Fun from a Distance Pt. 01


She turned off the car after finding a space in the hotels car park. At 30 years old, Lana still held the type of youthful beauty where she could still draw the gaze of many, male or female, younger than herself.

She was of average height, about 5’8, with a slim pear shaped body with an amazing ass that only seemed to get better with age.

She had been sent halfway up the country away from her boyfriend Jon for a training weekend with the DIY store she worked for. A first aid course that was required for her to join the management program so although they were both reluctant to part for the whole weekend, they knew it was for the best.

Lana and Jon had a very active sex life and with no kids to get in the way, they did make the most of any opportunity they had to be intimate. So of course, Jon believed his chances for this weekend were surely blown.

Lana on the other hand, had planned to still make the most of the weekend. They would just have to ‘adapt’.

Unbeknownst to Jon, she had already planned for them to still have some fun even with all the distance between them and had packed some additions to help.

Because the training was taking place so far, her company got her a room for the night before too, so she could travel up the evening before and not have to leave at a ridiculous time in the morning.

She got to the hotel at just before 11pm, text Jon to let him know she got there ok (she knew he would not be able to sleep until he knew) and walked into the foyer.

There was a gorgeous young woman stood at the reception desk, blonde hair, looked about 25, fine complexion and stunning pair of tits that Lana couldn’t help but notice.

“Can i help you with anything?” She asked politely, slightly biting her bottom lip, causing some images to flash into Lana’s head before she shook them off.

“Oh, yes, i have a room booked for the next two nights,” she replied.

She gave her details, car registration (for the parking) and was given her key.

“You’re in room 301, top floor, turn right, all the way at the end, last door on your right, so you’ll only have one neighbor, although it looks like that rooms not occupied this weekend.”

Another bite of her bottom lip.

Lana could feel her heart quicken. Was this woman flirting with her? While she liked the idea and the attention, she wasn’t prepared for it. She noticed her sex getting moist between her legs.

“Thank you,” she said, quicker than really necessary, “best get to bed.”

“Let me know if you need anything,” the receptionist called after her, almost stopping Lana in her tracks.

She went up the two flights of stairs, pulling her holdall along behind her, turned right and walked the the room at the end on the right. Swiped her card key in the door and went in, turning on the lights as she went.

The room was pleasant, all you would expect from a Travelodge. A large double bed, bathroom with shower, small tv etc. It was now pushing past 11pm so she quickly opened her bag, no point in unpacking really, she was only there two nights so would make do.

She did however check underneath her spare clothes and workbooks for the special toys she had packed for the weekend, to make sure they made it ok.

After brushing her teeth and undressing for bed, she wasn’t much of a PJ fan and preferred to sleep in just her panties, she climbed into the middle of the bed, set up one of the pillows vertically on her right hand side, to cuddle at night where Jon would normally lay and she text him goodnight.

As she lay there in the dark, her thoughts turned to the young lady at the reception. Her name badge had said Claire. She thought about how she kept biting her bottom lip, about the way she looked at her with her hungry eyes and, how exactly did she mean, “let me know if you need anything?”

These thoughts filled her head for about half an hour, when she realized she didn’t feel tired at all. What she did feel, was wet.

She curiously reached down under the covers, slipped her hand inside her white cotton panties and gasped when she discovered how wet her sex was.

She gently rubbed her fingers over her clit, then around it, then down between her moist lips and inserted two fingers inside with ease.

She knew what she needed to do to get to sleep that night, as she had an early start the following morning.

Getting out of bed she moved to her holdall on the floor at the end of the bed and reached in, feeling underneath her spare clothes, feeling past her towel and toiletries, she found the large black dildo she had packed specifically for the weekend.

It was black as night, 7 inches long and about an inch and a half wide. Pretty close to what she was used to from Jon.

She returned to the bed and climbed in, getting comfy in the middle again and throwing the covers off completely. She removes her pants and places them on the bedside table.

Now lying there, knees apart and feet together and eyes closed, she begins teasing her pussy with the Escort Bahçelievler end in the dildo, moving it along her pussy crack, up and down between her lips and tickling it over her clit. She filled her mind with images of Claire the receptionist, imagining it is her teasing her with the dildo.

When she was thoroughly wet and the dildo was coated in a layer of her sex juices, she placeed the head against her opening, easing it in ever so slightly. Her tight pussy hole yielded to the hard rubber, allowing the head to slide in with ease.

She moves it in only an inch at first, enjoying the filling feeling as she then moves it back out, as the thrusts progress, she starts taking the rubber cock further and further into her cunt.

In her head, she sees Claire’s lying between her legs, looking up at her with those playful eyes and biting her lower lips. She is clutching the dildo in her hand and thrusting it into her, trying to make her come hard.

Lana, is now thrusting it all the way in at a fast pace, quickly bringing herself towards an orgasm she desperately needs. She finds herself biting her bottom lip in an attempt to keep herself from making too much noise, but remembering the room next door is apparently unoccupied, she lets a small moan escape, which increases as she goes on.

After several minutes, her chest is heaving up and down, her breasts rising and falling. She is so close she just needs something to push her over the edge.

Sticking two fingers of her other hand in her mouth to coat them thoroughly with her saliva, she reaches down underneath her and begins circling her anus with her fingers. Moving them in circles, teasing her forbidden entrance. She applies a little pressure and manages to get one of her fingers, through her sphincter and in to her first knuckle.

A gasp escapes her mouth as she starts moving it in and out at a pace to match the dildo thrusting in her pussy. She finds herself so turned on by all she is imagining and feeling and knows she is so close to a mind blowing and sleep inducing orgasm, she plunges a second finger into her ass which instantly sends her over the edge.

Her orgasm explodes from between her legs, sending euphoric waves outwards to all parts of her body. A loud moan of pleasure escapes her mouth as she continues thrusting both her fingers and the dildo, riding the waves until fully satisfied, after a couple of smaller orgasms quickly followed the first.

A few minutes later, as she lay there panting, her chest heaving, her pussy swollen and satisfied, she got out of bed onto shaky legs and returned the dildo to its hiding spot under the rest of her belongings and returned to bed.

As she lay there in the middle of her bed, hugging the pillow to her right, feeling exhausted and allowing the sleep to take over her body, she hears a slight rubbing noise from the wall opposite and a creaking coming from the room next door.

She keeps listening and hears nothing. Shaking off the feeling, she gets herself comfy and lets the sleep take her, happy about how this trip has already started. That night, she dreams of her boyfriend, and Claire.


Lana wakes the next morning with her alarm at 7am, smiling at what she could remember of her dreams that night. She readies herself for the day, making sure to zip up her bag, so the cleaning ladies won’t accidentally discover her play toys.

There is a small wet looking stain in the middle of the sheets which she hopes doesn’t get noticed.

After making sure she has everything she needs for her first day of training, she leaves her room, closing the door behind her and starts walking down the hall towards the stairs to head to the lunch hall for breakfast.

As she passes by the door to the room next to hers, she pauses a moment and stares at it. She silently presses her ear to the door and hears, nothing. No movement, no voices, no bed creaking, nothing.

She shakes off the thought and heads off for breakfast.

As she leaves for the training centre after a lovely breakfast of sausage, eggs, bacon and toast, she glances over at the receptionist.

This time it is an elderly man who may or may not have fallen asleep. Either way she leaves the building for her first day off her first aid training.


When she returns at about 6pm, she enters the foyer, passing the reception desk, which is now manned by a middle aged woman texting on her phone. Lana gives her a smile and continues towards the stairs and up to her room.

As she passes the door next to hers, she finds herself again, trying to listen to see if it is occupied. Again, she hears nothing.

She enters her room, gets changed into some casual clothing and goes down to the food hall for dinner.

She enjoys a nice dinner, sat on a table with just herself and a large bottle of cider while texting Jon back home, telling him all about her first day of training, what her rooms like etc but finds herself leaving Bahçeşehir escort out the part about Claire and the first nights antics with the dildo.

Jon tells her he is off to the gym as he regularly does at this time and will be back about 9pm if she wants him to call. She says yes but it must be a video call on Skype, as she has something special planned for him. Jon seems very excited by the prospect and says he can skip the gym if she wants to surprise him now, but she does love a good tease.

She reassures him that he won’t miss out and that it will be worth it to wait. Besides, she wants to go shower and prepare first.

He reluctantly agrees and hangs up to head to the gym. With that, Lana heads back upstairs and starts running a nice warm shower.

As she stands there naked, allowing the water to flow down her neck and over her breast, rolling down her belly and over her trimmed mount and down her back, over her cheeks and between them. She begins to blush just thinking about what she has planned tonight for her boyfriend, so far away.

She exits the shower and dries herself off, tying the towel around her and tucking the end in between her breasts. She starts to dry and straighten her hair, brushes her teeth and generally freshens up.

Once she is ready she untucks the towel and lets it fall to the floor. She retrieves the tiny black lacy thong and matching bra she packed just for this occasion and puts them on, instantly feeling sexy in the matching lace.

She straightens out the bed covers and positions the iPad she took along with her on the counter opposite, so that the camera has the perfect view of the whole bed.

Then she waits, but didn’t have to wait long as the iPad starts pinging at about 10 to 9, Jon obviously eager to see what she has planned.

As the call is connected, and the video comes into focus, he sees her walking away from the iPad, heading towards the bed in what looks like one of the white robes they have in all the rooms.

Lana sits on the bed, cross legged facing the camera, but careful not to reveal anything underneath, not yet.

She sees him on screen, lounging across their large armchair in his favourite lounge pants and Marvel T-shirt. His hair was neat cut and looked slightly wet, he must have just showered too.

She could make out his muscles bulging under his t-shirt and his cock, bulging against his pants as if trying to escape. The thought excited her more than usual.

They talked casually about the training, she took him on a video tour of her room, teasingly of course, mentioning the bathroom where she just showered naked, and the double bed where she got wet thinking of him (and Claire, but now wasn’t the right time). She knew this would wind him up a treat.

As expected, when she replaced the iPad on the counter, camera facing the bed, she noticed the bulge in his pants seemed a bit more prominent. She couldn’t help but smile.

“Well Honey, as we are so far away from each other, so we can’t be together tonight, i thought we could try something different,” she started.

“What did you have in mind?” He asked, trying to hide his excitement.

“Well, how about this for a start?” She said as she got to the end of the bed, untied the ropes of the dressing gown and let it fall to the floor.

His eyes went wide as the gown fell revealing her amazing pear shaped body in a matching pair of lacy black underwear.

The thong was so small it was all but invisible between her ass cheeks. As she turned around to show them off to him, he noticed the front too was very small, just about covering her trimmed mound underneath and the bra only covered about half of her B-cup breasts, stopping just above her nipples, threatening to reveal them at any moment.

He shifted in his seat as he needed to readjust himself, getting himself comfy in the process. She noticed the smile across his face and the lustful look in his eyes.

“Wow! You look amazing in that baby, is that new?” He asked casually, trying to sound calm.

“Yeah, i bought it just for this occasion, in fact, i brought a few things for this occasion,” she said, cocking her head to the side and biting her lip, the look that drove him nuts.

“Why don’t you remove them pants and show me what you have waiting for me and get yourself comfy, i want to show you how much i wish you were here too.”

Within a minute he was sat naked on the chair, stroking his hard rod in his hand, staring attentively at the screen.

Lana took a deep breath, making her breasts rise and fall, she turned and mounted the bed as seductively as possible, facing away from him, so her ass was the main focus on screen.

As Jon watched, realizing he was gonna need to keep it slow or risk blowing his load too early, he applied some lube and jerked is cock, slowly up, and down, wanting to enjoy all she was about to show him.

Back in her hotel room, Lana was on all fours, pointing her ass towards the camera Bakırköy escort bayan and giving it a wiggle so Jon could see the tiny thong wedged in her ass crack. She looked over her shoulder, blew him a kiss and said, “wish you were here baby.”

With that, she raised up onto her knees, reached behind her back and undid the straps holding her bra onto her chest. Still facing away from him, she removed one strap from her shoulder, then the other, she then let both straps roll down her arms and caught then in her hands where she proceeded to throw the bra across the room into the corner.

Looking over her shoulder she asked him, “would you like me to turn around?”

She could see him nodding coyly on screen, so she slowly turned 180 degrees to show him her sexy B-cup breasts, nipples erect in the air.

She was playing with them in her fingers, running her digits around then, giving them a pinch, causing her to gasp.

She continues this for a minute until her nipples are fully aroused, then begins to move her hands lower, grabbing at the seems of her panties and playfully lowering them until they just about cover her trimmed bush, then pulling them back up.

“She always did like being a tease,” thought Jon, enjoying the show none the less.

After teasing with her panties a couple of times, Lana turned around again to continue.

She grabbed the seam of her panties at the back, and began to lower them over her sexy ass cheeks and just kept going, bending over more as she went, exposing her puckered asshole and glistening pussy lips to the camera.

Jon had to concentrate to slow down his rate of stroking on his cock, he had been unwittingly getting faster as she continued her show.

Once all the way down, she stood and kicked them into the corner of the room.

“Do you like what you see?” She now said over her shoulder, bending over again and spreading her ass cheeks to give him the perfect view of her private parts.

It was all he could do to nod, not daring to move is eyes from the spectacle on screen in front of him.

Lana climbed back onto the bed to reach under the pillow and pull out her small blue rubber butt plug. It was about 4 inches long and about 2 inches wide.

She stuck the end into her mouth as seductively as possible, all the way to the tapered end where here rectum would soon be clinging to it to hold it in place.

When she was satisfied it was coated with liberal amounts of her saliva, she turned again so Jon could see her place the tip delicately at her forbidden entrance, teasing the hole by using a circling motion around her rim and gently applying pressure until her sphincter began to stretch around its form, allowing it through.

It stretched further and further until it reached its widest part, after which her rectum contracted around the smallest part of the handle at it held firm.

She could feel its length in her ass, moving inside with every movement she made.

She could see Jon on screen, obviously captivated by her show of confidence and lust.

Rolling onto her back, she made sure Jon could still see everything and retrieved the dildo from the night before from under the pillow and like the night before, began teasing it seductively over her clit and lips, teasing the entrance every now and then, coating the tip in her sex juices.

As she began to ease the rubber cock into her cunt, she could feel it, sliding against her thin inner wall that separated her pussy and anal canal.

She was thrusting in and out at a steady pace, taking in more and more as time went by. She could feel her pussy lubricating itself at top speed to deal with the pummelling it was taking.

She felt her juices flowing along the length of the dildo, rolling down her folds and over and around the handle of the plug in her ass, pooling around her asshole holding tight to the plug that penetrated it.

It ran down further between her ass crack and began soaking into the bed sheets below. She did not care. All she cared about at the moment was the approaching waves of ecstasy that she needed so bad.

Checking the iPad screen she could see Jon, jerking his cock more vigorously now, eyes still trained on her and filled with lust.

Lana wanted to come for him and wanted Jon to cum for her too, she switched the dildo to her left hand, still thrusting in and out as hard as she could, and started to masturbate her clit with her right.

She began frantically flicking and rubbing her clit with all the energy she could muster, desperate for her orgasm to explode from her.

It didn’t take long, before she was arching her back and writhing on the bed, pure euphoria spreading throughout her body, her private parts tightening around whichever device was fucking her there as she all but screamed out in pleasure.

Still, she persisted, riding the waves of the cum-coaster.

She caught a glimpse of the iPad screen just in time to see Jon blow his load all over belly and crotch, letting out a satisfied moan as he still kept his eyes on Lana and kept jerking until his penis was completely spent and flaccid in his grasp.

Then he sat there panting slightly, watching as his beloved kept making herself cum, fucking her pussy hole with her dildo while masturbating her twat until it was sore and begging her to stop.

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