My Sexual Journal Pt. 02

Big Dicks

This story is about my second sexual adventure which happened after 3 years from my first one (please do read part 1 of my sexual journal). It does have some context pertaining to my sexual abstinence and my frequent self-lust and teasing.

My family (parents and I – I’m the only son), decided to visit Pune to meet friends and relatives over the winter break. We had booked a hotel in central Pune that was hosting a few Christmas events and parties. While my parents are not much of party people, I do like to visit parties at times to meet new people – that’s my networking mantra and how I’d managed to secure a job in my organization in Canada. Anyway, while checking in, I admit to checking out women at the hotel by just passing around casual glances and not doing anything creepy. I do love Indian women and I think they’re the best in the world. For me, it is more about the cultural connect with the individual than the figure. Long story short, I noticed a young girl, probably in her mid-to-late 20s wearing a black crop top and deep blue Levi’s. I would assume she was with her family as well, considering that the people she was surrounded looked significantly older to her. I was secretly hoping to have a conversation with her, but by the time I mustered the courage to go talk to her, we had completed check in and were being escorted to our room.

That same evening, my family decided to visit the hotel’s restaurant for dinner since we were tired after the long road trip. Given that it was 24th December, the restaurant was only accessible to the hotel guests and luckily, they had shifted the seating areas to the ballroom to accommodate the massive crowd. My eyes were still looking for the girl who had caught my eye earlier in the afternoon, but my search for her was in vain. Given that it was Christmas eve, alcoholic drinks were on the house and were included in the cost of the buffet. Just as I had given up on my search for my mermaid (I’ll describe her in detail slightly later on), I noticed her walking towards the drinks counter. I immediately Bahçelievler escort bayan hurried to grab a glass of red wine myself, but the lady scooted off by the time I reached the counter.

Such encounters happened at least 5 times, and I would guess that both of us were down 6 glasses of wine. I would also second guess that the lady wanted to test my capacity. By the end of my 6th glass, I had to pee really bad, but I hadn’t given up on her. I took a last look at the drinks counter and finally decided to relieve myself by going to the washroom.

When I entered the washroom, I noticed something which altered my outlook on life altogether. My mermaid was in the washroom relieving herself. She was wearing a creamish white coloured one piece dress which was pretty body hugging and was masturbating in one of the rooms inside the washroom. I was lucky enough to push the door to the same washroom by mistake. She was standing by the wall with her dress pulled upward and her thongs on her knees moaning with caution. As soon as I opened the door, she lost her balance and I tried to hold her hand to prevent her from falling on the ground. Both of us immediately apologized to each other and I felt extremely ashamed yet turned on at the same time. I have a habit of going commando (not wearing underpants) and boy did it play in my favour. I was getting a boner by the passing second and my dick was fully erect at 6 inches looking at her continuing to hold her pussy.

To introduce you to my mermaid – Her name was “Jui” (name changed for privacy of course), and she lived and worked in Mumbai while her family was from Pune. She was spending some time with her parents here in the city. The wine had made her extremely horny and she really wanted to relieve her built up sexual energy, which is why she continued to touch herself slowly despite of getting caught. She was far from average looking and had a beautiful figure with equally beautiful breasts. Her eyes were brown, skin – wheatish brown, height 5ft Escort Bahçeşehir 7 inches (my best guess), curvy waist and hips and a really hairy crotch. I noticed her hair despite of her palms covering her vagina. To break the ice between the two of us, I told her “Don’t worry. I have more hair than you down there. I’ll use another washroom so that you may not be disturbed. Really sorry once again.” By the time I said sorry, her eyes were fixed at my own dick which was evident through my pants. She replied, “tell that to your dick!”

As much as I was surprised by the naughty tone of her reply, I was equally thrilled to know she took it lightly. I was candid enough to express to her that I needed relieving myself and asked her if I could relive myself with her. I also told her that I’m a virgin and I didn’t know if she wanted to have sex with me. But I really wanted to relieve my sexual energy as well. I said, “Do you mind if we did this together? I wouldn’t mind if you said no, I completely understand your privacy. I’ll go relieve myself off in another room.”. She replied, “I’m a virgin too, but I wouldn’t like to have sex. Plus I don’t know if you have a condom.” I was frank enough to admit that I didn’t have one and I decided to accommodate her concern. I asked her if we could masturbate mutually since I didn’t want to lose my virginity either.

I was thrilled to hear that she’d agreed and least did I know she would be a sexual beast when it came to masturbation. She said, “If you’re in for it, do know that I can go on for an hour and I wouldn’t like it if you were done before that.”

To which I replied, “Trust me miss, I consider this as a challenge and I’m sure you’ll cum before I do.”

With a naughty grin on each of our faces, we decided to mutually masturbate. She took off her dress to reveal her shapely breasts. I would guess they were a 34C. Both of us faced each other on opposite walls and continued to masturbate our own bodies. We went slow initially but as we came closer to orgasm Bakırköy escort we would take off the pressure and attempt an edge. After every edge, we would switch sides and continue masturbating looking at each other and moaning in pleasure. I was in absolute ecstasy noticing her fingering herself with her upper body shaking in response to her movements. Her nipples were bright pink and erect the whole while as she was fingering and rubbing her vagina.

I believe it was after 5 edges that we both looked at each other and said unanimously “orgasm”. Due to the intense pressure built up inside my own cock, I gave a sigh of relief to know that I finally get to orgasm in front of a beautiful, sexual, naughty, and charismatic woman who I didn’t even know yet I had fallen in love with. I believe I lost to her that night by releasing my orgasm after about an hour and 10 minutes, slightly before she released her own juices. It was probably the most beautiful moment of my life to watch her body move as she orgasmed and her eyes close in ecstasy, and her voice shrill down as she continuously moaned. She let me touch her breasts while she moaned and I felt that I had the most beautiful moment of my life in 26 years when I touched them.

Her thighs were dripping in her own juices which I wiped off using the toilet paper. Her skin was moist, warm, and glowing. She did the same to my dick. Suddenly we heard the main door to the gents washroom slam open, to which both of us had reflex reactions. She immediately pulled her thong up to her vagina. It was probably one of the most beautiful thing I’d seen. The thong covered her crotch well, yet her hair was clearly evident from the thong. Furthermore, her crotch was covered in her pussy juices which made her thongs wet. She then pulled down her one piece and winked at me. She opened the door of the washroom and checked if anyone was around. Jui gave me a final wink, said a thank you, and rolled her ass in front of me signalling thanks.

While I was glad I stayed a virgin after that encounter, I am glad I met Jui. However, I missed taking down her e-mail to the least to stay in touch. Here’s hoping and praying that I get to see her soon!.

I hope you enjoyed reading my story. Thank you once again for bearing with my long paragraphs and elaboration. If you do have any feedback, please feel free to write to me at my profile.

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