Masturbate for Money

Dildo Fucking

“Now you understand that I need you to masturbate, and ejaculate into the specimen jar. This has to be done on camera,” the woman instructed.

Ben was only half listening to her. He was staring at her tits trying to tell if her nipples were poking through the fabric of the lab coat. He had answered an ad that said test subjects were needed for a human sexuality study, and he figured he could use the fifty dollars that was offered.

“Yeah, I understand,” Ben, answered, looking up to the pretty face that was above the tits. The woman was about 30, shoulder length blonde hair that framed a beautiful face. She was tall and slender and seemed to have larger than average tits. “You need me to jerk off in the jar as many times as I can in an hour. I get fifty dollars for each load. So you’ll owe me a good three hundred and fifty bucks. Heck I thought it was fifty for all my loads so that sounds great.”

“I don’t know what you mean by ‘all your loads’, the average male can ejaculate twice in an hour, I hardly think you will get anywhere near three hundred and fifty dollars.” she responded coldly. Now if you are ready to begin please tell me what type of pornography you would like to view while you masturbate. I need to watch to ensure that we capture your ejaculate properly, but I will allow you to watch whatever you want.

“How about some cum shots onto tits.” Ben answered. Maybe some nice looking blondes in lab coats.”

Her face reddened slightly, but she ignored Ben’s comments. “I think this tape will meet your needs. There is lubricant on the table there next to you,” she informed him.

“I don’t need anything, my cock lubes up pretty well,” Ben responded. With that he pulled down his shorts and freed his semi erect cock. He grabbed it in his hand and began to pump it slowly. His cock quickly swelled to its full six inches as the screen filled with a naked woman given a man a blowjob. She had massive breasts capped with fat pink nipples. She was pumping the man’s cock with her hand as she sucked the head in and out of her mouth.

Ben’s cock was quickly coated in precum as he jacked his hard member watching the blonde pump the guys cock. The man began to spew; his long white streams of cum splattering the woman’s Akbatı escort bayan erect pink nipples. Ben could feel his first cum starting and he motioned to Miss Williams to get her sample tube ready. She handed it to Ben just in time and he jacked his load into the glass tube while he watched the woman on the screen pulls and tugs her nipples rubbing the man’s load of sperm into her fat nipples.

Ben kept pumping his cock and he could feel it swell as he watched the next scene begin. It was a big chested black woman with big brown nipples. She was pulling them and squirting milk all over the place. A man came up behind her and began to fuck her doggy style as the woman continued to milk her jugs. Ben pumped his hips in time with the man, and could feel his second cum rising in his nut sack. He motioned to Miss Williams that he was ready to shoot, and she handed him the second tube. He pumped twice as much as the first time, and he could see that she was curious.

Ben continued to pump his now 8-inch cock, thrusting his hips into his hand like it was a cunt. His massive cock was dark red, with the mushroom head almost purple in color. “You can still go on?” Miss Williams asked in surprise.

“I told you I am going to earn at least three hundred and fifty dollars.” Ben replied.

“How big does your penis get?” Miss Williams asked.

“It gets bigger every time I cum, and I can cum at least seven or eight times.” Ben answered

“If I cum twice more will you show me your tits,” Ben asked. “I need something more that these cheap fuck films to inspire me.”

“No man can reach orgasm more than three times in an hour.” It is impossible. Miss Williams responded. “If you can continue after your fourth orgasm I will remove my blouse for you.”

Ben motioned for a test tube and moaned loudly as he pumped his third load into the tube. “There is even more ejaculate her than before,” she said as she measured the load of jisim that Ben had pumped into the tube.

Ben continued to pump his swelling prick as he watched the good-looking brunette on the screen get fucked by a massive ten-inch cock. The porno star’s big tits shook as she pulled and plucked her engorged dark, pink nipples Escort Aksaray as the man fucked her wet pussy. Ben fucked his hand for four or five minutes watching the action on the screen and then grabbed the next test tube and pumped his forth load of cum into it.

He stopped masturbating, and stood looking at Miss Williams. “Well why are you stopping she asked? We are about to make human sexuality history.”

“I need to see your tits. If you want me to continue show me your tits. You promised,” Ben pointed out.

“It will compromise the study,” Miss Williams protested.

“No it won’t,” Ben responded. “I will pump my loads into the tube. I don’t think the camera will care if it gets to see your tits.”

Miss Williams finally gave in and unbuttoned her lab coat, and removed her blouse. The black lacy front clasp bra held a big pair of breasts that Ben could tell had fat nipples. “There you go said Miss Williams.

“You better hurry before my boner starts to go down. Lose the bra, or lose the boner. Your choice”, was all Ben said.

She finally undid the bra and released her big tits. Her nipples were indeed massive. The fat pink tips were as thick as his thumb, and stood erect at least half an inch long on her full breasts.

Ben quickly resumed his pumping as she brought them into view. His now ten-inch cock was so thick he could not get his hand around it, and the head was massive. He said, “Pull your nipples for me. Show me how big they get when you’re horny.”

Miss Williams did not complain this time but instead reached up and began to pluck and twist her thick nipples. They darkened as she played with them. Watching her twist her nipples brought Ben to orgasm. He grabbed a tube and pumped his fifth load, moaning and thrusting as he watched the Miss Williams manipulate her nipples.

Let me measure your hard prick before you come again, Miss Williams requested. I should have thought of this before.”

She grabbed her tape measure and approached Ben’s eleven-inch monster. When she touched his cock it twitched, straining against her hand. “My god, it is eleven inches already. How big can it get, she whispered to herself.

“Can I jack you off?” she asked Ankara escort looking up at Ben.

In answer Ben thrust is cock into her hand, and Miss Williams quickly began to stroke him. Her small hand quickly tired, so she dropped her mouth down and covered the massive head with her lips. She stretched her cheeks and finally fit the purple head of his prick into her mouth. Pumping and sucking it felt so good that Ben longed to jam it to the hilt in her moist mouth, but he pulled out and shot his sixth load into the tube, almost filling it to the top.

Miss Williams was in awe as she watched Ben pump the biggest cock she had every seen. He continued to go far beyond what any man was supposed to be able to do. Her panties were soaked with her cunt juice, and her clit was screaming for attention.

She said, “Watch me masturbate for you. Keep going as long as you can.” With that she pulled down her wet panties and pulled her skirt up. Sitting back on the edge of the table she spread her pussy lips wide, her pink, swollen clit popping out. Ben could see the wet, shiny inside of her cunt as she rubbed up and down her labia, stopping to rub her erect clit.

Finally she focused on the clit, rubbing over and over until she brought herself to orgasm. Her fat nipples swelled to full extension, the hard nubs shaking as she climaxed. This brought Ben off again, and he pumped is seventh load into the tube, filling it to the very top.

“God, how much cum do you have, Miss Williams moaned as she continued to masturbate by pumping three of her fingers into her overheated twat. “Come and fuck me with that monster if you can get it into me.”

Ben strode over to the table were she lay and put her legs up on his shoulders spreading her wet, pink twat as wide as it would go. He pushed his 13-inch cock into the wet opening and slowly worked his massive hardon into her cunt. She moaned loudly as he began to thrust back and forth into her, finally he was ramming all 13 inches of cock meat into her on every thrust.

She was yelling in orgasm as she rubbed her clit, while he pounded her with his manhood. He finally pulled out and shot his eighth massive load into the test tube overflowing it until it dripped on the floor. Miss Williams was totally spent from the cunt reaming she had gotten, and could barely stand up to turn off the camera.

“I hope we got all of that because no one will ever believe me otherwise,” Miss Williams remarked.

Ben took his $300 and headed home that was the easiest money he had ever made.

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