Debbie’s Addiction Ch. 10

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Jack led Renee upstairs by her leash, with Jeremy right behind them leading Debbie. Jack flopped down in his chair and pulled Renee down onto his lap. Jeremy fell into the couch and pulled Debbie down till she was kneeling between his legs. “So what are you going to do for the rest of the day Tiger?” Jack asked Jeremy as he held Renee, fondling her tits.

“Uncle Jack, I’m just going to enjoy this slut for as long as I can!” He pulled her into his crotch. Debbie knew what was expected of her. She began to lick and fondle his flaccid cock, knowing that she would bring his snake back to life in short order. Jeremy watched her with a smile. Debbie looked up at him and saw his smile. The initial horror of being given to her daughter’s boyfriend had been replaced with her natural craving of wanting to please whoever was dominating her. It was as if Jeremy knew what she needed to hear. “You are an incredible slut!” He said to her as he stroked her hair. “If Uncle ever lets you go, I’m taking you for myself. And you won’t have any say in it. I’ll just take you and make you mine.” Debbie smiled to herself at his words. His approval and desire to own her told her he was pleased with her. That was what Debbie craved more than anything.

Jack laughed at Jeremy’s comment. “Well you can put that thought out of your head. Both these sluts are mine now, and I have no intention of letting either of them go. You’re just going to have to find your own sluts.”

“How long do I have her for today Unc?”

Jack looked at his nephew for a few seconds as he thought about his answer. “You can have her till 6:00. I need to get her home at a decent hour.”

Jeremy laid his head back on the couch as Debbie bathed his cock and balls with her mouth. She purred on his meat as she felt it stirring back to life inside her mouth. Debbie thought how she could really get used to servicing young cock because of how quickly it could recover. There was a satisfaction she had knowing she was pleasing a man and that he wanted her. He lifted his head and looked down at her smiling. “You hungry or thirsty?” There was a tenderness in his voice that wasn’t there in the basement. Now that his initial lust had been abated, he was beginning to see her in a different light. Jack had told him this was how it should be.

Debbie looked up at him stroking his hardening cock with a weak smile. “A little!”

Jeremy unsnapped her leash and kissed her softly on the lips, sucking on them, pulling them into his mouth. Debbie gasped from the tenderness of the kiss. He pulled away. “Stacy likes it when I kiss her like that. Why don’t you get us a sandwich and drink from the kitchen? Then we’ll spend the rest of the day upstairs in bed.”

Jack mumbled to Renee as he fondled her tits. “How about you? You need anything?”

Renee nuzzled her head into his shoulder. “No. I’m good.” She mumbled.

“Then let’s head upstairs to my bedroom.” Jack led Renee up the stairs. “You two have fun.” He said to Jeremy as he walked by him. “Remember what I told you about her.”

Debbie walked out of the kitchen just as Jack and Renee closed the door to his bedroom. She was carrying a couple bagels and a couple bottles of water. “Couldn’t find any lunchmeat.” Debbie said as she knelt down between his legs again handing him a bagel and water.

“No problem. I’m easy to please.”

Debbie giggled. “That’s what Stacy says.”

“She does, does she?” Jeremy took a bite of his bagel and downed it with some water. “I think I’m going to ask Unc if he’d let me have you join the two of us sometime. Then I could take mother and daughter together.” Jeremy couldn’t help but smile as he saw the expression on Debbie’s face completely change at the mentioning of that idea.

“No! You wouldn’t! Please! I couldn’t!” Just when Debbie thought she’d been humiliated as much as a woman could be, her young master suggests something that she couldn’t do. She felt herself falling down that black hole again. She groaned within herself. ‘How deep is this hole? Will I ever get out?’ She thought to herself as she stared into Jeremy’s eyes.

“Oh yes I would! And yes you will! If Uncle Jack gives me the thumbs up!” He continued to smile as he watched his idea of having mother and daughter together wash over Debbie. Jeremy finished his snack and stood up. “Let’s go! I’ve still got six hours with you!” He led her upstairs and then had an idea as he passed his uncle’s bedroom. He knocked on the door.

“Yeah!” Jack yelled from inside the bedroom. “Come in!”

Jeremy opened the door and stuck his head inside to see Jack sitting up in bed with his back resting against the headboard and his mom’s head between his legs. “Oh! I’m sorry Unc! I didn’t know . . .”

Jack chuckled. “Relax! Nothing you haven’t seen before!” Then he realized it was his mom sucking on his cock. “Well, maybe this is something you haven’t seen before!” He laughed. “Anyway, what do you need?”

Jeremy stood and watched Escort Güngören for a few seconds as his mom’s head bobbed up and down on Jack’s cock. “Uh, yeah!” Jeremy stuttered as he tried to recollect his thoughts. “I was just wondering if you’d be ok if I had Slut along with Stacy someday? I thought it might be fun to have them both together.”

Jack stroked Renee’s head as he talked with Jeremy, as though it was the most normal thing on earth to be having a conversation with someone while his cock was being sucked on. Jack’s eyebrows raised. “Hey! That’s a great idea! Let’s talk about it later though. This little minx is about to go for a ride! Now get out of here and enjoy my slut.”

Jeremy led Debbie into the guest bedroom and went right to the bed. He flopped down on the bed. Debbie sat next to him awaiting instructions. He looked over at her, “Get down there and work your magic.” Debbie laid between his legs and began to suck his cock back to life. Jeremy laid with his hand behind his head staring at the ceiling. He began to feel a little irritated that Uncle had denied him the use of Debbie’s pussy. He wanted to know what it felt like inside her, fucking her the way a man should fuck a woman. But he brought himself out of it realizing it wasn’t worth getting upset over when he’d been given so much more. He looked down at Debbie as she sucked and licked his cock with an enthusiasm that told him she enjoyed what she was doing. “Get up here and lay on your back!”

Debbie crawled up and lay next to Jeremy. He rolled over her and sucked one of her tits into his mouth. Debbie groaned as his tongue swirled around her hardening nipple. Jeremy moved over to the other tit and repeated the process. As he sucked on her nipples his hand slid down her stomach and slipped between her legs. He cupped her soaked cunt and began to gently massage her clit. Slowly at first, Debbie’s body began to respond to the stimulation it was receiving. Her breathing became shallow. Her pelvis began to thrust up against his hand.

Jeremy looked up at her, his saliva covering her tit. “Remember, you’re not allowed to cum until you ask permission and I grant it.”

Debbie whimpered as the need grew within her. “Yes sir! I remember!”

Jeremy clamped his mouth on her tit again and renewed his devouring her flesh. Debbie’s body arched up off the bed as he drove her closer to another orgasm. She wrapped her fingers in his hair and pulled his head into her chest as Jeremy’s fingers worked her spasming cunt.

Debbie began to sob with need. “Oh please may I cum?!” She begged.

Jeremy lifted off her body and pulled his hand from between her legs. “No you may not!” He laid on his side propped up on his elbow staring at her. Her chest heaving as her body craved release. Without thinking Debbie began to rub her clit trying to pleasure herself. Jeremy grabbed her wrist and pulled it away. “I didn’t give you permission to play with yourself!”

Debbie looked at him with need and longing in her eyes. “Sorry sir!”

“Roll over!” Jeremy commanded her. Debbie rolled over on her stomach. He raised his hand and brought it down on her ass with enough force to cause a real sting. Debbie grunted at the sting of his hand. “You going to do that again Slut?” Jeremy asked as he commenced to spank her with his hand.

“Oooohhhh no sir!” Debbie wailed as his hand began to turn her ass into a burning mass of flesh.

“Roll back over!” He ordered her after a dozen spanks on her ass. Debbie rolled over without hesitation. Jeremy took her body again with a renewed frenzy. His hand worked her gushing pussy while his mouth sucked and bit her sensitive tits. Debbie’s body arched up and off the bed again as he drove her back towards that edge of sexual explosion. “OH PLEASE! PLEASE!” She begged with no dignity left. “I NEED IT!”

Jeremy pushed her body till he felt her on the verge of exploding, then backed off and laid on his side again. He watched her slowly calm down, her body twitching with need. Debbie looked at him with longing as he lay there quietly. “Stacy hates it when I do this to her.” He said with a smile. “At least she hates me till I finally bring her off. I’m just trying to decide how many times I’m going to do this to you.”

Renee had sucked on Jack’s cock till her jaw began to ache. Jack had watched her with great pleasure. He’d always enjoyed watching a woman go down on a cock. Ever since he was a teenager watching porn, the most erotic scenes for him were the ones where a slut had a mouthful of cock. He grabbed a handful of hair and pulled her off his cock. “OK! Climb up there and ride that cock now!”

Renee straddled his waist and positioned his stiff rod at the entrance to her pussy. Her hair hung in her face and her body shuddered as she slowly lowered herself, filling her with his glorious meat. She purred like a kitten as she ground her pussy in a circular motion on Jack’s cock, trying to get as İnnovia Escort much of him inside her as she could. Renee then began to bounce up and down on his cock as she felt her own orgasm building.

Jack lay with his hands tucked behind his head and a smile on his face as he watched his slut ride his cock. The sight was as erotic as anything he’d ever seen. The intensity on her face with eyes closed. Her tits bouncing up and down as her hair flailed all over her face. Her grunts intensifying as she got closer to her own orgasm. Jack reached up with both hands and pinched her nipples as hard as he’d ever done. Debbie screamed both from the sudden pain, but also the ecstasy of her orgasm slamming into her. Her scream filled the house.

Jeremy laughed as he heard his mom screaming. He had no idea what his uncle was doing to her. But he could tell from the scream it was a scream release and pleasure. “It sounds like Uncle Jack has mom singing.” He looked down at Debbie as his fingers pummeled her gushing pussy. The sloshing and slurping noise of his finger fucking her filled the room. “Is that what you need slut? Do you need to scream like a whore in heat?”

Debbie almost screamed her response. The need within her was becoming almost overwhelming. “YES! YES! MAKE ME SCREAM! MAKE YOUR SLUT SCREAM! PLEASE! PLEASE!”

Jack held out for as long as he could. But Renee’s cunt spasming all over his cock as she climaxed was more than he could withstand. He lifted her off the bed as he began to pump his seed into her. Feeling Jack’s cock explode inside her pussy sent a new wave of pleasure coursing through Renee’s body, causing her to make a noise that sounded more like a wild animal than a woman being pleasured. She had been stripped of all dignity and propriety, and she didn’t give a damn. She had never been driven like this before. And the more he drove her, the more she craved it.

Renee collapsed onto Jack’s chest. Her legs ached from straddling his body. Her nipples throbbed from the abuse they’d just endured. Her pussy continued to spasm as her body still shook from the aftershocks of her orgasm. Jack wrapped his arms around her and squeezed her into his body as tightly as he could. Renee purred like a contented cat.

Jack lay there for a few seconds and then had a wicked thought. “Roll over!” He mumbled to Renee. She rolled off his body and lay next to him. “Stay here! And don’t get up!” Jack rolled out of bed and walked down the hallway to the bedroom Jeremy and Debbie were using. He knocked on the door. “Hey stud! Can I come in?”

“Sure! Come on!” Jeremy yelled from the other side of the door.

Jack opened the door and was greeted with the sound of his slut’s sloshing pussy being jack-hammered with Jeremy’s fingers. The look on Debbie’s face told him his nephew was giving his slut exactly what she needed. He chuckled, “Work that pussy man! Have you got her begging yet?”

Jeremy looked over his shoulder at Jack and gave him a wicked grin. “Oh yeah! I just don’t think she needs it bad enough yet.”

“Well I’m about to give you a graduation, birthday and Christmas present all wrapped in one!” Jeremy stopped working her pussy and gave Jack his full attention. “I’m giving you permission to fuck my slut’s pussy. I want you to fuck her deep and hard, and fill her with all the cream you’ve got! And after you’ve fucked her good, don’t let her get out of bed until I tell you. OK?”

You’d of thought Jeremy had just won Lotto by the look on his face. “Yes sir! Thanks Unc!” He wasted no time taking advantage of Jack’s generous offer. He crawled between Debbie’s legs, spread them as wide, then laid his cock along the length of her slit and began rubbing it along her pussy lips and over her swollen clit.

Debbie’s head shot up from the bed and she glared at him. She was tired of being teased and tormented. She almost said something when she felt the head of his cock slide into her pussy. Instead she moaned with the anticipation of finally having the release she desperately needed.

Jeremy held his cock at the entrance to his slut’s pussy savoring the moment. He didn’t know how many times his uncle would give him this opportunity, and he wanted it to last as long as he could. “You can cum now!” He almost grunted with pleasure as he slowly shoved his cock into her sucking cunt. He groaned with pleasure as he felt the walls of her warm soft canal wrap around his shaft and almost try to pull him into her body. He sat in place for a couple minutes enjoying the sensations of her pussy squeezing his cock as he stared down at her body as it began to spasm from her orgasm.

Debbie gasped as his cock slid into her body and filled her. When his pelvis slammed against her swollen clit, her body exploded with the orgasm she had so long been denied. Her back arched up and off the bed as Jeremy began to pound his manhood into her. “OOOHHH FUCK ME!” Debbie wailed as wave after wave of euphoria washed Kağıthane escort bayan over her. Jeremy picked up the pace with a steady pile driving of his cock in her pussy. The harder he pounded her pussy, the more Debbie came. They’d both lost track of how many times he’d brought her to the edge of climaxing only to deny her. Now her body was exploding with all the pent-up energy that had built from her young master’s relentless tormenting.

Debbie’s stomach began to cramp as the intensity of her orgasm continued unabated. Jeremy’s body was now covered in perspiration as he worked her pussy as though his life depended on it. He was glad he’d cum a couple times already. He was going to hold out for as long as possible. The room was filled with the noise of their bodies slapping together and her juices sloshing out of her. Debbie’s pussy was a gushing oil well that couldn’t be stopped up.

The minutes ticked away as Jeremy fucked his slut for the day. A couple times he slowed down as he felt his own orgasm approaching. When he felt it pass he would resume pounding of her body again. He really was trying to make this last as long as he could.

After what seemed like an eternity, Debbie lay there exhausted. Her pussy was being used in a way that Jack had never used it. It felt like it was on fire. The sheets under her ass were soaked from her juices that now flowed from her. Jeremy’s fucking continued. Her tits bounced with each thrust of his cock. Debbie lay there in a haze as her body was used by her young master.

“OH FUCK!” Jeremy grunted. “I’m gonna cum now slut! I’m gonna fill your fucking pussy with my cum.” He grunted with each thrust. “I’M GONNA FILL YOU SLUT!” He almost screamed as his cock exploded inside her womb. Debbie grabbed the sheets she was laying on and screamed, arching her back, as the thought of her young master filling her with his seed sent her over the edge one more time. Her mind again fixated on the fact that she was being fucked by her daughter’s boyfriend. She knew then she had to talk her real master into letting Jeremy fuck her again and again. The excitement of being taken by this young buck was overwhelming. She had to have this on a regular basis.

Jeremy finally collapsed on her body. He’d emptied himself inside her. As he laid beside her, he reached for her tits and began to fondle them with his left hand. His breathing was still labored and heavy. “That was incredible!” He whispered in her ear as his head lay next to hers. “You are incredible!” Debbie smiled at the compliment. Her young master was pleased with her, and that’s all that mattered. After several minutes Jeremy stirred. “Don’t move! I want to see what Uncle Jack has in mind.” He rolled out of bed and walked down the hallway and knocked on Jack’s door.

“Come!” Jack yelled.

Jeremy stuck his head in the door. “What did you have in mind?”

Jack was laying in bed with his head propped up on the headboard, enjoying Renee’s oral skills as she lay next to him. “You all done tiger? I don’t think they heard you across town. Don’t be so quiet next time.” Jack laughed as Jeremy turned red. “Was she that good?” He asked smiling, already knowing the answer.

Now Jeremy smiled. “Oh yeah! She was incredible!”

“Good! Now go get your slut and bring her downstairs. I’m going to get dressed. You do what you want. Keep her naked. Tell her to keep your spunk inside her as best she can.” Jack smacked Renee on the ass as Jeremy turned to leave. “Let’s go you sexy little cock sucking slut. I have plans for you and my other slut.” Jack went to his closet and got dressed, then pulled out a huge spool of rope. He then led her down to the living room with Jeremy and Debbie right behind them. He led Renee to the center of the living room rug. “On your back.” Renee laid on the rug on her back not knowing what was expected of her. Jack looked at Debbie. “Come here slut!” Debbie stepped towards him. “Down on your knees. Straddle her face, facing her pussy.” Debbie knelt as she was instructed.

Jack knelt beside them and began positioning them. He lifted Renee’s legs and then lowered Debbie till her face was in Renee’s pussy. He then wrapped Renee’s legs around Debbie’s arms. He then did the same with Debbie’s legs and Renee’s arms. Jack looked at Jeremy. “Help me tie them up.” Jack and Jeremy worked together for the next 5 minutes tying the two ladies together till they were so tight, the only part of their body they could move were their heads. “Now run downstairs and get me that black riding crop I like so much.”

When Jeremy got back Jack told the ladies what he expected from them. “You two are going to eat the cum out of the other’s pussy. For the next hour you two are going to eat each other with the enthusiasm of the wanton sluts I know you both are. If I feel you’re not giving it your all, I’ll spank your ass to help get you motivated. For 30 minutes you’ll be in this position. Then we’ll flip you over for the next 30 minutes. I know you two can suck cock like professional whores. Now let’s see how well you eat pussy.” He then smacked them both on the ass. “Get going!”

Each lady buried her face in the other’s pussy and began to eat and pleasure the other. The room was filled with the noises of slurping and groaning.

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