My Much Needed Naturist Holiday

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Everyone in this story is over and above the age of consent.

If you don’t like nudity or naturism, please don’t read any further.

The day was warm as I languished outside in the back garden, having a well-deserved rest after finishing my days’ work. I worked even harder now I was on my own, but one thing I knew for certain, was that I needed a man, a man who would treat me like my husband had done, for all the years we had been married. I missed the closeness, the intimacy, the way held me with his large hands. Ohhh, to feel his open hands caressing my skin, making me shudder at his touch. He made me feel so very safe and so secure and loved. Telling me he would always cover me in blue to protect me.

As my open hands caressed my body, my mind wandered, thinking they were my husband’s hands, my nipples beginning to harden, my Lou-lou began to get warm and wet. Thinking I would put my pumps on and pump more milk. Malcolm always loved suckling me when I was full of milk, giving us both a terrific orgasm. Oh, how I miss him still. I got my pumps out placing them on both nipples, setting the suction to medium. Stripping off I leant back on the sofa, I placed my feet on the edge letting my legs fall wide. I could feel the sensations travelling from my tits to my Lou-lou, I have always called my cunt, my lou-lou. I started to rub my now swelling bud. Ahhhh, the feeling shooting through me, ‘yes, yesss,’ pinching my bud hard making myself cum. Pushing my fingers in my lou-lou, I pulled them out dripping, as I licked my fingers clean. Giving myself a good shake, I got up and went to put the kettle on, once my legs had stopped shaking. I needed a coffee, with a teaspoon of Baileys Irish cream. As I waited for the kettle to boil, I switched on the TV, for background noise, so the house wouldn’t sound so empty and silent.

Dinner cooked, I sat naked and ate alone, legs open, if anyone saw me now they would think I was so shameless, but we enjoyed our D/S time together, as I looked at the empty chair. ‘Oh my’ I thought, it was ten years and it still felt like yesterday, when you, the love of my life, was taken from us.

Now in my sixties, and not having any form of sex for over twenty years, due to my husband’s illness; apart from self-masturbating; I needed at times to feel and remember; what it’s like to be loved and cared for and to love in return.

As I sat reminiscing still wanking, an advert caught my eye. ‘Do you feel alone, do you feel as though something or someone is missing, you may need a relaxing holiday, maybe meet someone, make new friends, we have different activities to suit every taste.’ I hurriedly got pen and paper and wrote down the number. I felt as though someone or something was pushing me to ring this number.

I sat on the chair by the phone, dialling the number. As I sat there waiting for someone to answer, I wondered if I was doing the right thing, and was having second thoughts. I was about to replace the receiver when a gentleman answered, ‘Good afternoon, my name is Kade, how may I help you?’ I explained about seeing the advert and phone number on TV and wanted to know more about the holiday.

‘Ok, we have log cabins spread over a wide area. If you feel as though you need company, you get a cabin nearer to where the entertainments are held. If you want peace and tranquility, you will get a cabin nearer to the wooded areas. There are so many different walks you can choose from, or you can take day trips, we have several different tours you can choose from, or you can rest by one of our many pools or wander into the hills where there are many different hidden lakes with lots of privacy if you choose, or simply make friends with other people who are also staying with us. But then, it all depends on your requirements. But I must tell you it is a holiday for naturists.’

I told Kade I hadn’t had a holiday for so many years now, yet I felt a need to phone and inquire on what you had to offer. The sound of his voice had me spreading my legs and I was wanking myself again, my breathing getting harsher as I started to pant, my juices flowing the more I masturbated. A couple of minutes later he asked me if I was ok, as my breathing had accelerated. I told him, ‘Yes,’ I was fine in between gulps, while I was humping my Lou-lou with the palm of my hand, which by this time was dripping wet. ‘Yesssss,’ after talking to Kade for a while, I booked a two month’s holiday there and then, not too far from where the entertainments were held, yet not too close either. Before we ended the call. Kade asked if he could ask me a personal question, I told him, of course, he could, so he came straight out asking me if I had just had an orgasm, then quickly added that he couldn’t wait to meet me, and he would make sure he was on duty for my arrival, and personally check me in and show me to my cabin, and he was sure I would have a wonderful holiday with them. I then leant back legs spread wide open making myself cum again.

When I stripped off for bed that night, a cold open hand covered my back; this made me look at Malcolm’s picture and I noticed Haramidere escort bayan he was smiling at me, as if saying ‘yes go for it you deserve it my love.’ I must admit I slept very well that night.

Two weeks later, I was waiting to board the plane that would take me to my holiday destination. Feeling the butterflies start in my tummy, I was being called to board the plane. A nice young lady came towards me, Mrs Taylor,’ she asked. I looked at her, wondering how she knew my name with all the people who were boarding the plane. ‘You’re thinking, how do I know your name aren’t you,’ she said smiling at me.

‘Well, yes I am, to be honest.’

‘See your name has a star by the side of it, which means whoever is on duty has to show you to your seat and make sure you’re comfortable for your journey.’

‘Oh right, I wonder who that did, because I certainly didn’t.’

‘The hotel where you are traveling to, did it. I assume they want to make sure you enjoy your holiday right from the very start.’ She took me to my seat and made sure I was comfortable, then introduced me to the flight attendant who would be serving me during my flight, saying ‘I hope your holiday will be one to remember,’ she smiled at me then left. The flight seemed to go by quickly and soon we were being asked to put our seat belts on as we would be landing shortly.

The weather was warm as I descended from the plane and made my way to where our luggage was coming round on the conveyor belts. I noticed my suitcase and lifted it off the belt, moving to where I would have a little space to breathe.

I took the information from my bag, checking the name of my hotel, then looked around for where the taxis were. As I was making my way out of the main doors at the airport, I heard my name being called. I looked around to see who was calling me when I noticed a tallish man holding a plaque with my name and the name of the hotel. I walked over to him, telling him my name was Mrs Taylor and yes, I am on my way to The Pinecones hotel.

‘Mrs. Taylor, so good to meet you,’ he leant over, taking my luggage from me then looked back to my eyes, he kissed both my cheeks welcoming me, ‘if you will follow me, I shall take you to your destination,’ smiling as he said this. I walked by his side as we went to the limousine. He put my suitcase in the boot, then opened the front passenger door for me with a wave of his hand. As I sat down, my skirt rose a little showing the tops of my thighs and my white lacy crotchless panties, which I didn’t realize he could see. I looked up at him smiling, ‘thank you very much, please call me Dee, sounds much better than Mrs. Taylor,’ but I did notice where he was looking, which made me blush slightly, as one foot was still outside the limo, my legs slightly spread; I quickly lifted my leg bringing it into the limo, allowing him to close the door.

He smiled at me, then went round to the driver’s side making himself comfortable. I noticed he had long lean legs and his hands were big; seeing this made my pussy tingle as I looked at his crotch. I could also see the outline of his cock, he reminded me so much of my husband. ‘Mmm,’ I thought, as I licked my lips, my hands clasped together pressing in my lap. His eyes were blue, his nose straight, his chin squarish, his hair dark had a smattering of grey, his smile won me over.

‘Oh, stop this,’ I thought to myself, ‘behave yourself, you don’t even know the man.’ I got comfy and started asking him about the hotel, and how long had he worked there.

‘Oh Dee, I have worked at the Pinecones hotel for over thirty years now. The hotel is magnificent, I think you will come to love it, wait till you see it. All the staff are friendly and courteous.’ He kept glancing at me, seeing me press my clasped hands between my thighs, as he drove. What he didn’t know however was, watching a man drive, always got me juicing. We had been travelling for about twenty minutes I noticed the houses were getting fewer and fewer, as we were now on a road that was filled with trees, all of different colours.

‘Oh, how beautiful,’ I whispered to myself. Kade heard me and said, ‘yes, it is, and I never want to leave, since I lost my wife, it brings me a lot of comfort.’ He gave me a sharp glance, apologizing for his sudden outburst. Minutes later, he pulled into a clearing and turned the engine off. Turning slightly so he was facing me, he placed an arm over the back of his seat looking me straight in the eyes, ‘let me show you something before we get to the hotel. I think you will like what you see,’ he lightly brushed my shoulder with his fingertips; he noticed my nipples were leaking, and licked his lips, feeling me tremble slightly, then got out of the limo, walking round the limo he opened the door for me, stretching his hand to help me out. He noticed my skirt ride up my thighs again, showing my open lacy, panties, with a smile on his face he licked his lips, then led me to a clearing, and what came into view was amazing.

‘My god, never have I seen anything so beautiful, umm,’ I stuttered looking Escort İkitelli up at him, ‘I don’t know your name!’ With his hand on the small of my back gently guiding me, he simply said, ‘Kade,’ as his fingertips lightly circled the middle of my hips, sending shudders through me, this made my nipples leak more. He felt my body responding to his touch, feeling me shiver.

I had to control myself, and quickly, ‘Kade,’ I said in surprise, ‘you mean the Kade I spoke to when I booked my holiday?’ Nodding his head smiling a wicked smile, ‘the one and only. Tell me, did you enjoy your orgasm when we spoke over the phone, and what do you think of this vista, don’t you think it is something special.’

‘I most certainly do Kade and yes I did,’ pressing my butt further onto his fingers,

making him think, hopefully, it wasn’t his touch that was affecting me, as I adjusted my feet slightly wider apart. ‘Is all the scenery like this where we are going, or is this a one off?’

‘No, not a one off, the whole area is the same but in many different ways, you will see for yourself and seeing as you are staying at our hotel for two months, you will have more than enough time to explore, and hopefully you will allow me to show you some of the different areas.’

I felt him gently squeeze under my butt, his fingers lightly brushing my Lou-lou and the wetness he had caused. Surely, he knew how wet he was making me, my nipples were also leaking and getting hard to the touch; then tapped my butt smiling at me. My panties were more than moist, I could feel it dripping down my thighs, making me tighten my thighs together and my nipples were beginning to burn, hoping he wouldn’t notice. Taking my arm, he said, ‘I think we had better get you to the hotel, and get you settled in, so you can take a shower and freshen yourself from your journey or they may send a search party out for us if we are too much longer.’ He lifted his fingers to his mouth, inhaling a deep breath before sucking his fingers clean, ‘mmm, you taste lovely’.

He heard me gasp and saw my cheeks flush a scarlet red, my open hand moved up to my tits, gently squeezing my nipples, he could see me trying to control my breathing. The look he gave me, penetrated through my whole body as if he was saying to me, ‘I am going to fuck you senseless, anywhere, anytime, and anyhow I wish, whether we are alone or with friends, you will be mine, at the moment I want to suckle your leaking nipples.’ I had to lower my eyes, when I did, I noticed the bulge in his pants, ‘oh Crickey bobs’ I thought, he sure looks as though he has an impressive cock.’ I made an excuse saying, ‘I’m getting a little tired, I need a drink and to pump.’

‘Yes I noticed,’ pointing his fingers to my wet top, ‘how long have you been lactating, if you don’t mind me asking.’

‘My husband used to love suckling my milk, so after the children came, he took over, milking me twice maybe three times a day, but when he passed I started pumping, and giving it to mother’s who couldn’t produce any milk for their new born,’ he couldn’t take his eyes off my tits, so I cheekily asked, ‘would you like me to feed you?’

His eyes flew up to meet mine, a smouldering look in his eyes told me he did. I opened my top offering him a nipple, ‘it would help me if you would, take the pressure off till we get to where we are going.’ He didn’t need to be asked again, he lowered his mouth and began suckling hard, then getting my other nipple out starting on that one when he had finished on the first, hearing me murmur, ‘oh I’m cumming,’ I couldn’t help it.

After a while we returned to the limo, travelling in more or less silence, I noticed he kept glancing at the amount of leg I was showing. I didn’t realize I was showing as much as I was. ‘Is it always this hot over here,’ I asked him, my voice shaking a little at what had just happened. Placing a tissue over my nipples to try and dry them.

‘Yes, it is warm, but it does get warmer, so you won’t need any winter clothes at this time of year. I’m sorry, I should have realized and told you, you must be a little overwhelmed and since you told me previously it was your first holiday in quite a long time, I should have known better, you must be feeling shattered; I’m sorry Dee,’ placing his open hand on my knee and giving it a gentle squeeze and gently brushing my inner thighs, feeling how wet I was, I parted my thighs slightly for him. ‘Can I be honest with you Dee,’ he pulled over into another siding. I looked at him wondering what he was going to say; ‘why of course you can, I much prefer truth and honesty, at least you know where you stand.’ I replied, smiling.

‘Good, and I hope you won’t take offence at what I am going to say.’ Watching his face, I couldn’t tell what he had on his mind. ‘I want your tits and cunt; I want to taste your honey. I can see your struggling, maybe you’re a little overwhelmed, but I promise not to touch you again, unless you allow me too, but I will have you.’

I don’t know what came over me, could it have been the colour of his eyes, the way he spoke, Çapa escort the way he was treating me, the way he touched me, I had no idea, I had only just met the man, but I opened my top, squeezing my hardening dripping nipples as a jet of milk squirted out, I lifted a leg opening my panties, so he could see my pussy juicing. He was rubbing his cock at the sight of what he was seeing.

‘Oh, fuck me, Dee, you are beautiful. Can’t you tell, just look at what you are doing to me, and we have only just met.’ He pulled his cock out and he was more than impressive. ‘I want you Dee.’ He sat straight and turned the engine on again, ‘no more stops till we get you to your destination.’ When we set off, I turned sideways to him, folding a leg under the other showing him my wet lou-lou, my fingers folding around his cock, ‘May I,’ I softly asked. ‘It’s been such a long time since I’ve enjoyed a man who I am comfortable with!’

‘Yes you may, but I shall have to pull over again, we don’t want any accidents, do we,’

he glanced at me smiling. I licked my lips as I leant over, taking the head of his cock in my mouth and swirling my tongue around his helmet, then pushing it down his slit, ‘Mmmmm yes,’ I whispered. I heard him growl, ‘fucking hell Dee.’ He made a sharp turn then pulled up abruptly, quickly turning the engine off and pushing his seat back. Smiling, I took him deeper, pumping him, my hand finding his ball sack gently caressing them, my fingers finding his puckered star, pressing lightly I felt him swell as he thrust deep in my throat, Fffffffuck Dee pull out or I am going to feed you all my spunk.’ Hearing him say this I sucked all the harder as his swollen cock spurted rope after rope of fresh cream down my throat. His fingers found my wet nipples which were by this time dripping again. As I pulled off him, I gave him a quick glance and saw him smiling at me. ‘Now it’s my turn,’ as he slid my top off my shoulders, ‘I think these little babies need more suckling, may I?’ he asked. I leant back telling him he could if he so wished, as I hadn’t been milked like this since my husband had passed, but if he did, he would make me cum again.

‘Oh, my dear, they really need a good seeing to then don’t they, and I’m going to make you cum and cum, and cum hard for me, then I can drink all your nectar.’ Suckling me hard, first one nipple then the other. I was throbbing uncontrollably, my lou-lou spasming when he pushed two fingers deep in my swollen wetness, his thumb pressing on my star.

‘Ahhhhhhh, Kade I’m cumming, please.’

When he heard this he suddenly stopped, ‘Please what Dee, what do you want, I need to get you to the hotel, where we will be more comfortable. Sitting straight he started the engine and continued our journey; this made me look at him and say, ‘I am so sorry if I have overstepped the mark.’ feeling totally embarrassed, with how I had reacted.

‘No, not at all Dee, I have something in mind, if you will allow me, but believe me, when I say for your enjoyment, I mean, you will be begging me to allow you to cum for me.’ I couldn’t help but press my fingers on my throbbing clit, my legs wide, my skirt up by my waist, ‘please I need to cum daddy, please let me.’ When he heard this he slowed down to a stop again, ‘Dee, you are one fucking horny bitch,’ he took my legs spreading them wide, ‘now show me, I want to see your cunt and ass pulsating for me.’

Within minutes I was cumming, my nipples leaking milk down my body. ‘Yes, Yesss, Ohhh yessssssss, I’m cumming again for you daddy.’ He could see how my lou-lou and ass were opening and closing, growling a deep growl at the sight.

A while later when we turned a corner, a huge hotel came into view, I couldn’t help but express what I was seeing, ‘my god in heaven,’ my mouth gaping open in amazement, my fingers still milking my nipples hard and wanking my growing clit. ‘It’s, it’s absolutely beautiful.’ ‘Stop milking your nipples and wanking your clit, that’s my job from now on,’ Kade said. Glancing quickly around I tried to take as much in as I could, dropping my fingers to my lap. He got out of the limo and held my door open for me to get out, as I was getting he told me, ‘get those panties off now and give them to me.’ I looked at him with a questioning look, but things kept catching my eye and I was too busy trying to take all my surroundings in to notice the way my skirt had ridden up to my damp thighs as I stripped my panties off for him, he could clearly see my wet lou-lou.

‘I take it you like what you are seeing? I did say it was beautiful didn’t I, he said grinning.’

‘You most certainly did, but I thought you may have been exaggerating a little, I. I’m stumped for words, it is more than beautiful, and feels so peaceful and tranquil.’ I realized my top was still open, showing my aching nipples, as I pulled my top together slightly, I turned around slowly, trying to take everything in with what I was seeing. He placed his hand on the small of my back again guiding me into the foyer, when I suddenly stopped turning around, my tits brushing his arm, milk squirting on his skin. ‘What about my luggage,’ I asked him wanting to go and get it. ‘No, don’t worry yourself about your luggage, it will be taken to your cabin for you.’ I noticed him taking a sharp intake of breath, his eyes were burning with lust, the colour of his blue eyes, looked like the deep blue ocean, making me gasp.

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