Down by the Lake Ch. 09


The day I’d invited Jessie and Bob out, I also called Doug. I suspected we were in for a big barbeque. More than I was willing to cook.

He was booked Sunday and Monday, but had Saturday available. He just needed to know how many to feed.

“Ahh, I’m not sure just yet. How much lead time do you need?

“Wednesday is as late as I can wait, and Murph, that’s a push.”

“Gotcha. I’ll get back as quick as I can. Thanks Doug, I appreciate this.”

I called him back Tuesday night, “Man, I don’t believe the number I came up with.”

He laughed, “Talk to me…”

“Ok, here goes; there’s me and the girls, and our two kids of course. Then there are their parents. That puts it at eight. Then my kids are flying in. That makes it ten. I invited Shelly. Eleven. The Jepsons. Thirteen. Now comes the fun. I invited Brady’s crew, and their families; so that’s ten more, and I don’t know how many kids.”

“That’s doable. Tight, but doable,”

“Yeah, but…”

“But? What’s left?”

“I also invited Johansen’s crew.”

“Jesus! That’s what? Eight, nine more? Plus wives and kids?”

“Yeah. Can you do this?”

“Let’s see, twenty five or so adults, an unknown number of kids. Forget ribs. This’ll be burgers and dogs. You guys supply potato salad and slaw. Watermelon, and anything else you want, I’ll do the cooking.”


I sent Madge to Costco on Friday. She came back with ten pounds of slaw, twenty five of potato salad, half a dozen watermelons and a ton of paper plates and other stuff. I don’t even know how much pop and beer came back with her. All I know is that damn van was packed.


A lot of Saturday is a blur. Doug arrived about nine; his cooker in tow, the meat locker on his pickup loaded. We set him up, started putting up tables, and such. Guests began showing up around ten thirty; Jeannie’s folks, Nancy right behind them, after that, it was just a rush. The area over by the barn was packed with cars. Kids were running all over. Adults were standing around, yakking and drinking beer. I remember Shelly, Carl and Marie being there, but I don’t know when they arrived.

One o’clock we started serving burgers and all. Damned if the Sheriff’s deputies didn’t show up. Right on time. Those guys couldn’t smell a bale of weed if they were laying on it, but can smell a cook-out across the county. “Willis! Pierce! You guys are right on time. How do you manage that?”

“Murph…you hurt me. We just happened to be patrolling by here, saw the crowd. Thought we should make sure everything was alright.”

I just laughed, pointed toward Doug. He waved a thumbs up. Had two made up by the time Willis got to him. THEN he made one for Pierce. Doug seems to be prepared for those guys. (Maybe they tap into his computer for his schedule)

There were kids and adults in and out of the new pool all afternoon. Johansen’s bunch was bragging about the great job they did. Brady’s crew pointing out how much better theirs was. Everybody laughing. I remember Nancy, Ron and Mary looking shell-shocked at the crowd. But it didn’t seem to faze their eating any. Jeannie, Madge and I kept circulating; Escort Karaköy making sure everyone was taken care of. All the while keeping an eye on kids in the pool.

Somewhere around five, the crowd began to thin, by six most had gone. They all picked up after themselves. We had almost no mess in the yard. Ron and Mary thanked us for a good time, headed down the hill. Nancy asked if she could go down to the lake, do a little meditation. Madge went with her. When they came back an hour later, both looked calm.

Marie and Carl were among the last to go. They’d had a great time, and with his scooter, Carl didn’t get tired. Shelly clamped on to me, dragged me behind the barn. She didn’t say anything, just laid a kiss on me. I’m thinking she took lessons from Jeannie, ’cause my toes curled. She just smiled at me, walking to her car. I guess I stood there with my mouth open, because Jeannie came over, “Husband mine, you better be careful. You might have three of us to keep happy.”


Jeannie worked on Monday (she’d swapped for Saturday). Madge took Clark and the dogs into town for the parade and barbeque. I followed in the Spitfire, JD beside me. Jessie brought Naomi’s Mustang for one more show, Bob rode with her. The boys looked over the cars; JD was impressed by Swede’s Camaro. Clark was bouncing between Shelly’s MG and Charly’s E-type. I began to think about another car. Maybe something a bit fancy to take the girls out in.

On the way home, it was Clarks turn in the passenger seat. Did that kid ever have a smile on his face. All the way home. I’ve got him hooked on roadsters!


Bob headed for the airport early Tuesday. I told him to say ‘hi’ to Sue and Mark. Jessie departed a little later. I followed her on Hwy. 410 as far as Greenwater. She pulled over, we exchanged hugs. She said she’d get back to me about the legal stuff.

“Where are you stopping tonight?”

“Probably Coeur d’Alene. Tomorrow I expect Billings maybe Sheridan, then down to Denver. It should be good weather all the way. An easy drive. I’ll let you know when I stop for the night; I know you’ll worry if I don’t.”


Jeannie dropped the boys at school on Wednesday. It was the first day and she wanted to be there with them. She had to go on to work, so I’d pick them up later. The dogs looked lost, especially Katie; no kids to play with.

Madge and I went back to bed. We had some love making to catch up on. There was no subtlety, we shed clothes and jumped into bed. I dove for her cunt; it had been a while since I had enjoyed her nectar, and I needed a fix. She didn’t last two minutes, she was that ready. I licked her through her first orgasm, and then settled down to a loving exploration of that beautiful pussy. I found every fold, followed it to the next finally ending at her clit. When she’s excited, it stands clear of the hood. And today it was well clear. I sucked her clit; rolling my lips over it, then coming back with my tongue-flicking it left and right. I was rewarded with her low, guttural, groan.

“Enough! I need a break. It’s my turn, Honey.”

Rolling onto my Kayaşehir escort back, I brought her with me, her stomach ending on my face. As she slid down, I trailed kisses up her belly; she swayed side-to-side so I could play with her tits. Sucking one, then the other, until she groaned and slid further. Now we were lip to lip. Nibbling at each other, sucking each other’s tongues, hands roaming. We were having a good time. She slid down, leaving kisses on my chest, tits, stomach, until my cock was engulfed. In one slurpy movement, she took me to her throat.

Her tongue danced all over me, as she bobbed up and down on my cock. Just when I thought I would come, she’d clamp fingers around the base, holding me in her mouth. When she felt the moment had passed, she began again. “Enough woman, get up here.”

She placed me at her entrance, moving my head in circles, drawing juices to me. Slowly, very slowly, she lowered onto me. When I hit bottom, she leaned forward, smiling, “Should I wait more?”

“God, no.”

I pushed up as hard as I could, urging her on. She sat up, (I so love that sight) squeezing me between her thighs, clamping her pussy, suddenly going into the rolling spasm she had learned from Naomi. We came simultaneously. I arched up into her; she quivered, froze, held the pose for a moment, then collapsed to my chest. I held her; smoothing her back, telling how much I loved her.

We slept for a bit. (The old guy needed a nap) When we woke, it was just after noon, and I felt hungry! For the first time in weeks we could pad about the house naked. It did feel good.


We had sandwiches and beer, relaxed on our refurbished deck, held hands…

Soon enough, it was time to get dressed, go after the boys.

On day one, the teachers wanted to meet the parents picking up the kids, so I trooped from third grade to first, JD in tow. The third grade teacher, a Mrs. Cox, seemed alright. We exchanged pleasantries, then JD and I were out the door. At the first grade room, Miss Coburn seemed a bit overwhelmed. A little conversation revealed this was her first teaching job. She’d interned, did practice teaching, but this was her first real day.

“Don’t let it get you down. What’s the worst that can happen? Well, the parents could run you out of town on a rail, but that’s not too likely. Haven’t done that in three-four years.”


“I’m kidding. Everything will settle down. Just give it some time. But keep a big stick close by. Just in case.”

“Papa Murph, are you teasing Miss Coburn?”

“Yes, Clark, I am.”

She breathed a sigh of relief.


We got home; the boys went to their rooms to change. The dogs were eagerly awaiting them, so I let them play for a while, then sat them at their computers. By now, both were two or three grades ahead on both math and reading, and I wanted to start them on some science.

Madge was making dinner; Jeannie came in just after six. Madge and I got big kisses, then she went looking for JD and Clark. They came back into the dining room, the boys chattering a storm about their day.

Once Küçükçekmece escort bayan we settled at the table, Jeannie filled us in on her day. It seems Mrs. Patrick is so taken with the way Jeannie has improved sales, she’s considering another store, with Jeannie in charge of one of them.

“What about you guys? Did you get caught up on work?”

The smile said she knew what work we caught up on.

“Yes, and next week you can get caught up on yours too.”

“Thanks, Madge, I’m looking forward to it.”

“Um, We may have something developing, I’m not sure I’ll like.”

“What’s that, Honey?”

“Well, when I picked the boys up at school today, Clark called me Papa.”

“What’s wrong with that? You are his Papa. Aren’t you?”

“Yes, Jeannie I am. But the exact phrase he used was ‘Papa Murph’.”


“That’s getting awfully close to something else.”

“What am I missing?”

Madge leaned over, whispered in Jeannie’s ear.

“What? Really? Oh, you’re kidding.”

And the two of them broke out laughing. The boys were looking around, not getting the joke.

I put up with their behavior as well as I could, finally throwing my napkin down. “That’s it! If you’re going to laugh at my concerns, I’m going to the den.”

Howls of laughter followed me to the den.

Eventually they followed me to the den, where I was nursing a scotch. They started to apologize for laughing, until my smile was spotted. They both jumped me. I barely saved the scotch. And then, we were rolling on the floor, tickling. The boys heard the uproar, came running in to join the pile. Dogs were running around barking. Altogether, I’d say we had a very good day.


Thursday, Johansen’s boys came by with the pool heater. The electrician was right behind them. The whole thing was hooked up, tested, and good by noon. The rest of the week, and the weekend were normal and quiet. Jeannie and Madge worked, I kept the boys busy. Jessie called from Denver, happy to arrive.

Monday was Jeannie’s turn to get caught up on ‘things’. The buses were picking up the kids now, so once the boys were out the door, Jeannie headed back to bed. I gave her some relaxation time, then strolled in to her. “Good morning, Miss. Are you ready for your massage?”

“Oh, Honey. That sounds so divine. I would love one.”

“Very well, remove your clothing and stretch out on your stomach, please.” I began one of the best hours in my life. I lightly massaged, deep massaged, smoothed, caressed, and ultimately kissed every inch of her body. When she couldn’t move, I licked her pussy. When she responded, fingers sank in, looking for her special spots. When she arched to me, a thumb probed her rosebud. And when she came, tears came to my eyes. I had brought her joy.

I knelt up, ever so slowly sinking into her. Waiting for her. And when she gripped me with her thighs, I began our slow tango. We would push and pull against each other, then stop. Kiss. Dance again. And again. When we did finally come, it wasn’t fast and furious, it was slow, and deep, and seemed to go on forever.

I held her to me. Kissing her face, telling of my love for her. Not wanting to let go. She whispered back, thanking me for loving her. Telling me of her love.

Finally we were quiet.

“That was beautiful. I love you guys together.”

I waved Madge to the bed with us. We fell asleep in each other’s arms.


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