My Landlord’s Daughter


I am a twenty-two year old single man, and I work as a surveyor in an Architect’s practise. I was asked by my employer to work away from home for a few months, on a large building site, and I had no option other than to try to rent a room close to where my temporary workplace would be. After some searching, I eventually found a suitable room, living with a family. I arranged to live there with them for about three months, sharing the home along with my landlord and landlady.

They were a pleasant and friendly couple in their mid to late forties. They had one daughter; Angie, who I reckoned was eighteen or nineteen. She was a very sexy pale skinned brunette of about 5’4″, with a beautiful face, a slim toned figure, silky smooth legs and breasts I estimated at about size 32B. She was studying at the nearby university, so still lived at home.

During my stay I tried to keep out of their way whenever I could, by keeping myself in my room when they were at home, and joined them only for main meals, and sometimes to watch TV.

One Friday I left work and returned to the house just after lunchtime. The weather had turned stormy, and the boss of the site I was working at said there wasn’t much point in me carrying on. I expected everyone to be out until later that evening, and to walk into an empty house. I was looking forward to having a long soak in the bath, and maybe even an afternoon sleep, but as I opened the door and entered the house I soon realised I wouldn’t have the house to myself that afternoon.

Standing silently in the hallway, I could hear muffled sounds coming from the living room, and so crept forward and slowly poked my head around the partially opened door, to see what was making the noises. I was shocked and surprised at what I saw.

Sitting in the Living Room with her back facing towards the door was Angie, who had come home from university early as well. She was sat leaning back on the large settee facing the large fireplace. There is a large framed mirror over the fireplace, and because of the way it was angled downwards, I could see the reflection clearly from my vantage point at the door. was sitting with her short blue skirt bunched up around her waist, her legs spread apart. I could also plainly see that she was wearing no panties. In one hand she tightly grasped a large, thick red candle, probably about nine or ten inches long, and she was working it in and out of her pussy at quite a pace, whilst with a finger of her other hand, she was rubbing all around her clit.

Due to the way the mirror was angled, it soon became clear that she could obviously watch her own reflection in the mirror, but at that moment her eyes were closed tight in ecstasy, so she hadn’t yet seen my reflection appear in the mirror. I was totally in awe at the sight, and even though I wanted to stay and watch her for as long as I possibly could, I knew I really shouldn’t, and so I smiled to myself as I decided to leave her to it, before she caught me. As I tried to move away quietly, I accidentally nudged the door slightly with my shoulder, and the hinges creaked loudly as it swung open a little further.

I saw her open her eyes sharply and she looked up, around to where the noise had come from, the candle still buried deep within her pussy. She was shocked when she saw me standing there, half hidden by the partially open door. “Oh Shit!” she cried, quickly withdrawing the candle from between her legs, before dropping it to the floor next to the settee, where it landed on the floorboards with a dull thud. She clumsily scrambled to her feet, straightening her skirt down over her smooth bare legs. She was clearly stunned and upset at being caught out. I saw her cheeks redden and tears began welling up in her eyes.

I opened the door fully and walked into the room as she glared at me silently, obviously very embarrassed. She raised her hands up to her head, covering her face, shrieking; “Oh my God!!’ over and over, saying that she didn’t think anyone would be home for hours yet.

After a little while I managed to calm her down somewhat, and persuaded her to sit back down. I explained that it was okay and that I had just arrived home moments before, so I really didn’t see very much. I also said what she was doing was perfectly natural.

I don’t know why, but I quickly made up a bullshit story about when I was younger I had once stayed with my aunt, and that she had walked in on me in the bathroom as I was perched on the edge of the bath stroking my cock. must have believed me, and she looked up at me again for the first time and asked what happened. I told her how embarrassed I was at being caught by my aunt and how I thought I would never be able Bahçelievler escort come out of the bathroom again, let alone look at my aunt. We both laughed, and after a while she seemed to relax a little.

There was another awkward few seconds as we just sat on the settee, looking at each other, neither of us saying a word. Angie broke the silence, and startled me somewhat when she asked me if I still masturbated. There wasn’t any point in not being truthful to her now, and so I answered; “Of course I do!!” She asked me how often, and I told her probably once a day. “What! Even while you’ve been staying here, with us in the house?” she asked, a shocked expression appearing on her face. “Well…Yes, I suppose I have.” I replied.

She opened up to me and told me she also masturbated at least once a day (adding that she used both her fingers and candles), and she asked me if I thought it was normal to feel horny as much as she did. I answered, telling her that I didn’t think there was a problem with it, and I suggested she just needed a boyfriend who would give her a good seeing to; to get rid of some of her frustrations!!

That set the tone, and our conversation began to get steamier. As we were talking and flirting she had noticed that my eyes had begun to stray down to her silky smooth thighs and that skirt. She started to slowly open and close her thighs, showing me a little more of what lay beneath each time.

Then she looked at me sternly, and said; “You know. I would feel a whole lot better about the whole thing if you showed me your cock!”

I felt my face burning as my cheeks immediately turned bright red. She grinned at me, waiting for some kind of response. The idea turned me on, and I could feel my heart beat a little faster, and my cock began to stiffen. “Come on. It’s only fair,” she giggled, as she glanced down at my crotch, egging me on, “You’ve seen my pussy so I want to see your cock!”

I thought for a while. She was a really hot looking girl, and I could do a hell of a lot worse than having a bit of afternoon fun with her. I decided to go for it, but wanted to tease her some more…to be sure she was serious. “You don’t think I’d do it, do you?!” I quipped, as I quickly got to me feet, and swiftly unbuckled my belt and the top button of my jeans, before hesitating as the reality of what I was about to do dawned on me. She looked straight into my eyes, before lowering her gaze to the now obvious bulge that had formed in the front of my jeans. If I was unsure about going on, my cock wasn’t. It was bursting to escape from the confines of my jeans and underwear.

“Please!”‘ she softly whispered to me, before turning her attention to my crotch.

I sighed deeply, undoing the remaining buttons of my jeans, and before I had a chance to talk myself out of it again, I just pushed both my jeans and my underwear down to my ankles in one quick motion. Whilst still bent over, hiding myself from Angie’s view, I awkwardly stepped out of them, kicking them to one side, almost tripping over my own feet. There was no turning back now.

I stood up again sharply, my hard cock springing out like a flagpole from a building. I could feel it throbbing, as Angie fixed her eyes on it.

My erect cock is about 7 inches long and is quite thick in girth, extending from a thin bed of light brown pubes that hid nothing. My nervous breathing was causing it to twitch slightly. The foreskin was already fully rolled back exposing the engorged purple head. My balls hung loosely below.

Angie grinned at me silently, and then settled back on the settee. As I looked down at her she placed one hand on the hem of her skirt and lifted it towards her waist, whilst gently opening her thighs for me. I now had a wonderful close up view of the small neatly trimmed patch of dark soft hair above her pussy. The skin around her pussy lips was shaved clean, slightly darker than the rest, and the puffy thick lips pouted out at me. She reached down between her legs, and with two fingers she spread her pussy open for me, before circling her clit with her fingers. As she did this looked up at me and told me to sit back down. I immediately sat down beside her, and we both shuffled our bodies around to face each other more.

“You know…” she said, looking directly at me, “I’ve never really seen a man masturbate before.” She then lifted her skirt higher and stroked her fingers through her short pubic hairs and over her wet pussy lips, before returning her attention again to her clit, this time dipping two fingers into her hole.

I knew it was only a matter of time before I’d be desperate for release, one way or another. Bahçeşehir escort bayan

“Do it NOW!!” she purred.

I was caught up in the building sexual tension, and all I could do was obey her command. I shifted myself forward on the settee, getting myself into a more comfortable position. My hand immediately gripped my hard shaft, and began moving up and down with slow strokes, while my other hand cupped and massaged my balls. I had never imagined doing anything like this before, but the whole experience was making me hornier than I had ever been. My eyes darted to hers, and then drifted down across her whole body, before once again focusing on her pink, open, wet pussy, as she continued to rub herself more and more intensely.

As I slid my hand rapidly over my rock hard cock, she began fucking herself with her index and middle fingers. There was no doubt she was getting very excited watching me jerk off. It was more than obvious by the glistening moisture I could see covering her fingers each time she withdrew them from her hole, and the juices now coating the swollen lips of her pussy.

She removed her fingers from her pussy, and surprised me when she held out her hand to me and whispered; “Put this on your cock please.” I immediately wiped up the juices coating her fingers and palm, and rubbed them around the engorged head of my cock and smeared the remainder along my shaft, then resumed my stroking. On each stroke I ensured that the foreskin was fully skinned back, keeping the purple head in view for her to see.

“I can’t believe this is happening,” she giggled. “This is so weird!”

Neither could I.

“Lay back further Angie.” I suggested. “Open your legs a bit more. I want to see your fingers move in and out.” She did as I said, leaning herself back against the arm of the settee, all the time ensuring she could still see my own actions.

I started to stroke my cock harder and faster now. I was now moaning with pleasure, but I was desperate not to close my eyes or to cum too soon. I wanted to focus entirely on watching her as she drove another two more fingers deep into her sopping pussy.

She shifted her body around more, and opened her legs wider, lifting one leg up on the settee next to me. “Can you see better now?” she panted. Her pussy was soaked and swollen. Her fingers were still driving in an out of her hole. I shuffled towards her and leaned over to get a better look, stopping myself by placing one hand down on the settee next to her, and our legs rubbed together.

Angie was loving what was happening, and I slowed my own pace right down as I watched her body jerk and heard her gasp uncontrollably. She closed her thighs, clamping them tightly around her hand covering her pussy. She threw her head back, biting her lip, and closed her eyes, as she was clearly having a huge orgasm. She was delirious with arousal.

“Oh fuck.” She cried out as wave after wave of pure pleasure rode through her tiny body.

I watched as her body shook and spasmed in the throes of orgasm. I held the shaft of my cock tightly in my hand, but had stopped jerking myself off. I didn’t want to cum yet. Not until she had recovered and was watching me.

She slowly began to come down from her climax, still breathing quickly and heavily. I began to slide my hand along my shaft again, desperate to cum for her. I looked on as she got down on her knees on the floor in front of me, holding her skirt up with one hand, kneeling between my legs. She ensured I continued to have a clear view of her soaking wet slit.

“Are you getting close?” she moaned. Her wide eyes were fixed on my hand travelling along the entire length of my aching shaft. I told her that I couldn’t last too much longer.

I could see the juices coating Angie’s pussy and thigh, and matting her pubic hair. “Can I put some more of your juices on my cock?” I moaned. “For a bit of lubrication!!”

I gazed at her as she reached down between her legs and rubbed over her pussy, soaking up as much of her juices as she could. She reached over and held out her hand to me, and I looked at her palm and fingers holding her cum.

“Let go of your cock!” was all she said. As I did, she quickly grasped my erection tightly and ran her hand slowly along my shaft and around the head, causing my cock to jump wildly. I bucked my hips, attempting to fuck her hand with my cock as she held me. I thought she was going to finish me off herself there and then, but instead she only gave it three or four strokes, twisting her hand as it slid along the shaft; just enough to spread her slick cum over the entire length of my cock.

“There. Escort Bakırköy Now get on with it!” she demanded.

Without further hesitation I grabbed my cock and resumed my stroking, and she watched every part of what I was doing intensely. I announced that I would be cumming very soon. She just nodded back. “I want you to cum on my face!” she pleaded, as she leant in even further, her face now so close to my cock that I could feel her warm breath across it.

“I need to stand up Angie.” I told her. “Move back so I can stand up!” She did as I asked, shuffling herself backwards on her knees. I managed to keep a tight grip on my cock never breaking pace, as I quickly got to my feet, and moved forward, close to her face, the purple head of my cock just inches from her. She looked up at me and licked her lips and grinned, then looked back directly at my cock.

“Come on! Wank it harder!” She shouted in encouragement.

I was under her spell, and did exactly as she commanded, pumping my hand along my shaft rapidly. My breathing was ragged as I inhaled and exhaled deeply. My cock was pulsating at this point. I imagined that my hand stroking my shaft was an amazingly tight pussy; I imagined it was her amazingly tight pussy, and I began jerking faster and faster, and lightly rubbed and caressed my balls with my other hand.

I looked down at her again, and noticed she had now tucked her skirt up into the waistband, and had one hand covering her pussy, as she alternated between fucking herself and rubbing her clit with her fingers. Her hand was glossy with her own juices. Her inner thighs were shiny.

Angie’s eyes were glued to my cock, and she had a glazed expression on her face. She was approaching her second orgasm.

Before I gave her chance to climax again, I felt the build up inside of me, and as my orgasm came I exploded. My erection seemed to stiffen and swell like never before, and I gently rocked forwards, raising myself up on the balls of my feet. My hips jerked and as I stroked I pushed the head of my cock down towards Angie, pointing the eye directly at her face, inches away from me. With a long, loud, pleasure filled groan I shot my load hard. The first two thick shots of semen erupted powerfully from me, splattering onto her forehead and roping thick strands into her hair, taking her totally by surprise. She squealed excitedly and stopped rubbing her pussy, and immediately placed both hands on her knees, waiting for my next release. I angled my cock, aiming it so the following bursts shot over her eye and eyelid, and on her nose, and then lower down over the flushed red skin of her left cheek, and finally let the remaining cum ooze down over her mouth and chin. I had certainly cum all over her face, just as she had requested!

After I had finished coating her face, I groaned out loud as I slowly squeezed my hand up my shaft a couple of times, milking every last drop of cum onto the tip. I saw that her eyes were now closed as she knelt before me, letting my cum dribble down her skin, a wide contented smile on her face. Taking a considerable risk I quickly pushed my cock down again, this time I allowed it touch her face. I rubbed and tapped the swollen purple head and shaft in the semen on her cheek, and shook the last big glob of cum from the tip onto her silky skin. I then swiftly brushed the head across her face, spreading this last bead of thick fluid on her chin, and across her soft lips.

I was relieved that Angie made no attempt to move away, and for one brief moment, as the head of my cock brushed against her mouth, I thought she was going to open up and take the head in, but she resisted, keeping her mouth firmly closed. I was about to apologise for getting carried away, and rubbing my cock on her face, as she began to move away from me, but as she did so, I saw her discreetly drag her tongue over her lips, taking a big glob of cum inside on her tongue, and she said; “Mmm…nice!!”

As we both settled back down on the settee breathing heavily, slowly calming down from our exertions, I looked over at her, and watched as the thick cum slowly dribbled down her face. Some of my cum had dripped from her chin down onto her T-shirt, soaking into the white material.

I wanted to ask her what this all meant. Would we get another chance to repeat what we had just done soon? Or maybe we could take it further, as I’m sure she’d agree to me fucking her now or at a later date, but without warning she suddenly stood up, wiping through my cum on her lips and chin with the back of her hand. She picked up the candle from the floor, before casually walking out of the room, closing the door fully behind her.

During the remainder of my stay with the family, the activities of that afternoon were never mentioned again. It was as though it had never happened.

Despite my best efforts, I never seemed to be able to get Angie alone in the house again, and I left 3 weeks later to go home, resigned to the fact that I would probably never see her again…

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