Doing Bibi


I remember when I was twenty-seven and sleeping with a thirty-eight year old she seemed such an older woman. My friends were impressed and a bit curious. She really did seem, not old, but older than me, different. I was curious about her body and enjoyed fucking her. She, it seemed, enjoyed her ’toy boy’. Now, years later, I find the tables turned and a woman of twenty-seven hardening my forty-two year old cock. Again my friends are impressed and curious and I’m very interested in her hard little body.

The first time I saw her I’d been out for an unsatisfactory encounter with a bored suburban housewife who‘d flirted with me when I defended her in court for shoplifting. She had experienced a form of shock when she was confronted with my cock and realised that touching it made her an adulteress.

I’d left her house and headed into town to buy myself a consolation lunch. I saw Bibi at the small bar of the restaurant and with a drink inside me sent her one with a note asking if she would care to brighten my day. If I’d not had a glass of wine and been pissed off at Irene I’d never have been so forward. Anyway she smiled over at me and shook her head as she spoke to the waitress. A perfect score for the morning two out of two!

I decided to eat outdoors and made my way to a table in the sun. The waitress took my order and soothed my wounded pride saying that the woman had a date and sent her regrets. Well the regrets were mutual. The sun was nice the waitress was pretty with nipples that poked through her tight shirt and her panties were nicely outlined as she walked away in her even tighter trousers.

I was lost in thoughts of fucking her sweet teenage mouth when I looked up to see the small, elegant, young woman who had disappointed me approach.

“Thank you for your invitation. I appear to have been stood up. If you’re not offended may I accept belatedly.”

I stood and asked her to join me. My meal hadn’t arrived and so we asked for it to be held while her order was taken.

This gave us time to talk. Two strangers starting with the basics. Annabelle – (Bibi was the nickname she preferred) and Sean, what we did, why we were here, In my case somewhat censored. Bibi and I had moved to this town about a year ago from different parts of the country. Soon lunch was over and we had spent about three hours sipping wine and talking. We had an ease about us. She didn’t say who had stood her up, just as I didn’t elaborate upon my carnal disappointment.

Again wine and Bibi’s considerable charm and ease made me bolder than usual.

I asked her to dinner. She accepted. We agreed on the same restaurant as we had both had too much to drink to drive ourselves home. We decided to take a taxi and meet up later. I had it drop me at my office and Bibi headed on home – I assumed.

I should describe her. 15 years my junior of course. Small slender and with a dark olive complexion, dark hair and eyes. She has a lovely smile and was dressed simply in black the day I met her.

That evening as we met she had changed into a tan skirt that fell below the knee and still hugged her little figure. In low heels she stood at least a foot shorter than me. I kissed her hand as we met. I had been raised in the European tradition. She seemed to light up as I did this.

Dinner went well and we chatted happily and in an increasingly more intimate manner. She had been stood up by the man she lived with, we have never got to her exact marital status. I confessed my secret of the morning.

She giggled.

“I wondered why you were here on a quiet morning in jeans and a shirt yet you were dropped back at your chambers.”

I’m a barrister, she, it turned out, is a furniture dealer, not antiques, but modern, art furniture.

We looked at each other for a moment.

“If you live with someone aren’t you expected home this evening?”

“It’s only 9:15. Are you making a pass at me Sean?”

Before I could say anything to dig my foot out of my mouth she gave her big smile and

“If you are then I‘m flattered. If you‘re not, may I Karaköy escort bayan make one at you?”

Another pause. Court work leaves one rarely lost for words. All I could do was grin stupidly.

“If he found out we’d be finished but that wouldn’t be a tragedy. Am I putting you in an awkward position by being so forward? Is there someone you should be at home with?”

I could honestly answer “No”.

“We can’t use your place. Would you like to come to my place or shall we stroll across the road to that hotel?” I beckoned out the window.

“That will be just fine. Just one thing, if you want to be inside me we’ll need condoms. Unless you’ve had a vasectomy like …” Her voice trailed off.

“I’ll organise them. Is there anything you want to know about me.”

She blushed, the first time I’d seen her do so.

“No. Not yet.”

She lowered her head and looked at the table.

“I like big men, It’s not a ‘Daddy’ thing even though it’s obvious you’re older than me. You’re big and strong looking and I like that. I‘m with a man of 25 but he’s not big….I like to feel….I’m not sure. I want you to know I’m really looking forward to this.”

I really didn’t have an answer, was there an innuendo in there? I rose and held out my hand. I’d left cash on the table so we just wandered out and across the road hand in hand. The height discrepancy made ‘arm in arm’ a little awkward. It was a warm night and the hotel lights shone out onto it’s concourse. We strolled up to the desk and asked for a room. To her credit the young woman behind the desk didn’t bat an eyelid.

One handbag, one wallet. No other luggage and the keys to our cars, could they be brought over from the restaurant across the road?

“Certainly, Sir, Madam.” Was the courteous reply.

We took our key and went to the lift to go to our room. It was a Friday so I quietly hoped we could leave the departure date open if things went well.

We reached our room and entered.

I was, I think we, were nervous. I’d kissed her hand, we’d held hands, discussed a few mechanics. I hadn’t even met her before that morning.

Speaking of that, I was about to ring room service when Bibi called from the bathroom that there were some condoms in a drawer.

“Are they ones you like?”

“Yes. If you‘ll be in them”

“I’d like a shower, if that’s okay.”


I removed my clothing and wandered into the bathroom. God almighty she looked so tiny. Not an ounce of fat on her. She had her back to me and was just pulling down her panties. They were black and lacy. They were the type that showed the cheeks of a woman’s bottom yet they were quite full – now, since I‘ve bought her a few I know the style is called simply- ‘trouser pants’. Down they came and she turned to me, not before I enjoyed a rear view of her little treasure. We paused and looked each other up and down.

I gazed at the smallest most perfect little body I‘d seen outside a porn movie. Her nipples are full and dark. Between her legs is a little black trimmed thatch. I could see a little flesh at it’s centre.

“Come on,” I said, “I’ll wash your back.”

That broke the nervous tension.

Soaping her was a nice way to touch her body for the first time. I got to touch her and feel just how firm she is.

I’m not circumcised so I’m very fussy about being clean should a welcoming mouth every make contact.

When it was my turn to be washed she held my cock on the palm of her hand and gently exposed the head with her other. A little soap and the gentlest of touches then after she’d rinsed me she bent to taste me.

“I’ve never had a man who wasn‘t circumcised, is this OK?”

My shiver answered that question. She asked me to turn around and soaped up my rear. Her fingers went everywhere and my cock began the slow steady inflation one associates with advancing middle age. By the time I was cleaned and we were towelling each other dry I was at half mast. Bibi’s nipples were like little brown erasers.

We had our first open Escort Kayaşehir mouthed kiss. It was a fumbling affair but it made my stomach do flip-flops. Bibi shivered. I felt her little patch on my thigh as I held her to me and my hands explored her rear.

This wasn’t a great position for us and I suppose standing up never will be unless I’m the only one standing. There was a big bed going spare so we shuffled over towards it.

This had elements of the one night stand yet we had a connection and softness about what we were doing that suggested otherwise. We were still awkward so to get things going I rolled her onto her front and started kissing her tiny frame. I went from the back of her neck all the way down her spine reaching her pert little behind and eliciting a sigh. Her legs were neither together nor spread but parted sufficiently for me to view her sex and had I wished to, to touch it. Her little buttocks flared out from her tiny waist but given how little flesh she had on her body they were remarkably firm. I decided to kiss and nibble them. I wasn’t quite ready to tongue the small pucker I could also see. Perhaps on the trip back up her body.

I attended her rear for maybe ten minutes and moved down the back of her leg. I took her foot in my hand and licked the sole of her left foot. As I took her big toe in my mouth and sucked gently on it she moaned and began to roll over stretching.

“So that’s what it feels like. I hope you’ll let me do the same for you.”

Looking up at her face across the vista of her opening sex I politely declined as my feet are pretty rough. I watched as her hips began to move slowly and she drew her right foot up towards her thus opening herself as much as she could. Her hand slid down over her breast across her stomach and she began to gently touch herself.

I knew that there was already pre-cum on my cock. I could feel the coolness of the air on my exposed cockhead. Bibi’s eyes were shut and her little chest going up and down as she masturbated. I began to slowly kiss, nibble and lick my way north to her busy fingers. My idea about her bottom could be put into action now if she would allow it. She’d washed my rear so I thought she might be inclined to consent.

As I got to her apex and my nose brushed her fingers. She paused.

“Don’t stop, I’m sure you’re doing just fine.” I told her.

She gave a nervous giggle and then a gasp as I kissed her knuckles and ran my tongue down her flower to the pucker that my lifting her open legs had exposed.

“Nobody’s ever done that to me! Are you sure you want to?”

She’d washed mine so obviously intended to do something. I got the impression that….well I’ll go into that laster.

Pausing. “Yes – I really want to do this. Relax, keep doing what you’re doing and just enjoy what happens.”

Because of her size. As my mouth showed her the pleasures of the rudest love she had ever experienced my nose parted her sex and rubbed her lips. She started to moan and rally work her clit when my tongue completed its first circuit of her tight little rosebud. I got through a few more turns and she leapt away from me with a short cry of “Oh Shit.”.

She was lying back on the pillows breathing hard and looking a bit embarrassed, I think.

I went to kiss her and thought just maybe I should wipe her juices off my face. I did so and she smiled again I sensed embarrassment of some sort.

“I’d prefer not to have me all over your face when we kiss.”

“You taste beautiful.”

Nervous giggle and a shake of her head.

“If you sucked me I’d have no problem kissing you afterwards.”

“That’s different.”

“How so?”

“I’ll like the taste of you. I worry that I don’t taste or smell nice. It’s a girl thing and no man has ever done to me what you’ve done so casually.”

“Maybe it’s because I’m older. I don’t care what we do together so long as we are happy and nobody gets hurt.”

“I’d not mind if you hurt me a little bit.”

“I’ll remember that for later you dirty little girl.”

A Küçükçekmece escort giggle.

I’d been up beside her as we talked. I had held her and she had lain in the crook of my arm. I rolled onto my back and drew her up onto me. We kissed some more and her little quim felt my cock against it for the first time. I could feel her heat on me. There was a risk that I would enter her uncovered or worse blow my over-excited load all over her. We messed around a bit with her rubbing her mound on my shaft.

“I don’t think I’d last more than a few seconds inside you.”

“My, how flattering! Maybe I can help.”

A trail of kisses made there way to my leaking cockhead and her mouth engulfed me. Bibi’s juices must have been all over my cock but she never flinched or missed a beat. Naturally a lot of the moisture was my pre-cum so perhaps the admixture of my fluid made it acceptable. I’ll never ask because this pattern of behaviour has continued. Bibi has sucked my cock no matter what from the first time her mouth opened to take me in.

“Come as soon as you want and in my mouth if you want.”


Down went her head as she tickled my balls with her fine little fingers. She was unbelievably gentle. She was able to get nearly all of me into her mouth and made a few plunges with her nose touching my pubic bone. Coming up she stroked me and licked softly around my exposed cockhead. I began to moan and her mouth went over my head. I felt faint suction as she stroked me more firmly.

I’d lasted maybe two minutes. About a minute and a half longer than I’d expected. I tensed and fell back on the bed. Looking down I saw Bibi sucking on me and smiling.

I felt the swallow and the subsequent clean-up.

I slipped from her lips and she moved up to hug me. I had no concern about kissing her. I’ve tasted myself on the mouths of many women before. She seemed a little hesitant with the first kiss but soon we were back on track.

“You really don’t mind?”

“A beautiful young woman sucks my cock and I should raise objections.”

“You’re so sweet. You really are”

“You’re a beautiful young woman who sucked my cock!”

More blushes.

More kisses and Bibi began to sit back on her haunches and started stroking my chest and kissing it. Bibi massaged me all the way from my head to my toes. There was nowhere she missed. On my stomach she parted my buttocks and kissed me intimately. She did things to me that she had been concerned about my doing to her.

As she snuggled my rear her searching hand told her that I was hard again.

“Shall we pop a lid on?”

“I think so!” I laughed as I rolled over.

We made the usual fumbling efforts and soon I was in my little rubber jacket.

I’d expected to have Bibi sit on me. I’m a big guy and smaller woman often worry about my hurting them or being too heavy or strong. She is by far the smallest woman I’ve ever been with since I was a teenager and I even began to wonder if I’d fit inside her. Silly, I know, but a genuinely felt worry.

Bibi rolled onto her back and spread her legs.

“I want to be on my back, I like it that way. I want to feel the difference in our sizes. It‘s a big emotional thing for me.”

She’d told me she liked big men but there was such an edge of eroticism to the way she spread herself and held her arms out to me. My cock was rigid. We touched and after a little adjustment I was inside her. I asked if she was comfortable and her answer was to pull her legs up and around me and pull me down for a kiss.

I began a slow rhythm in and out of her. I’m able to cradle her as we fuck and having discovered this I brought my legs up and lifted her slightly holding her to me. Slowly steadily we moved together. Bibi became steadily tighter around me. Her head went back and I saw what I took to be an expression of pain on her face. My concerns about hurting her welled up in me again but her legs contracted and she rammed herself down on me. As before she went slack but this time in my arms. I’d not actually been near to coming but at this sight I spent myself deep inside her.

I held her tightly and rolled us onto my back so that my cock and its “Lid” could fall away more slowly and we wouldn’t have to separate immediately.

Eventually I slipped from her and there was a trickle on my thigh and a sigh on my chest.

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