Rediscovering Jenny


Since my divorce last year I have not really had time to play the mating game. Sure, I have had a few short term relationships and one night stands, but to be honest nothing that really floated my boat. I was looking at women my age — mid thirties — and finding them shallow and self-centred, but was I being a little too fussy? Any chance of finding a suitable female, or just a compatible fuck buddy, was based around regular Friday nights out with my mates, six of us hitting a few pubs and clubs around town and letting our hair down, which, I suppose is where my story begins.

We were in our last pub of the night before moving on to a club, when I was collared by a guy I’d recently completed some work for; I own a small building company specialising in barn conversions. This particular client was wealthy and wanted to buy me drink. He was in the middle of telling me how pleased he was with the work I’d done, when I became aware of my mates signalling they were keen to move on to a club. So, sipping up I made my excuses to the client, who was beginning to bore me anyhow, and left with them. On the way to the club I started to get the feeling that this was not going to be my lucky night.

We took up positions at the bar and individually searched the room for any available talent. Regrettably, I saw no one who captured my interest. The young ones were far to giggly and immature and only seemed interested in taking selfies, and most of the women in my age group were also glued to their phones.

The club we were frequenting had just reopened following a refurb and was looking good. The décor had been freshened up making it look more up-market, but it still didn’t attract the kind of girl I was looking for. We’d been drinking for a half-hour or so, when Stevie nudged me.

“Hey, Paul, look over there, a trip down memory lane for you.” I looked over at where he was pointing. “I remember her from your wedding.” He said. “That’s your ex-mother-in-law isn’t it?”

He was right, among the group of women was Jenny. We exchanged glances and Jenny smiled. I hadn’t seen Jenny since the divorce and I wasn’t really sure what she thought of me now. She was a stuck up snob who’d always held the belief that her daughter had married below herself. But when all was said and done, Jenny and I got along OK. Stevie leaned into me to be heard above the music.

“Old stuffy knickers is the last person I expected to see out on the piss in a night club.” He said.

All my mate’s were of the same opinion regarding Jenny. But that wasn’t surprising really following their rowdy behaviour at the reception that evening, with Jenny constantly throwing them dirty looks.

As I continued to gaze across at Jenny she got to her feet and walked over to where we were standing at the bar. To my surprise she put her arm around my neck pulled me close and kissed me on the cheek.

“Paul, It’s nice to see you.” She burbled. “How long as it been?” From the slur in her voice I quickly sussed that my new look ex-mother-in-law was a little tipsy.

“It’s good to see you, too, Jenny. You’re looking great.” I said stepping back and admiring her from head to toe. Jenny had cut her blonde hair into a long bob and was wearing a tight fitting skirt and blouse, and for a woman fast approaching sixty she had a good body, the highlight of which was a fabulous pair of boobs. I recalled Jenny was big on top and tried to disguise the fact by always dressing down, wearing conservative clothes that hid her figure. Not now though! Wow! This woman looked great!

We tried chatting above the noise of the music, but it was awkward and when my pals announced they were moving on to ‘Queens’, Jenny said she’d better rejoin her friends. I don’t why but I felt happy to see Jenny again and fancied continuing our conversation, plus Queens was a club I didn’t like that much, full of young tarts and the music wasn’t my taste. Sod it, I thought they can go on without me.

“Jenny, fancy a proper catch up over another drink?” I suggested. It had been a tough week and the thought of rolling into bed drunk at three in the morning did not really appeal — I knew what the lads were capable of!

I fetched two more drinks from the bar and we found a booth where it was a little quieter and could hear each other speak. Jenny chatted about members of the family she thought I’d remember, but I wasn’t really listening. I could not take my eyes off her. She had changed. Her make-up was heavier, but not over the top except for her lipstick, which was brighter and more excessive making her look tarty yet elegant at the same time. Her character had entirely changed and she seemed at ease and relaxed; this was not the Jenny I used to know.

Jenny told me she was here with friends, but when she looked over to where they’d been sitting it was occupied by an entirely new group of people, so it was pretty obvious they had left a while ago. I looked at my watch, more to give Jenny the impression my evening was coming to an end than a casual interest in the time. I said I needed Escort Yeşilköy my bed and would sort her a taxi if she wanted one. Jenny agreed it was time to go but said she needed the ladies first and as she walked away from the booth I did a double take of her exaggerated curvy figure in heels higher than I imagined she’d ever worn before and thought, hang on a minute Paul, this is my ex -mother-in-law, what the hell are you doing thinking about her in this manner.

Jenny took her time in the ladies and when she did appear I noticed she’d freshened her make-up… I couldn’t believe the change in the woman! Outside the cool air hit Jenny. She wobbled unsteadily on the uneven pavement.

“Steady on.” I said wrapping an arm around her waist.

“I’m fine, no worries” she said gathering herself.

I looked up and down the street for a cab.

“Didn’t you buy a new apartment around here after the divorce Paul? Yes, I remember, a conversion in the dock area.”

“That’s right, a loft conversion in a warehouse. It’s a short walk from here so I won’t be needing a cab.” I said still scouring the street for an available one to take Jenny home.

“Take me there, I would love to see it.” Jenny said.

I looked at her. “What, at this time of night?” I released her and she swayed slightly.

“Why not? Tony’s away golfing so he won’t be waiting up for me, plus, I need a coffee.” Jenny confirmed.

From the outside, Jenny was more than impressed with my loft apartment conversion. We took the lift to the top floor standing close to one another and I inhaled her fresh application of perfume. It had an intoxicating effect forcing me to stand even closer to the source of the subtle aroma.

“Oh my, Paul, this is fantastic.” Jenny said as we walked into my apartment. “So smart and I bet you get a great view in the day time. My God, its so spacious and modern. I love it.” Jenny said walking around and out on to the balcony.

I went to the kitchen to switch on the coffee machine and Jenny eventually joined me.

“Coffee!” She sneered. “I bet you have something stronger. What about a brandy.”

I began to worry about giving Jenny more alcohol in case she crashed out drunk and was forced to sleep here overnight, and the thought of taking her home the following morning having in broad daylight was a potential embarrassment I wanted to avoid, for her sake. However, despite my reservations, I poured two glasses of brandy.

“I am so glad we bumped into each other tonight, Paul, it’s been very nice seeing you again.” Jenny said sipping her brandy.

“Yes, its been fun, but I must admit I was surprised to see you out on the town late on a Friday night.” I said.

Jenny looked at me and I detected a change in her, an intensity in her speech.

“I’m surprised myself, Paul. It’s not my usual thing to get dressed up and go out on the town looking to get laid!” Jenny said. She turned and walked to the middle of the lounge. Did I hear that right?

“Sorry Jenny, what did you just say?” She turned to face me and put her glass on the sideboard. Then, reaching around her waist, she fiddled with the fastening of her skirt and pushed it down her thighs to the floor.

“You heard correctly, Paul. I was out tonight looking to get laid! To get myself fucked! And when I saw you I thought, why not? He’s a nice guy, I know him, I’ve even have heard him fucking my daughter in the guest bedroom. Listened, as she screamed for more of his big cock! So, what it comes down to, Paul, is whether you fancy fucking me as much as I fancy fucking you!” Jenny said

I stood transfixed, staring at Jenny in her sexy underwear. Underwear no doubt selected for the purposes of seduction. Thoughts of having sex with an older woman whirled around my head, why not I thought and wondered how to make the next move. Then, as I ran my eyes over Jenny’s mature tits beneath her blouse and nylons held taught into her thighs by traditional suspenders attached to a deep waisted corset, I realised. I put my brandy glass down and nodded toward my room. “The bedroom is through there.” Fuck me, yes, this was what I wanted.

“What’s wrong with just here?” Jenny said pointing to my large L-shaped white leather sofa.

“Fine by me, I’ll close the curtains” I moved towards the window as Jenny started to unbutton her blouse.

“No, leave them open, it will add to the thrill” Jenny said, her voice not so slurred now. She seemed to be sobering up quickly, but sounding nervous as she removed her blouse to show me a pair of massive mature tits. Fuck, they were huge and round and heavy looking, and were packed neatly into what looked like an expensive half-cup bra, which also allowed her nipples to show. I uttered the words fuck me and Jenny replied that she’d love to!

I moved to where she stood and wrapping my arms around her back started to kiss her, our passion much in evidence as our tongues wormed around each other mouths. After a while I pulled back and indicated Jenny to sit. I went down on my knees Yeşilyurt escort and parted her nylon clad thighs exposing her panties tight over her pussy.

Jenny made a slight murmuring sound, as I eased the gusset to one side and I was delighted to see that her pubic area was freshly shaved; I got the impression she had it done especially for tonight. But my focus went straight to the moist folds of her pussy. She reacted nervous and startled when I folded them back to expose her clit.

I pride myself on being a good licker of pussies and quickly detected Jenny’s sensitivity to my tongue. She leaned back thrashing her head around as I tongue fucked her and then introduced a finger to assist my actions.

“Oh God, Tony never does this.” I heard Jenny mutter. Within seconds she uttered a muted scream and I felt her pussy juices flood my mouth, as I continued sucking on her sensitive clit. The exploration of Jenny’s pussy was making my cock throb and from her reactions she seemed more than happy too.

When our initial lust had subsided enough for rational thought and to give my tongue a break, I got to my feet and looked down at Jenny. There lay my ex-mother-in-law, her big tits poking over the top of her bra and her stocking clad legs open. When I gazed at her her face I saw the glow of a post orgasmic state. But I needed a fuck!

I was already pulling at the belt of my jeans, as Jenny straightened into a sitting position on the couch.

“I am not experienced in doing this” Jenny said softly. Obviously referring to the fact it was customary to return the oral pleasure. I hauled off my shirt.

“If you don’t want to you don’t have to.” I said praying she wouldn’t take up my offer. “I’ll give it a miss if you want me to.” I didn’t wait for her reply and carried on removing my jeans and boxers’

“Oh my God!” Jenny gushed. “Look at that!” My cock had sprung into view right in her face. Now, I am not massive but consider seven inches and a thick girth a decent size cock and it was already leaking pre-cum. Jenny looked up at me.

“Paul, I have not done this before, so you won’t — you know — do it in my mouth will you?” I didn’t promise anything. Her confidence built and she took my cock between her lips and after some helmet licking and tentative sucking, she began to get the hang of it. OK I’ve had many blow jobs and this one was falling short in comparison. But the present lack of physical enjoyment was made up for by the pleasure of looking down at my snobby ex-mother-in-law sucking my cock and staring back up at me.

“Oh yeah, Jenny, that feels so good! So fucking good!” I groaned trying to assure her of her amateurish technique. I wasn’t lying, I had enjoyed better. I remembered her words about not cumming in her mouth and morally agreed it wouldn’t be appropriate given Jenny’s inexperience at fellatio, that I should fuck her mouth or push my cock down her throat. Maybe save that for another time, if there was to be one. Then, Just as I felt Jenny was starting to get more confident and giving a little more pleasure, she stopped.

“I want to be fucked now!” She mumbled with a mouthful of my cock, something I never thought I’d hear her say. Here was my ex-mother-in-law telling me she wanted me to fuck her.

Jenny released my cock, reached behind and undid her bra. I was quick to respond.

“Fuck me, Jenny, you have great tits!” She smiled nervously at my compliment sliding the bra straps down her arms. Jenny’s instinct kicked in and she relaxed on her back, her big tits sagging naturally. Given her age I expected this to happen. They didn’t look particularly firm but they did look appealing. I was going to enjoy them, but first I couldn’t resist the temptation of cradling her sexy nylon thighs once more before pulling her panties aside for my cock. I began rubbing the tip up and down Jenny’s wet pussy folds.

“Be careful, Paul I’m not used to a cock that big, Tony is nowhere near your size.” She halted my actions to speak. “And, I don’t want you to think I make a habit of this sort of thing.” Jenny’s voice wavered a little as she tried to excuse her behaviour, but that posh voice of hers that once grated on me, was now turning me on.

My knob spread Jenny’s pussy lips and I eased it deeper feeling her tightness. She cried out forcing me to stop, but as her lower body lifted off the sofa I went again urging my length deeper. I looked down into Jenny’s face, which was was contorted in a combination of both pleasure and pain. I stopped again before pushing hard and felt the beautiful sensation of being totally accepted by Jenny’s lovely wet pussy. I started to fuck her.

Jenny’s reaction was to scream out, but in pure pleasure, “Fuck me! Fuck me, Paul! Give it to me good and hard!” Jenny shouted, as I cradled her thighs in my hands. The feel of her nylon stockings was exhilarating and drove my thrusting. She was nice and tight and her big tits thrashed and bounced around uncontrollably. Jenny saw me looking and cupped them in her hands pushing Zeytinburnu escort bayan the large mounds of flesh together.

“Like these do you, these big old tits of mine? I saw you looking at them earlier this evening in the club.” She managed a grin. “And you never thought when you saw me then that you’d end up fucking me like this.” Jenny joked. Never a true was word spoken.

Although there were still doubts in my mind about what we were doing, the thrill and excitement of screwing a woman who was old enough to be my granny outweighed that consideration, temporarily. I just hoped that the shit wouldn’t hit the fan in the morning in the cold light of day.

As we fucked I felt Jenny’s legs lock around my back gripping me, pulling me in deeper, if that was possible? the feel of her stockings on my ass cheeks was electric, fuck this felt good, it was so different to any recent fuck I had. The women I’d brought back here were younger and usually had better bodies. But this was a whole new level of fucking. It wasn’t just the physical pleasure of fucking Jenny’s willing pussy, it was also the realisation that I liked older women. Jenny was no size ten model, far from it, but she was curvy with great mature tits and I loved being inside her. Another aspect of our encounter was that we fucked with a passion. An intensity new to me. Something we both wanted and needed… and it was mutual!

Now, normally I can be quite controlling during sex. I like to dictate the pace and the direction. But up until now, Jenny had dictated everything. She had played the seductress. I was still in partial shock about what we were doing, but felt it was time to show her I was the dominant partner and how I wanted to fuck. But I sensed Jenny might be on the verge of an orgasm, so I let things continue and when I was sure Jenny had cum, I pulled my cock out of her tight wet pussy, hauled her onto her belly, then pulled her by the hips into a kneeling position.

Jenny was still wearing her panties, which were in place under her suspenders. They were interfering with my needs, so I grabbed the waist band and tore them off; Jenny let out a loud gasp.

“You animal!” Jenny shouted her tone critical of my action but also loving my animalistic intent. I threw her panties across the room.

“There, if you want them look behind the TV!” My imperious manner was getting the better of me. “You came out looking to get fucked, didn’t you? You were looking for a young hard cock, well Jenny, you got fucking lucky tonight” I shouted and I drove my cock into her from behind, my hands finding a grip on the open bottom girdle encasing her thighs. “Fuck, you have nice fuckable pussy, Jenny and I can tell you like my cock” I shouted.

“I love it! Yes, this is what I came out looking for! This is why I shaved my cunt and wore nylons, to try and get a young stud to fuck me!” Jenny shouted back continuing the exchange of obscenities. We continued in this vane, as I drive my cock hard into her from behind.

In this position I was not only able to fuck Jenny pleasurably but also reach forward and get my hands on those big tits of hers, which felt heavy and full, easily the biggest tits I’d ever got my hands on. I deliberately mauled them hard, pinching and squeezing the nipples, as I continued to hammer her from behind

Jenny looked at me over her shoulder, she was panting,

“Cum for me, Paul, I can’t do a long session. Your cock is too big and I’m not used to this kind of rough sex.” She admitted. I instantly did what she wanted, not to appease her feelings, but because I wanted to cum myself.

I withdrew my aching cock and Jenny flopped forward. I rolled her over until she was flat on her back and straight away started wanking my cock. I gazed down at Jenny who was provoking me by cupping her big tits again, I don’t think she was ready for me to cum. She was staring at me pumping my cock her face consumed with total lust, when I felt my cum rising until I lost control and shot my lot.

My first discharge whizzed powerfully over her head. The second stream of thick white goo landed on her tits and cleavage, another jet splashed under her chin causing Jenny to move her head to the side, obviously not wanting more of my jizz on her face. I continued to empty my balls over her tits until it was just a dribble. I remained kneeling between Jenny legs recovering my breath thinking to myself, shit, here we go, Jenny’s about to regret what has just just taken place.

“Christ, Paul.” She said wiping my mess from her chin. “That’s a lot of spunk. It’s as much as Tony can do to raise a trickle. God look at it, you’ve covered me. Its everywhere!” In fairness I was pleased with the load I’d dumped over Jenny… testimony to not having a wank for a couple of days!

“The bathroom is through the bedroom.” I said removing myself from between Jenny’s legs and crashing back into a seating position on the sofa. Jenny got to her feet; she looked a mess. Not only had her make-up smudged but one of her stockings was hanging down and two of the girdle’s suspenders had come unhooked from the stockings. As she walked to the bedroom I noted her arse was not massive but what had spread was retained by her girdle. Jenny’s dishevelled appearance was a give-way to the fact she had just been fucked, but still I was finding something sexy about her.

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