Olga in the Village


Olga Timofeyvna Krupina was a handsome girl of 18. She lived in a simple village that bordered a broad forest to the west, and mountains to the east. Before one got to the foothills of these peaks, a clear mountain lake could be found, and it was the setting of many youthful escapades.

In this village, which was a typical provincial settlement, everything was done by hand. There were no machines in sight, except for basic pulleys and levers that the townspeople fashioned from strong oak and birch.

Because of this, the townspeople were quite fit and supple-bodied. The men were tall without being gigantic, chiseled without being statuesque. The women had soft skin ranging from porcelain to caramel, and most were round with a large bust. It was a place where most everyone was pleasing to look at.

In fact, the villagers boasted more than just looks. Indeed, they had a higher libido than the average citizen, the men had more stamina, and the women were more skilled. One might assume this would make the village a tourist attraction, and that outsiders would immigrate there in a heartbeat. But despite their sexual prowess, the villagers wished their charm and expertise to remain amongst themselves. They were a bit greedy and prideful in this way, but cared for each other first and foremost.

Back to our heroine, the young Olga. As I have previously stated, she was an attractive girl. Not the most attractive girl in the village, mind you, but she is the hero of our story nonetheless. Olga was a short girl, a couple inches above five feet, with a soft body and round, dangling breasts that would cause anyone, even women, to stare. She had strong thighs and a large behind that bounced ever so slightly when she walked. Her hair was long and flaxen, usually done up in a bun or braids. Each day she wore simple, functional clothes. Her wardrobe consisted of white linen dresses with brightly colored, intricate aprons that could be affixed at the waist. To bed, she wore a thin nightdress that showed the shape of her body and the points of her nipples.

Olga had a hearty sexual appetite not uncommon for a girl her age. However, she was quite different from the other villagers. First of all, Olga was a virgin. No man had ever entered her. In fact, she did not get much attention from men at all. She had a strange air about her that was much too special and confusing for the average man in the village.

Second of all, Olga masturbated frequently. Most villagers relied on each other to fulfill their needs, but our heroine often pleasured herself. She would rub herself when she woke up, occasionally during the day, and then as she went to bed. Olga was a naughty girl, and would sometimes Başakşehir escort bayan use objects around the house to fill her pussy with. Her favorite toy to use was a handsomely shaped cucumber plucked from the garden. At times when she so desperately needed to be filled, Olga would stretch her pussy with the big vegetable and squeeze tightly around it as the waves of her pleasure came. It was not uncommon to see Olga outside in the garden or by the lake pleasuring herself. She found nature very arousing and wanted others to take part in her adventures.

Thirdly, Olga had interests that would be considered bizarre to her neighbors. She loved putting things inside her pussy and she enjoyed rubbing it against things for her own pleasure, like tables or pillows. Olga liked peeing in places other than the outhouse—mainly outside. It was overwhelmingly pleasurable for her to relieve her heavy bladder in the grass or up against a tree. Her wet, pink pussy and powerful stream of piss were visible to all passersby.

Olga was probably the most easily aroused girl in the village, but no man had asked for her hand in marriage yet. She had an extremely high libido, which was very desirable for the women of this village, but she was different and this made men shy away from her. She wanted to partake in sexual play with other girls her age as well, but they were busy with other matters and could not be bothered with Olga.

Nevertheless, she longed to explore a pussy other than her own. She would have liked to rub her clit on another woman’s, straddling her and moving her hips, or touched her wet folds, or maybe even try a taste of another woman’s flower. She often fantasized about sucking another woman’s breasts and making her come the way Olga liked, with big toys where everyone could see. What a great service to the village, she thought, to let all those men see two girls pleasuring each other that way!

One day, Olga was sewing and mending clothes inside like she always did. It was fall, and she longed to be outside, reading or drawing underneath the warm sun. It was the time of year when the cranberries had just been harvested, and there was an overabundance of the berries’ delicious juice. Olga loved it with lots of sugar, and that day she had drank several tankards full, letting the ruby juice color her plump lips red.

After she had spent a couple hours at the sewing table, she grew restless. She was distinctly aware of how full her bladder was, and began to squirm in her seat. The thin fabric of her dress provided little protection from contact, and soon enough she became aroused from all the squirming which was causing her clit to Escort Bayrampaşa drag against the chair. Olga stopped sewing and began to sneak her fingers underneath the table. She found that her pussy had already produced a great deal of fluid, and that it had left a damp patch on her soft cotton dress. Olga felt that she could not suppress the desire within her and hurriedly lifted the fabric of her dress so that she could feverishly rub her swollen clitoris. It pulsed underneath her fingers when she touched it.

As she continued to masturbate, the need to piss was at the back of her mind. There had been times where she had accidentally leaked inside the house, but she had been scolded for them, and she enjoyed peeing outside as well. However, she wanted to keep masturbating in the chair and felt as though her desire was immobilizing. In fact, by this point, she had spread her legs and exposed her pussy completely. The wetness created by her pulsing vagina had leaked onto the chair. The sharp sensation of her bladder only increased the urgency of her fingers, and she felt like she was going to explode in orgasm or piss at any moment.

Olga spread her legs wider the closer she felt to orgasm. Her body was wishing for a man’s cock to fill her, for his body to surround her and hold her. Her pussy clenched around nothing, and it became apparent that she would not come without internal stimulation. Thankfully, she spotted her hairbrush, with its smooth, long handle that she had inserted inside herself so many times before, only a couple feet away.

She scurried to grab it, blood pounding, and decided to make her way to the garden. Masturbating outside always gave her the most pleasure. In fact, most villagers preferred outdoor sex, and many babies were conceived this way, Olga herself included. She enjoyed it when she was able to see another couple moaning and writhing against each other as she came.

Olga waddled outside with one of the fullest bladders she had ever known. The grass looked so incredibly soft beneath her, and felt fantastic on her bare feet. The valley looked incredible stretched out before her, she could see the mountains to the East and the shining lake, the dark forest to the west, women guiding cows and men carrying scythes, on their way to the fields. She loved her home and the freedom that it gave her.

Olga decided to squat over the grass and insert the hairbrush handle that way. It went in with no resistance, the wetness of her pussy would have allowed anything in at this point. It squeezed and sucked at the intrusion, bringing Olga awfully close to blowing her top. She cried out, and most of her neighbors already Beşiktaş escort knew it was her. One of the young boys, a year or so older than her, came outside to watch her show as he always did. Olga continued to thrust the handle inside her, and in the squat position began to bounce up and down. It was able to fill her pussy but not completely, and she found herself needing more, going crazy with the phallic object and shoving it into herself harder and harder.

It was then that she lost control of her bladder, and a massive gush of fluid came out of her, pattering softly onto the fertile ground in front of her. The boy who was watching could not peel his eyes away and found the whole scene incredibly erotic. Olga moaned with relief and let the stream continue, her pussy still clenching. It felt so good to let go and watch it flow out of her. She hoped someone could see her frenzy and maddening sexual desire. In fact, her neighbor did, and wanted to bury himself inside her. If anything, her show was a call for attention. But he had never been brave enough to do so, and continued to watch from his hiding spot and stroke his cock.

Once the stream died down, there was nothing to hold Olga back from coming. The brush handle massaged her insides and her finger was relentless on her engorged clitoris. The piss had left her pussy even wetter than before and it mixed with the enormous amount of fluid she had produced, making every movement easy and wet.

Olga came violently and screamed in animalistic pleasure while even more liquid shot out of her pussy. She was known for this, and was one of the few women in the village who could orgasm in this fashion. It always made for a messy and enjoyable time. Her orgasm was a long one, and attracted not just the attention of her neighbor but her neighbor’s siblings as well, his brother and sister. This show of Olga’s in particular was enchanting, especially her long, drawn out orgasm and guttural cries of pleasure.

Olga came back to herself and was aware of wet grass in front of and below her. As she breathed in the fresh air slowly, her pussy twitched with the final semblances of orgasm and she moaned ever so softly. Her small sounds of pleasure, now much more timid, mixed with the wind in the trees and the whistling of the wheat. She found that she was much too tired to go for another round. Her pussy felt adequately stretched and satisfied from her earlier adventure, but in her heart there was longing. Olga wanted to feel someone against her skin. Not just her skin, she decided, it was deeper than that. She was a young girl and she wanted to feel the thrilling, youthful pleasure of courtship. She wanted to belong and be loved, and to become a respected member of her village.

These things were all true, but Olga’s mind was drawn blank from her previous arousal and she did not consciously think about them. She got up from the soft green grass and went inside for an afternoon nap, hoping her mother would not scorn her for neglecting her sewing duties.

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