into it. “No daddy please don’t! I’ll do anything for you if you don’t, anything!”

“Anything at all?”

“Yes daddy, anything at all just please don’t do that!”

Jack pushed his cock against her asshole but not enough for it to go in and then said, “So you’ll admit that you’re nothing but a little slut and that from now on you’ll do everything I tell you to exactly how and when I tell you to?”

“Yes daddy, I promise!”

“Well see!” Jack took his cock from her asshole and quickly pushed it into her cunt. Tracy grunted and then moaned as she felt it entering her.

Jack started fucking Tracy as hard as he could. She was so wet he hoped she’d come very soon because he knew he was going to. The high produced from the rough sex had aroused him more than he could have imagined and he couldn’t hold on my longer. As he slammed his cock into her cunt again and again he commanded, “Grab your tits with your hands and pull on them while I fuck you.” Tracy did as commanded and then Jack said, “Good girl. I’m glad you’re acting more like my little girl now than that cheap gutter slut you were a little while ago. You do realize what a cheap gutter slut you were being don’t you!”

“Yes daddy,” Tracy moaned.

“Tell me you like feeling your daddy’s cock fucking you!”

“Daddy, I love feeling your cock fucking my cunt!”

He slammed her with his cock again and again and just before he started to come he said, “Little girl, I’m gonna come in your slutty little cunt. Is that what you want me to do?”

“Yes daddy, please come in my pretty little cunt!”

“Oh fuck I’m coming!” Jack yelped as his cock exploded into Tracy’s pussy.

Jack’s words put Tracy over the top and she moaned, “Oh daddy, I’m coming too. Oh daddy! Oh daddy I’m coming, I’m coming!”

Jack had his hand firmly attached to Tracy’s hips as he came in her pussy. Even when he had finish coming in her he continued to stroke his cock in and out of her. Tracy seemed to hold onto her orgasm for quite a while as he did that but soon she quieted down.

Finally Jack pushed Tracy down on the bed and wrapped her up in his arms. Her eyes averted Tracy said, “Thank you, that was really good and exactly what I needed.”

“I didn’t know I had that in me,” Jack confessed.

“Can we do this some more?” Tracy asked.

“Now?” Jack asked.

“Any time.”

They talked at length about what had happened. They agreed that since it was their first time they still needed to learn each other’s desires and moves. In the end the decided they both want to have a lot more sessions just like this one.

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