Dr. Teasewood Pt. 03


Dr. Teasewood called the next day to discuss my exam results. “All is A-Okay,” he said. Your results are solid, and I don’t see any risks associated with helping the Martins. I was sorry to be out of the office yesterday, but Nancy said you were a perfect gentleman.

Ha, even though I was ready to beg his nurse to jerk me off, I’m glad she thought I was a gentleman.

“Mr. Martin and his wife visited me last month with a problem that interferes with his ability to get an erection. I sent them home with information about their options, including our list of volunteer surrogates. Yesterday Mr. Martin called to say they had decided that surgery was too risky and marital aids seemed too impersonal. They are interested in a surrogate.”

“Are you asking me?” I said.

“Yes, we gave them a range of our surrogate options, and the Martins were most interested in our page nine.”

“Am I the only one on page nine?” I asked.

The doctor answered, “Yes, so I assume they chose your based on that.”

My mind was already spinning, and my cock was responding to the request of a wife for a big thick cock.

“Can you join me and the Martins in my office tomorrow?” asked Dr. Teasewood.

“Absolutely,” I agreed.

“Good, I will talk with them again. If they are still interested, we will introduce you.”

The next day I dressed up a bit for the audition and arrived as instructed a bit earlier than the Martins. Nancy greeted me and took me to the office next to Dr. Teasewood. “Can I bring you coffee?” she asked.

I accepted and asked her, “Say, do many patients use volunteers on your list?”

Nancy looked thoughtful, then answered, “No, it’s a bit rare.” Then she added, “But we’ve never had someone on page nine before. Maybe now more couples will be interested.”

Did this mean that the doctor’s office would market me to couples in need? The thought of meeting the Martins was already arousing, and Nancy’s words only enhanced my hopes.

She came back with coffee, and told me to relax until the doctor called for me. “I’ll open this audio channel so you can hear the doctor talking with the Martins.”

I could hear papers rustling on the doctor’s desk, then a knock on his door. “Come in,” he said. He welcomed the Martins and invited them to sit.

Dr. Teasewood asked how they were doing, and then he confirmed that the appointment was to discuss the surrogate option. The doctor repeated his opinion about why Mr. Martin could not have an adequate erection, then said, “As I understand, you have not been enough to penetrate Mrs. Martin.”

After a moment, I heard Mr. Martin’s voice say, “That is correct, Yeşilköy escort sir.”

The doctor continued, “Remind me, how long has this condition persisted? How long has it been since you were able to penetrate your wife?”

I could only imagine what Mrs. Martin looked like and how she was responding to hearing the doctor’s questions.

“Sir, it’s been about ten years.”

“Oh dear,” said Dr. Teasewood, “That is a long time. Tell me, when you could attain erection, was sex satisfactory?”

The poor man hesitated, then answered, “I suppose so.”

“Tell me, just for the record, how large was your penis?”

The poor man answered, “About five inches, I guess.”

“Was it particularly thick, did your wife ever have trouble with its thickness?” the doctor asked.

“Oh golly,” I heard Mr. Martin say, “that was never a problem.”

As I waited in the next room listening to this conversation, my cock was responding to hearing this husband talk about his inadequate dick.

“Let me explain that option you are considering,” the doctor said. “We have a list of my patients who I can certify are in good health, and who have volunteered to serve as surrogates to help couples like yourselves.”

There was silence for a few moments, then the doctor said, “As you can imagine, there are some requirements. Here is a consent form that confirms this is your choice and not a treatment. Rather it is a remedy of sorts.” There was silence while as the Martins reviewed and signed the agreement, which included the requirement that the husband must be present during treatment.

“What questions do you have?” the doctor asked.

Mr. Martin asked what came next.

Dr. Teasewood told them if he could introduce them to their surrogate. “He is here today to meet you, if that is your wish.”

I could hear Mr. and Mrs. Martin whispering. Finally, he said, “I suppose we could at least meet him.”

“Excellent,” said the doctor. “Of course, this is a process you can stop at any time, if you should change your minds.” The doctor walked to his door and asked nurse Nancy to get me.

Listing to all this in the next room was both stimulating my imagination and making me nervous. Nancy entered and asked, “Are you ready?”

Together, nurse Nancy and I entered the doctor’s office. I breathed a sigh of relieve when I saw Mr. and Mrs. Martin. He was balding and a bit older than me. Even sitting, I could tell he was short. His eyes glanced at me then to his wife. Mrs. Martin was a surprise. She was not a great beauty, in fact she was rather plain looking and trim with only slightly swelling Yeşilyurt escort bayan breasts. But there was something appealing about her. She studied me as I strolled by and took a chair next to her husband.

Dr. Teasewood asked me to say something about myself, and I told them the quick story of my life. Then I said, “I’m as surprised to be here as you must be. The doctor and his staff got to know me as a patient and asked if I would mind if they added my name to their list of volunteers. The thought was new to me, but it appealed if I could be of some service to couples in need.”

I added, “I can only imagine the hardship for a husband who can no longer get a proper erection.” I smiled at Mr. Martin and gave him a sympathetic nod. His face had the look of resignation of a man who knew that other men would have to fuck his wife from now on.

The doctor said, “Mr. and Mrs. Martin, in order for you to make an informed decision, I recommend that Mr. Jones show you his penis.”

My cock had been rolling around and enjoying the prospect of screwing pretty but plain Mrs. Martin, but the doctor’s words took me by surprise. Now there was serious movement in my pants.

Without waiting for the Martins to respond, Dr. Teasewood said, “Nurse Nancy, please take Mr. Jones behind the screen so that he can change out of his clothes.” She motioned for me to go behind a divider screen in a corner of the office. Nancy watched as I undressed, and we could hear the Martins whispering to each other.

I dropped my underpants and let Nancy inspect. I have a bit of a hairy chest and a slightly rounded tummy. I’m no athlete or perfect physical specimen, but of course the one attribute of value for these patients was in full working order. Nancy and I looked at my cock in its semi-puffed up condition. Foreskin was already stretched aside, and my sensitive pink bulb was just about to pop free. The room was warm enough for my balls to sink extra low.

Nancy handed me an exam gown and said, “Put this on, with the snaps to the front.” As I was about to snap the gown closed, she stopped me and whispered, “Here, let’s be sure you let them know what to expect.” She took my cock in her hand and squeezed as she pulled on it. Her touching produced a nice arousal effect. I snapped the gown closed, and we emerged from behind the screen. Nancy stayed it the room I suppose to give Mrs. Martin a feeling of security.

The doctor motioned for me to come closer. “Mr. and Mrs. Martin, before you make a final decision, I think you should let Mr. Jones show you what to expect.”

Mr. Martin started to speak, but Escort Zeytinburnu became silent when his wife put her hand on his arm.

Dr. Teasewood asked, “Nancy, do you have any advice for the Martins?”

She said, “Women have different capacities for male penetration. If a wife is used to a small penis, then a larger one might be a difficulty. On the other hand, a larger penis has certain advantages, as I’m sure you can imagine.”

Mr. Martin was looking defeated and resigned. I got the feeling that Mrs. Martin was in charge of the decision and of who she wanted to fuck her.

Mrs. Martin listened attentively as the nurse continued, “We all know how important sex is in a marriage, even in the older years and in a mature marriage. Luckily, the vagina adjusts and is accommodating when it has options.”

The doctor motioned to me, “Mr. Jones, come over here,” and pointed to where he wanted me to stand, just in front of the Martins.

“When Mr. Jones came to me for medical services, we all recognized right away that he was an exceptional specimen. Let me show you what I mean.”

The doctor nodded. Nurse Nancy nodded. Mr. Martin looked aside nervously. Mrs. Martin leaned forward in her chair.

I unsnapped the gown and it fell open. I was naked in front of them, and front and center was my arched and aching cock. As I shifted my weight from one foot to the other, my dick swayed and my balls rolled in their drooping sack. I had been apprehensive, but now all I wanted was to fuck this man’s wife.

Mr. Martin looked at my cock then at his wife while she examined a cock that was multiples the size of her husband’s. As Mrs. Martin inspected me, I felt my dick move closer to hardness. I looked up at nurse Nancy standing by the office door, and she gave me an A-Okay sign with her thumb and finger.

Dr. Teasewood asked, “Are there any questions?”

Mrs. Martin spoke, “It doesn’t look real.”

The doctor assured her, “Oh, it’s real. I’ve examined it, and my nurses have, too.” Nancy give me another thumbs-up sign.

The doctor said, “Mrs. Martin, why don’t you touch it to satisfy yourself?”

Her husband was practically melting into his chair as she reached out. Her fingers gently rested on the top of my cock.

“Squeeze it,” said the nurse.

Mrs. Martin surrounded my dick with her hand. My big cock was somewhere between squeezably soft and woodlike hard. I was ready to fuck her right then and there. If her pussy was too tight, all the better. But I maintained a calm bearing and let her feel my dick as if it were part of an impersonal transaction.

“Satisfied?” asked the doctor.”

“Yes, very,” said Mrs. Martin. She looked at me and said, “I’m Jane.”

With her fingers wrapped around my dick, I replied, “I’m Franklin. It’s nice to meet you.”

While he watched his wife touching my dick, I turned to her husband and said, “Mr. Martin, how soon would you like me to come to your home?”

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