Jacey’s Reluctant Awakening Ch. 05


(This is a series of stories about the sexual awaking of a girl through progressively more intense encounters with her sexuality, and the people around her that want to take advantage of her. Her awakening involves her gradual and reluctant capitulation to her strong sexual urges. The story will progress through encounters from innocent, straight, lesbian, reluctant, entrapped, dominance, etc. This story follows Jacey’s encounter in the shower and bathroom sexual play with her semi-dominant friend, head cheerleader Jennifer. Jacey is sexually frustrated after the encounter.)


Jacey arrived home late in the afternoon from Jennifer’s house. She lounged around the house a bit and thought about her upcoming week’s schedule of homework and practices. She watched some TV as she procrastinated studying. But her mind kept wandering off thinking about the previous 24 hours with her friends.

It didn’t seem like her relationship with her friends had changed despite the unbelievable evolution of the slumber party into her humiliating tickling in front of her friends. Then to be fondled and teased by the pool and her top taken from her. Finally, for Jennifer to invite herself into the shower, ask Jacey to wash her body in a way that she had never touched another girl’s before, and then tease her tender pussy with the buzzing trimmer.

Her mind couldn’t help but wonder into thoughts about her humiliating but amazingly sensual sexual teasing over the last few hours. As she worried about what happened, and then daydreamed about the sensual feelings, she absent mindedly found her hand caressing her thigh, or the side of her breasts. She had to stop thinking about it!

She decided to go up and take a bath to relax. Her parents and brother were on their way back from a school trip so wouldn’t be back until late. She had the house to herself. She started the bath, threw her clothes in the hamper and waited as the tub filled, adding bubble bath when it was about half full.

She caught sight of herself in the mirror and wondered by Jennifer had complimented her body and beauty so much. She turned to the mirror to examine herself. Her face was very cute, pixie-ish, clear skin, full lips, and bright big eyes. Compared to Jennifer’s sexy curves and full breasts, Jacey considered herself almost under-developed and girlish. Her 5’4″ 102 lb. body was perfect for gymnastics, although she was a bit thinner than the more powerful builds of the Escort Büyükçekmece other gymnasts.

Her shoulders were strong, but thin; her neck slender, and collar bones highlighted the transition to her chest. She was blessed with a thin waist that at least created some curves on her small body. That tiny waist accentuated her perfectly taunt abs to create a very sexy stomach. Her breasts were perched perfectly on her chest, a solid B+ cup without an ounce of sag, as if they had grown forth just yesterday. And they were full and firm, keeping the skin almost unnaturally tight — she almost looked like she had new fake breasts they were so perfect, just small. And to complete their perfect shape, they were capped by slightly puffy dark pink nipples.

Jacey let her hand trail up her stomach to cup her breast like Jennifer did. A chill trailed over her body in the cool air of the bathroom and her nipple tightened a bit in response. She let her fingers grasp her nipple lightly, and then quite surprising herself, she started to pinch and twist down harder like Jennifer had done to her. Although somewhat painful, the pressure in her breast, the pull on her nipple aroused a pit of sensuality in her body.

Jacey snapped out of it and looked back into the mirror. She let her hand trail down her sexy stomach to her pelvis. She didn’t like how her delicate hip bones always showed through her uniform and made her bathing suits a bit awkward to sit right. But her pelvis was as tight as her stomach and created a strong V at her hips. Her pelvis was almost bare now that Jennifer had trimmed it so close.

Her thighs were toned and connected strongly to her hips. There was just enough flare to her hips that a little gap was created below her perfect vulva and the top of her thighs. She turned to check the tub and realized it was full. Quickly turning off the water, she stepped into the hot water. Looking back in the mirror, she admired her bubble butt. It was perfectly toned and sat high without any effort, with the ideal alignment of curve as her cheeks joined her hamstrings. Now that she would concede was a nice butt. Of all the things on her body, she did know that her butt looked like a Reef girl poster, and could appreciate that guys appreciated that part of her girlish body.

She lowered herself into the hot water and leaned back to relax. She daydreamed about her “good life” and lazily moved Çatalca escort the water and bubbles over her body, soon dozing off nicely to a quiet house. It must have been 20 minutes and the water was cooling down and bubbles fading. Jacey lazily hit the stopper lever with her foot to drain some water so she could add some hot. Her parents would have objected to using so much water, but she was treating herself.

She didn’t want to rise out of the water to turn the water on, so she scooted, more drifted, down the tub to raise her foot to the handle. The faucet was fairly high on the wall, working the shower water as well. By the time her foot reached the handle, her pelvis was right under the faucet.

She spun the handle on and the water cascaded firmly down her thigh and across her pelvis. The sensation was a bit startling, but the rush of water felt nice, and Jacey let herself drift so that the water landed right on top of her mons right below the water line. The pulsing massage sensation was luxurious. She unconsciously raised her hips to meet the water, and the stream became focused on the cleft of her pussy. The transition from luxurious to powerfully erotic was instant — Jacey’s body froze in position.

Oh my god, it almost felt like the water had a life of its own and was pulsing across her clit and wiggling about her folds, and attempting to pressure into her depths. She rotated her pelvis back to aim her pussy directly into the stream. The feeling was overwhelming. Jacey was instantly starting to breath hard, her elbows braced her position, her abs clenched to pull her hips up, her feet steadied herself against the wall. She started to move her hips rhythmically to the dance of the water.

She could feel the pressure in her body building, her mind flashed to the night before how the girls had pinned her body as they tickled her. She bit her lip as she mentally experienced her humiliation at their hands as the tickling transformed into teasing her nipples and pussy.

Within minutes the pressure in her body was intense. She could feel her pussy clenching as if to pull something inward. She was lost in the waves of pleasure coursing through herself. Her legs started to tremble from exhaustion from holding her position, but from something else as well.

And then it hit, her body convulsed as if she were doing painful crunches, her shoulders rolling forward. Her eyes squeezed shut and Esenler escort bayan a shudder rambled through her body. The contraction in her vaginal walls was powerful, and the wave of tingling pleasure pulsed through her body. Her hips collapsed away from the water as her legs shook and straightened uncontrollably.

She was shocked by the power of the feeling and almost felt like crying slightly. She let her body rest and a hand drift over her pussy, cupping it with pressure. She wondered if she was okay, if she somehow did some damage to herself. She pressed her hand firmly over her delicate pussy almost to check if she was okay somehow. She turned off the water with her foot and floated in the water. Her eyes caught sight of her nipples rising above the bubbles, her modest but firm, proud cleavage did look sexy covered in the glistening water and bubbles. Now she felt like laughing at the crazy orgasm she had just experienced. What was she becoming? Everything had to do with her sex lately!

She needed a drink of water, and slowly rose from the hot bath. She grabbed a towel to dry her body as she exited the tub. She was so thirsty; she drank right from the faucet of the sink. She felt light headed, yet completely…completely content.

Jacey stepped back from the sink to finish drying herself. As she set the towel on the toilet she thought to check herself out down there. She spread her legs a bit, arched forward and down to look at her slightly sore pussy. Not much to see. She used both hands to pull herself apart. She was a deep shade of pink inside her folds, almost red. Jacey grabbed a hand mirror and thought for a moment. She dropped it on the rug on the floor and slowly squatted over it. My god, she was a deep pink everywhere down there, but otherwise looked okay as far as she knew. Her lips were tender to the touch, and as she spread herself, she noticed the cleft of her pussy hole opening looked moist. It did look so delicate.

She caught sight of her pink anus and stared at it a moment. To think, Jennifer was gazing directly at her most intimate parts only hours ago – and she called Jacey “beautiful” down there. It was pink and delicate as well, but beautiful? Jacey’s guessed it was beautiful in its own intimate and fresh look.

Jacey stood and turned back to the mirror. Picking up the towel and wrapping it around herself, Jacey got on to brushing out her wet hair. She checked her face for imperfections, clear as usual. She reached for her toothbrush and her eye caught sight of her brother’s electronic toothbrush. She had never liked the buzzing of the electronic version, but given today’s erotic encounter with Jennifer buzzing trimmer presser onto her clit, Jacey mind froze with a whole new thought about that toothbrush.

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