It Never Ends



By Aleq de Satyr

…When asked about older women’s sexuality, Ellen Gilman Gill (Age:70) said: “You’re hotter than hell. There’s no cessation”…


Yani Devalle is a gentle, slender trustworthy 70-year-old woman who knows what she does not want…always exuding graceful positivism. She was a high school teacher and political activist, particularly in the anti-censorship movement…A woman who escaped her upper-class milieu to work with disadvantaged kids. Yani’s moods can swing from tabasco hot to persimmon sweet. She is capable of engaging both the literary and the libidinous at once. She loves white Argentinian wine, which makes her chat heartily, animatedly…Her smoldering sexual aura is abundantly evident even for a woman her age. She has a face that is all bone structure, handsome. Her silvery mane gives her an elegant distinguished looks. Indeed, she looks and feels 20 years younger, she is fit and spritely.


An Eye Opener

I have always been a fool for love, but I am also a genuine lover. I love people, life myself. I learned how to take things as they come. I enjoy a good conversation; some people like my matter of fact practicality, my creative imagination. There is always something new to try but after I became a widow at age 65 I lost interest in most things even sex and turned to celibacy. Two years ago I began to feel some sexual desire, some horniness that I tried desperately to suppress to no avail. I masturbated once in a while to quieten my aching cunt and raging clitoris; but I needed more than masturbation, I needed a very good, hard fucking. But then who wants to fuck a woman my age…Three days prior to my 70th birthday, my favorite niece 50 years old Eryka called and asked what I wanted for my birthday.

“I want to be fucked into a coma by a very strong, well-hung young man” I declared. Eryka laughed and said.

“Well, would you settle for a gourmet lunch instead”. I sighed and agreed to the lunch. She picked me up on Friday, my birthday and we went to lunch at a very posh place. Our conversation over lunch was pretty lewd and we laughed a lot. Eryka and I are BFF, very close and open with each other. She is a very worldly woman with a touch of hauteur…A passionate, radical feminist, bisexual, tough, with good breeding. An admirable attractive woman with a soft gentle mature woman’s face. After lunch Eryka took me to her house to give me my Present…As we entered the living room I was startled to see a young well-built Black dude, buck naked lounging on the couch and holy shit, his erect cock was huge, about 12 inches, super thick slightly curved to the left and most of all, OMG tattooed. It was spectacular; I trembled visibly.

“What took you so long Eryka, I’ve been waiting for hours” he blurted out stroking his missile.

“This is Gary your birthday present Yani” said Eryka then burst out singing happy birthday to you. I was totally speechless for a few seconds then managed a thank you Eryka in a tremulous voice as my cunt clenched repeatedly. I sank into an arm chair my gaze fixed on Gary’s dick. “OK guys I’ m headed out of town for the weekend, I’ll call later, enjoy yourselves” said Eryka as she rushed out of the door still singing…Gary lit a joint and passed it on to me. I was hesitant nervous; I have not smoked pot in a very long time but after a few drags I felt more at ease. Feeling a good buzz from the joint I peeled off my clothes and joined Gary on the couch. A sizzling foreplay ensued with kisses, caresses cock sucking, clitoris stroking;

“Let’s go fuck” said Gary walking me to the bedroom. I wanted him like a rage, anticipating his huge hard cock.

“Touch my pussy, see how ready she is” I whispered…My eyes were closed as I spread my hairy labia Şişli escort for him to enter my tight cunt drawing his cock deeper and deeper inside me, filling me completely. We fucked slowly, spinning on the bed like two gyroscopes intense, poignant; I watched Gary intently as he moved in and out of my cunt slowly, rocking inside me gently, drawing it in and out to the rhythm of my breathing for a long time…My cunt was ravenous with lust, milking his cock, my rigid clitoris pulsating mightily, enjoying the exuberance of our intense fucking. I was far away and gone, but alive with feeling, shuddering with pleasure. Then I exploded in all directions, on and on until I finally erupted mightily with a scream, my nails clawing Gary’s back as he convulsed between my legs, grunting and pumping a truckload of hot spunk into me. Later he rolled off the bed and walked to the balcony to have his post-orgasmic smoke. I drifted off to sleep…

I drank more wine and had a few drags on the joint when I woke up then I sat astride Gary, facing him my legs bent, my head resting on his chest. Slowly I lowered myself onto his hard cock engulfing him in my molten heat. I simply loved the size and hardness of his dick; It’s curve felt like a hook inside my cunt, it was wonderful!! I began to rock gently, back and forth, plunging my tongue into his mouth as I gripped the cock very tightly with my cunt, sucking it inwards. The pleasure was exquisite for me…Shifting my weight on top of him, whispering sweet obscenities, working his cock with my vaginal muscles, letting out ragged throaty cries my juices dripped onto his pubic hairs as I moved up and down the hard cock; my breathing getting faster enjoying the ride. Then I shuddered and let out a long moan, convulsing with a powerful orgasm and was still for a few moments…God, I was drowning in sensation! I panted, taunting his climax as I squeezed his cock with my cunt, very tightly, rhythmically… Gary, cried out loudly sweating with pleasure, finally crowning his explosion that echoed and reverberated in my own second orgasm…We lay there replete for a while, basking in the afterglow, the cool breeze that wafted in. Then he began to thrust firmly into me again from behind as he stroked my clitoris…

My response was instantaneous, fresh, strong, displaying a woman’s capacity for slow, continuous orgasms…It was intoxicating, the smell of our fuck reeling from the bed as we became saturated with passion, numb cock stroking an inert cunt; a test of endurance…Then the last and final spurting of semen deep into my writhing, climaxing body; the spinning, the commutation, the collision, the oblivion.

“That was a lovely way to start a good friendship” I said, drifting off to sleep again…Indeed, we fucked intermittently all weekend long…Drinking, smoking eating, fucking. Gary fucked all my orifices in various positions with dedicated intensity, but he was gentle with me. His prowess and stamina was phenomenal. He marveled at my capacity to handle all that exquisite pleasure and still want more. Sure in the end I was a total wreck but a very happy one. It was an eye-opener for me.

I learnt that Gary is the third member of a team of studs who service women like me and keep their company. Apparently Eryka uses them when the need arose. In fact, she was with the senior partner out in the countryside during my tryst with Gary. That girl has kept some secrets from me all that time. “Your cunt is very tight Yani, I love it” said Gary…” Well, it should be I have not been fucked in a very long time” I said as he dropped me off at home.


To Babylon and back

Eryka stopped by two days later and we talked about our respective weekend experiences in explicit details, drinking booze and smoking Sultangazi escort bayan pot. I asked her to get me Gary again but he was unavailable. Two weeks went by with no sign of Gary and I was extremely horny, desperate for a good fuck. I pleaded with Eryka to take me to Ras Kama the honcho of the stud team, whom she fucked regularly. A week later she did but warned that he may be out of my league. Ras’ cabin retreat in the countryside is called Babylon; a nice comfortable secluded place…Ras was in his late 30’s, originally from Zanzibar. He was tall, athletic square-jaw with a commanding presence; his mahogany complexion like polished wood. I fell in lust at once. But when he was naked I realized what Eryka meant…His cock was a massive monster!!

I became extremely apprehensive and nervous and almost called the tryst off but my cunt was in charge; she summoned the Amazon in me, urged me on. Ras said I exuded an aura of pagan sensuality, a sense of giving about me which he found appealing… Kneeling before the altar of my hairy cunt, his tongue sparked the flame of my clitoris, as he sucked it like thunder, the fire spreading through me and I became clogged with desire. My body was rippled with heat, electric with lust; rampant horniness. Ras’ cock was erect like sculpture as he began to enter me slowly. My legs my cunt were wide open taking in the thick log…It took a long while to get all of the massive dick inside me. Holy fuck, I was filled to my tonsils!! He reveled in my cunt as it opened hungry, wet to his hard, precise thrusts…His cock felt massive, so fucking hard stretching my twat to Valhala. Eryka sat in a chair sipping brandy watching us intently.

Ras fucked me like a river carving out a canyon, his cock had taken root in the sweet moisture of my recesses, his curly head resting on my soft breasts…My cunt was at high tide, a pool of salivation, drooling abundant juices, my sensuality breathtakingly effervescent; my body undulating under him as he fucked me like a dream, on and on expertly with dedicated intensity. I was lost in a world of exquisite pleasure. Then I climaxed violently superbly, divinely, trembling quaking, my wings beating like a black eagle of lust diving into vast clouds…. Ras rested inside me for a while until my tremors died down. Then he put me on all fours, his rampant monster cock still super hard.

“I love your very tight cunt, it’s such a delight” he said.

I sighed deeply and my belly shuddered as Ras pushed the huge cock into me, thrusting back and forth slowly, smoothly with oiled movements, his body glistening serene his muscles taut and prominent…He fucked me and fucked me. Groans poured freely from my throat as my pleasure redoubled. I bleated and moaned like a dying bird as orgasm after orgasm shook my body…Still Ras fucked me methodically, relentlessly, endlessly. I thrashed about back and forth, crying out mournfully feeling disoriented. Then with aloud roar Ras unleashed a torrent of hot thick spunk into me, on and on until streams of semen came rushing out of my cunt onto the sheets. I finally passed out on my seventh orgasm. I was totally exhausted and slept soundly for hours…Sometime during the night my cunt started acting up again but I ignored the fucking greedy slut.

Late Saturday morning Tito the middle stud came by with a young Gothic woman in tow. Her name was Nikki. She was there to give Ras a massage and then get fucked. I was prancing about naked.

“You have such a fucking hot body for a woman your age” she said, insisting on giving me a massage. Her naked body was all tattoos and piercings, her cunt shaved and her hair dyed crimson. Massaging me with deft strokes. She put me thru a repertoire of professional massage that took Escort Taksim me into a different world and finally settled down into Tantric massage of my cunt making me wet and giving me an orgasm. Then in walked Tito sporting a massive 12 inch very thick erection like a tree trunk which swayed majestically from side to side, bulging with huge veins… he was rather suave and dashing and looked very hot. His sensitive eyes held more emotion than any man I could remember, as his fingers probed my cunt dilating me for his cock, as my juices dripped. He lowered his face onto my pussy and drank deeply from it, sucking my hard clitoris and inhaling my essence. Guitar music filled the living room. His cock was fully erect and large. I began to sob and pleaded for penetration. My cunt was tight but slick as Tito inched his way in slowly. “What a tight lovely cunt you have” he said.

My pelvis arched under him and my cunt tightened around his dick. He rested inside me, enjoying the feel of my dense throbbing. Then he began to stroke into me, slowly in and out, penetrating me deeper and deeper. I began to howl and pant as he moved inexorably inside me with long sure strokes. Thrusting deeper and deeper, scattering drops of my juices…A slow deep fuck. The man was accomplished. We looked into each other’s eyes with shared lust; inexorably in the mood for heavy fucking. Tito’s cock throbbed as he pounded into me, the hard cock vibrating deeper against my soft vaginal walls; my wetness lubricating us, slow, wet, circling… My cunt seemed to get tighter as my vibrations swelled and my secretions leaked out. My clitoris and labia drenched with abundant juice. Tito was all rhythm, moving in and out of my saturation; my hips rolling free in their sockets in response, intense, unrelenting…I came and came uncontrollably. My hands gripped his hard back pressing him into my body, moaning, crying out, as I plunged into the final moment of dissolution and started to climax again violently, thrashing about on the mat, my body wracked with intense spasms.

On and on and on, I continued to cum, howling silently. Tito held on to me, watching my tortured explosions, amazed at my capacity for such prolonged orgasms. I came and came again for what seemed like an eternity. Finally, the pungent hot softness of my cunt sucking in his cock triggered his own release—a living, holy stream of semen that exploded into me in heat and Sulphur, inundating me…Tito rested inside me for a while, as I undulated my body gently beneath him, scissoring him with my legs, my lips fastened to his. My eyes were moist, my cunt very wet, everything soaking and hot. I ached to be fucked continuously. Tito’s cock remained hard inside my twat…In the waved rhythm we spiraled in sensations. I matched and complemented Tito’s every move with strength and originality. His cock, strong hard, glided smoothly, deeply inside me, stroking my crevices, my G-spot, my hard, distended, screaming clitoris. Juices seeped from my boiling, wet pussy…Quickening, penetrating, pushing out moans and cries from my core as we entered the prelude to another orgasm, enveloped by layers of exquisite pleasure. In a release of absolute lust and fulfilment, clinging, gripping, crying, and rushing Tito also into a climax of colored hues as he gushed deep inside me again, bathed in my energy and after-tremors. From the bedroom came the mournful cries of Nikki as she was being fucked by Ras…I fell asleep instantly. Later that day Eryka picked me up and took me home. I was fully, totally satiated; I know my cunt will remain quiet for a long time. But then as Ellen Gilman said there is no cessation; It never ends. I will continue to fuck until the very end.

A Propos

It had been a brief but thrilling erotic pilgrimage to achieve true knowledge of and a fascinating insight into the haunting beauty of women’s sexual feelings and desires and an identity for myself…My trusted cunt will be totally open for cock worship; prodigious, massive, monster cocks gushing semen, after a long hiatus of very little sex.


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