Never Say Never


Ellie just had her sixtieth Birthday; however, you would never guess it. Good genes, proper diet, a lifelong commitment to exercise Left her with a knockout body.34C boobs with little sag, smooth slat stomach, firm, well-toned thighs, and ass. She was hot; Ellie didn’t know it. She had a kind, friendly face, pretty most would say; she came from money and never wanted.

Three failed marriages, She seemed attracted to cheats and liars. She had been alone now for over 25 years and was enjoying travel and visiting friends. She had just heard about a new hot springs experience and was off to try it.

Ellie hadn’t been in a bathing suit in years, but she did maintain a year-round tan. Once she arrived at the springs, she went shopping for a suit. They were obviously designed for younger girls; she had to settle for a couple she thought showed a little too much. She went to the lounge after dinner for a drink and was asked to dance by a nice young man. She was enjoying herself, so she had a few more drinks. The young man she was dancing with was sitting with three of his friends. Some of them asked her to dance as well, they asked if she would like to join them, and they made room for her at their table. Brad was her main dance partner, but they all danced with her.

As the night wore on, she was developing a buzz, a rare event for her. She noticed Brad had his hand on her thigh; it gave her a strange tingle. She knew it was time to leave. Ellie thanked them all for being such gentlemen and headed to her room. That night, she masturbated for the first time in a long time. Then slept soundly.

The next morning, she felt refreshed; she headed down for breakfast and found her four friends from the night before there; she sat at their table and had breakfast with them. She found out they were students off on a lark, just enjoying life. As they ate breakfast, she noticed Brad’s hand on her thigh again, and she wasn’t sure why she let him keep it there. Soon, they went their separate ways, and Ellie put on one of her new bathing suits and headed down to the springs. She Şişli escort bayan entered a small grotto and submerged in the water, and it felt so good.

She closed her eyes and relaxed, suddenly hearing the chatter as her four friends showed up; they were naked. Ellie was certainly no prude, but was a little shocked. Brad saw the look on her face and laughed; this is the nude grotto, he told her.

After a while, Ellie got out of the water to cool and sat on one of the ledges. The young men continued their horseplay in the water. She enjoyed watching them. Suddenly, Brad sprung up out of the water and sat next to her. He told her how attractive she was. She blushed and thanked him for the compliment. It was then that Ellie noticed he had an erection, she tried not to look, but she hadn’t seen one in a few years. Again, Ellie blushed and stammered, sliding back into the pool. Unsure what she was thinking, Brad slide right in behind her; she could feel him press his cock up against her.

“Brad, no,” she said sternly.

“If you prefer not to make a big scene, grab hold of it and jerk me off, no one will know, and it’s your fault anyway.”

What the hell, she thought as she grasped it underwater, it felt so good in her hand, and It didn’t take long for Brad to ejaculate. He mumbled a very polite thank you, Ellie, in her ear. She felt another hard cock pressing against her and realized she would have to jerk them all off. They were all very polite, and Ellie actually enjoyed playing with so many cocks. After satisfying them all, She abruptly pulled away and headed for her room. She did her stretches and then napped before dinner. The hotel delivered a bouquet with an invitation from her friends for her to join them for an evening of dining and dancing; she arrived at the dinner club on time and was met at the door by Tim, the youngest of the group. She was seated between Brad and Earl;After a few drinks and dinner, she felt Both brad and earl place their hands on her thighs. She went to take their hands off, brad and Earl grasped Escort Sultangazi her wrists, and her hands were placed on two hard cocks. She started to protest.

“Stop, Ellie, you enjoyed it today, and you came tonight; what did you think?”

She felt hands on her knees; someone was under the table; Brad gripped her tighter, she realized Tim was missing. She felt her dress being pushed up and her pantyhose and panties being slid down. She felt some tugs, and they were off.

“Stop this, brad,” she hissed.

“Why, it’s going to be fun; besides, we like you, “Brad answered.

She felt her legs being spread, and a face shoved between her thighs. He was licking her pussy. It had been years since a man had his face between her legs, He concentrated on sucking and licking her clit; she was overwhelmed and almost overcome. She gasped and moaned as she orgasmed. Finally, Ellie heard the last of the four say clear, and Tim pulled her ass to the edge of her seat, and she was being pushed under the table.

” Your turn, Ellie. You’re not coming out till you put your mouth to use; you must know how to suck cock,” whispered Brad as he pushed her head under. Feeling trapped, realizing she stepped over the bounds this afternoon and brought this on herself. She had not sucked cock in some time, but she definitely knew how, and enjoyed it. She made the rounds under the table. It was turning her on. She could feel her juices running from her naked pussy as she sucked, she swallowed all four, and when the coast was clear, she was lifted out from under the table. She was flushed and panting; they gave her time to calm down. They sat and had a few more drinks.

“Ok, let’s go dancing,” Brad announced.

“Oh no,” Ellie said, “I’m going back.”

“Oh no, Ellie, we are going to dance, maybe fuck you on the dance floor, then we are taking you back and gang banging you.”

Ellie thought about it, then decided why not; this was the hottest night of her life so far. So, they went to the seediest place they could find, and she dirty Taksim escort danced with all four. She was groped and penetrated; she fondled cock and balls on the dance floor. Someone she didn’t know who, when rubbing their cock on her, had cum all over her ass. She had pre-cum spread all over her legs and thighs. It was some of the dirtiest dancing ever, and for Ellie, it was an intoxicating experience. She couldn’t believe that, at sixty, she had four hard cocks rubbing all over her.

After deciding, they had enough dancing; they headed to Ellie’s suite at the hotel. Ellie wanted to fuck so badly she could hardly stand it. They quickly stripped her and placed her on all fours, so she could service two cocks at once. One fucked her pussy while the other fucked her mouth. Ellie was an eager cocksucker bringing great pleasure to the four men; she felt her pussy was on fire orgasm after orgasm ripped her body. Her pussy was still tight at sixty, and she felt every inch of penetration in her body. The DP suggestion came up, so she sat on Brad’s cock while Earl got behind her and pushed into her ass. Ellie was amazed at the sensations. It seemed to set every nerve in her body on fire when she orgasmed, she passed out. They waited till she revived to continue; her screams and moans of pleasure filled the room. Tim came over and offered his cock, which she began to suck; three cocks at once doesn’t get any better than this, she thought.

Exhausted, the men started to drift off, leaving her with Earl. It had been decided with her approval to take turns sleeping with her till her vacation was over. She woke at two am to find Earl’s cock in her ass, she responded, and they had a slow, mutually satisfying fuck. After a fantastic vacation, it was time for Ellie to leave. They decided to have a bukake party the night before she left. They placed a pillow on the patio floor, and she knelt on it. As her friends gathered around jerking their cocks, she realized there were a lot more men besides. The final tally was twenty loads to the face and fifteen in her mouth. Ellie was having the time of her life.

At the airport, she hugged her four friends goodbye, and thank them for their politeness and kindness during this whole experience. After she got home, Ellie started a very active sex life. She often dreamed of her vacation and thought what a great gift she had been given.

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