Edna Ch. 02


Author’s Note: Kenneth has told us how he at last got his mouth on octogenarian Edna’s large enchanting nipples. He discovered that Edna’s ultra-sensitive nips were on direct circuits to her pussy. When he sucked them he energized the circuits so superbly that Edna came wildly, swooned and peed on herself. Just before slipping into satiated slumber Edna asked Kenneth if he would like it were she to suck his penis. Taking up his story beginning the following day, Kenneth continues his fond recollections of what happened long ago.

* * *

I awoke the next morning with the feel and texture of Edna’s nipples so vivid in memory that it almost seemed I could still taste them in my mouth. What an incredibly moving sexual exploit we had achieved. Although Edna had been the one to gain release in her massive orgasm, it was I who had been the mad organist bringing her body to reverberating crescendo. I could not help preening inside. I basked in the emotional sunshine of my prowess as a lover, notwithstanding my physical limitations.

Even more, I was full of anticipatory excitement that had my cock leaking, twitching and sensitive. Edna had implied she would suck my cock! From sexually parched for years, I felt as though I was about to be, dans un cave où y a du bon vin . . . I would, I hoped, drink my fill of the sexual fulfillment to be quaffed in the warm, welcoming caverns of Edna.

But the gods of carnality toyed with me that day. Edna’s son and two daughters arrived at her house just after she gave me the bad news at one of our mailbox rendezvous. They did not depart until well into the evening having prepared dinner too, it turned out. There would be no taking of my sad penis in her warm juicy mouth that day.

At our brief mailbox meeting Edna chuckled when my face crumbled at the ruination of my excited expectation.

“Oh goodness Kenneth,” she said with a slight smile, “Don’t look so downcast. You’ll enjoy me even more for waiting.”

I went home and pouted. I did manage, barely, to keep from relieving myself. But I needed almost heroic restraint because I could not shake the vision of Edna’s bountiful breasts and her pulsating pussy. My un-fellated cock shrank and sulked.

Our fortunes (my penis and I) fared far better the next day.

Edna called mid-morning. She seemed to intuit my emotional state. “Are you sulking you naughty boy? I’ve made some sandwiches for lunch and one of them is for you. I don’t want to eat alone. Come over and we’ll have our lunch. Then we’ll have dessert.”

My glum mood brightened at Edna’s allusive “dessert” remark; a double entendre made manifest by her coyly innocent sound in the call and sealed in the bargain by later events that came to a surprising but nevertheless luscious culmination.

After lunch Edna said she had a favor to ask of me.

“Will you massage my feet, Kenneth? Jim used to give Küçükköy escort the best foot massages and I miss them. You don’t mind do you? I think you like my feet.”

What the heck, I thought. Aren’t we going to have “dessert” as she’d said? Although we’d been intimate two days before when she gave her breasts to me, I remained reluctant to be assertive. The last thing I wanted to do was anything to make her withdraw from the intimacy we had established. So, I’d give Edna a foot massage, or rub, or whatever as requested, as best I could and we would see what developed.

As I noted earlier Edna did have beautiful feet. The first time I really noticed Edna’s feet was some years earlier. She had come to my front door; I cannot remember what reason she had; I think it was a pretext to show off her new pedicure. I do remember that I was smitten as I drank in the sight of her lovely sandaled feet.

I told Edna then, that I thought she had the prettiest feet. I think she realized my reaction was more than esthetic; that I was sexually stimulated.

Feet are like faces. There are plain faces, pretty faces and beautiful faces. Sadly there are also ugly faces. So it is with feet. There are plain feet, pretty feet and beautiful feet. Sadly there are also horribly beat-with-an-ugly-stick feet, gnarly toes, calluses, flaking dried skin and fallen arches.

But Edna’s feet were those of a foot model. Delicate pink in color with toes perfectly aligned like candy stripers waiting in formation to be inspected; nails in glowing red polish. Her feet were dainty, but neither too big nor too small and nicely arched. They proved warm to the touch; the skin soft and unblemished.

You may imagine my mixed emotions then, as we settled ourselves on the sunroom sofa (that place of happy recent memory). On the one hand I was a bit off-put by the potentially dwindling prospects of having my cock sucked. But on the other, Edna now offered me the prospect of untrammeled access to caress, fondle and gently rub her enticing feet. Never mind that I also had all intentions of kissing and licking them and sucking on those mouthwatering pinkies.

Edna slipped off her sandals. “Scoot around so that you are facing me,” she instructed. I did so and I helped her put her legs up so that her feet were in my lap. Yes indeed, as you are thinking, she rested them directly on my cock. Need I say what a welcome development that was?

“Is that comfortable for you, Kenneth?” she asked. Again with the coy smile; she wriggled her feet about so that there quickly was no further dissimilitude; we both knew exactly where she had her feet.

Idly I stroked them and said, “Edna, you said the other evening that you liked having your feet petted and kissed. Did Jim do that?”

She laughed softly, “Oh you are something, Kenneth, my sweet naughty boy. You like me to talk Mecidiyeköy escort bayan about what Jim and I did to each other, don’t you?”

That was so true. I asked Edna the question precisely because listening to her reminiscences gave me a vicarious thrill. Moreover, she obviously enjoyed remembering. If I occupied a surrogate role who was I to mind?

So as Edna told what Jim used to do to her feet, playing my role I did that to them. If she said he kissed her toes, I bussed them with soft wet kisses. If she said he kissed the tops of her feet, I took each comely foot in turn and raised it to my lips. If she said he licked the arches of her feet, I dabbed my darting tongue repeatedly on each arch before sealing my homage with warm long laps of those exquisite arches. If she said he sucked her pretty toes, I took each in turn into my mouth and laved it all around with noisy slurps of my tongue.

Edna’s foot that I was not at the moment busy kissing and licking, she had in my crotch; unabashedly she rubbed my leaking member, now splendidly stimulated and oozing into my underwear.

My labial and lingual devotions to her feet began to tell on Edna and set her oohing and sighing with increasing pleasure. Her magnificent nipples had become hard erect and she took to rubbing her breasts and squirmed about as she dug her toes into my crotch.

Then, quite suddenly she stopped and at her demand I helped her sit up. Her face and chest were flushed. I was momentarily dismayed, fearing that she was calling a halt to our exciting play.

But I broke into a foolish grin when she said, “Let’s go to my bedroom and get out of our clothes and on my bed, you naughty boy. Jim loved to rub my feet with his penis. I hope you will too.”

When I saw her bed my cock, not erect, nevertheless surged and dripped with anticipation. The covers were folded back and there were two large absorbent pads in place. I understood when I took this in that Edna had purposefully orchestrated our assignation according to her agenda. There was no reason that I should be offended. If Edna steered our sex fun in a calculated way I was quite content to go along since it so aroused me.

“Unbutton my blouse, naughty boy,” Edna instructed. My hands shook so (did I mention that M. Nature has “gifted” me with Parkinson’s disease?) I fumbled with the buttons.

“Oh you are excited, aren’t you Kenneth? Here let me do it.” She shed the blouse and I gawked like a youngster at her breasts when she let them spill out of her bra.

Sitting on the bed, she said, “You pull off my slacks.” I did so but she carefully made sure her soft, flesh-toned granny panties remained in place, disappointing me but just a bit.

She told me to take off all my clothes but I was already half out of everything and her instruction was extraneous. I quickly stood before Escort Merter her naked and she gently took me in hand

“Such a handsome fellow,” she said. “I know I said I would suck it for you if you’d like that and I will. But I did so enjoy your kissing and licking my feet. If you want we can continue and I will rub your penis with my feet.”

I was so aroused at that point that I squirted a bit on my dear Edna’s breasts and belly. Red-faced, I apologized. But Edna chuckled and said, “I think that was a vote for some more foot play, wasn’t it you naughty boy?”

She had a large pump bottle of lubricant on a nightstand. She lay back, swinging her feet onto the bed, her head propped up on pillows. “Take the lubricant and squirt plenty on my feet.”

I knelt at her feet and did as she instructed. Then I gripped my cock and rubbed it on the sole of her lubricant coated foot. It was slick, soft and warm. It felt so good. She put her other foot by my face and said, “Lick the arch and suck my toes Kenneth. You do it just like Jim did. Ooh it feels so good,” she gasped, then made more sounds that a woman makes when she is reveling in the pleasure of her flesh.

I had not thought of myself as a foot fetishist. My late wife and I had never even thought about such behavior. But now I knelt with my penis against one of Edna’s feet pushing and rubbing it around. Edna was not still. She pushed back; sliding her foot about in my crotch, pressing her toes, the sole and the top of her foot against my scrotum and penis. I eagerly kissed, licked and sloppily sucked the other as I held it up to my mouth. I only wish I had words to adequately describe the richly erotic feel of it. What a remarkable new experience.

Our bizarre play infused Edna with growing lust that she communicated with gasps, with groans and with throaty noises. “Ooh Kenneth, you naughty horny boy,” she panted, “You do make me feel soooo sexy. Look what I am doing, do you like it?”

I hope you are gaining some sense of how incredibly enticing Edna was to me. You will recall I noted earlier than she kept her granny panties on when I pulled off her slacks. What she did then, what she drew my lust sodden gaze to see was her crotch. She had pulled the gusset of her panties to one side and exposed her meaty cunt. She rubbed herself with a blur of fingers.

“Thissss, ahhhh, is, oooooh, for, EEEIE, YOOOOOO,” she cried out and squirted a remarkable spurt of juice that splattered onto the incontinence pad she had placed earlier. She shuddered and shook, thrashing her head from side to side and making incoherent guttural noises.

I was equally stunned and thrilled by the intensity of Edna’s latest orgasm. She did not swoon as my tit sucking had led her to, two nights earlier, but it took some minutes for her breathing to calm.

“Oh my, how wonderful that was,” she said. “Now, will you be a dear and bring me a glass of water?”

When I returned with the water she said with a smile, “Come and kneel up by my face, you naughty man. I told you I would suck your penis, didn’t I?

As I crawled up the bed she laughed, “Oh Kenneth, I so wish you could see yourself. That is just the silliest grin I have ever seen.”

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