Life Changing Times


I’d been thinking about my domestic arrangements ever since my divorce. I didn’t enjoy cooking or housework and thought that employing a housekeeper would make my life more pleasant. I knew it would be costly, but I had a decent job and salary and no other extravagances, so I thought I’d give it a go. But I needed a woman’s advice and thought of Rose, my secretary. I buzzed her to come through to my office.

Rose had worked with me for several years, which had made her privy to much of my private life. A widow in her early fifties with an engaging appeal that I can only describe as seductive, she is damned attractive for her age! Match those attributions with her curvy, voluptuously mature body and you have a very sexy lady; she is also very efficient at her job and I value her opinions.

I tried not to stare at Rose as she sat down and hoisted a grey pencil skirt above her knees. She crossed her legs – purely for my benefit I thought – and I explained what I had in mind and how I would go about sourcing a suitable applicant. While she was she considering my question, I drank in the expanse of meshed thigh between her knees and the hem of her skirt, wondering what lay beyond in the form of tantalising lingerie. She always demonstrated innate sexual provocation with her choice of clothes and today was no different.

Rose was a sexy woman, as I say, and her breasts were magnificent. Wonderful, large, mature beauties that today were defined and sculpted beautifully beneath a fitted cream silk blouse – one that hugged her so snugly it was possible to trace the titillating, lacy outline of her bra-cups; I fancied this woman like crazy! But our age difference couldn’t be ignored. Although, for me personally it only added to the sexual mystique she radiated.

“Well, Steven, if you’ve no intention of marrying soon, I’d say you were doing the right thing, a housekeeper would certainly make your life more comfortable. But there’s no need to advertise for one, I actually know of someone who’d be interested.”

“Really,” I answered quickly. “You’re not referring to yourself by any chance. Not considering a career change are you, Rose?”

“No, it isn’t me, the lady I’m thinking of is a neighbour of mine, a widow. I can vouch for her domestic tidiness and cooking skills and I’m sure she’d be interested if I told her what you had in mind. Why not leave everything with me and if need be, I’ll arrange an interview.” I leaned across the desk and squeezed her hand.

“Thank you, Rose.” I said. “You’ve suddenly made my day much brighter.”

Rose had certainly whetted my appetite at the prospect of securing someone so soon. I started to quiz her more about her neighbour, but she wasn’t forthcoming, preferring to say it would be better to meet her without any preconceived ideas, which I thought was a good thing. I told Rose that, if it came to the interview stage they should both come to the house and we could make it a social occasion.

Well, it transpired that Rose’s neighbour was very interested in my job offer and jumped at the opportunity of an interview. A date and time was arranged and I eagerly anticipated meeting my potential domestic help. On the appointed evening I found myself in a high state of expectation. I had been meeting with clients all day away from the office, so I hadn’t seen Rose until I opened the door that evening, and what a pleasant surprise that was. I took her coat and was immediately overcome by perfume and the sight of her curvaceous contours shoe-horned into a figure hugging dress. Rose always wore clothes that flattered her body and with good reason, but this evening she had excelled herself by wearing a black and white, knee-length creation with a boat neck; she looked gorgeous and I couldn’t resist whistling my approval.

“Goodness me, Rose, you look as if you’re going on somewhere special.” I blurted out.

“Not unless you’re offering to take us, eh, Laurie?” She answered nonchalantly turning to her friend. “Steven, this is the lady I told you about. Laurie, meet Steven.”

“It’s a pleasure, Laurie.” I said shaking her hand.

“Thank you, would you like me to address you as Mr Hodges?” She asked retaining a firm hold of my hand.

“Good grief, no, Steven’s fine.”

“Thank you, Steven, it’s a pleasure to meet you too.” We released hands but maintained eye contact and in that instant I determined that Laurie was also a female to be reckoned with.

Laurie was younger than Rose, ten-years younger I was to discover. Her face, with its light application of make-up had a youthful look, an appearance much accentuated by jet-black hair styled in a modish pixie cut that clung to her scalp. What set Laurie apart and drew the eye more than anything else, though, was her large figure, around two dress sizes bigger than Rose I estimated, and with a bosom to match. She was a big lady alright and like Rose, preferred clothes that emphasised her attributes; like the mauve coloured, pleated skirt and jacket she currently wore. The jacket hung open revealing a pink silk camisole top, demonstrating Küçükköy escort bayan she not only had taste, but was comfortable displaying her breasts! My God, it was going to be a lecherous evening!

“Let’s go through to the lounge.” I said ushering them both forward. “Lead the way, Rose.” I followed in their wake watching the natural rhythm of Rose’s arse.

The women chose to sit on the sofa, which in Rose’s case was the wrong option considering the dress she wore. The sofa had deep seats, which meant she had to sit well forward and sideways on to me to retain her dignity. In Laurie’s case, her full skirt hid most of her legs and caused no such problem. But for Rose, her dress was so constrictive that constant tugging at the hemline couldn’t lower it one bit, in fact the dress had risen so far along her thighs it revealed a meagre, but tantalising, glimpse of a fancy stocking top. Eventually, Rose abandoned all effort to retain her modesty, leaving me to relish the provocative sight.

I passed out the wine glasses and explained to Laurie what would be expected from her as my housekeeper, and she in turn was ready with questions of her own. I said the role would be permanent depending on a three month trial period; something Laurie was in agreement with, saying it made perfect sense.

“In that case, why don’t I show you around the house and answer any more questions you might have.” I got to my feet gazing down at Rose’s legs. “Why don’t you come too, Rose?” I said holding out my hand and smiling lasciviously.

I started my tour by explaining to Laurie that my only other option was to sell the house and buy an apartment in town. However, should our three-month trial be successful, then I would carry out much needed improvements and upgrading of the house and kitchen, and her input would be invaluable. Then I broached the delicate problem of whether Laurie would be prepared to live-in. She replied it made sense and living so close meant she could make regular checks on her own house. I was warming to Laurie by the minute and when she asked which rooms she would occupy, I suggested she choose them herself.

Laurie picked the guest suite and while she was inspecting the bathroom, Rose whispered that she thought my problem was solved. I put my arm around her shoulders and squeezed, as a gesture of agreement, and she in turn kissed me on the cheek saying she wouldn’t forget my kindness towards Laurie. It was a melting moment that deemed something further should happen. So I slid my hand from her shoulders down the silky surface of her dress to rest on the abundant cheeks of her arse, where I crudely squeezed both buttocks. Rose made no comment about my action so I left my hand resting on her arse, occasionally giving it a squeeze. Standing so close to Rose, I was subjected to wafts of her perfume, which acted like a powerful aphrodisiac eroding my sense of propriety. It was a notion which, together with the sensation of her smooth arse, put unexpected words into my mouth and I asked her if she was wearing suspenders with the lovely stockings she kept displaying.

“No, I’m afraid not, Steven.” She replied totally unabashed by my intimate enquiry regarding her underwear. “These stockings are a hold-up design and in any case my dress is far too tight for suspenders, they would show through the material.” Rose answered leaning in close.

“On the contrary,” I persisted. “It would have made you look even sexier.”

“Steven, you’re a naughty boy talking like that. But I’ll tell you what I’ll do. On Monday at work, I’ll wear stockings and suspenders especially for you. I demonstrated my appreciation by squeezing her arse-cheeks one more time, just as Laurie returned to the room and announced the guest-suite would suit her fine.

The following Sunday Laurie, with the assistance of Rose, moved in. It was a huge bonus seeing Rose once more and very pleasing to see she’d opted to retain her ever stylish appearance for the weekend by choosing to wear a blue polka dot dress with a flared skirt, which gave every indication that it was concealing exciting lingerie secrets. Laurie, however, wasn’t to be outdone as far as style was concerned because she too was dressed fashionably to flatter. Her choice was a short, ochre-coloured skater dress with big ornamental buttons down the front and three-quarter sleeves. There was also a hint of cleavage that became a gaping valley when she bent forward. And, I noted, how shapely her legs looked. Devoid of hosiery today, but perfect for stockings and suspenders another time.

The two women oozed so much sexual aggression that fantasies about bedding them together flooded my mind. I compared their individual attributes – of which they possessed many and my fantasising intensified. Laurie’s breasts were causing me some discomfort in the erection department and coupled with the thought of what was under Rose’s dress, made my distress worse! I offered to take them out to lunch when Laurie had finished unpacking, but she wouldn’t have it. She was adamant Escort Mecidiyeköy that she was going to cook lunch for all of them.

But my kitchen cupboards yielded nothing of substance and so Laurie said a visit to the supermarket was in order. Until such time as I could set up a household bank account, I gave Laurie my bank card and pin number and told her not to forget some wine. When I heard the front door close and Rose’s car drive away, I went to my study and booted up the computer. Assuming I was alone in the house, I pulled up a porn site featuring mature women and settled back for some Sunday afternoon titillation, hoping that I might come across a pair of beauties like Rose and Laurie.

But just as I was settling back to watch a couple of matures in the throes of pleasuring one another, I heard a tap on the door and Rose poked her head around. I hastily hit the close button and waved her in, the discernible tremble of her breasts much in evidence as she walked across the room and hoisted herself onto the edge of the desk. The closeness and sound of her rustling dress inflamed my already overheated lust to such a degree I wanted to reach out to stroke the material and run my fingers under the skirt.

“I thought you were going with Laurie.” I said aware of my heart rate rising.

“No, I thought I’d stay here and keep you company, Steven.” Rose answered. “Do you realise it’s the first time we’ve been alone, outside the confines of the office, for a very long time?”

“Yes, the Christmas party if I recall. “A lovely memory …” I never got to finish my sentence because Rose leaned forward and planted her mouth on mine, her tongue immediately forcing a passage between my lips. For a second or two, I was taken aback before initiating any response. The kiss became passionate, sexually fulfilling and promised much, as our tongues battled one another to achieve dominance. We’d had a similar encounter at the office Christmas party, when our mutual lust had been exposed beneath the mistletoe. Then, we had been rudely interrupted, leaving both of us frustrated. But this time there was going be no interruptions. I knew that consummation, when it arrived, wouldn’t be intruded upon this time. Feeling breathless I tried to pull Rose onto my lap but she resisted. Instead, she kicked off her stilettos and shuffled sideways to sit directly before me on the edge of the desk, placing her stockinged feet on the padded arms of my chair; I watched her lovely bosom heaving with pleasure.

“Steven,” Rose began enthusiastically. “I feel rather playful, in the mood for something naughty.” I switched my gaze to her eyes as she spoke, but quickly lowered them again as she adjusted her dress over parted knees enabling me a view into the shadows between her thighs. Over the sound of swishing material, Rose continued

“What about you? Can I persuade you to be naughty, too?” Rose lifted her skirt higher, the shadows transforming into a heavenly vision of silk and lace, which I presumed was a slip. Without hesitating I placed my hands on Rose’s knees and slowly eased the dress further along her thighs; I wanted to see more lingerie. But Rose slapped my hands away.

“Not so fast, young stud. This is not going to be a quick fumble. Oh no! First, I want to show you what Rose’s ripe, mature body can offer. Because let’s face it, Steven, you might consider my tits sag too much or my pussy doesn’t look young enough for your taste.”

“No, Rose, I can’t imagine that happening.” I replied trying to ignore her lewdness. ‘You have a gorgeous body.” I lowered my gaze to her thighs again contemplating the folds of cream silk and lace, which was exciting me. “It’s been a long time, Rose. A long frustrating wait to touch your body.”

“Thank you, Steven.” Rose dropped her feet onto my lap wriggling her toes on the bulge of my erection, her eyes glinting with pleasure when she sensed its size and hardness. “Good heavens, this feels nice and hard! Wait ’til I tell Laurie about it!

She’s really taken a shine to you.”

“Really,” I said not daring to believe that Laurie’s housekeeping duties might possibly extend beyond our agreed remit.

“Yes, she’s quite a lady is Laurie. You realise she’s making it her mission to be more than just your housekeeper. Do you like her big tits, Steven?” I shuffled around trying to ease the constriction in my trousers and wondering how to reply to the question. Rose intuitively spotted my discomfort and suggested I’d be more comfortable if I removed my jeans and pants. So, as calmly as I could, I unzipped and lowered everything. My erection shot up immediately and was met by Rose’s RHT stockinged feet, she gazed in appreciation and curled her soles around my throbbing shaft; was our time was at hand?

“Now, doesn’t that feel nice, Steven?” She wanted to know moving them up and down. “My stockings around your cock wanking it gently.”

“It’s fantastic, Rose.” I replied feeling the sexual tension rising by the second. Rose noticed my pre-cum appearing and rubbed the Merter escort sole of her foot over my helmet smearing the juice onto her stocking.

“Ooh, look at this lovely cum.” She said lifting her foot and rubbing it over my face. I grabbed her foot impatiently and sucked her toes passionately. “I knew you’d like this kind of behaviour from me. Now, would you like my dress a little higher too?”

“Yes please, I’d love your dress higher.” I said breathless with lust.

“OK, but only a little, enough for you to see the tops of my stockings,” She teased. “And perhaps my suspenders too this time.” This woman was talking the kind of smut I liked. “And, if you are a good boy and don’t ejaculate too quickly I will tuck my dress up and show you my creamy, silk panties, which I know you’re dying to see.” I sighed deeply, anticipating the sight of such a heavenly spectacle.

True to her word, Rose gathered the folds of her dress slowly raising them higher and higher, but leaving the slip in place to shroud her stocking tops and suspenders. I couldn’t resist the impassioned appeal of the silky material and ran my fingers over it, gliding them across the soft, lustrous fabric until they encountered the protrusion of suspenders. I toyed with the erotic bumps delighting in their provocation. Rose’s lingerie was intoxicating and I couldn’t resist running the lacy hem of the slip through my fingers, while she continued to stroke my erection with her stockinged feet.

Rose suddenly stopped her ministering and, lifting a foot to my chest, pushed me back in my seat. Then, grasping the lacy hem of her slip, she slowly raised it higher and higher while at the same time opening her thighs wider, until the slip’s lacy hem cleared her stocking tops to reveal a seductive ‘V’ shaped wisp of creamy silk fabric pressed tightly against her pussy; my heart thumped like crazy, as I discerned her pouting labia.

“Now, does that appeal to you? Does it excite you?” Rose asked her voice husky and seductive. “I know you can see the outline of my pussy lips because I’ve checked myself in the mirror.” I groaned and swore under my breath. “Does this seasoned, mellowed pussy stimulate your cock enough to fuck me?” She wanted to know.

Rose’s pornographic prose was exhilarating, her sexy voice enunciating every obscenity to the limit of crudity. My cock became ever more desperate to fuck the pussy she was showing me. I couldn’t resist offering filthy remarks of my own.

“Rose, you are a gorgeous, dirty bitch and I’d love to fuck you!” The words spewed out without thinking. “More than anything else in the world I’d love to fuck you!”

“Yes, Steven, that would be wonderful. I do want you to fuck me … before Laurie gets you hooked with her big tits.” She laughed. “I need your lovely big cock, I want to feel it filling me.”

“Oh Christ,” I gasped thinking Rose was about to surrender to me. “Here on the desk or upstairs?” I blurted out. But Rose was unsympathetic to my offer.

“Neither,” She said. “Not today. I told you I didn’t want a quick fumble. All I want is to watch your face as I tease you into shooting your load. I’m going to take you to heaven with my feet.” I manoeuvred myself into a position whereby I could stroke the calves of her legs and continue to take in the eroticism of her lingerie and the prominence of her pussy lips pushing at the panties.

“That feels nice, Steven. Rose whispered. “When your excitement gets the better of you don’t hold back, just squirt your juicy cream. Will you do that for me, make a sticky mess on my stockings?”

“Just keep stroking, please!” I prompted. “Your lingerie, pussy et all, are wonderful. Truly gorgeous and I’m dying to squirt cum onto your stockings or anywhere else!”

To be honest it wasn’t the kind of comfortable arrangement I needed to climax. Yes, Rose’s feet on my cock felt nice, especially when she rubbed the nylon mesh over my helmet, but it wasn’t a regular sustained rhythm of the sort required to thrill me enough to cum. Intuitive as ever, Rose sensed my predicament.

“Why don’t you do the wanking, Steven. Come on, let’s see how much cum you’ve got stored up in those balls.”

I was so close to finishing I didn’t turn down her offer. So, without any further urging I wrapped my fingers around the shaft of my cock, settled them into a comfortable grip for optimum pleasure, and prepared to give Rose what she wanted to see – loads of my spunk!

“Have you ever wanked in front of a lady before, Steven?” She wanted to know as I settled into my rhythm.

“No,” I replied my breath coming in gasps as the enjoyment of masturbation grew and grew. “Never, while being watched.”

“I love watching a man wanking, Steven, especially if he’s been aroused by me.” Her words were having a precipitous effect on my precarious state. “It’s lovely wanking myself at the same time. Would you like to see me playing with my pussy while you stroked your cock, Steven?” Rose offered running her fingers up and down the front of her panties where the pussy lips pushed against the silk. Rose moaned invitingly. “Ooh, that feels nice, too. But, I need to feel something inside my cunt as well.” She licked her fingers. “I think these will suffice for now,” She murmured inserting two fingers between her puffy vaginal lips and easing them deeper. “I want them rubbing my G-spot for maximum pleasure.”

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