I was grumpy and I had been taking it out on Matt, and I knew it. My editor was screaming for the next manuscript, and I was stuck. Had I been anyone else, I’m sure I would have been cut loose long ago. However, I had written four long novels, erotica masquerading as fiction, and I had a steady cult following. My editor was willing to cut me a little slack, but not for much longer. This had been the longest I had gone between novels, and though I constantly wrote short stories and posted them on my fan club’s website, even my loyal fans were clamoring for the next release.

Release. Maybe that’s what I needed. I padded out from my office and glanced around the apartment. No sign of Matt.

“Honey?” I called.

“In here,” was the response. I headed towards the kitchen, and leaned against the doorjamb. Matt, with his dark hair and yummy body, was typing away at his laptop. I felt what I always did when I saw him, a stirring in between my legs and a tug on my heart. I watched his fingers, long and blunt-tipped, tapping the keys, and wanted them on me. I loved the way they stroked every inch of my body, the way they plucked my nipples, dipped into my depths.

Lust was hitting me hard, and I pressed my legs together. I definitely needed a good fuck, and realized I couldn’t remember the last time we had made love. I had been so involved in the book that I wasn’t abiding by my wifely duties. I had definitely been neglecting my husband. Well, I could put an end to that. I stepped up behind him and began rubbing his shoulders.

“You busy?” I asked. Matt grunted in response. Leaning down, I nibbled on his ear. “Want to take a sex break?”

“Oh, now you want to speak to me,” he said sourly, turning his head to peer at me through his reading glasses. “Forget about it when you’ve got something to do, but when it’s convenient for you, we can talk.”

I winced. I must have been awful lately. Feeling a bit guilty, I wrapped my arms around him in a light hug, dropped a kiss on his lips, and pulled away.

“You’re right. I’ve been a bitch, and I’m sorry. I’ll let you get back to work.” I grabbed a Coke from the fridge and headed back to my office. Crap, now what?

I looked around the room for a minute, pondering. Aha! I hurried into the bedroom and dug through the nightstand drawer till I found the large vibrator I was looking for. It was pink and shaped like a real cock, with veins and everything. It was thick and long enough that I could maneuver it easily without doing gymnastics. This should help me through the writer’s block.

Back in the office, I took time Büyükçekmece escort bayan situating myself. I removed the thin shorts and thong I wore, and sat down with my legs propped open on the desktop. Turning on the vibrator, I took a minute, letting it sit on my slit, feeling the vibrations pulse over my sensitive flesh. When I felt my pussy grow wet, I teased myself, touching the tip to my clit, pressing it and tapping it against my hard button. Moving down I parted my lips and turned it on high, easing just a little of it into my hole. I twisted and turned it, then left it half in as I picked up my wireless keyboard. Rereading the last few paragraphs, I started typing.

Every so often I paused and plunged the vibrator in and out. I was at a key point in the story, where the main characters are coming together dramatically, and finally felt the scene unfolding for me. Simultaneously, my pussy was throbbing wildly, and I kept squirming on my chair. I wanted to wait to cum, at least until the characters did, but I was so hot.

“Tessa?” Surprised by the sound of Matt’s voice, I twisted around to see him grinning at me. “What are you doing?”

I laughed and pulled the vibrator out so he could see it.

“Finding inspiration.” He was leaning against the doorjamb, just like I had earlier. His hand drifted down to his boxers, where I saw a bulge. I licked my lips and stared first at it, then his face. “How long have you been standing there?”

“A while,” he replied with a grin. “I got so hard just watching you play with yourself, I didn’t want to disturb you. You seem to be on a roll.” Matt finally stepped into the room, coming up to the side of my chair.

“I am, but I can take a break if you are.” I watched as he kneeled next to me, his hand sliding under my top to caress my breast. His mouth came down on mine as he flicked his fingernail over my nipple lightly. I moaned, and sitting up to arch into his touch. “Yeah, I can definitely take a break.”

“I wouldn’t hear of it,” Matt said. His head turned and he scanned the computer screen, going back to the beginning of the chapter and reading forward. When he finished reading, and without a word, he rolled my chair away from the desk and crawled under it.

“What are you doing?” I laughed as he grinned at me from his new place. He grabbed my legs and pulled me closer.

“Helping to inspire you. Keep typing.”

I giggled a little, then shook my head, trying to pick up where I left off. Remembering where I was going with the story, I continued typing and it Escort Çatalca only took me a minute or two to fully immerse myself again. So I barely noticed when Matt spread my legs widely, but I did notice when the vibrator began to move in and out of my pussy again.

“Oh God,” I managed as I leaned down. Matt met my gaze, and even though he was crouched over, he kept stroking the vibrator in and out.

“Keep typing!” Matt insisted with a low growl. I was speechless and writhing on my chair, but I nodded and straightened up. I stared at the computer for a moment, just enjoying the sensation. With my feet on the ground, albeit far apart, I couldn’t see Matt at all, could only feel, and found the whole situation undeniably arousing.

I must have taken too long, because the vibrator was removed completely, and I felt Matt tap it against my clit. “Keep typing I said.”

“Okay, okay, geez,” I replied, laughing. I settled down, got back into the story. I was worried that it would be too distracting as the vibrator was slipped back into me, but it wasn’t. I used the lust and stimulation to spur the characters on, and began to speak as I typed so Matt could hear the story develop.

I had just taken the characters from foreplay to actual sex when I felt fingers rub my clit. Back and forth they manipulated me, and I couldn’t hold in my moan. I wanted the main female to feel the same thing. I adjusted the story to have the male touch her the same way.

I heard Matt’s faint groan of approval. I felt him adjust the speed down a little, and I went with his lead as he parted my legs further, lifting one to rest on the desk, then other propped against the drawers underneath. The vibrator sank in deep, and my eyes closed, rolling back in my head as he rubbed it against my G-spot.

I thought I was in heaven, but I was wrong. My new position opened my legs wide enough for Matt to press kisses against my quivering folds. He held the entire length of the vibrator in completely with just his thumb, his other fingers twisting to rub my back hole. I was moaning, but Matt held my hips down, restricting my movements.

I typed as fast as I could now, the story clear in my head as Matt’s tongue began to lick at my juices. I was so hot, so wet that I could feel moisture on my thighs, dripping down my slit. I could hear Matt as he ate me and warned him it would not be long before I came.

He took out the vibrator and pushed the chair back again, crawling out. He leaned over me, kissing me madly, both of our tongues pressing against the other. I could Esenler escort taste myself on my lips, something I loved, and I immediately abandoned the keyboard to cling to my husband.

“No,” he managed as my mouth bit along his jaw and neck, my hands tugging his boxers down. I had one hand wrapped around his rock hard cock when I he must be enjoying this as much as me! Carefully, I began guiding it towards my eager opening, when he physically moved back.

“No,” he said again. “You have to keep typing. You need to finish, you’re almost done.”

“I’m almost going to cum without your cock in me! I can’t type right now.”

“You will,” he said, picking me up and sitting on the chair. He guided me down onto his dick, which was so hard it was standing out straight for me, then held me there as he put my hands back on the keyboard.

I, however, had a different idea. Bracing myself against the desk, my hips began to move and I began to bounce up and down. With a restraint I didn’t have, his arms came around my waist and hips and held me still. I whimpered, so ready to cry if he didn’t let me cum.

“Shh,” he soothed, his hands reaching up to play with my breasts. “Just finish the chapter, you’re almost done. Then I’ll fuck you silly.”

Right now, I didn’t care about the story. I tried shifting again, but Matt still held me down. I didn’t understand. I could feel him throb in me deliciously, but as my focus came back to the computer, I realized he was right. I was so close to finishing, and if that’s what it will take to get me to love me properly, then I’d better type as fast as I could.

I can honestly say I’ve never typed any faster than I did right then. Only four paragraphs later, maybe 3 minutes more of sweet torture, I was done. Matt, who had been reading as I had been typing, waited until the last period before rising up off the chair. That movement pushed his dick deeper into me and I moaned, pushing things on the desk out of the way as he laid me across one side.

While the vibrator was large, it didn’t compare to Matt. He was longer and thicker, and with each push, I felt all of the nerve endings in my body tingle, his length massaging all of my inner muscles.

Matt had teased me for quite some time now and both he and I were hungry for release. His thrusts became harder, my moans louder, till finally I felt his cock jerk in me. My orgasm, which had been teetering on the edge for so long, crashed into me, over me, wracking my body in waves.

I lay flat on the desk, my eyes half closed, smiling as I felt Matt kiss my neck and shoulder, my body settling. After a minute, I managed to reach over, save the story, then shut down the computer. I led Matt into the bedroom and curled up next to him on the bed. Before we drifted off to sleep, I kissed his lips softly.

“Thanks for the inspiration, honey,” I whispered.

“Anytime, Tessa, anytime.”

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